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    Post what do i do

    Belle and shawn were dating one day when the police called
    B: Hello
    P: Is this Belle Black
    P: Um i have some bad news yur boyfreind Shawn Brady was in a bad accident
    B: What is he alright
    P:Um no he died on impact
    B: What no yur lying
    P: No i am sorry Ms. Black
    The officer hung up
    B: No its not true
    She called her mom
    B: Mom its Belle
    M: Honey whats wrong
    B: Mom a police officer just called me and told me Shawn is dead
    M: What
    B: Yes I need to go to Hopes can u drive me i don't feel i am abe too
    M: Yea no problem
    marlena arrived and picked up Belle and they went to Hopes and they were there
    B: Hope is it true
    H: Yes Belle they called u way after they called me i had to go down and identify Shawn
    B: No Hope please tell me its isn't true
    H: Belle i am so sorry
    B: NO Belle sank to the floor
    H: I am sorry Belle
    B: No not Shawn NO she was crying hysterically
    M: Belle breathe
    Hope backed away and started crying and so did Bo
    M: Belle listen to me u need to breathe. Belle yur not listening i know its hard but u need to breathe. I am going to have to sedate u
    She was a doctor.She pulled out her syringe and sudated her.Belle finally fell asleep Bo lied her on the couch and covered her up.
    M: How are u two doing
    B: About as good as can be expected
    H: I am devastated My little boy
    She started crying and Marlena hugged her
    M: Honey its going to be ok
    A tear rolled down marlenas cheek
    B: Come on ladies i miss him too but hes in heaven
    H: Bo's right i am trying to be strong too its very difficult though.
    M: We will get through it i am worried about Belle though
    H: me too
    They all drank tea and Belle woke up an hour later a little dioriented.
    M: belle lets go home
    B: Where am i
    M: Were at Bo and Hopes lets go home
    B: Ok
    They said good bye and they went home. When they got home belle sat on the couch
    B: Mom
    M: What honey
    B: What am i going to do
    M: About what
    B: What do u mean what Shawn i love him so much what do i do without him
    M: U will deal with it thats all. Bo and Hope miss him too. We will deal with it together.
    B: mom i don't know if i can I just want to die
    M: Don't say that I will be here with you every step of the way. We will get through this Belle trust me.
    B: I do trust u mom but i don't know i just don't

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    Ch. 2
    The day of the funeral arrived.
    M: Belle are u sure yur strong enough to go. Its only been two days
    B: Mom i need to go. Shawn would go for me i need to say good bye
    belle had lied around crying for the last two days. Marlena and her left for the funeral.
    B: Hope how are u
    H: About as good as you. Hi Marlena
    M: Hello hope
    B: Gosh what do i say i don't know what to say
    H: Don't say anything honey. Just hug me
    Belle and Hope hugged for a while until BO came and took her to a seat. Belle and Marlena sat with them. The service began and near the end Hope got up to say a few words
    H: I want to thank everyoen for coming today to support us. Shawn had a lot of friends. I am really glad they everyoen cam eto day good-bye to him. I want everyone to say good bye to him the first row and so on and so on. But i wanted to say a few things first. I am so glad when i fianlly agev birth to him. He was so special to Bo and i. He was the only child we had and even though he was all grown up i always babied him and he always told me he was grown up and not to embrass him and...
    Bo jumped to the stage.
    B: Well i think thats it
    H: Wait belle do u want to say anything
    She stood up
    m: Are u sure
    She shook her head
    B: Hi everyone wow what can i say about him. We had been together for almost 2 yrs. I have known his family my whole life. i love Shawn with all my heart. He means everything to me and so does his family. I will always miss him and love him. I am so upset... She starts crying
    M: Come on Belle lets go
    B: Ok
    The first row went up to say good-bye to him. Belle was in that row
    B: Bye my love. I will miss u so much. I will wait for u until the day i die. I love you. She took of the ring he gave her and put it on his stomache. Shawn oh my god. Mom
    M: Belle
    She fainted
    M: Call an ambulance now
    Bo picked her up and lied her on the church couch while Hope called 911.
