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    Lexi came in to tell Belle if she was ready to go home or not. Philp left to go outside and wait.
    L: Well Belle it seems like yur fine
    B: Well in that case i know u told Philp you need to stay oput of my personal life. When i deliver i want a new doctor.
    L: Oh Belle i am sorry about that but i couldn't let it go on
    B: You could of u just need to stay out of my business and i don't think its really none of your business. If i want to tell Philp I will
    L: He's my friend
    B: Lexi i don't care
    L: Belle please
    B: GET OUT
    L: Alright i am going calm down
    Lexi closed the door behind her. Philp met up with Lexi
    P: What was all that
    L: Belle doesn't want me to be her doctor because i told you about the kiss nothing i can do
    P: I can see if i can talk sense into her
    L: Its ok
    Philp signed Belle out. Philp really was shooken up about the kiss. He went to go get Belle and they went home. He had her coming to work with him and she was staying home. He made Henderson keep an eye on her. He didn't tell Belle but Henderson told her and said he would be in earshot but he would give her, her privacy. She didn't get any phone calls or vistors besides her mother and Hope. henderson checked the caller id and it wasn't Shawn. One day Shawn went into Philp's office to talk to him. He went up the the secertary Melainie
    S: I need to talk to Philp
    M: Alright let me buzz him. Mr. Kiraikis you have a vistor
    P: Send him in
    M: Go ahead
    Shawn opened the door. Philp was doing some paperwork and looked busy he didn't care
    S: Hello Philp
    P: What do u want
    S: I wanted to talk to u
    P: About what
    S: I am moving back in with my parents soon so I am not right down the hall. I moved out today but won't be there until tomorrow
    P: Good thats good
    S: I still want to be friends with Belle
    P: Why so u can kiss her
    S: No Belle and i have known each othe rour whole life and i know she wants to be friends too
    P: Fine go over there and see her. See if i care
    S: Really
    P: Yea
    S: Why all of a sudden are u just letting me go
    Philp set his pen down
    P: Just remmeber i am watching u and i will know if u do anything
    S: What does that mean
    P: Its for me to know and no one else
    Shawn left without a word. He went to Belle's. She answered. She helped sometimes
    S: Hey Belle
    B: U shouldn't be here
    P: I just talked tp Philp
    B: Ok come on. Want something to drink
    S: No I am good
    B: oh ok
    S: Wow this is awkward
    B: (she spoke in a low voice) Philp is having Henderson watch everyone one i talk to or if someone calls or I call someone. Henderson told me but he stays away and stays hidden and in and out earshot bc Philp pays him more. he says he doesn't think its right
    S: He shouldn't be punishing you
    B: I know its not fair but i deserve it.
    S: you don't deserve it
    B: I shouldn't have been kissing u or anything
    S: Its bc we love each other
    B: Shh
    S: I don't care Belle
    B: Well i do
    S: I love you
    B: Stop saying that i think u need to leave
    S: Belle wait
    He left
    H: Miss Belle whats all the commotion
    B: Call the car around i need to go see my husband
    Belle waited 10 minutes and the car came and drove her to his work. She went up to Melanie
    B: Hi Melanie
    M: hi Belle how are u feeling today
    B: Alright
    M: Good thats good
    B: Can i see Philp
    M: Let me check. Philp yur wife is here to see u
    P: Let her in
    He opened his door
    P: U don't have to check with me she is always welcome unless i have a meeting. She walked into Philps office
    B: Hello
    P: Well this is a surprise
    B: I missed u
    P: Well me too
    He sat Belle on his lap and kissed her when the door opened
    M: I am sorry Philp she barged in
    P: Thats fine.
    melanie left A beautiful dark hair girl walked in. She looked familiar. Then she remmebered that was the girl that was with Philp when she was waitressind at Carolines.
    C: Philp
    P: Hello Chloe. Belle this is chloe. Chloe this is my wife
    C: oh so you two did get married and yur having a baby
    B: Yep i got 4 more months to go
    C: Wow
    B: Well i am going to the bathroom and i am going to talk to Melanie
    P: Don't leave
    B: I will be right back
    She left
    C: So Philp
    P: Chloe what happened to you. It was like u fell off the face of the earth
    C: U never called me
    P: Chloe i haven't called anyone. The only person i have seen was Shawn and his new gf and he called me
    C: Philp i am surprised u and Belle are still together
    P: What is that supposed to mean
    C: You threw away ours and our friendship
    P: That was in high school i am different now. You didn't call me i still consider u as a friend. I am sorry u got hurt
    C: Well i did very badly. Does belle know what kind of a man she married
    P: Chloe yur still in love with me arent u this is revenge
    C: I do still love you but i wouldn't want to be with you. Look how u treat people
    P: That is about enough now
    C: No its now you are mean and vile
    B: Stop it
    C:Belle you don't know what kind of man u married
    B: Chloe he is sweet and kind u have no idea what yur talking about i think u should leave
    C: Fine whatever
    She left
    B: What was that all about
    P: She is still in love with me. So u want to order dinner
    B: No i will cook something for you. I want to go see Hope though so I will see you tonight alright
    She kissed him and called the limo and it took her to Hopes. She knocked on the door. Shawn answered
    B: What are u doing here
    S: I moved back so i wouldn't be so close to you and Philp
    B: oh
    S: I tried to tell u earlier
    B: I am sorry about that
    S: Its alright. Come in
    She went in although she didn't know why
    B: So when is Hope coming back.
