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    Shawn held belle while she cried. After she stopped...
    S: Belle will you please lay down and try to sleep
    B: I can't
    S: If you lie down I bet you would fall asleep.
    B: Will you go upstairs with me and sit with me until I fall asleep.
    S: Yes of course
    B: Alright I will try
    Shawn and Belle went upstairs. He pulled the covers back for her and she lied down. he sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her face. She looked so beautiful. He couldn't think that way though. In ten minutes she was asleep. Shawn quietly got off of the bed and tiptoed out of the room and shut the door. He went to see Claire. She was downstairs playing with Marlena.
    S: Hey Claire how are you
    C: Good where's Mommy
    S: mommy went to take a little nap
    Then Shawn's phone rang.
    S: Hello
    P: Hey its Philp
    S: Yea
    P: How is Belle
    S: Why do u care
    P: I do care about her
    S: Well she is torn apart by you dating chloe
    P: Well at least you are there taking care of her
    S: Well she doesn't want me. She wants you Philp
    P: Well sorry we are done she should know that
    S: Well it hurts and how can u move on so fast with Chloe
    P: We have known each other for awhile
    S: You were married doesn't that mean anything to you at all.
    P: Of course it does. Just after Belle and I split Chloe and I were hanging out and i just started falling in love with her.
    S: Well thats pretty crappy. You didn't take Belles feelings into consideration at all.
    P: hey she was in love with you what was I supposed to do
    S: Her and I hadn't talked for awhile when you two were together and after you split but yea she is not doing that well because she misses you so much
    He slammed his phone shut
    M: Philp
    S: yep
    M: I can't believe that he would call you and ask about Belle he doesn't care
    S: I know I think thats rude
    They played with Claire for a little while. Then Marlena, shawn, and Claire went into the kitchen and she made Claire a snack. Then she put a movie on for her and Shawn and Marlena sat in the same room and talked. Belle woke four hours later and came downstairs.
    S: hey sleepyhead
    B: hey
    S: I thought you weren't tired
    B: yea me either but I guess i was
    She sat down on the couch.
    S: Well I need to get going. I am sure Mom and dad are wondering where I am. I will come by tomorrow
    B: If you have time. If not no big deal
    S: I got time
    The rest of the night Belle sat on the couch. She did get Claire in her pajams and play with Claire but nothing else. When it was time to go to bed she put Claire to bed and she lied on the couch and slept there. The next morning belle got Claire out of her crib got her breakfast and sat on the couch. When Shawn came at 2 she was still on the couch in her pajama's.
    S: Belle how come you haven't changed.
    B: I am too depressed to get dressed.
    S: Come on lets get dressed
    B: I don't want to
    S: Belle you can't mope around forever
    B: yes I can
    Shawn left and the next three days he came to see her she hadn't gotten dressed, or showered. he went to talk to Marlena.
    S: Has she eaten anything
    M: Hardly
    S: Has she moved
    M: She has been taking care of her daughter but thats it
    S: I am going to get her out of the house
    He went into the living room
    S: Go upstairs and shower and get dressed
    B: Why
    S: We are going out
    B: No I don't want too
    S: I don't care. Go upstairs and shower
    Belle got up and grumbled about it but she did it. When she came down she looked one hundred percent better.
    S: U look a lot better
    B: I feel it too
    S: Good
    B: So where are we going
    S: Its a surprise
    She grabbed her coat and purse, kissed Claire and her parents goodbye and left. Shawn took her to a new resturant that had been open only for a few weeks but he had heard the food was excellent
    B: I have never seen this place
    S: Its a new place
    B: It looks good
    Waitor: What can i get u to drink
    B: Long island iced tea
    S: She'll have water
    B: no
    Shawn thought what could a couple hurt
    S: ok
    Belle showed the waitor her id and the waitor brought the drinks. Shawn ordered for them boths since Belle refused. the food finally came
    B: That smells goood
    S: Here take some
    B: I guess I am hungry
    Belle ate alot of food. She drank a lot of long island. After 5 he finally paid the check. She couldn't walk out on her own. Shawn called marlena and told her Belle was drunk and he was taking her to his house so Claire didn't see it. he took her to his house. His parents were gone and he led her to the couch and sat beside her.
