Ch. 10
Belle had been getting used to being waited on
B: Henderson will u make me some lunch
H: right away miss
Then she got up and went to the phone. She still did some things for herself. She wanted to call and make sure the carter had everything planned the wedding was a week away. She had her dress and her bridesmaids were going to be there the night before
B: Hello this is Belle Black is Melissa there
M: Hi Belle
B: Hey i wanted to make sure everything was going ok
M: Its going great everything is fine don't worry
B: Alright thanks bye
She sat down and Henderson gave her her plate
B: Thanks
H: if u need anything i will be upstairs
B: Alright
She looked down at her plate and realized she wasn't hungry. She put her plate aside and got up. Henderson came down and saw the plate
H: is it not any good
B: oh Henderson u frightened me. No its fine i am just not that hungry thats all.
H: oh ok well u want me to leave it
B: yes please u can go now
H: Alright ma'ma
B: call me belle
he let without saying anything. The week flew by and it was the day before her wedding. Philp and her had been busy and she felt more irritable then ever. She was so stressed. They went to the hospital his aunt was there. They visited her and left her room.
B: Philp
P: Belle whats wrong
B: I don't feel so well.
P: Lets sit down
Instead she ran to the bathroom and got sick
P: Belle is everything ok
B: I am so stressed
P: Is there a nurse around
B: Philp please
P: Belle let me do this
N: I am
P: Can u do some test my fiance she is not feeling well
N: Come with me
An hour later belle found out she was having a baby
P: Belle do u know whats wrong
B: i am having yur baby
P: U are
B: yes
He picked her up and kissed her
P: I am so excited
B: you are
P: Yes of course
Belle couldn't wait to marry Philp Tomorrow was the big day.
Its lightning here i need to get off. More later