    S: Her and my dad won't be back until tomorrow they went away
    B: Oh well then i should go
    S: No here we are not being watched
    B: yea thats nice
    They sat on the couch and Shawn lied a hand on her swollen stomach
    S: I can feel him or her moving
    B: Yea i know
    S: It likes me
    B: Maybe maybe not so how are u and Willow
    S: We see each other every other day or more
    B: Thats not much
    S: I know but oh well
    Then he kissed her.
    S: I am not thinking about Willow right now. I love you
    B: I love you too
    She kissed him and they made love on the couch. The doorbell rang after they got done
    S: Who is it
    W: Its Willow
    S: Hold on. Thank god the blinds are drawn (he whispered to Belle)
    W: Its not like i haven't seen u naked
    Belle gave a dirty look to Shawn. they threw on their clothes.
    W: Let me in
    He opened the door
    S: Sorry
    Then she saw Belle sitting on the couch.
    W: Well i know what u two were doing
    S: Nothing talking
    W: Not by the look on Belles face
    B: We did nothing wrong. I need to go anyways and cook Philp supper.
    W: Tell him u had dessert first
    Belle went out the door to call and wait for the limo
    S: Nothing happened she wanted to see my mother and we just talked u need to believe me
    W: Ok Shawn I will let this one slide. I do trust u.
    She kissed him.

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    Ch. 19

    After Willow left Shawn was thinking about Belle. He couldn't see her this was too much stress going back and forth he knew Belle loved him. He decided to write he a note. Belle was in the kitchen getting some milk when Henderson came for her.
    H: Miss Belle you have a letter
    B: For me thanks
    She opened the envolpe it read:
    To the love of my life,
    This is so hard writing this to you. I need to tell you something. I have done a lot of thinking and i can't keep going back and forth between u and Willow. Even though Willow is nothing compared to you I can't keep doing this. I love you so much. Please don't come and find me or try and talk to me. if u want to talk to me write me a letter. Right now we can't talk face to face once i get control over my feeling i can call u and we can be friends. I love you Belle and always will but i know i can't have you. I love you
    Belle put the note on the counter. She didn't know what to say. She was shocked. Shawn was right though she couldn't do this and wrote him a letter as well.
    I know that you are right. This has gone on for awhile. I love you so much but i can't hurt Philp. What happened to us was wrong and unfair. I am leaving this up to fate. I don't think we should see each other until we both know we can contol our feelings. Thanks for being so smart. Lets keep in touch by phone calls, letters, or e-mails.
    She had Henderson send the letter out. She couldn't do it herself. She thought she would feel better but she felt even worse. She need to lie down for awhile. She went to take a nap
    At Philps office Melanie told him she had a vistor on intercom.
    M: you have a vistor
    P: Who is it
    M: Chloe Black
    P: Send her in
    Chloe opened the door
    P: Chloe if this is another scream fest u can leave
    C: No i thought about it and it was wrong of me. i wanted to invite u to have lunch with me
    P: Ok do u want to order in or go out
    C: Lets go out
    P: Alright give me a few
    Chloe went outside and five minutes later Philp appeared
    P: Melanie Chloe and i are going out to lunch take messages be back in an hour.
    They walked away
    P: Where are we going chloe
    C: I have a place in mind
    P: So u pick the place but i have to pay
    C: No one said that i am paying my treat
    P: Cool
    Chloe drove them to their favorite resturant they used to eat at when they were dating
    P: Oh my gosh i forgot about this place
    C: I have been here a few times
    P: This is great. I love this place. I can't wait to see the place
    they walked in together. They sat at the same booth and the waitress who seated them Marcy remembered Philp.