    S: Here lets get u undressed and get u into bed
    B: No lets make love
    S: No thats not a good idea
    B: I Love you shawnie (she slurred)
    S: No
    Belle straddled Shawn and kissed him. he tried to pull away
    S: No Belle
    B: Don't push me away I want you and you want me I can tell
    S: Yea I do but...
    She kissed him. She started kissing his ear which drove him crazy. He was kissing her and making her feel good and made love to her on the floor and then took her upstairs and got in bed with her. He hoped she wouldn't remember this in the morning. she would be mad.

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    When Belle woke up she looked around and realized she wasn't at home. She realized she was at Shawn's and that she had a terriable headache. She sat up and realized she was on the couch. Shawn had put her their last night knowing when she woke up she would feel better if she was on the couch and not in bed with Shawn
    B: Shawn
    he ran downstairs
    S: yes
    B: What happened last night.
    S: We went out to dinner and you got drunk. I told your mom I was bringing you here because it was late and so Claire didn't see it.
    B: Wow I must of got pretty wasted
    S: Yea you did.
    Shawn went in the kitchen and got her a glass of water and some asprin
    S: Here you go
    B: thanks so much
    She took that
    B: Well maybe I should get back home
    S: hey I can give you a ride home. I gotta get to work I could drop you off and you, Claire and I could do something
    B: That would be nice
    S: Great
    B: This time I will be dressed I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself
    S: Thats great Belle
    he dropped her off and she walked inside
    B: Mom I am home
    M: Hey honey
    B: Sorry about me not coming home last night
    M: I knew you were with Shawn
    C: Mommy
    B: Hey sweetheart. Let mommy take a shower and when I come back down you and i will play together
    C: ok mommy
    Belle went upstairs and showered and got ready and then came downstairs
    J: Hey baby
    B: Hey daddy
    J: you look like you feel better
    B: I do
    J: good
    She went in the kitchen and her mom was making cookies and Claire was helping. So Belle jumped in on the fun. Then the doorbell rang but her dad got it. John came in the kitchen.
    J: Belle Philp is here
    C: Daddy
    P: hey sweetheart (he picked her up)
    C: grandma and me made cookies
    P: I see that
    C: Mommy was helping us
    P: Go help your grandma I need to talk to your mother alone.
    They went into the living room
    B: What is it this time
    P: Well I want to ger Claire tomorrow
    B: Well she is your daughter
    P: Well I am going to be bringing Chloe with me
    B: Why? Why can't you just come alone or leave her in the car when you come and get Claire
    P: yea Chloe will be in the car
    B: ok well then whatever I mean she is your daughter come and get her. I can't stop you.
    P: Alright.
    He went to the door and he hugged her and she pulled away
    B: Philp please
    P: Belle I still care for you and want to be your friend
    B: Well right now thats not an option.
    She led him to the door and shut it. she went back to the kitchen
    M: Belle are you alright
    B: Yea i will be fine. I am not going to let it get me down. I have done enough moping.
    M: Alright good
    B: Claire sweetheart your daddy is going to pick you up tomorrow. So you will probably be spending a week with him and Chloe
    C: ok mommy
    B: Now lets bake some cookies
    Shawn called later that evening.
    S: So you ready go out
    B: yea Claire and I are ready
    S: Alright see ya soon
    They hung up
    B: Claire honey Shawn is taking us out
    C: What about daddy
    B: Claire I have told you before. Daddy and I are not together but we both love you alot and we both want to see you a lot.
    C: But I want daddy to go with us.
    B: Shawn is just as nice
    C: Daddy should be going with us
    B: I know he should be but we will still have fun and daddy will take you to do fun things with Chloe
    C: ok fine
    Shawn picked them up about 10 minutes later.
    S: hey
    B: hey were ready
    Shawn took them out to dinner and then they went to a place Claire could crawl around and play with other kids that were there. Belle and Shawn talked and watched Claire. Then they went out for icecream. On the way home...
