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Thread: what do i do

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    Ch. 10
    Belle had been getting used to being waited on
    B: Henderson will u make me some lunch
    H: right away miss
    Then she got up and went to the phone. She still did some things for herself. She wanted to call and make sure the carter had everything planned the wedding was a week away. She had her dress and her bridesmaids were going to be there the night before
    B: Hello this is Belle Black is Melissa there
    M: Hi Belle
    B: Hey i wanted to make sure everything was going ok
    M: Its going great everything is fine don't worry
    B: Alright thanks bye
    She sat down and Henderson gave her her plate
    B: Thanks
    H: if u need anything i will be upstairs
    B: Alright
    She looked down at her plate and realized she wasn't hungry. She put her plate aside and got up. Henderson came down and saw the plate
    H: is it not any good
    B: oh Henderson u frightened me. No its fine i am just not that hungry thats all.
    H: oh ok well u want me to leave it
    B: yes please u can go now
    H: Alright ma'ma
    B: call me belle
    he let without saying anything. The week flew by and it was the day before her wedding. Philp and her had been busy and she felt more irritable then ever. She was so stressed. They went to the hospital his aunt was there. They visited her and left her room.
    B: Philp
    P: Belle whats wrong
    B: I don't feel so well.
    P: Lets sit down
    Instead she ran to the bathroom and got sick
    P: Belle is everything ok
    B: I am so stressed
    P: Is there a nurse around
    B: Philp please
    P: Belle let me do this
    N: I am
    P: Can u do some test my fiance she is not feeling well
    N: Come with me
    An hour later belle found out she was having a baby
    P: Belle do u know whats wrong
    B: i am having yur baby
    P: U are
    B: yes
    He picked her up and kissed her
    P: I am so excited
    B: you are
    P: Yes of course
    Belle couldn't wait to marry Philp Tomorrow was the big day.
    Its lightning here i need to get off. More later

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    Today was the big day. Her and Philp decided not to tell anyone about the baby yet. Her bridesmaids and her spent the night at her mom's. They were at the church getting ready.
    P: Belle are y ready
    B: Yes we we are right girls
    G; Yes
    They all went and lined up and Belle's dad stood with her waiting to walk her down
    J: Belle I am so happy yur marrying Philp
    B: Me too dad I love him
    J: oh my little girl
    B: i love you to dad.
    J: oh its time to go
    They walked down and John gave her a kiss and gve her away.
    They were waiting for their vows
    P: If there is anyone to object speak now or forever hold yur peace
    No one said anything. She smiled at Philp.
    P;Well then belle do u take Philp do be yur husband to have and to hold from this day forward all the days of yur life
    B: I do
    P: Do u Philp take Belle to be yur wife o have and to hold from this day forward as long as u both shall live
    P: I do
    P: By the power vested in me i know pronounce you man and wife u may kiss the bride
    Philp lifted her veil and kissed her
    The church doors swung open
    S: Belle i am alive
    H: Shawn my baby boy
    B: Shawn son yur alive
    P: Shawn
    B: Shawn its you yur alive
    She dropped and fainted. Philp caught her and picked her up and went where the church chair was and lied her down
    P: Some call a doctor she's pregnant
    M: She is
    P: Yes
    They called an ambulace
    S: She is having yur baby
    P: Yes she is
    S: belle come on wake up
    P: Belle wake up sweetheart
    S: Belle come on wake up please
    Belles eyes fluttered open
    B: Shawn its you your alive
    She threw her arms around his neck and started crying.
    B: i missed you what happened
    S: i was held prisoner by Jan my crazy ex and they killed a guy and made him look like me. She wanted me for herself
    B: I can't believe this why did she do this
    S: I don't know ali i know is I couldn't wait to see u again.
    B: oh shawn
    Then Hope and Bo came out
    H: Shawn
    S: mom i missed you
    She was crying and she threw her arms around him
    B: hey buddy can i get a hug.
    S: Of course dad
    The ambulance pulled up
    P: Belle the ambulance is here
    B: I don't need to go
    P: I want u to go and get the baby checked out
    B: Philp no i don't want to go
    S: belle listen to him go and i will come see you in a little while
    B: Alright
    They went to the hospital and got her into a room. Her mom, dad and Philp were there. Lexi was examing her
    P: Hows the baby
    L: The baby seems to be doing fine ok
    B: good thats great
    L: I want to keep her here for overnight to make sure things are ok
    P: alright
    Lexi left.