    The ambulance got there and took Belle. marlena drove to the hospital. When she got to Belles room she was awake
    B: mom
    M: Honey how are u feeling
    B: Fine my hearts a little broken thats all
    M: I know but like I told u. I am here with u every step of the way
    Hope and Bo came to see her
    B: I am sorry
    H: Its ok honey its alright
    B: I ruined the funeral
    H: No its ok i understand
    B: I hope so
    belle got out of the hospital that night. the next week all belle did was cry. The end of that week Hope called her
    H: Belle how are u doing
    B: Alright still heartbroken
    H: Yea me too listen i have a question how would u like to work at the pub. Caroline could use some help how do u feel about that
    B: I don't know
    H: Belle u need this u don't need to stick around yur house and cry it won't help.
    B: Alright hope i will
    H: good come by tomorrow it will help
    B: Alright Hope thanks.
    They hung up and she told her mom she was thrilled for her to get out of the house she might feel better. belle wasn't so sure.

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    Ch. 3
    Belle enjoyed working there the money was great and it was great being busy, She had gotten to work and noticed an unfamilar face but it was her table and she took it
    B: What can I get for you
    Philip: Um whats good here
    B: Well do u like soup
    P: Yea
    B: Caroline makes a mean clam chowder
    P: Whats the special today
    B: The veil
    P: Is that any good
    B: yea its good
    P: Alright i will have that and a beer
    B: Ok i will put that in and be right back with yur beer
    She got back to his table and set down his beer
    B: Here u are sir
    P: Do u know of any good places around here
    B: Like what kind of places u talking about
    P: Well I just moved here i am Philp Kirakis and my dad is Victor..
    B: Victor i know who he is he comes in here once in awhile
    P: Well he is out of town and wants me to run the family business so i said i would
    B: Then yur leaving
    P: No i am staying here for good but is there anything to do in this town
    B: We have movie theaters, resturants, grocery stores,and malls. We have everything.
    P: Sounds good what do u do for fun
    B: Work
    P: That doesn't sound like fun
    B: I love the resturant its great. I will bring yur food when its done and she left to go serve another table
    B: Here is yur food enjoy
    P: Thanks whats yur name
    B: Belle Black
    P: Belle thats a nice name
    B: Thanks
    She left and took care of tables and noticed Philp was done
    B: U done
    P: Yes ma'am that was great
    B: Good tell yur dad hi
    P: I will. What do i owe you
    B: um that will be 34.00 even
    P: Alright he set 100.00 on the table and said i will be back
    B: Don't u want the change
    P: No keep it
    B: Ok thanks
    Caroline: Who was that
    B: Philp kirakis Victors son
    C: Wow i haven't seen him since he was a baby
    Belle went home showered went to bed and got up early and went to work. Philp came in again at 2 with a girl. They sat in her section
    B: Hi Philp
    P: Belle this is chloe
    B: Hello Chloe
    They ordered and ate and Philp left another huge tip. The next day he came in again and sat in Belle's section
    B: Geez u must like this place
    P: Its a good place
    B: Ok what do u want today
    P: can i have a beer and order when u come back
    B: Yep
    Belle got him a beer and came back
    B: What will it be
    P: Join me for lunch
    B: I am working
    P: U have a break coming up right take it now
    She poured the beer in his face and left the table.
    B Caroline i am on a break
    She went over to Philp and brought a towel
    C: Philp i am so sorry
    P: Hey what did i do
    C: My grandson just died and she was dating him and she was hurt i don't think she was ready for that
    P: Oh i didn't know
    C: its ok do u want something to eat
    P: No its ok he put 100.00 dollars down and said i like her
    C: Well she won't go out with anybody
    P: She may or may not i gotta go
    he left. caroline went to the break room to see Belle
    C: Belle
    B: I am sorry ok i just can't date him
    C: Belle he just asked u to have lunch u don't want a friend
    B: he wants to be more than that
    C: Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't but he is a very good customer just be friends u could always use mpre
    B: I should go apoligize
    C: Hes gone
    B: Oh well i will clean up the table
    Belle was cleaning up when she found the 100.00. She was surprised he left her a tip after she threw the drink at him. She cleaned up the mess. The next morning Philp didnt' come in. He didnt' come in the whole week. he finally came in that following Monday and sat in Caroline's section.
    C: Hello Philp
    P: Hey i didn't want to sit in Belle's section can i have a glass of yur orange juice and yur famous clam chowder
    C: Coming up
    P: Thanks
    he was reading the paper and Belle had gotten the juice she wanted to say she was sorry
    B: Here you are
    P: What you aren't going to pour it on me this time
    B: philp i am sorry about that
    P: Hey its fine caroline told me about yur boyfriend i am so sorry
    B: Its ok
    P: Well thanks
    B: Philp to make it up to you i think i will take my break and eat lunch with you.