    M: Oh my gosh Philp its you. You look great i haven't seen u in years
    Philp got up and gave her a hug.
    m: Chloe told me ya'll broke up
    P: Yea i am married now and have a baby on the way
    M: u should bring her here sometime its really nice to see you what can i get ya
    P: Um i will have the grilled chicken and a beer
    C: I will have the salad and white wine
    M: Philp you and Chloe order so different now. I remmeber u used to get the grilled cheese Chloe and Philp you used to have the pancakes no matter what time of day
    P: Well the pancakes were always the best
    M: Thanks well I will be right back
    C: Geez she was happy to see you
    P: Well i haven't been here in years
    Marcy brought him and her the drinks and Philp showed marcy a picture of Belle and him
    M: Well isn't she mighty pretty you sure lucked out. No offense to you Chloe because you are pretty as well. You know I always thought Chloe and you would end up together
    P: Its funny how things work out sometimes.
    Marcy and him chatted for a few more minutes and then she left to get their food and got back to work
    C: Hey Philp remmeber we used to come here every Saturday and eat breakfast and then after school you took me here and we would eat a snack. My mom used to get so mad at me for runing my appetite.
    P: Yea i couldn't eat dinner but i had better things to do
    C: Yea like dump me
    P: Chloe come on were friends now
    C: I never though you and i would end. I always thought that you were best for me and that i was best for you
    P: Chloe i meant Belle and something just sparked between us and i couldn't leave her alone. I thought maybe you and i would get back together but then i saw Belle and couldn't get her off my mind and i had to have her
    C: What Philp wants Philp gets
    P: Chloe i don't want to talk about this
    C: Alright yur right i am sorry
    They chatted about the old times and paid and before Philp left marcy hugged him again and told him to bring Belle with him next time and he agreed. When he got back to the office he had a million calls to return.
    At the house. Belle woke up and she went downstairs and there was a note lying on an end table. She picked it up and opened it
    I am glad u agree with me we can keep in touch. Thank you for understanding. Talk to ya later.
    Belle set the letter down and she called her mom
    B: Hi mom
    M: Belle honey is it the baby
    B: No not yet its too early
    M: Ok whats up
    B: Shawn sent me a letter
    M: ok do u want to tell me more
    B: He doesn't think we should see each other until we can control our feeling and i wrote him back and told him i agreed
    M: ok so whats wrong
    B: Well i thought i would feel better but instead i felt sad
    M: belle u need to figure out what u really want
    B: I love Philp and i love shawn
    M: I know u better than anyone. You have loved Shawn yur whole life. Even though u made vows to Philp its not fair to him to have lingering feeling for Shawn. You can't give yur whole heart to him. You gave yur heart to Shawn and thats where yur heart is right now.
    B: Philp knows that though and he is willing to be with me
    M: Well Belle u need to take action yurself bc Philp isn't going to let go. Can you live without Shawn forever and be with Philp. You need to do some thinking and figure out whats the best thing for you to do
    B: Thanks mom you always have the best advice
    M: Yur welcome
    B: I am going to get going.
    M: Alright i love you
    B: Love you too mom
    belle needed to do some serious thinking about her future

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    Ch. 20
    Belle hadn't seen or spoken to Shawn in a month. She had a doctors appointment and Philp was going to go with her. They got to th dcotors and got a new doctor like belle requested.
    Dr: hello I am dr. Jonas
    B: Hello I am Belle and this is my husband Philp.
    Dr: Well let me examine you.
    Dr. Jonas examined her.
    Dr: Well Belle everything looks fine just one thing i am concerned about
    B: Whats that
    Dr: Your ankles are swelling more than i would like them too
    P: S what does that mean
    Dr. It means that i would like her to stay off her feet. She can get up to go to the bathroom but make sure somone os there when she goes and be up for no more than 5 minutes but the rest of the time i want her with her feet propped up and no stress. I am not saying u need to be off yur feet all the time either. With all the stress u have had the next time could kill the baby.
    P: Ok I will make sure of that and she will have her feet up
    Dr. Good if u have any questions call me
    They both left the hospital and went home. Philp had to go back to work. he helped her to the couch and had her feet propped up and told Henderson what was going on and to not let Belle answer the door and to get things for her if she needed them.
    B: Philp he said i could get up and walk around
    P: I will let u walk around once i am home.