    P: Do u want anything
    B: Can u get me some clothes from home
    P: yea i will go get them
    B: Alright
    he kissed her and she kissed him back then he left
    B: mom, dad what am i going to do
    J: About shawn
    B: it wasn't his fault
    M: yur married now there is nothing u can do about it
    B: I love him
    Just then the curtain was pulled back it was shawn
    S: Marlena John
    M Good bye shawn we were leaving its nice to see u again. She hugged him
    J: Nice to see you
    They left.
    S: So hows the baby
    B: Fine they are keeping me overnight to make sure the baby is ok
    S: well i am glad that you are ok
    B: me too
    He sat beside her.
    S: Belle what happened while i was gone
    B: Well I was working at the resturant and i met Philp we dated for awhile and then he asked me to marry him. i was so devastated when u left. It hurt me so bad
    S: U don't think it hurt me when i was away from u for all that time.
    B: I do believe that i do its just
    S: What belle
    B: I am pregnant with Philp's baby
    S: Belle i love you, you and Philp wouldn't be together if i would of been here
    B: I know but we couldn't help that and bc of jan our future is ruined i hate her
    he leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back she had never felt that great in a long time. All there sweet memories came flooding back to her. Then reality hit her
    B: No shawn
    S: yes right
    B: no i am married to Philp
    Just then he walked in
    P: I heard my name whats going on
    B: i was just talking to Shawn about how happy we are
    P: Oh ok hey man
    S: Hey
    P: I have heard a lot about u Belle is a great girl
    S: yes she is
    P: well i think i can take it from here i think its a good idea if u go home with your mom
    S: Yea me too see ya Belle
    B: Yes see ya
    P: Are we going to have a problem
    B: What do u mean
    P: Are u ok with him
    B: Yes Philp I love you
    P: I love u too
    He kissed her. That night she had a wonderful dream about her and shawn. They were making love and she had a wedding dress on. She knew she had a big grin on her face

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    Ch. 12
    belle got to go home the next morning. Philp signed her out while she got dressed and Lexi came in.
    L: belle i am going to send u home ok
    B: Alright
    L: I don't want to see u back here unless yur giving birth u got that
    B: yes i promise no stress
    P: i will make sure she is calm
    L: Thank you bye now
    They left and got in the car. Philp drove home
    P: So u had a big smile on yur face last night
    B: Yea um i was dreaming about us
    P: Well thats good
    They got home. belle was going to get out when Philp said
    P: Don't let me help you
    Philp helped her out and made her sit on the couch
    P: Ok I need to go to work will u be ok
    B: Of course
    P: here look through this magazine for baby stuff circle what u want and we will talk about it
    B: Ok see ya later
    She was looking through the magazine when Philp called about lunch time
    H: belle its yur husband
    B: thanks Henderson hello
    P: Hey i am glad u let henderson answer. Did u eat yet?
    B: I had a morning snack and i am going to have henderson make me something to eat
    P: Good i wanted to say hi and i love you. I will talk to ya tonight
    B: alright love you to bye. hey henderson can u make me lunch
    H: Yes sure
    belle ate lunch and when she was done the doorbell rang and she got up
    H: i insist let me
    Belle sat down.
    H: A mrs. Hope Brady is here to see you
    B: Let her in. hello Hope
    H: Belle how are you
    B: I am alright
    H: Good I am glad but how are u feeling about Shawn
    B: Well i am heartbroken about it. I really want to be with him
    H: I am so glad he is alive though. Ever since i found out he was alive life has been great
    B: yea I am glad he is alive though
    H: yea i know its hard
    B: its tearing me apart i love Philp and i don;t want to divorce him its not right. I don;t know how to live without shawn forever.