    She ordered her lunch and Philp and her talked. Caroline smiled maybe Belle was finally moving forward

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    P: thanks for joing me Belle
    B: No problem it was the least i could do
    P: So how much longer u gotta work
    B: I am done for the night
    P: Belle listen i know what happened with you and Shawn but would u be willing go on a boat ride with me
    B: Um
    P: belle i am not going to try anything just having some fun u don't get to do that much. He smiled at her
    He was being so polite. He was great looking and he usually gave her quite a tip
    B: Alright hold on. Caroline i am leaving
    C: ok have fun
    P: Come on
    They rode in his limo to his boat
    B: Wow yur limo is huge
    P: Thanks
    They got in his boat and he told the driver where to go. He handed Belle a glass of champange
    B: Thanks
    P: Yur welcome
    B: So do u come out here often
    P: With friends sometimes thats about it
    B: Gosh i haven't been on this big of a boat ever. So where are we going
    P: just cruising. He doesn't have to pay for gas plus he loves driving the boat. Do u mind if i ask about Shawn
    B: What about him
    P: Well u know how close u two wer
    B: I am complety in love with him. My feeling were never deeper for anyone then they were for him. (She looked into her glass) I loved him with all my heart. We were high school sweethearts. I never dated anyone else. We lived together and we were going to get married one day it just wasn't the right time u know. I sold the apartment and live with my mom shes been great
    P: How longs it been
    B: A couple of months
    P: I am so sorry Belle losing someone hurts
    B: yes it does
    Philp then took her glass from her
    P: U want to dance
    B: Theres no music
    P Hold on a minute
    He grabbed a remote and pushed a button and there was soft music playing
    P: So u want to
    B: Sure
    they danced and Belle put her heard on Philps shoulder. they fianlly docked and the limo was there and they got in and he drove her home
    P: That was a nice night
    B: Yes thanks
    P: No thank u Belle for coming with me. I wouldn't of had fun if it wasn't for you
    B: Well i had fun thanks
    she was about to go inside when he said
    P: Wait
    B: Yea
    P: belle would a week from now be rushing it i want to hang out again
    B: no not at all i would love too
    P: Alright see ya soon i may stop by the resturant
    B: Alrigth night
    P: Night Belle
    She went inside
    M: Who was that
    B: Oh that was Philp he is a regular at the resturant Victors son and he asked me to take a boat ride
    M: Did u have fune
    B: Yes mom i did we are going to get together in a week
    M: Well I am glad
    B: Well i need to go off to bed
    M: Good night honey
    B: Night mom
    M: Hey Belled do u like him
    B: No i still love shawn and only him
    M: Belle I know but do u like Philp shawn won't be mad he would be happy
    B: I am going to bed
    She went upstairs and closed the door to her room. She didn't want to admit it but she did like Philp. He was handsome and when he held her when they danced she felt safe in his arms. She closed her eyes and to admit she was excited to see him again.

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    Belle worked at the resturant and philip came in and she joined him. One day while there were dining Philip looked at her and smiled
    B: what are u smiling about?
    P: I have an idea
    B: ok whats that
    P: how would like to go to the beach with me this weekend
    B: um i don't know
    P: Come on it would be fun just u and me i could rent it for just us
    B: u can do that
    P: Philip Kirakis can
    B: Oh well sure what the heck why not
    The week flew by and Philp came to pick Belle up. She was ready
    P: yo ready to go
    belle was in a cover up and bathing suit and brought extra clothes with her.
    B: Um yea
    Philp looked at her and thought she looked amazing.
    P: Come on in sit down
    They drove to the beach and listened to some soft rock. They got to the beach and she got out.
    P: Hey i packed a lunch and brought a small radio for some music.
    B: Cool
    Philp put some music on and and lied the beach towels down and they lied down under the sun. About 20 minutes later
    P: Its hot
    B: i know i think i am burnt
    They went into the water together and Philp splashed Belle
    B: Hey
    P: I am sorry did i hurt you
    B: No
    She splashed him back and he splashed her back. They were splashing each other and laughing. Then he started running after her
    B: Philp
    P: I am going to get you
    He grabbed her around the waist and spun her around. They stayed in the water for about a half and hour. Then they got out and philp put an umbrealla up and they dried in the sun. Then Philp got the lunch out that he packed.