    B: Alright alright
    P: Do not get up even if the doorbell rings. Thats what Henderson is for
    B: Ok I promise
    He handed her the phone, a book, and the remote. he kissed her on the forehead and left. Belle was so bored. She didn't have anyone to talk too. She flipped the tv on and started to watch a talk show. The doorbell rang and she swung her legs off the pillow and was going to get up. She remembered that she couldn't and put her feet back on the pillow
    H: Miss Belle i will get the door
    B: i know
    H: Hope is here to see u
    B: Let her in
    H: Belle
    B: Hope hi
    H: Well don't u look comfy
    B: the doctor told me that my ankles are swelling more than he would like it
    H: I had those with.. (she hesitated) am i allowed to say Shawn (she whispered)
    B: (laughing) of course
    H: ok. So how are u coping
    B: Its only been a few days and i am so bored
    H: Wheres Philp
    B: Work
    H: Hey i have an idea why don't u come over to my house and Philp can come and pick u up on his way home
    B: I don't think Philp would like that
    H: Give me the phone I'll ask
    Hope dialed the number and got conncted to Philp
    P: Hello
    H: Philp its Hope can Belle come over to my house
    P: I don't think its a good idea the doctor wants her to stay off her feet
    H: I have had swollen ankles I will watch her and u can get her on the way home
    P: Ok i guess put her on
    Hope handed her the phone
    H: He wants to talk to u
    B: hello
    P: Honey whats Hope doing there
    B: Visitng
    P: Y didn't u call me
    B: I figured u wouldn't let me go
    P: Well I am. Bring yur cell and i will call u when i am on my way alright i love you
    B: Love you
    P: be careful
    B: I will
    She hung up the phone. She grabbed her purse and her cell. She gave henderson the afternoon off and walked slowly to Hope's car

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    Hope and Belle got to the house in 10 minutes. Then they walked slowly inside together. As soon as they got in Belle propped her feet up on a pillow and Hope sat beside her.
    H: Are u comfortable
    B: Yes
    H: Hey u want some lemonade its a great drink in the summer especially when yur pregnant
    B: Sure
    Hope left. belle sat there alone. She hated sitting here alone. It always brought back so many memories. She remembered how her and Shawn used to run around the house chasing each other. He wanted to kiss her and she said no. (when they were about 10) Or how Hope would make cookies and they would eat them and drink milk and go play outside. In high school she would walk home with him and they would do homework together and when they started dating they got homework done but it took longer bc they were kissing. Hope was a like a second mother to her. She was grateful when Hope returned
    H: Here we are
    B: Lemonade is good when its hot outside but i thought it would be good right now too.
    B: Thanks Hope
    H: No problem
    B: Philp is just so overprotective right now
    H: He just wants to have a healthy baby enjoy it
    B: I know i know
    They chatted for another half when Bo walked through the kitchen door
    Bo: Hope
    H: I'm in here
    Bo: Hey.. Oh hey belle
    B: Hey
    H: I invited her here
    Bo: Thats fine its always a pleasure to see u
    He gave her a hug and kissed his wife
    B: U hurt yurself
    H: She has swollen ankles
    Bo: Oh ok
    H: I made lucnh its in the fridge. U want something Belle
    B: No I am fine maybe later
    H: Ok. Hey baby did shawn come with you
    Bo; Um no when i left he wasn't there so i don't really know where he went
    H: Alright
    Bo dissappeared into the kitchen
    H: maybe its for the best
    B: yea maybe
    Bo came out a Shawn walked through the door with Willow.
    S: Hey mom
    H: Hey sweetheart
    Shawn stopped when he saw Belle
    S: Um (he cleard his throat) hey belle
    B: Hey
    S: I hope its ok i brought Willow
    H: Its fine hey willow
    W: Hey
    H: Theres food in the fride
    S: Thanks
    He grabbed Willows hand and went to the kitchen. A few seconds later they sat down across from Belle and Hope.
    B: I am going to the bathroom
    H: U want me to come and make sure you get there
    W: what u can't go to the bathroom by yurself
    B: I have swollen ankles
    Belle left and Shawn got up to sit beside his mother and Willow took the other spot. Which occupied the whole couch. Belle came out a minute later. Shawn got up to let Belle have a her spot back but willow didn't move
    B: Can i have my spot back
    W: What there isn't room over there
    B: I want to sit by Hope and drink my lemonade
    shawn grabbed Willow by the arm and made her stand up
    B: Thanks Shawn
    W: What the heck was that all about
    S: She needs to sit down her ankles are swollen she could lose the baby done't be so mean
    W: oh please she is pry faking
    H: Willow please stop if u can't be nice i am going to have to ask u to leave
    W: Fine whatever.