    H: Just follow yur heart. I wanted to tell u that he got into the police academy too
    B: Well thats great
    H: Yea i am going to the police station to eat lunch with Bo and Shawn u want to go
    B: um no i'll stay here. it could add to stress and i don't need that for the baby
    H: yea i want u to have a healthy baby
    B: Thanks
    H: i gotta go i love you honey
    B: i love you too
    She left and belle looked through some magazines and about 3 hrs later the doorbell rang
    H: belle and Mr. Brady is here to see you
    B: Let him in. hello Shawn
    S: hi Belle
    B: Come in sit down
    S: yur living the high life
    B: Yea its a big house so whats up
    S: i needed to see you
    B: Why
    S: i needed to tell u how i feel
    B: i know how u feel
    S: I love u so much and it kills me to know yur pregnant with Philps baby it makes me sick to my stomach
    B: I know i wish i was pregnant with yur baby but this is what life dealt us
    S: Divorce him we can raise the baby together and we can let him see it
    B: oh you got it all figured out don't you. Do u really think that he would want to see his baby if i would divorce him he would be furious
    S: I don;t care i love you
    B: u can't do this to me. I love you but its not fair
    S: NOT fair being with me is not fair
    B: Why are u yeling
    S: WELL i am upset
    B: Get out this isn't good for the baby
    S: No i am not leaving
    B: Go or i will call security
    S: Fine
    he left and belle started crying. The phone rand 20 minutes later
    H: A Mr. Brady for you
    B: Thanks hello
    S: belle i am so sorry
    B: Its ok
    S: Did i hurt the baby
    B: No the baby is fine
    S: Alright let me make it up to you
    B: no its really fine
    S: I feel so bad
    B: its ok i understand
    S: Are we cool
    B: yes we are
    S: Ok well right now i need to go call ya later
    B: Yea bye
    she looked through the magazine and Philp came home. She showed him what she had found and then they ate dinner and went to bed early. They both had, had a long day

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    Ch. 13
    Belle was sitting at home bored when she decided to go for a walk. Henderson had gone home for the day and Philp was at work. She grabbed her keys and walked to the park. She was walking around for 10 minutes when she saw Shawn.
    B: Shawn what are u doing here?
    S: Looks like the same thing you are
    They were both walking in the park they went to when they were dating
    B: Getting some air
    S: Yea me too. U want to go for a stroll
    B: Sure
    They came up to the places that had swings, tetter totters, jungle gym, and slides
    B: remeber this place
    S: yea thats why I came here u want to swing
    B: Aren't we too big for that
    S: Weren't we too big in high school
    B: Yes (she laughed)
    Then she sat down
    S: U want a push
    B: Maybe a little one not too high though
    he pushed her for awhile and then she stopped swinging and he sat down next to her on the other swing. They talked for a little while about old times.
    B: Well i think its time to go
    S: U want me to walk u home
    B: yea geez this is like old times
    S: yea it is
    She looked at him and kissed her. She kissed him back and she put her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss and pulled away.
    S: Come on Belle time to go
    B: ok she said.
    He grabbed her hand and they walked home hand in hand. Belle was so happy and lost in old memories it was like she was dating him. They got to her house
    B: Well here i am
    S: Belle look at me
    B: Yes look at me and tell me u don't love me
    B: I don't
    S: Belle yes u do i can see it
    B: Yes shawn i do
    She pulled him into a kiss. He was kissingh her back. She was agaist the door and kissing him back. She turned the doorknob and they went inside. he lied her down on the floor. An 20 second they were both half naked. Shawn had his shirt off and Belle had her shirt off.
    S: Belle
    B: What
    S: I love you
    B Shawn i love you too
    S: this won't hurt the baby
    B: no
    S: Good
    They started kissing. Then he went down to her neck.
    B: That feels good
    S: U always loved yur neck being kissed
    Shawn took a breast in his mouth. Her nipple hardened
    B: God shawn
    he kissed her. then he grasped at her jeans. The doorbell rang but they didnt' stop kissing. Then there was a knock
    H: Belle are u home
    They stopped
    B: oh my god what are we doing. I shouldn't be doing this yur mom's here
    S: She'll go away
    B: No get off of me I am married
    S: U didn't mind before
    B: Well i don't know what was wrong
    H: Belle are u here
    B: Hold on hope. Shawn hand me my shirt
    He did and put his back on. She ran fingers through her hair and he did too and he sat on the couch. Belle opned the door
    B: Hey Hope
    H: Hey have u seen. Shawn there you are what are u doing here
    S: Belle and i ran into each other at the park and we walked she said she didn't feel good so i walked her home and made sure she was ok whats up
    H: Yur dad needs someone to work can u do it
    S: yea sure
    H: Good i got yur uniform in the car
    S: Ok i will talk to ya later ok
    B: Ok bye
    They left. Belle felt disgusting so she took a shower and scrubbed herself and then she went to take a nap. The phone ringing woke her up
    B: Hello
    S: Belle
    B: Shawn i thought u were at work
    S: I am
    B: ok whats up
    S: Listen about what happened
    B: It was a mistake right
    S: No i was going to say it was perfect
    B: We shouldn't have i am married
    S; yes but thats not what yur heart wants
    B: Yes i know but we can't help that at all you disappered and i know thats not yur fault.