    B: Shawn thanks for a good time
    S: Its no problem. You two deserve to have a goodtime.
    B: I know Claire did she is asleep. She is confused about her daddy and me though
    S: Yea she proably will be
    B: Well thanks I better get her inside before she wakes us
    S: Alright well i will talk to you tomorrow
    B: That sounds good.
    She grabbed Claire and went inside. She went upstairs and put Claire in her bed. She didn't want her waking up. The she went downstairs.
    M: Did you two have fun
    B: yea we did
    She told her mom and dad what they did and then she went up to bed. She got up the next morning and was getting Claire dressed when the doorbell rang.
    B: Philp whats up
    P: I came to get Claire
    C: daddy
    He picked her up
    B: Its a little bit early don't u think
    P: Yea maybe
    B: I will pack her bags
    Belle went upstairs and put some clothes in her bag and some other stuff and brought it downstairs.
    B: Here you go. Is Chloe out there
    P: No she is working. This way Claire and I can spend some time together. You want to go to breakfast with Claire and I
    B: um..
    P: Please
    C: Please mommy
    B: Alright
    Philp them to a really nice place
    B: Wow how come we never came here before
    P: I don't know its really nice
    B: yea it is
    They got a table fast because the waitresses all knew Philp. Philp something for all of them
    P: So how is life going for you
    B: Good its getting better
    P: Good the last time I talked to Shawn he said you were doing pretty bad
    B: Did you bring me here because you felt sorry for me
    P: No i did it because I think we all need to be friends
    B: well it would of been better if we could of been a family besides i only went with you for Claires sake.
    P: You wanted to go
    B: maybe a little because I still love you but nothing else.
    After the ate Philp dropped belle off and walked her to the door.
    B: Thanks for breakfast
    P: No problem
    B: Call me when you are ready to bring her back so I know
    Then before she went inside he kissed her. She kissed him back. Then he pulled away and went into the car before she could ask what that was all about. She walked inside and was very confused.

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    Ch. 28
    Belle walked inside with a funny look on her face
    M: Belle whats going on?
    Her lips still tingled
    B: Philp he just Philp just
    M: Belle what did philp do
    B: He kissed me
    M: What are you talking about
    B: Well Claire, him, and I went to breakfast. When he dropped me off and walked me to the door and when he walked me to the door before I went in he kissed me
    M: What game is he trying to play?
    B: I don't know but its confusing me. One day he is telling me we are over and with Chloe and the next day he is kissing me.
    Then her cell phone rang.
    B: Hello
    S: hey
    B: hey Shawn
    S: You want to do something today
    B: Like what
    S: I don't know some lunch
    B: Yea what time
    S: About an hour
    A half an hour later she looked out the window it was snowing.
    B: Mom was it supposed to snow today
    M: I didn't check the weather but its not uncommom for January
    B: Oh I know
    M: Well it should stop soon
    By the time Shawn arrived there was an inch on the ground. She got out to his car
    S: hey since its snowing you want to go back to my place. I could whip up something
    B: Sure that sounds fun. I didn't know you could cook
    S: Oh I can
    They arrived at his house five minutes later
    S: My parents are at work but they should be home a little bit later.
    B: Thats fine
    Shawn started making dinner and Belle sat and talked to him when his cell phone rang
    S: hello
    H: Honey its mom are u at home
    S: Yea with Belle
    H: Well you two better not be leaving at all.
    S: Why
    H: Look outside
    Shawn opened up the window and belle came with him
    S: Oh wow well I guess we won't be going anywhere. Where are you and dad going to stay
    H: Julie and Doug live five minutes down the road. Your dad and I just pulled up. So you two have fun and do not leave the house
    S: thanks mom
    he hung up the phone.
    S: You better call your mom
    Belle picked up her phone
    B: Mom
    M: hey sweetie you know not to leave the house. Its bad outside.