    Bo got up to empty his plate and Shawn and his mom talked. When Bo came back Shawn got rid of this plate. He came back a minute later
    W: I am going to get some lemonade
    She left
    H: She didn't even ask
    S: What u would of said no
    H: No but she could of asked
    Bo; I need to get back to work alright
    H: I want to say good bye to you i will walk u outside. Be right back Belle
    S: I will be at work shortly dad after i drop off Willow
    Bo: See you there
    Shawn and belle were alone. He got up and sat beside her
    S: Are u really ok
    B: Yes just a lot of sitting down. I miss u so much
    S: Me too but Belle you are not choosing and i can't deal with that. I want u but to not have u is driving me crazy
    She kissed him for a minute and pulled away and he kissed her back and pulled away. There eyes met. Then the kitchen door opened.
    W: What is going on here
    S: Nothing come on lets go
    They walked out the door together. Belle waited for Hope to come back in
    H: God i can't stand Willow
    B: I know me either
    H: I don't know why he chose someone like her.
    B: She is rude
    H: Very rude
    They talked and then Philp called her
    B: Hello
    P: I am coming home be there in twenty. Love you
    B: Love you she clamped her cell phone shut. Philp
    H: How long do u have
    B: Twenty minutes
    They talked and Philp rang the doorbell and Hope got it
    H: Hello
    P: Good to see Belle didn't answer the door good to see you Hope.
    H: Good to see you would u like something to drink
    P: No we need to get home but thanks for the offer
    he helped Belle up and walked her to the car slowly. When they got home the had dinner and went to bed shortly after. It was a long day. Belle shifted uncomfortably in the bed
    P: Belle are u ok
    B: My back hurts i am going to get up and walk around
    She got up and her water broke
    B: Philp i am in labor.
    Philp sprung out of bed and helped Belle get dressed. He changed grabbed her overnight bag and went to the hospital.

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    Philp got Belle to the hospital quickly. When he got in there he was carrying her
    P: I ned a nurse
    N: Whats going on
    P: My wife is in labor
    N: Ok I will get a dr
    P: Don't worry Belle. The doctor will be here shortly
    The doctor came running out
    Dr J: Lets get her into a room
    P: Thanks Dr. Jonas
    Dr: come on
    They got her into a room and a nurse helped Belle change in a nightgown and they lied her down on the bed and hooked her up to some machines. The nurse gave her an epideral. Philp came in
    P: How are u feeling
    B: Alright now the nurse gave me an epideral
    P: Good
    B: I am scared
    P: Of what
    B: Giving birth
    P: Don't be i will be right here with you
    her mom, dad, Kate , and Victor came in to see her
    B: This is a surprise
    They talked for a few minutes but knew they couldn't stay long and left Belle and Philp alone. Dr Jonas came in.
    J: I want to see how far u r
    he checked Belle
    J: I would say yur ready. Philp and i will get scrubbed up and we will be back soon
    B: Alright
    She lied there and waited for them to come back. Philp came back a few minutes later.
    P: Do i look good
    B: hmm
    P: Yur hesitating
    B: Of course u do my handsome husband
    P: I love you Belle
    P: I love you Philp
    Then Dr. Jonas came on
    Dr: You ready
    B: I guess
    Dr: Don;t worry i will walk u through everything i am sure u will do fine
    Dr. Jonas talked her through in and an hour later she delivered a beautiful baby girl. While the nurses cleaned her up Belle and Philp were alone
    P: What should we call her?
    B: I love the name Claire
    P: Claire it is
    The baby came back in and her parents came in and held the baby. They stayed for a half an hour and went home. Then Kate and victor came in and held the baby and left at the half hour mark also. 10 minutes after they left they heard fighting
    B: Whos that (she asked looking at Claire)
    P: Let me go see
    It was Shawn
    S: they said i could see the baby when it was born
    L: no let Belle and Philp be alone
    S: Let me go in they said i could
    P: What is going on here
    S: Lexi won't let me come on
    P: Lexi i said it was ok for him to come and see the baby.
    L: I didn't know if it was ok or not
    P: Now i know why Belle didn;t want u as her doctor. Come on man
    S: Thanks
    They walked in to the room
    B: Shawn
    S: Hey how are u doing
    B: Fine where is Willow
    S: I dumped her last night i didn't like the way she treated people
    B: Good for you
    P: Here u want to hold Claire
    S: Thats her name its beautiful
    B: I picked it out Philp agreed
    S: Oh
    He was sitting next to Belle and as Philp looked at them it was like they were family they looked so happy together. Shawn finally left about 20 minutes later
    P: U sure u can't stay longer
    S: no u two need time to be together. She is beautiful Philp
    P: Thanks see ya later
    B: See ya
    S: Bye
    B: That was nice he stopped by
    P: Yea it was
    Philp brought her and the baby home the next day. Philp went to work as usual. Philp came home early that day
    B: yur home early
    P: Yea i wanted to see Claire
    B: She is sleeping come on
    She grabbed his hand and led him to Claire's crib and he looked at his daughter and they went to the living room
    P: She is something isn;t she
    B: Yea
    P: Belle i want to talk to you
    B: About what
    P: This is not easy for me but when Shawn came to see you the other day and while he was in the room holding Claire you two looked so happy together. I just can't keep u two apart any longer
    B: What are u talking about did Shawn say something to you
    P: No but i have had all day to think about it. I love you and I love Claire but i think it would be best if u went back to him u love him.