    B: What do we have here
    P: i don't know
    B: Very funny
    P: No really i didn't pack it. Lets see two sandwiches, apples, cookies, and some cupcakes. Who would pack this
    B: Come on what is it really
    P: Ok ok we do have sandwiches, drinks, cookies, and grapes.
    B: that sounds good
    They ate lunch
    B: U wanna go back in the water
    P: Can't we just ate
    B: u know that was never actually true
    P: yea pry not
    They went back into the water. They stayed in the water for about another hour and got out.
    P: I think its time to leave
    B: We're all wet
    P: Yea it will dry come on
    They packed up and left and they went to the habor where they rode on the boat the last time.
    P: Ok were here
    B: What are we doing
    P: We are riding on my boat again
    They got on the boat and he drove off
    P: So Belle how am i doing
    B: Sure whats up
    P: How am i doing
    B: How are u doing what
    P: how am i doing with you
    B: Philp i like hanging out with you and yur really sweet
    P: Good come with me
    On the second floor Philp had two massage tables and people to do it
    B: Wow this is great
    P: Yea i thought so
    They lied on the table and they had a great massage. After that they went on the top deck and danced. She closed her eyes it felt wonderful to be in his arms. She couldn't help it. She let herself take in everything. It was wonderful. Philp pulled away.
    B: Whats wrong
    P:Nothing but Belle i need to ask u something.
    B: Anything
    P: ok next weekend will u go out on a date with me
    B: Yes Philp i want to go on a date with you
    P: U didn't even hesitate this time.
    B: Yea i know
    They ended the night an hour later and she went home.
    P: So Belle i will talk to you at the resturant and a little more details about next weekend
    B: I can't waie
    P: me either
    He walked her to the door and kissed her on the cheek.
    B: Bye
    P: Have a good night
    B: U to
    She went inside
    M: Did u have a good night
    B: yea i did were going out on a date next weekend
    M: Good i am glad
    B: me too i really like Philip
    M: Well i am glad u r not feeling so low
    B: I think i am ready to move on
    M: Its been awhile i think yur ready
    B: thanks mom for being there for me
    M: Yur welcome
    B: well i am going to bed night
    M: Night
    Belle went to bed and dremt of Philp that night. She was happy.

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    CH. 7

    Belle and Philp had already discussed where they were meeting. Philp was going to pick her up at her house at 6 and she didn't know anything after that. Philp arrived at her house at 5:55 and had two roses. He knocked on the door.
    B: hey yur early
    P: Yea here where is yur mom
    B: Awww thanks she is in the dining room. Mom come here
    M: Hello i am marlena Belle's mom
    P: Its nice to meet you
    he handed her a rose
    M: How sweet
    She took belles flower and said
    M: I am going to put these in a vase
    P: We gotta get going
    M: Alright belle
    B: Yea mom
    M: have fun
    B: mom i will
    They left and philp grabbed her hand
    P: Am i out of line
    B: No yur not
    He drove them to the most beautiful resturant she had ever seen
    B: What is this place
    P: One of my favorite places to go
    B: Its so pretty
    They got out and Philp grabbed belles hand and they went in and got their table. They ordered and talked over drinks
    P: So Belle u having a good time
    B: Yea its great thanks so much
    They ate and philp payed and they left. They walked down the habor and it was breathtaking.
    P: This is my favorite place
    B: Mine to what do u do here
    P: I think
    B: Yea it would be a great place to think
    P: Belle
    B: Yea
    P: Um (he stepped toward her)
    She closed her eyes to let him know it was ok to kiss her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him. He put his lips to hers and kissed her. It was a soft sweet kiss and it was great. he pulled away
    P: Wow that was wonderful
    B: yea it was
    He kissed her again and pulled away
    P: I was hoping u would let me do that
    she smiled and he grabbed her hand they got in the car.
    P: I got another surprise for you
    She just smiled at him. Philp took her to a jewlery store.
    B: Why are we here
    P: Come on and i'll show you
    They got out of the car
    P: ok listen belle did u have a good time tonight
    B: Of course
    P: Well i wanted to make us more offical
    B: As in u want to date
    P: Yea i do
    B: Well then i do too
    P: Really
    B: Yea
    P: Good come on in
    They went inside and there were tons and tons of earrings, necklaces, and rings
    B:What is all this
    P: This is my way of treating u to something you are my girlfriend now and i want u to have something special
    B: Philp i couldn't i mean how come u want me to have something like this
    P: Belle you are very special i knew that when i first saw u. i fell in love with you. This is how i treat everyone. Get used to it
    B: Even so i can't
    P: Non sense
    he held up a necklace to her bare neck
    B: Goodness that is breath taking
    P: Its yurs look around
    She didn't want anything but she couldn't help and look around. Philp finally convinced her she was getting a necklace, 2 pairs of earrings, and a ring.