    S: i know u need to decide what u want to do bc i want to be with you so much
    B: Me too but i can't break my vows
    S: U bascially did u were kissing me
    B: i just got caught up in old times
    S: Well Belle think about the future we will have one. Talk to Philp.
    he hung up. she got up and went downstairs and wiated for Philp to come home.

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    Ch. 14
    Philp and her made love that night and Philp didn't have to go in until later that night. So that morning the lied around and talked about the baby. Then philp wanted to take her to an early dinner. He took her to Carolines where she used to waitress.
    C: Belle and Philp what a surprise
    B: We are here to eat
    C: Pick a spot i will be with u in a minute
    B: Alright
    They sat down and Caroline took their order
    B: Wow this feels so weird to me
    P: Yea i bet it does u want to serve me
    B: Yea right i couldn't i am pregnant anyways u won't let me work
    P: I don;t want u to work al the time
    B: Do u think like 2 mornings a week for a couple of hours just to get out of the house something to keep me busy while yur gone.
    P: Let me talk to Caroline and set a couple of rules and then yes
    Caroline came back with their food
    P: Hey Caroline Belle wants to work with u two days out of the week is that ok with you
    C: That would be great
    P: Well her being pregnant and all i don't want her on her feet a lot and no stress
    C: I will make sure Belle take a half an hour break every 2 hours is that alright
    P: Couldn't be a better idea
    B: Thanks Caroline
    C: When can u start
    B: When do u need me
    C: How about tomorrow
    B: Sounds good
    Philp and her ate lunch and they were about to leave
    B: Do u careif i stay here a little while i can call the limo when i get ready to leave
    P: Ok see ya later
    he kissed her and left
    C: Belle yur not going with him
    B: Naw i get so bored at home
    C: Hey could u run this to shawn at the station. He came in this morning and he forgot it. I Know he would come and get it but if u wouldn't mind
    B: No not at all
    She called the limo and it picked her up and she told the limo driver she would call him later she knew people here and it might be awhile. she went where Shawn's office was and knocked
    S: Come in
    He was on the phone and he smiled
    S: Ok ok let me call u back. Whats all this
    B: Philp and i went to eat at yur grandparents diner and she said u didn't grab this and she wanted me to give this to you
    S: Yea i was going to have someone go and get it soon. Thanks Belle
    B: Yur welcome
    S: u want some of my apple stuff its good
    B: Its ok i had some when we went
    S: God i love this stuff
    He put it in the fridge beside him. Shawn put his arms around her and hugged her and kissed her. She kissed him back and gave into her passion for him. He cleared his desk off and locked the door. he lied her down on his desk kissed her. Then he got ontop of her and took off one layer at a time and kissed her skin as he did it. She loved that best abot him. Things were getting more intense by the moment. at last they lied in each others arms
    B: that was great and passionate
    S: Well u know how long I have wanted to do that
    B: For awhile i assume
    S: Yea it was great
    Belle and him got dressed and she left. She was happy that it had happened. She was completly at ease. The next morning Philp dropped her off at Caroline's and Shawn came in
    S: Belle yur working here
    B: Yea just a couple mornings a week i get bored
    He said hello to his grandmother and had Belle serve him. His grandma smiled she loved seeing her and Shawn together it was a perfect idea. Shawn and her woule meet at his place after he got off of work to make love. Every afternoon they would. The limo would drop her off and they would make love for all hours and then she would go home and Philp would make love. She was getting more confused. She was falling more in love with Philp but her feeling were coming back strong and fast for Shawn but she couldn't stay away from him. One morning she got up and Philp went to work. She wasn't feeling to well. Shawn lived right across the hall from her now to be closer to her. Philp knew and helped him get it since they were all good friends.