    B: Philp i took vows with you i love you. I don't our marriage to end
    P: Belle please take our daughter we will still see each other becuase i want to see Claire but i want u to pack up yur things and go either be with Shawn or go to yur mothers and u just need to tell me where u are so I can have the rest of yur things sent to you
    B: What has gotten into you. Are u out of yur mind?
    P: No but when I look at Claire i wouldn't want my daughter to be unhappy
    B: I am not unhappy I love you so much.
    P: Belle I know u do but u love Shawn more. He was and still is yur true love don't deny yurself that
    B: i am not leaving I love you
    P: Either u will or I will its yur choice
    B: Alright i guess i will leave then. Me and Claire will go to my mom's.
    She packed a suitcase with clothes because Philp would send the rest of her things tomorrow. When she walked out Philp was telling Claire he would see her soon and to not forget he loved her. Tears streamed down her face.
    P: I will get my limo to take u to yur mom's and i will send yur things there tomorrow
    He kissed Claire and handed her to Belle
    B: Philp please don't do this we can work it out whatever this is please don't make me leave
    The limo pulled up
    P: Go Belle. Don't wait forever to start yur life with Shawn. Call him. I will call yur mom and tell her u will be there shortly.
    he called Marlena and told her Belle was coming. Then he sat down and cried. he had to let her go. She needed to be with Shawn.
    When Belle arrived at her mom's she thanked the limo driver and her mom and dad were outside waiting. She got out with Claire and went up to them. her mom took Claire and she went to her fathers arms
    B: Daddy its horriable
    J: What happened
    B: Philp is divorcing me bc he wants me to be with Shawn
    M: Maybe he is right Belle u do love Shawn
    B: Yes but i married Philp
    J: Maybe he is right baby u never know
    B: dad I feel horriable
    J: Go lie down yur mother and i will take care of Claire
    She lugged her suitcase upstairs and got into her old childhood bed and cried herself to sleep. She tried to sleep but everytime she did fall asleep she saw Philp's face and telling her he wanted a divorce. She woke up several times. She wanted Philp back.

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    ch. 23
    Belle woke up and went downstairs.
    M: hey sweetheart did u sleep well
    B: Do I look like it? Is Claire still asleep
    M: Yea she is in bed. There is no need to be nasty with me
    B: I am sorry mom I am just tired
    Belle had breakfast and ended up falling asleep on the couch. The doorbell woke her up. She got up and answered the door.
    B: Philp. (she threw her arms around him) U changed yur mind and want me back
    P: No Belle (he pushed her back) I want to take Claire out for a couple of hours
    B: Can I come with you two
    P: I don't think its a good idea
    B: Please Philp
    J: Here Philp she is dressed and fed and she has had a good nap
    P: Thanks John I will be back in 2-3 hours
    J: Its cool
    B: Dad
    J: Ok bye have fun
    He pushed Belle out of the way and closed the door
    B: Dad what the hell is yur problem i wanted to go with them
    J: You need to get over him you might make him mad and push him away give him time. Why don't you call Shawn?
    B: I want Philp. I want him back
    She hugged her dad and cried while he held her. He led her to the couch and her mom sat beside her.
    M: baby u know u love shawn
    B: I used to but i want Philp back
    M: U might think u do because of Claire but a lot of people seperate that have kids.
    J: Listen to your mom she is right
    B: I know ok but i want Philp I love him.
    M: Well he thinks its good that you two seperate.
    B: Its the worst i don't know whats wrong with him
    She went upstairs and showered and got ready for Philp to bring her daughter back. She wanted to look beautiful. She came downstairs
    M: Belle are u trying to impress Philp
    B: yes mom i want him back
    J: Baby he is going to notice
    B: I hope so
    The doorbell rang. Belle answered
    P: Hey I brought Claire... Wow you look great
    B: Good I was hoping you would think so
    P: Here is our daughter bye
    Belle took Claire
    B: Philp would you like to stay?
    P: Nope i gotta go
    B: Where
    P: Work I will pick up Claire later
    B: Wait
    He turned around and she kissed him. He kissed her back.
    B: I love you i want to go home with you and make love to you
    P: As much as i would like that its not a good idea i said i wanted a divorce
    B: No I am not letting you go. Claire and me need u.
