Lexi came in to tell Belle if she was ready to go home or not. Philp left to go outside and wait.
L: Well Belle it seems like yur fine
B: Well in that case i know u told Philp you need to stay oput of my personal life. When i deliver i want a new doctor.
L: Oh Belle i am sorry about that but i couldn't let it go on
B: You could of u just need to stay out of my business and i don't think its really none of your business. If i want to tell Philp I will
L: He's my friend
B: Lexi i don't care
L: Belle please
L: Alright i am going calm down
Lexi closed the door behind her. Philp met up with Lexi
P: What was all that
L: Belle doesn't want me to be her doctor because i told you about the kiss nothing i can do
P: I can see if i can talk sense into her
L: Its ok
Philp signed Belle out. Philp really was shooken up about the kiss. He went to go get Belle and they went home. He had her coming to work with him and she was staying home. He made Henderson keep an eye on her. He didn't tell Belle but Henderson told her and said he would be in earshot but he would give her, her privacy. She didn't get any phone calls or vistors besides her mother and Hope. henderson checked the caller id and it wasn't Shawn. One day Shawn went into Philp's office to talk to him. He went up the the secertary Melainie
S: I need to talk to Philp
M: Alright let me buzz him. Mr. Kiraikis you have a vistor
P: Send him in
M: Go ahead
Shawn opened the door. Philp was doing some paperwork and looked busy he didn't care
S: Hello Philp
P: What do u want
S: I wanted to talk to u
P: About what
S: I am moving back in with my parents soon so I am not right down the hall. I moved out today but won't be there until tomorrow
P: Good thats good
S: I still want to be friends with Belle
P: Why so u can kiss her
S: No Belle and i have known each othe rour whole life and i know she wants to be friends too
P: Fine go over there and see her. See if i care
S: Really
P: Yea
S: Why all of a sudden are u just letting me go
Philp set his pen down
P: Just remmeber i am watching u and i will know if u do anything
S: What does that mean
P: Its for me to know and no one else
Shawn left without a word. He went to Belle's. She answered. She helped sometimes
S: Hey Belle
B: U shouldn't be here
P: I just talked tp Philp
B: Ok come on. Want something to drink
S: No I am good
B: oh ok
S: Wow this is awkward
B: (she spoke in a low voice) Philp is having Henderson watch everyone one i talk to or if someone calls or I call someone. Henderson told me but he stays away and stays hidden and in and out earshot bc Philp pays him more. he says he doesn't think its right
S: He shouldn't be punishing you
B: I know its not fair but i deserve it.
S: you don't deserve it
B: I shouldn't have been kissing u or anything
S: Its bc we love each other
B: Shh
S: I don't care Belle
B: Well i do
S: I love you
B: Stop saying that i think u need to leave
S: Belle wait
He left
H: Miss Belle whats all the commotion
B: Call the car around i need to go see my husband
Belle waited 10 minutes and the car came and drove her to his work. She went up to Melanie
B: Hi Melanie
M: hi Belle how are u feeling today
B: Alright
M: Good thats good
B: Can i see Philp
M: Let me check. Philp yur wife is here to see u
P: Let her in
He opened his door
P: U don't have to check with me she is always welcome unless i have a meeting. She walked into Philps office
B: Hello
P: Well this is a surprise
B: I missed u
P: Well me too
He sat Belle on his lap and kissed her when the door opened
M: I am sorry Philp she barged in
P: Thats fine.
melanie left A beautiful dark hair girl walked in. She looked familiar. Then she remmebered that was the girl that was with Philp when she was waitressind at Carolines.
C: Philp
P: Hello Chloe. Belle this is chloe. Chloe this is my wife
C: oh so you two did get married and yur having a baby
B: Yep i got 4 more months to go
C: Wow
B: Well i am going to the bathroom and i am going to talk to Melanie
P: Don't leave
B: I will be right back
She left
C: So Philp
P: Chloe what happened to you. It was like u fell off the face of the earth
C: U never called me
P: Chloe i haven't called anyone. The only person i have seen was Shawn and his new gf and he called me
C: Philp i am surprised u and Belle are still together
P: What is that supposed to mean
C: You threw away ours and our friendship
P: That was in high school i am different now. You didn't call me i still consider u as a friend. I am sorry u got hurt
C: Well i did very badly. Does belle know what kind of a man she married
P: Chloe yur still in love with me arent u this is revenge
C: I do still love you but i wouldn't want to be with you. Look how u treat people
P: That is about enough now
C: No its now you are mean and vile
B: Stop it
C:Belle you don't know what kind of man u married
B: Chloe he is sweet and kind u have no idea what yur talking about i think u should leave
C: Fine whatever
She left
B: What was that all about
P: She is still in love with me. So u want to order dinner
B: No i will cook something for you. I want to go see Hope though so I will see you tonight alright
She kissed him and called the limo and it took her to Hopes. She knocked on the door. Shawn answered
B: What are u doing here
S: I moved back so i wouldn't be so close to you and Philp
B: oh
S: I tried to tell u earlier
B: I am sorry about that
S: Its alright. Come in
She went in although she didn't know why
B: So when is Hope coming back.
S: Her and my dad won't be back until tomorrow they went away
B: Oh well then i should go
S: No here we are not being watched
B: yea thats nice
They sat on the couch and Shawn lied a hand on her swollen stomach
S: I can feel him or her moving
B: Yea i know
S: It likes me
B: Maybe maybe not so how are u and Willow
S: We see each other every other day or more
B: Thats not much
S: I know but oh well
Then he kissed her.
S: I am not thinking about Willow right now. I love you
B: I love you too
She kissed him and they made love on the couch. The doorbell rang after they got done
S: Who is it
W: Its Willow
S: Hold on. Thank god the blinds are drawn (he whispered to Belle)
W: Its not like i haven't seen u naked
Belle gave a dirty look to Shawn. they threw on their clothes.
W: Let me in
He opened the door
S: Sorry
Then she saw Belle sitting on the couch.
W: Well i know what u two were doing
S: Nothing talking
W: Not by the look on Belles face
B: We did nothing wrong. I need to go anyways and cook Philp supper.
W: Tell him u had dessert first
Belle went out the door to call and wait for the limo
S: Nothing happened she wanted to see my mother and we just talked u need to believe me
W: Ok Shawn I will let this one slide. I do trust u.
She kissed him.