    B:Shawn she screamed
    He came running over
    S: Belle whats wrong
    B I got cramps
    S: Its too soon
    B: I know
    he helped her to the couch and she sat down they started to lessen
    S: I will call the hospital
    B: No there going away
    S: U need to go to the hospital
    B: No i am fine alright
    S: Are u sure
    B: Yea i have an appoitment tomorrow morning i will tell him
    Shawn stayed a couple more hours and she was fine. Shawn had to leave for work. So he left and Bell stayed home. She didn't know why she got cramps but since they were gone she wasn't going to worry.

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    Ch. 15
    Belle knew she shouldn't be making love to Philp and Shawn but she couldn't help herself. She went to the doctors and they told her the baby was fine and then she went to shawn. He answered the door
    S: Hey
    B: Hey i just went to the doctors
    S: oh good come in
    They went into the kitchen and made her and him some tea.
    S: So what did they say
    B: They said the baby was fine i just need to take it easy and if i hav any more problems to go see him
    S: Good
    After tea they went for a little walk. Then Belle walked home. Philp had called but she forgot her cell. She called him back.
    P: Where were u
    B: I had an appointment and went to visit hope and i forgot my cell
    P: Oh alright
    They talked for a few more and then Philp had to get back to work. then the doorbell rang again. She got up and snswered it
    B: Shawn what are u doing here
    S: I missed u
    B: Me too Come on in lets talk
    S: Yea i think we need to too
    B: U go first
    S: well u need to choose between Philp and I. I love you so much i can't go on like this
    B: I married Philp and i love him i am sorry
    S: Fine Belle but don't say i didn't ask
    He left Belle had no idea what that meant. Philp came home and he took Belle to a really nice resturant and while they were eating Shawn walked in with a really pretty girl. He walked by the table
    P: Hey Shawn i am so glad to see u moved on
    S: Yea me too this is willow. Willow this is Philp an Belle
    P: Hi Willow
    V: Hi
    S: Well we are going to get our seat
    They walked away
    P: Its nice to see Shawn with somone he needed to move on
    B: Yea i guess
    Belle spoke so softly Philp hardly heard her. She kept glancing back at the table watching Shawn and Willow talk and laugh
    P: Belle what are u looking at
    B: nothing sorry
    Shawn and Willow got up and danced. Willow was giggling and flirting.
    P: Belle do u want to dance
    B: Yea i do
    They danced a litle ways from Shawn and Willow. Willow was dancing close to Shawn and she looked like she was in heaven. She remembered how it felt when her and Shawn made love
    P: Belle is everything ok
    B: Philp can we leave
    P: Sure whats wrong
    B: nothing i am just tired
    P: Alright come on sweetheart lets go
    They went home when they got inside she sat down
    P: Belle are u mad bc Shawn is with someone else
    B: Why would u say that
    P: Because u kept staring at them does it bother u
    B: no Philp i guess i was just checking her out thats all
    P: Well being friends and all that makes sense
    B: yea thats it
    P: Alright well now what
    B: I am tired i wanna go to bed
    P: Alright
    They both went to bed but Belle wasn't tired. She lied there and thought of shawn and Willow

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    Ch. 16
    Belle woke up the next morning later then usual. She was up half the night thinking about Shawn and Willow. She rolled out of bed and threw her robe on and went to the mirror. She gave herself a look and sighed she was starting to show. Well she was about 5 months. She went downstairs
    P: Hey beautiful i was wondering when u were getting up
    B: i must have been more tired than i thought.
    P: Well i knew u were tossing and turning
    B: Why are u making breakfast where is Ralph
    P: Oh he is here i wanted to make u breakfast
    B: I didn't know u could cook
    P: Oh well u need to get dressed
    B: Why
    P: Well the real surprise is, is i invited Shawn and Willow over
    B: Why did u do that
    P: Were all friends and i thought we could use some company. Is that ok
    P: Yea let me go grab a shower and change
    She went upstairs. Shawn and Willow came in about 20 minutes later. Belle came down dressed in some maternity clothes and sat down
    P: Well i know this was supposed to be breakfast but its going to be a brunch
    S: hey man thats alright
    B: Thanks baby but i am not that hungry
    P: Belle u need to eat something for the baby. I made a lot of food there is toast, eggs, bacon, sausage.
