Shawn held belle while she cried. After she stopped...
S: Belle will you please lay down and try to sleep
B: I can't
S: If you lie down I bet you would fall asleep.
B: Will you go upstairs with me and sit with me until I fall asleep.
S: Yes of course
B: Alright I will try
Shawn and Belle went upstairs. He pulled the covers back for her and she lied down. he sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her face. She looked so beautiful. He couldn't think that way though. In ten minutes she was asleep. Shawn quietly got off of the bed and tiptoed out of the room and shut the door. He went to see Claire. She was downstairs playing with Marlena.
S: Hey Claire how are you
C: Good where's Mommy
S: mommy went to take a little nap
Then Shawn's phone rang.
S: Hello
P: Hey its Philp
S: Yea
P: How is Belle
S: Why do u care
P: I do care about her
S: Well she is torn apart by you dating chloe
P: Well at least you are there taking care of her
S: Well she doesn't want me. She wants you Philp
P: Well sorry we are done she should know that
S: Well it hurts and how can u move on so fast with Chloe
P: We have known each other for awhile
S: You were married doesn't that mean anything to you at all.
P: Of course it does. Just after Belle and I split Chloe and I were hanging out and i just started falling in love with her.
S: Well thats pretty crappy. You didn't take Belles feelings into consideration at all.
P: hey she was in love with you what was I supposed to do
S: Her and I hadn't talked for awhile when you two were together and after you split but yea she is not doing that well because she misses you so much
He slammed his phone shut
M: Philp
S: yep
M: I can't believe that he would call you and ask about Belle he doesn't care
S: I know I think thats rude
They played with Claire for a little while. Then Marlena, shawn, and Claire went into the kitchen and she made Claire a snack. Then she put a movie on for her and Shawn and Marlena sat in the same room and talked. Belle woke four hours later and came downstairs.
S: hey sleepyhead
B: hey
S: I thought you weren't tired
B: yea me either but I guess i was
She sat down on the couch.
S: Well I need to get going. I am sure Mom and dad are wondering where I am. I will come by tomorrow
B: If you have time. If not no big deal
S: I got time
The rest of the night Belle sat on the couch. She did get Claire in her pajams and play with Claire but nothing else. When it was time to go to bed she put Claire to bed and she lied on the couch and slept there. The next morning belle got Claire out of her crib got her breakfast and sat on the couch. When Shawn came at 2 she was still on the couch in her pajama's.
S: Belle how come you haven't changed.
B: I am too depressed to get dressed.
S: Come on lets get dressed
B: I don't want to
S: Belle you can't mope around forever
B: yes I can
Shawn left and the next three days he came to see her she hadn't gotten dressed, or showered. he went to talk to Marlena.
S: Has she eaten anything
M: Hardly
S: Has she moved
M: She has been taking care of her daughter but thats it
S: I am going to get her out of the house
He went into the living room
S: Go upstairs and shower and get dressed
B: Why
S: We are going out
B: No I don't want too
S: I don't care. Go upstairs and shower
Belle got up and grumbled about it but she did it. When she came down she looked one hundred percent better.
S: U look a lot better
B: I feel it too
S: Good
B: So where are we going
S: Its a surprise
She grabbed her coat and purse, kissed Claire and her parents goodbye and left. Shawn took her to a new resturant that had been open only for a few weeks but he had heard the food was excellent
B: I have never seen this place
S: Its a new place
B: It looks good
Waitor: What can i get u to drink
B: Long island iced tea
S: She'll have water
B: no
Shawn thought what could a couple hurt
S: ok
Belle showed the waitor her id and the waitor brought the drinks. Shawn ordered for them boths since Belle refused. the food finally came
B: That smells goood
S: Here take some
B: I guess I am hungry
Belle ate alot of food. She drank a lot of long island. After 5 he finally paid the check. She couldn't walk out on her own. Shawn called marlena and told her Belle was drunk and he was taking her to his house so Claire didn't see it. he took her to his house. His parents were gone and he led her to the couch and sat beside her.
S: Here lets get u undressed and get u into bed
B: No lets make love
S: No thats not a good idea
B: I Love you shawnie (she slurred)
S: No
Belle straddled Shawn and kissed him. he tried to pull away
S: No Belle
B: Don't push me away I want you and you want me I can tell
S: Yea I do but...
She kissed him. She started kissing his ear which drove him crazy. He was kissing her and making her feel good and made love to her on the floor and then took her upstairs and got in bed with her. He hoped she wouldn't remember this in the morning. she would be mad.