    B: Yea Hope just called us
    M: Ok good me and your dad will spend the evening alone since Claire isn't here
    B: Ok bye mom have fun
    Belle talked to Shawn while he made dinner. She even helped him make dinner. Dinner was done about a half an hour later. They sat at the table and ate
    B: That was good
    S: Thanks. Hey I can make some hot coca lets go sit by the fireplace
    B: Sounds good
    Shawn got the fire going and brought the hot chocalote out a few minutes later.
    S: So how was your day
    B: Well this morning Philp got Claire and they were going out to breakfast and Philp asked me to go. I told him no. Well Claire of course begged me to go. So of course i went to make her happy. Well Philp walked me to the door and kissed me
    S: He did what
    B: I know I was surprised too
    S: Do u think he still has feelings for you
    B: I don't know. One minute he is telling me we are over and he wants to be with Chloe and then he is kissing me.
    S: Geez he is confusing you
    B: yea I know that
    Belle shivered
    S: Are you cold
    B: A little bit
    Shawn got up and got a blanket out of the closet and got a blanket. he covered Belle and himself up.
    B: Are you cold too
    S: maybe a little bit
    They both took a sip out of their mugs at the same time. they both laughed. Then Shawn leaned over and kissed her and she kissed him back

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    Ch. 29
    Belle pulled away. She got up and walked to the window
    S: Belle come here
    B: No
    He got up and went to the window where she was
    S: Belle I am sorry
    B: no its ok. I am just confused
    S: About what
    B: Well I have feelings for you and I have feelings for Philp.
    S: Belle you don't have to be scared alright. I am not going to pressure you into anything alright
    B: ok
    She kissed him then. then she pulled away
    B: Thanks for not pressuring me
    S: I love you enough to wait
    they sat down on the couch and talked. Belle slept on the couch Shawn went upstairs. Belle left the next day once the snow cleared. Belle went home and after she got ready her phone rang.
    B: Hello
    P: Hey Belle its me
    B: What are u dropping off Claire
    P: Can u meet me at the cafe uptown'
    B: yea sure
    She drove up there and waited for Philp to show up. he showed up 5 minutes after she did. they got a table and a coffee
    B: So whats up
    he grabbed her hands
    P: i want to talk about that kiss
    B: I have wanted to for awhile.
    P: I have feelings for you and Chloe. I broke up with her so I need to see what we have together
    B: I have been waiting to here that
    P: Come stay with me for a couple of days
    B: Ok that sounds good
    they left and Philp dropped her off so she could pack a few clothes. She told her parents andgot in Philps car. There was a nanny watching Claire and she was down for a nap. belle and Philp went upstairs and they made love for awhile
    P: that was incredible.
    B: god i have wanted to do that for awhile
    P: me too. You are so wonderful
    B: So are u
    They stayed in bed for the rest of the day. She stayed for about a week and at the end of the week Philp made his descion
    P: Belle I thought I felt something but I just don't feel that strongly about us
    B: What? We made love and everything
    P: I know I know I am sorry
    B: Sorry thats all you can say. You jerk
    She slapped him and grabbed Claire and went home and called Shawn she had been ignoring his calls
    B: Hey
    S: Where have u been? I have been missing you
    B: Can u come over
    S: Yea sure
    He was there in 10 minutes. She let him and they sat down
    B: hey
    S: hey whats up
    She told him the whole story
    S: You don't need him
    B: I am done with him. he can't keep doing this to myself. I want to move on with my life. Shawn I want to move on with you alright.
    S: You want us to date? Isn't it too soon for you
    B: It was but since I am done with Philp there is really nothing to wait for.
    S: Yes! Belle I love you soo much.
    B: Well I am not that far yet. She kissed him.
    Belle and Shawn spent a lot of time together. Then one day she went to drop off Claire. She went to the manison.
    B: Here is Claire
    P: thanks. Listen Belle I am sorry
    B: No its alright. oww
    She doubled over in pain
    P: Belle are u alright
    B: No it hurts
    Philp left Belle with the nanny and took Belle to the hospital. they took her to a room to examine her. They did some tests.
    Dr: Have u had this before?
    B: No it just happened. I have been feeling fine all week.