    P: Claire will have me and you just at differnt times.
    Belles mom took Claire from Belle and shut the door
    B: She knows we need to talk
    P: No its cold and she doesn't want the door open or Claire to get cold.
    B: Philp please you are being insane please do not do this I love you
    P: I do too Belle but i just don't think we are right for each other
    B: Yes we are when we were kissing it proved we were right together. I know we belong together.
    P: No you belong with Shawn
    B: Shawn has nothing to do with this. What are u seeing someone else
    P: No its nothing like that. I think u would be happier with him
    B: Well I am not going to be happy unless i am with you. You are the only man i want to be with. I don't want Shawn
    P: Well Belle then find someone else. I just can't do this anymore I am really sorry you are a beautiful woman but your not my soulmate
    She pulled him into her and kissed him. he kissed her back. They kissed for about 20 minutes and he pulled away
    P: No Belle stop i can't do this. I want to make love to you and that would be a bad idea. Please forget me.
    he left Belle standing in the cold. She opened the door and went back inside. She was going to get Philp back one way or another. He loved her as much as she loved him and she was going to make him see that.

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    Belle was going to go see Philp today. It took her two hours to get ready. After she was ready she got Claire ready and took her to a friends house. Her friend had two little kids. She knew Claire would love that. Then she drove to Philps work. She walked past the secertary and went right to Philps office. She looked in his window he was working on paperwork. She walked in.
    B: Hey Philp
    P: Belle hey whats are u doing here? You look great.
    B: thanks and i am here because i wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch.
    P: Thanks but I am busy
    B: Well can we order in please
    He looked at her. She looked so cute he couldn't resist
    P: Alright I will call Maggie at Chez Rouse and have her bring us something
    B: That sounds good
    Philp put in an order
    P: Well I guess I could use a break. Hows Claire
    B: Good
    P: Here let me take your coat
    Belle took off her coat. She was wearing that dress he liked so much. She sat down and crossed her legs. He loved her legs. he cleared his throat and hung up her coat and sat down. Belle got up
    P: What are u doing
    B: She sat down on his lap. I knew you were attracted to me
    Then she kissed him. Philp kissed her back. he couldn't help himself. She was beautiful. They ended up making love on the floor. Then there was a knock on the dorr.
    P: Hold on
    Philp answered it. it was maggie
    M: hey Philp
    P: Hey thanks for making us lunch
    M: No problem. Hey Belle
    B: hey maggie
    Philp payed her and gave her a tip and shut the door. He put the lunch out on his desk and Belle and him ate lunch.
    P: Oh well that was good
    B: The lunch or us making love?
    P: Belle I got work to do and we shouldn't have made love at all
    B: Oh i don't think so we belong together
    P: You belong with Shawn
    B: Don't you want me to be happy
    P: Of course thats why I want you to go find Shawn
    B: No i want u
    P: I got work to do and if you don't leave I will have you escorted out
    B: Fine fine bye
    She grabbed her coat and purse and went to pick up Claire. The next morning she got her and Claire ready and brought Claire with her to Philps work. She walked into his office again.
    B: Hey Guess who I brought
    P: Oh its Claire
    C: Daddy
    Belle gave Claire to Philp
    P: hey honey
    B: She missed her daddy and so did i
    P: Oh did Claire miss me
    C: Yea
    P: How about daddy takes you out tonight
    C: Mommy too
    P: Yea sure
    C: yea
    Philp handed Claire back to Belle
    P: Well I guess I will call you with the details later
    B: Sounds good
    P: Hey Belle why don't you give Shawn a call
    B: How about u and I get back together
    With that she turned and left. She got Claire dressed and she got ready. Philp called at 5.
    B: hello
    P: Hey um i made reservations
    B: Where
    P: You remember that place with the big Tvs Claire liked
    B: oh yea they have great food
    P: Yea I will be there in a half an hour
    B: Cool see you then
    Philp picked them up exactly a half an hour later in his limo. Then they got there table and Philp put Claire in her high chair. She was mesmorized by the Tv's. Belle knew this was the perfect time for her and Philp to talk.
    B: So Philp how was work
    P: Busy as usual
    B: yea i bet it was
    P: So what did you do today
    B: Got Claire and i ready saw you today. You look so great
    P: Belle I need to tell you something
    B: Whats that
    P: Well um
    Then Chloe appeared behind them
    C: Hi everyone
    P: I asked Chloe to join us
    B: Why
    P: Well i asked Chloe if she wanted to date
    C: I said yes
    He kissed her.