    B: I guess if i have to eat something. i will have some toast and half a piece of bacon
    The sight of Shawn and Willow was making her sick. She choked down the toast and the bacon and after that she got up and ran to the bathroom and got sick. When she got out of the bathroom Willow was standing there
    B: Sorry u needed the bathroom there was one upstairs
    W: No the boys are outside we are going to the mall
    B: Ok well u didn't need to wait I would of figured it out
    W: U know Shawn is a great guy and I know why u got sick
    B: Yea i am pregnant
    W: No u know what a great guy u had and seeing him with me made u sick
    B: Oh shut up i am married to a great guy shawn and i are friends
    W: I mean it would make me sick
    B: U just need to leave me alone u don't know me or Shawn and I's relationship.
    W: he told me all about yur two's relationship
    B: Oh he did
    W: he told me u still want him and i can see it. I am surprised yur husband doesn't. is he stupid or something
    W: u shut up about my husband u don't know a damn thing about him. Shawn doesn't know how to pick dates. You are rude and a bitch
    She pushed past Willow and went to the car.
    P: Geez what took so long
    B: nothing nothing
    P: Ok
    S: Where the heck is willow
    B: She's coming
    S: Ok
    They all got in the car and Willow came out
    S: Where were you
    W: I went to the bathroom
    S: Oh ok
    Shawn drove them to the mall. belle walked in front of everyone and Philp caught up to her
    P: Belle why are u walking so fast
    B: Sorry i didn't realize i was
    P: Yea
    Belle slowed down a little bit and they all went into a clothing store. Belle was looking at some maternity clothes
    P: U want any?
    B: Why i mean i don't know when i will need them besides now
    P: Well u can give them away and then save them for when u have yur next baby
    B: We are having more
    P: Yea if u want too
    B: Yea
    She got a couple shirts and pair of pants. She would have to shop for more clothes when she lost her baby fat. She was upset Willow was buying some sexy shirts and some nice jeans. She was thin
    P: Honey don't worry u will be able to fit into those one day again
    B: I know its bc of this beautiful baby i am having
    P: U want a smoothie or somthing
    B: Yea that sounds good
    P: Hey shawn Willow we are going to go get a smoothie u want to come with
    W: yum that sounds great let me pay and shawn and i will meet you
    They left. They waited in line
    S: So did u and Belle get along
    W: She is so mean and cruel to me and i don't know why
    S: belle isn't usually like that unless she is provoked
    W: Are u saying i provoked her
    S: No its not like her
    W: Well its pry pregnancy hormones
    S: Yea u should pry shop with her or help her pick out clothes maybe she will be a little more friendly
    W: I tried to talk to her in the bathroom and she bit my head off
    S: Its alright go pay its yur turn
    Willow payed and they went to get meet Philp and Belle and got a smoothie. They sat at a table and drank a smoothie. They were done and started walking
    S: hey belle remember this store
    B: Oh my gosh i cannot believe its still here i thought they would have went out of business
    S: Yea i know
    P: Why this looks like a pretty good store that could do a lot of business
    B: No not with the people that worked here people stole shawn and i outed someone and they let us get something for free
    S: I remmeber what u got
    B: So do i
    She was lost in a memory. It was kinda like a gag store her and shawn witnessed a person stealing something it was an employee. They saw the manager and told him and she got arrested. Then he told them that they could buy something both of them
    S: What are u going to get
    B: I don't know honey what about u
    S: I don;t know
    They searched for about 2 hours and Belle got a sex nighty and Shawn got some dice to use for foreplay. They went home and had some fun. She came back to reality
    P: Well then i think maybe we should leave the memories where they are and make some new ones lets go inside. They looked around for about an hour and left with nothing.
    They went into some other stores. They were there for about four hours and Philp decided dinner would be fun.
    They went to a nice resturant and ordered and talked belle was quiet. Shawn looked at her and Belle raised her eyebrows. They had their communication downpacke without saying anything from being together and knowing each other inside and out
    B: I gotta go to the bathroom
    P: Are u alright
    B: Yea i am alright
    She left.
    S: Let me go talk to her
    P: why
    S: I know somethings wrong i will be right back
    He caught up to her
    S: Belle stop what wrong
    B: Why are u following me
    S: I can tell something is wrong
    B: no nothing is
    S: ok so why do u hate Willow
    B: Bc she is mean
    S: She told me u bit her head off
    B: Yea well she was acting like she knew me and saying she could tell i love you and that u did too
    S: So whats wrong with that
    B: She knows nothing about me how dare she pass judgement. She told me that my husband was stupid not to see it. She had no right not right at all.
