Belle and shawn were dating one day when the police called
B: Hello
P: Is this Belle Black
P: Um i have some bad news yur boyfreind Shawn Brady was in a bad accident
B: What is he alright
P:Um no he died on impact
B: What no yur lying
P: No i am sorry Ms. Black
The officer hung up
B: No its not true
She called her mom
B: Mom its Belle
M: Honey whats wrong
B: Mom a police officer just called me and told me Shawn is dead
M: What
B: Yes I need to go to Hopes can u drive me i don't feel i am abe too
M: Yea no problem
marlena arrived and picked up Belle and they went to Hopes and they were there
B: Hope is it true
H: Yes Belle they called u way after they called me i had to go down and identify Shawn
B: No Hope please tell me its isn't true
H: Belle i am so sorry
B: NO Belle sank to the floor
H: I am sorry Belle
B: No not Shawn NO she was crying hysterically
M: Belle breathe
Hope backed away and started crying and so did Bo
M: Belle listen to me u need to breathe. Belle yur not listening i know its hard but u need to breathe. I am going to have to sedate u
She was a doctor.She pulled out her syringe and sudated her.Belle finally fell asleep Bo lied her on the couch and covered her up.
M: How are u two doing
B: About as good as can be expected
H: I am devastated My little boy
She started crying and Marlena hugged her
M: Honey its going to be ok
A tear rolled down marlenas cheek
B: Come on ladies i miss him too but hes in heaven
H: Bo's right i am trying to be strong too its very difficult though.
M: We will get through it i am worried about Belle though
H: me too
They all drank tea and Belle woke up an hour later a little dioriented.
M: belle lets go home
B: Where am i
M: Were at Bo and Hopes lets go home
B: Ok
They said good bye and they went home. When they got home belle sat on the couch
B: Mom
M: What honey
B: What am i going to do
M: About what
B: What do u mean what Shawn i love him so much what do i do without him
M: U will deal with it thats all. Bo and Hope miss him too. We will deal with it together.
B: mom i don't know if i can I just want to die
M: Don't say that I will be here with you every step of the way. We will get through this Belle trust me.
B: I do trust u mom but i don't know i just don't