    B: Philp really u shouldn't have
    P: No i should have
    Then they went dancing
    P: Belle thank you for finally dating me
    B: Philp i really like you and enjoy yur company
    P: Good bc i am sticking around for as long as u like me too
    B: Well we'll see
    Philp's charm and gernorosity was a bit overwhelming but she liked it. When she got home Philp and her kissed at her doorstep. With his hand around her waist and his lips upon hers it was dizzy but a great feeling. Once released she walked inside and smiled to herself. She was falling for Philp.

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    One morning belle came over to surprise philp. she knocked on the door.
    P: hold on a minuted
    he opened the door
    P: belle hey
    he told her to come in and kissed her.
    P: u have never come over before
    B: I know i wanted to see u
    P: oh ok.
    B: Philp yur house is beautiful
    P: Thanks lets sit
    They sat down
    P: Do u want to watch a movie
    B: Sure why not
    They picked a movie. Halfway through the movie Philp looked at belle
    B: What
    P: yur beautiful
    B: Stop
    P: You are
    he kissed her and started putting his hands on her shoulders and moving down. She pulled away
    B: Philp stop
    P: belle i am sorry its too fast
    B: yea it is
    P: I am so sorry
    B: its ok lets just watch the movie
    After the movie was over belle got up
    B: well i am going to get going alright
    P Already Belle please don;t go
    B: Look i should
    P: I am sorry i went too fast u make the calls from now on
    B: ok thanks Philp
    belle and Philp spent almost everyday together. One morning belle came over. She knocked on the door. Philp answered the door in jeans and he didn't have a shirt on
    P:Belle what are u doing here so early
    B: I wanted to see u
    She kissed him. He picked her up and set her on the couch. he pulled away.
    P: Belle are u giving me a hint
    B: Kiss me Philp
    They made out for an hour. When they saw each other they always made out. One afternoon when they had been dating 6 months belle came over. As soon as she walked in she told Philp what was on her mind.
    B: philp i want to make love to you
    P: You do
    B: yea i do but yur going to have to talk me through this its been awhile
    he picked her up and carried her upstairs and lied her on the bed.
    P: Are u sure belle i don't want to rush you
    B: Philp i want to do this
    he kissed her and they made out for about 2 hours and then Philp was ready to move on
    P: belle are u ready
    B: yea but get a condom
    he grabbed one beside his bedside and got a condom and put it on. Then they made love. They lie in each others arms afterwards.
    P: That was so amazing
    B: yea it was
    P: Are u tired
    B: not quite
    P: me either
    They made love again.
    B: Philp
    P: What
    B: I am glad that I made the descion to move forward
    P: Me too belle do u want to spend the night tonight
    B: I would like to but I don't have my things
    P: Don't worry about that i want u in my arms
    B: i like being in yur arms too
    P: Good then u'll stay
    B: yea i think so
    They ate dinner and had a fun time being in each others arms. The next morning she went home to get a shower and get changed. She walked in the door
    M: well theres my daughter
    B: Sorry mom i spent the night at Philp's
    M: its ok
    Just then Hope came out of the kitchen
    B: hope hi
    H: hello Belle
    B: When did u get here
    H: Well a few hours ago so u were with Philp
    B: Yea and look i don't want u to be mad Philp is my boyfriend now it took me a long time to move on and..
    H: Belle i am not mad shawn is gone as painful as it is u have a right to move on
    B: i am so glad yur not upset with me
    she hugged her.
    B: Well Philp and i are going out again today so i need to get ready. She went upstairs
    H: i am glad Belle is better
    M: me too i haven't seen her this happy in awhile Philp is a great guy.
    H:I hope so bc Belle is special to me and no one can replace that

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    Ch. 9
    Belle and Philp spent everday together. They were mostly making love the whole time. Belle began spending the night over there. They had been dating 2 yrs and Philp had a special night planned for Belle. he picked her up at 7.
    B: Hi Philp
    P: Beautiful please come in
    She got into the limo and the were kissing all the way to the resturant.