    C: Look Belle I know that you still have feelings for Philp but he told me you two weren't together anymore and that you weren't getting back together. I am really sorry and i don't want to rub anything in your face.
    B: Well you are
    Tears rolled down her cheeks. She grabbed Claire and left. She went home and cried. It was really over between Philp and her.

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    Ch. 25
    Belle probably shouldn't have drove home but she didn't really want to call anyone. She just wanted to get home. When she got home her mom saw her face. She grabbed Claire from her and gave Claire to John and led Belle to the couch.
    M: What happened? I thought you were going to dinner with Philp
    B: Yea we did.. (sniff) but when we sat down and ate that stupid slut Chloe showed up and they are dating now
    She started crying
    M: He invited her
    B: Thats what she said and he clairfired it.
    M: I am sorry but maybe he wants you to know that he has moved on
    B: Yea but it hurts
    M: I Know it does
    Then the doorbell rang. Marlena went to get it. It was Shawn
    M: Shawn to what do we owe the pleasure too
    S: Where is she
    M: In the living room
    S: Belle Philp called me and told me he asked for a divorce which you never told me. Then he told me that you were trying to get back together with him. Chloe and him are now dating and you were upset
    B: Of course I am upset my husband wants a divorce and now he is dating another woman. I am very hurt.
    Shawn sat down next to her. he tried to put his arms around her
    B: Don't touch me
    M: Belle be nice
    B: I don't want him touching me
    M: Shawn can I see you in the kitchen
    S: Yea sure
    Shawn and Marlena left and went to the kitchen.
    M: I wouldn't try to touch her. She is bitter because Philp just dumped her. Her ego is bruised and she is feeling low. She just needs a friend
    S: Thats what i was trying to do
    M: Well don't touch her let her come to you. I would just listen
    S: Ok i can do that
    M: I will leave you two alone
    Shawn walked back into the living room and Belle was sitting on the couch
    S: Hey do you want to talk about it
    B: I just don't understand why he doesn't want to be with me. So what did Philp say when he called
    S: Well he told me that he was with Chloe and I was confused because I didn't even know you two divorced.
    B: Well Shawn i didn't really think it was anyone's business. I didn't think he was serious. I just thought maybe he was going through something and he just needed some time.
    S: Well now you know he is serious right
    B: No i still think that he is not right in the head and that when he dates Chloe for awhile he will see what a slut she is
    S: You don't even know Chloe. Your just mad because she is with Philp
    B: Well she must be a slut. She stole my husband
    S: I am sure Philp told her you two were having trouble and he asked her to date
    Then the doorbell rang.
    B: I can get that
    Belle opened the door and Philp and Chloe stood there
    B: How dare you bring her here
    P: I wanted to talk to u. Thanks Shawn for coming by
    S: No problem
    C; Belle Listen i feel really bad
    B: Shut up slut
    C: Hey come on I know yur upset with me
    B: So why did u come here
    P: Like I said I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about all this I should of waited
    B: You bastard (she slapped him) You were cheating on me with her weren't you? I figured it out
    P: Belle you are beautiful of course i wouldn't cheat on you
    C: he didn't he told me you getting divorced and he had feelings for me and that maybe we could try
    S:Moved a little fast didn't you Philp
    P: Well I knew Belle had feelings for you and Chloe and I dated and I still have some feelings left so i thought why not
    B: You slut
    C: Look i didn't mean..
    Belle flew at Chloe and pushed her on the ground. She tried choking her and then Chloe started fighting back
    C: Let go
    B: No stay away from Philp
    C: He is my boyfriend
    B: He is still my husband
    Shawn pulled Belle off of Chloe and Philp held Chloe back.
    marlena and John both came running to see what all the noise was about
    M: What is going on
    She saw Shawn had ahold of Belle and Philp had ahold of Chloe.
    M: Oh I see
    J: There will be no fighting in this house
    S: We got it Marlena its over.
    M: Thanks boys.
    John and her both left.
    C: What is your problem
    B: You stay away from Philp
    Belle tried to run to Philp but Shawn held her back.
    S: No stay here
    P: You know I thought everyone could get along like adults but i guess not
    S: Philp you know what i really think that you moved on a little too fast.
    P: I asked Chloe to date me yesterday
    S: Still thats too soon. If not for you maybe for Belle
    P: I thought Belle would get the picture we were over now
    B: No We are not
    P: Belle stop hiding from the truth alright. Chloe and I are leaving I will pick up Claire tomorrow.
    B: No i don't want that slut near my baby
    P: Well we can go to court
    S: You can talk about it later. you are upsetting her just leave.
    They both left.
    S: I can't believe he did this so soon its crazy. He led her to the couch so she could cry and she let him hold her.


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