    Just then the lab results came back
    Dr: Belle your pregant
    B: What? Oh my god
    Dr: I will let you have a few minutes and get u some vitmans
    B: oh my god what am I going to do?
    Then Philp came in
    P: Whats going on
    B: i am pregnat with yur baby
    P: U can't be Belle its only been a week
    B: But your the only i have been with
    P: Not with Shawn
    B: nope
    P: Did u ever get drunk one night
    B: No.. wait a minute yes and I don't remember anything after dinner so we must of made love. he took advantage of me.
    P: Well that is it
    B: That jerk I can't believe he got me pregnant.
    They stayed and got her vitmans and Philp took her home. She was so mad at Shawn. She didn't want to speak to him. Ever again

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    Ch. 30
    When Belle walked in she slammed the door. Her mom came out.
    M: Hey whats wrong
    B: Hey sweetheart can you go upstairs for a little bit so grandma and I can talk
    C: yea mommy sure
    Claire went upstairs and Belle and Marlena sat down
    M: Belle whats wrong
    B: Here (she handed her mom the pre natal vitmans)
    M: Preganancy pills are u pregnant?
    B: yea
    M: Who is the father. When did this happen?
    B: Well I thought it was Philps when we got back together. He did make a point it would be too soon to figure out if I would be pregnant. Well remember that night I got drunk. I must of made a move on Shawn and took advantage of it. With all the stress I have been under it is what caused the pain. It was a month since that happened. I am so mad at him. I don't ever want to speak to him again
    M: Belle I hate to tell u this but maybe the reason you got pregnant is a good thing. Maybe it was supposed to happen because you and him belong together. Don't fight it go to him and tell him
    B: no
    M: Why because u still love Philp
    B: No I am passed that its just I dunno. I just don't think it would be right for me Shawn.
    M: Why because he ruined your marriage with Philp. Belle let met tell you something I haven't told u before. When you married Philp I was happy you finally found someone because we all thought Shawn was dead. When We found out Shawn was alive I knew u didn't want to stay with Philp you wanted to be with Shawn but you couldn't break your wedding vows. I know you Belle and you and Shawn have belonged together your whole life. Don't throw it away now on soemthing stupid. You love Shawn you do and I don't know why your holding back. You guys have known each other and dated your whole life don't give that up
    B: Mom I am mad because he took advantage of when he darn well knew I didn't want to make love to him. When we do, do it I want to be aware of it.
    M: Belle you really need to think about this
    B: i know and I am mad
    The doorbell rang and it was Shawn
    M: I will leave you two alone
    S: hey
    B: Hey what are u doing here
    S: I wanted to see you. I missed you
    He went into kiss her and she turned her cheek
    S: Why won't u let me kiss you
    B: I am a little bit upset
    S: Whats wrong
    B: Why didn't you tell me that we made love that night I got drunk
    S: How did you find out about that
    B: Well um Shawn I am pregnant
    S: What when did u find this out?
    B: Well I went to pick up Claire and got a bad pain in my stomache and Philp took me to the hospital and they did test and i am pregnant a month exactly and that was a month ago today what in the world were you thinking taking advantage of me
    S: Belle I tried to fend you off. But kissing you and having you kiss me back it just felt so right
    B: Oh so you thought it woule be alright to make love to me
    S: No i knew it wasn't right but i wanted to so bad and it felt so right and so good
    B: Well Shawn because of what you did now I am pregnant now what. What am I going to do. I can't possibly support and take care of another baby
    S: I can help support you. Claire can help by the time the baby is born she will be four.
    B: She can't help she is still a little girl herself.
    S: Well I want to be around to help we are a couple.
    B: Not anymore
    S: belle
    B: No we are not together anymore
    S: Its my child I want to be a part of its life too
    B: I don't know Shawn you are not responsible enough
    S: Yes Belle I am. Claire loves me
    B: you are not her father
    S: I know but we would of had children eventually
    B: Shawn we weren't even dating that long
    S: We probably would of made it that far
    B: We might of but you don't know
    S: Please Belle don't be mad at me
    B: Shawn right now I am a little bit mad at you so could yo leave and let me cool off and think about this clearly
    S: yea I will let u do that but please don't be mad
    He left and Belle was grateful she had to think about this. What was she going to do about Shawn and her unborn baby

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    Belle didn't call or talk to Shawn for a week when her mom finally had to say something.