    S: ok maybe she didn;t but she didn't lie
    B: Why are u defending her.Ow
    S: Belle whats wrong are u cramping. belle
    she fainted. Before that
    P: So willow how did u and Shawn meet
    W: Um we met at his grandmothers resturant he was helping out one night
    P: Oh so u like him
    W: So much he is such a great guy
    P: well I believe Belle thinks so too
    W: Yea maybe more
    P: What the heck does that mean
    W: Philp come that have a history together
    P: Correction had
    W: Yea maybe i am being silly
    P: Yea u don't know him or belle too well. She is my wife i love her and she loves me thats it
    S: I need help
    P: Thats shawn oh my god Belle
    Philp raced to where he was
    P: What happened
    S: I don't know we were talking and she complained of cramps and she fainted
    P: The dr told her no stress
    W: What did u say to her
    S: Nothing willow god
    W: Just asking
    Philp got his cell and called an ambulance. They lied her on the floor
    S: belle come on wake up
    P: Belle can u hear me
    S: Come on Belle wake up please
    P: Belle honey open yur eyes let me know yur alright. The paramedics came in
    Pa: What happened
    S: We were talking she said ow and fainted
    Pa: we need to get her to the hospital
    P: I am her husband can i ride wit you
    Pa: yea hurry
    S: We'll meet u there
    W: Shawn lets go Philp has her
    S: She is my friend Willow i am going to see her. U can come with or stay here i am going. She went with him and they went to the hospital

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    Philp rushed into the hospital with the paramedics
    Pa: We need to get her into a room. hey buddy how far along is she
    P: 5 months
    N: ok take her over there. Dr carver we have a patient
    Philp went to go toward belle's room
    N: No u stay here the paramedics are in there
    S: Philp how is she
    P: I don't know yet
    Then Lexi appeared
    L: Philp what is it
    P: Its Belle her and Shawn were talking and she fainted
    Lexi rushed to the room. Philp and Shawn followed
    L: No u two outide
    About 10 minutes later Lexi came out
    L: Philp if she doesn't come to we will have to take the baby it would kill both of them.
    P: can we wait and see if she comes to
    L: Yea but i am just telling u what may happen
    Lexi went back in and 20 minutes later Belle came too
    L: Shes awake
    P: Can i see her
    L: For a few minutes but i need to get in there
    P: Ok. He walked in the room Sweetheart
    B: Philp
    P: I was so worried are u ok
    B: Yea i feel alright
    P: Everyone was so worried
    Philp kissed her.
    S: Hey Philp can i talk to Belle
    P: Sure
    he left
    S: hey how are u
    B: ok i guess just a little confused
    S: So what had u so upset
    B: Willow I don't want her anywhere near me
    S: Bc u still love me
    B: No shawn bc she is making accusations
    S: Ok i will keep her away from you
    B: Thanks
    S: Thats a shame we won't get to hang out all that much
    B: Yur going to continue to see her
    S: yea i am i like her
    B: Yur crazy
    S: ok its ok for you to be married and have someone but not me
    B: No not here
    S: Look i really can argue with you alright i don't want to hurt the baby
    he left the room and Lexi came in
    L: I told u i didn't want to see u until u delivered
    B: I know
    L: So whats going on Belle
    B: What do u mean
    L: Why were u so upest
    B: How should i know
    L: Well u fainted were u fighting with someone
    B: Yea Willow was fighting with me earlier and it pissed me off but i didn't faint until later
    L: Hmm well yur vitals seem fine and the baby is not under any stress.
    B: Well thats good
    L: Yea but i am keeping u here for a couple of days
    B: Why
    L: Just to monitor the baby and make sure yur ok and just see how its coming along
    B: ok whatever I don't think its nesscary
    L: Well i do i will go tell Philp
    Lexi went outside to find Philp
    P: So lexi whats going on
    L: I am going to keep her for a little while for observation but the baby is not under any stress and Belle's vitals are fine. Then her pager went off.
    L: I gotta run but yur more then welcome to stay the night Philp
    P: Thanks
    S: Can i talk to belle before I leave to go home with Willow
    P: Yea i am going to go see a friend here. I'll be back
    Shawn knocked and entered Belle's room.