    P: Belle if u don't stop this i am going to make love to you right here
    B: ok ok sorry
    They got to the fancy restruant
    P: Ok close yur eyes
    B: what
    P: Come on
    B: Alright alright
    Belle closed her eyes. Philp grabbed her hand and made sure she made it through without hitting anything.
    P: Ok Belle open yur eyes
    B: Oh my gosh
    Belle had never seen anything so beautiful. The resturant was just them and it had lights strung up and it was decorated. It was so beautiful.
    B: Philp what is this
    P: I wanted to be alone with you
    B: Who decorated this?
    P: I put in a favor and I had people decorate this
    B: But why
    P: Belle (he got on one knee)
    B: Oh my gosh
    P: Will u be my wife marry me please I love you
    B: I love you too Philp but marry you
    P: U don't want too
    B: Philp i do but are u sure
    P: Yea i am sure thats why i asked you
    B: Yes philp i will I love you sooo much
    P: Thank you god (he slipped the beautiful diamond ring on her finger)
    B: Philp this is so beautiful where did u get it
    P: At a jelwery store
    B: Its gorgeous i love you
    P: I love you too u r going to be my wife
    B: I know i can't wait she kissed him
    Philp and Belle kissed
    B: What about dinner Belle said when she could breathe
    P: Ok lets eat
    There were platters made with food in the back. They got what they wanted
    B: Philp do u think after this we could go tell my mom
    P: Yea if thats what u want
    B: Thanks
    After they ate the limo took them to her mothers
    B: Mom are u here
    M: In the kitchen
    B: Come on honey
    She walked in the kitchen
    B: Mom Philp just asked me to marry him
    M: Belle i am so happy for you and Philp
    P: I am glad she said yes
    They were talking when Hope walked in
    B: Hope Philp and I are getting married (she flashed the ring to her)
    H: Congrats Belle Philp
    B: mom i wanted to tell you that i am moving in with Philp i will get someone to come get my stuff tomorrow see ya later.
    They went home and made love. Philp was anxious about it.
    M: Hope u don't seem to excited about Philp and Belle getting married
    H: I don't know it just brought memories of her and Shawn wanting to get married and having to wait. I don't know i thought they would get married
    M: They would have but Shawn is dead its time Belle moved on
    H: Yea i know i am happy for her. I am glad she is happy.
    Philp and Belle had a great evening they made love and lied in each others arms
    B: So Philp what are we going to do about the wedding
    P: Have as many bridesmaids as u want and just tell me so i can get my groomsmen ready.
    B: Well what about all the other stuff
    P: Don't worry Belle i want u to enjoy it so just relax get yur bridesmaids thats all
    B: How will they know what i want
    P: Trust me Belle it will be perfect
    B: ok Philp i trust you
    In the morning she got up and got the people Philp called to get her things. She called her mom and told her what was going on. The people arrived about an hour. They put her things where Philp told them too. Everything was neat
    B: Philp do you always get this treatment
    P: Since I was a little boy
    B: I am not used to it
    P: Well get used to it wife bc this is the way u will be treated for the rest of yur life. U will get used to it.
    belle got in the shower and she went to see her mom and Philp went to the office
    B: Hi mother
    M: belle i thought u would be with Philp
    B: Yea he went to the office and we moved into our new house its huge. I am not used to this treatment though
    M: So yur not enjoying it
    B: well i wanted to plan my wedding and Philp has got it all planned all i need is to get my bridesmaids around
    M: Well that might be a good thing a wedding is a lot of stress.
    B: Its ok i guess
    M: Belle are u sure u want to marry Philp if you are this unhappy
    B: i am not unhappy i am just not use to this
    M: Belle as long as u know how u feel
    B: Yea alright i am going back home
    M: Alright then see ya later
    She went home right away and looked at the house. It was so beautiful. Then her cell rang
    B: Hello
    P: Hi sweetheart
    B: Philp i thought u were working
    P: I am u want to come down to the office
    B: yes sure
    P: Good i will send a limo
    B: Philp thats o..
    He had already hung up. The limo arrived 10 minutes later. The limo took her to the office. Philp was waiting outside
    P: Hello sweetheart
    B: Hi now why did u invite me to work
    P: Bc i missed you step into my office
    belle went into his office. They had a little lunch and she went home. Philp promised that he would be home early. She went home and relaxed a little. All this was exhausting. Plus she had to call her bridesmaids but she knew who she wanted so it wasn't a problem she wanted to relax. Maybe she would have someone else call them. Then she took that thought back.
    B: Gosh i don't need to be like that. I will never act rich and snobby.


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