    M: When is this going to end
    B: When I stop being mad
    M: When is that going to be
    B: I don't know mother. I am going upstairs to play with Claire
    She tried to go upstairs when her dad stopped her
    J: Belle talk to Shawn
    She didn't say anything and just walked past her dad
    M: We need to do something
    J: Like what
    M: I think the only person she will listen to is Philp I need to give him a call. She got her phone out and dialed her number.
    P: Hello
    M: philps its Marlena
    P: Hey whats going on
    M: I need help with Belle and I think she is the only one she will listen too.
    P: Whats the matter
    M: Well she told Shawn about the baby and she broke up with him and she is mad at him and she won't call him and they need to get back together and i don't know what her problem is she won't open up to me.
    P: Well I can try I want her to be happy I will come over
    M: alright but don't tell her we talked just tell her you were worried about you and the baby
    P: Will do
    Philp arrived about 20 minutes later. The doorbell rang
    M: Well hello
    P: hey can I talk to Belle
    M: She is upstairs
    Belle came downstairs holding Belles hand
    B: Philp hey
    C: Daddy
    P: Hey pumpkin
    he picked her up and gave her a hug and set her down then Belle hugged him.
    M: Claire come with grandma I want to make cookies and I need your help
    C: Ok
    They went to the kitchen.
    B: So whats going on
    P: I wanted to see how you were. See how you felt being pregnant and all
    B: I feel alright a little tired
    P: So did u talk to shawn
    B: yes
    P: What did he say
    B: He wanted to be part of the babies life
    P: Thats good right?
    B: Well I am still mad at him for taking advantage of me
    P: Belle i have a question when we were together you were confused because you loved Shawn. You wouldn't date for awhile. We got married thinking he was dead. Well ever since he tried to stop the wedding you have been in love with him everyone can tell. Now that we are divorced why can't u just move on with him and be happy.
    B: I love you
    P: Is that why u can't move on with someone
    B: No I am trying to get over u. Its just Shawn was thinking kids and marriage and I don't want that its too soon
    P: When did he say that
    B: When I broke up with him he said he was hoping to have kids it just happened a bit early
    P: I don't think he meant soon just when you were really ready to move on. Belle Shawn us an understanding guy and u know that. he would wait for you for years if he had too. He loves you so much and so do you and everyone knows that
    B: I don't know if Shawn can take care of the babies and me
    P: Is that what this is about money?
    B: I don't know I think so. I know it sounds selfish Philp but i was spoiled with you and I could have whatever I wanted to. What if Shawn doesn't have enough money. What if one of the kids get sick and we can't go to the doctors?
    P: Shawn works with his dad. His mother and father do fine. You may not be able to get new clothes everyday but Shawn will be able to take care of you and his unborn baby. Even Claire. Claire will be all taken care of. She will have new clothes and if you need help all you gotta do is ask. Money isn't whats important anyway. Its the people in your life and love.
    B: I know. You have chloe.
    P: Just because Chloe and me are dating doesn't mean I want to be friends or keep seeing Claire. She is my daughter and i would hate to lose you and a friend. Just because were not married anymore doesn't mean I don't care. Can we be friends and not for the sake of Claire
    B: I would like that after I get over you
    P: Thats understood
    B: I don't want any help if Shawn and I do get together he wouldn't accept any help. Your right though I am sure he could take care of me
    P: Cool off for a couple of days alright. If you ever need to talk don't hesitate to call me. Shawn loves you and he would do anything for you think about that. I need to get back to work. I need to say goodbye to Claire
    he kissed her on the cheek and went downstairs.