    B: Shawn where is Philp
    S: He went to see an old friend i wanted to see yo before i went home
    B: Why i am sure yur eager to get home with Willow
    S: belle come on i do not want to argue
    belle pulled Shawn closer to her and kissed him. Shawn kissed her back and belle didn't let him go. then she pushed him away
    B: I am so sorry i don't know what came oevr me i had to do that
    S: Its yur love for me thats what it is
    B: i know it is
    S: Excuse me
    B: I do love you so much and i am so torn between u and Philp. I am married to him but yur the one in my heart. I don't want to break my vows or hurt him. i am carrying his child and i do love to some extent.
    S: I know belle but is it fair to him
    B: I know i know
    S: What i want u to do is concentrate on getting better
    Then Belle pulled him closer and kissed him again. Willow looked at the two kissing. She was furious. She wanted to bust them but she didn't want to bust Shawn and end things with her. She couldn't threaten Belle becuase of the baby. Too bad Philp wasn't around. Where was a camera when u need one. Belled pulled away
    B: U better get going
    Not before one more kiss. She kissed him again and they kissed a long time. Shawn pulled away
    S: God if u weren;t in this hospital bed
    B: I know i know
    shawn cut her off with another kiss. Things started to get out of control.
    B: U need to go
    S: Ok i wll come and see u tomrrow
    B: Alright cool
    He left and belle thought about that wonderful kiss until Philp came in
    P: Sorry Belle i got to talking with someone
    B: Its alright i was just relaxing
    he kissed Belle
    P: So should i order dinner
    B: I don't know u would have to ask Lexi
    P: Ok ok
    He paged Lexi and she said it was alright with her. Philp ordered a healthy dinner and they ate and went to sleep. Philp got up early and went to get a change of clothes and a shower. Shawn came in 5 minutes later
    S: Hey belle
    B: hey
    She kissed him. She couldn't help it.
    S: God i missed u all last night
    B: I know me too
    S: I think we need to tell Philp
    B: I thought about that and i don't know what to do
    S: I know belle now don't get upset
    B: i know and u know what u being around makes me feel safe and calm
    S: Thats how i always made me feel. damn it i wish u were carrying my child. That should be my baby
    B: i know it should be but its not
    Shawn kissed her again. She looked so beautful. Then Lexi walked in.
    L: Excuse me
    S: Sorry
    B: Hi Lexi
    L: can i examine Belle please
    S: yea i will be outside
    When he was out of earshot
    L: So belle do u get pleasure of cheating on yur husband
    B: Look its not like that i love shawn
    L: Then u need to end things with Philp u can't do this. doesn't this take yur stress level through the roof
    P: What would make yur stress level go through the roof
    L: Belle would u care to explain
    B: no because i have nothing to explain
    lexi left the room
    P: What was that all about
    B: I don't know
    P: I saw Shawn he said to be calm and he would see u later. He looked flustered i hope he is ok
    B: I am sure
    When Belle took a nap. Philp went to the cafe to get a drink.
    L: Philp can i talk to you
    P: Yea sure whats up
    L: I think u need to know something. When i walked in to check on belle her and shawn were kissing
    P: Yea there friends
    L: It wasn't a friendly kiss
    P: Oh
    L: I am sorry but were friends and i couldn't let her keep doing this to you
    P: Lexi thank you. Thanks for looking out for me. I figured this would happen.
    L: Then divorce her let her be with shawn
    P: No i can't i love Belle. Until she tells me that she wants a divorce i won't
    L: Why put you put yurself through that. U deserve someone to love you fully
    P: Belle does she just loves someone else too but i will have her anyway i can
    he turned to leave and went to Belles room. Belle woke up
    B: hey how long was i out
    P: Not too long. I have a question
    B: Whats that
    P: Did u kiss Shawn
    She tensed
    B: So Lexi told you
    P: Yes. Why did u do it
    B: I don't know it just happened
    P: Belle do u want a divorce so u can be with Shawn
    B: no i don't
    P: Alrigth Belle i just want to make sure
    B: i love you and i am sorry. I still want to be friends with him
    P: As long as u can control yurself
    B: I can
    She didn't hear from Shawn for the next two days. She got to go home tomorrow.


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