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Thread: Antonio's Wedding

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    Smile Antonio's Wedding

    Some fans will remember when RJ's daughter Kerri was on the show and engaged to Antonio and pregnant with their daughter Jamie. Too bad Antonio turned his attention to Jessica and thought she would be a mother to his daughter after Kerri died.
    Well for some real life news, on May 26 Kamar De Los Reyes( Antonio ) and Sherri Saum ( Kerri ) were married in real life.

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    Talking Re: Antonio's Wedding

    I would love to see a pic.. if anyone knows where. There were awfully cute

    That was a real convoluted sl mess. Kerri was implanted with her
    mother's fertilized egg.. who they later leanred Antonio was the father from a
    one night stand... then learned it was really Kerri and Antonio's baby...
    I-yi-yi-yi-i-yi !

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    Re: Antonio's Wedding

    I have a pic of Kamar & Sherri ... I will try to scan it and post it tomorrow.
    My so-called life...


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