    P: daddy's gotta go to work baby
    C: bye daddy
    P: bye baby
    M: Let me walk u to the door. Claire don't touch anything
    C: Ok grandma
    M: How did it go
    P: She opened up to me
    M: So whats going on
    P: If she wants to tell you she will. I think it would be better if its between her and I bye Marlena.
    He closed the door. He wanted to talk to Shawn. He wanted to get Belle and him back together so she could get over him. He knew that Shawn would do the trick. He picked up his phone and dialed Shawns number.
    S: Shawn Brady
    P: Hey Shawn its Philp
    S: hey
    P: Um where are you
    S: At work
    P: Do you have a free minute coming up soon
    S: I get a break in about 10 minutes
    P: Good i will be there in 10 I want to talk
    S: Alright i will meet you outside. You want to have lunch with me
    P: Sure you want me to pick something up
    S: Yea how about chez rouse
    P: Sure call and place and order. Just get me the special
    S: Alright
    They hung up. Philp drove to chez rouse and picked up lunch and went to the police station.
    S: Hey thanks
    P: No problem
    S: So what did we need to talk about
    P: Belle
    S: What about her
    P: Well I just talked to her about you two
    S: What did she say
    P: Let me just say this I think thats between us but she may or may not tell u whats bothering her. She just told me though.
    S: So what does that mean
    P: I think you two have a pretty good chance unless she decides that she doesn't want that which I don't know why. Let me tell u this though she does love you. I can tell. She is just worried and i think and wants she stops and thinks clearly she will want to talk
    S: How do u know all this
    P: I was married to the woman and I got to know her pretty well.
    S: yea me too
    P: You haven't spent a lot of time with her. I want you two to be together and i think there is a pretty good chance of that happening.
    They were done with lunch by then.
    P: Well I need to get to the office. Give it a little bit of time buddy.
    Philp left and went to the office. He hoped everything would work itself out.

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    Ch. 32
    Belle put her coat on and grabbed her purse
    M: Where are you going?
    B: To see if Shawn and I can work things out
    At the police station Shawn grabbed his jacket
    Bo: Where are you going
    S: To talk to Belle
    Bo: Take your time
    S: thanks dad
    He left and went to belle's house. Belle was heading to the police station. Belle ran into the police station
    B: Hey Bo
    Bo: Belle what are you doing here
    B: I need to talk to Shawn
    Bo: He just left to head to your house thanks
    Shawn reached Belles house
    M: Shawn hey Belle went looking for you
    S: Oh really
    His cell phone rang
    S: Hello
    B: Shawn its Belle where are you
    S: At your house
    B: Well we need to talk
    S: I agree lets meet at my house
    B: Alright
    They both headed to his house. Belle got their first and got out of the car. Shawn pulled in and she went to greet him and when he got out gave him a big hug.
    B: Shawn I am so sorry
    S: Don't apoligize its my fault i shouldn't of slept with you
    B: No I am glad you did now we got a miracle baby
    S: yea I am so glad we do
    He kissed her and she kissed him back
    S: Its cold lets go inside
    B: Alright
    They went inside and they sat down
    S: You need anything
    B: No not that i can think of
    S: Good I want you to be comfortable
    B: I.. Shawn I am having cramps
    S: ok lets get to the hospital nice and easy
    They drove to ther hospital. they got her in to see a doctor
    S: Whats wrong with her
    Dr: Belle your not pregnant
    B: What do you mean I am not pregnant?
    Dr: There is no baby inside
    B: I never was
    Dr: You were but you lost it any bleeding'
    B: There was a little bit but I bled with my last baby so i wasn't too concerned.
    Dr: Well you lost the baby when you bled I believe so becuase right now there is no baby just cramps from the miscarriage.
    B: oh my god
    Dr: I am sorry I will give you a minute
    B: I feel really bad now Shawn for yelling at you
    S: Hey its alright because now we can have kids later like we wanted too
    B: I know but since we talked i really wanted this baby
    S: Its ok.
    Belle started crying and Shawn held her and they left together.
    B: I really feel empty
    S: We will have more kids Belle it will just be later
    B: I know I know I just wanted this baby so bad
    he dropped her off she wanted to talk to her mom
    M: Hey so u and shawn alright
    B: yea but I am not pregnant I lost the baby
    M: oh Belle I am sorry
    B: yea me too I really wanted this baby
    M: I know u did
    B: Oh well I guess I will have to wait
    M: yea and this time it will be better
    Philp called that night to ask if they worked things out
    B: Yea but guess what I am not pregnant
    P: Your not
    B: Nope I lost the baby
    P: I am sorry Belle
    B: Me too
    P: Oh well u will have another baby
    B: I know
    P: Well at least you and Shawn are alright
    B: yea I know
    They talked for a few more minutes and hung up. Belle still felt empty she missed the baby more than she wanted to admit

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    ch. 33
    Belle and Shawn spent a lot of time together. They greived with each other for the baby they both lost. They were falling more and more in love with each other. One night he called her.
    S: Hey Belle can you get away for a couple of hours
    B: For you I think I can. Whats up you want me to meet at your parents house
    S: No but can I pick you up
    B: Sure I can get my mother to watch Claire for a little while.
    S: Sounds good. i will be there in 20 minutes
    B: Alright
    They hung up
    B: Mom can u watch Claire for a little while I am going out with Shawn
    M: Ask your father I have some work I need to do
    B: Daddy can u watch Claire for a little while. Shawn is coming to pick me up
    J: Of course baby have fun
    Belle flew upstairs changed and re did her makeup and it was time for Shawn to come. He came to the door and greeted her mother and father and said hi to Claire and they left
    B: Where are we going
    S; You'll see I have a big surprise for you
    B: Ok cool
    They rode in silence and pulled up to a strange house
    B: Where are we at
    S: Don't ask come on it though
    She walked into the house. It was beautiful. There were candles lit and dinner on the table. The house was furnished and the house a decent size.
    B: Where are we at
    S: I bought this place today its my house
    B: Its great
    S: I thought we would have dinner together
    B: How did you get dinner made
    S: I have friends who owe me a favor
    B: It looks great
    They sat down to eat
    S: Belle I bought this place for us. I thought Claire, you, me and the kids we are going to have together could live here. I want you and Claire to come and stay here. Move in with me. We could live together
    B: Why did you move out of your parents house
    S: Its about time i did don't you think
    B: Yea but u had a lot going for you saving money and everything
    S: I have enough money saved where i can afford to support you and Claire on my own.
    B: Ok well I want to make sure
    S: Belle just because I don't work in a place like Philp doesn't mean i can't support you. Police officers make a lot of money. If you wanted to work that fine but you don't have too. I can't give you everything Philp did. We don't live in a mansion but i don't need a mansion to make me happy. I need you and Claire. This place is decent and we have 2 bedrooms three including ours. Two bathroom I mean what more do we need?
    B: Nothing its perfect. I am sorry Shawn I just got used to being spolied but your right all we need is each other
    S: What do you say will you move in
    B: Why do you even have to ask of course I will
    S: Tonight you can stay the night and tomorrow you can bring Claire and move some things in
    B: That sounds good i just have to call my parents and tell them. Its hectic living with a little baby are you sure its alright
    S: I have to get used to it. That way when we have our own kids I will be more prepared
    Belle called her parents and told them what was going on. They told her it was fun. Shawn and her ate dinner and then they had a drink together and watched a movie. Belle started falling asleep and Shawn woke her up
    S: I want to show you something
    they went up to the two bedroom and there was a little bed with some new toys and everything decorated in pink
    S: I did this for Claire
    B: Shawn this is amazing
    S: I thought u would like it
    B: I love it your the best
    They went into their bedroom it was a decent size and nice
    B: This is nice
    S: Yea i thought u would like it
    They had their own bathroom and it was a decent size too
    S: If you want me to sleep on the couch i understand
    B: No
    they got into bed and lied in each others arm. She kissed him
    B: Shawn i think its the right time to make love
    S: Are you sure
    B: Yes
    They made love for hours it was the best and it was the right timing. They lied in each others arms and fell asleep together happily


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