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Thread: Too Expensive to Stay In!

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    Post Re: Too Expensive to Stay In!

    I thought Passions was cancelled? I never got into the soap......but it irritates me that it's ratings were lower than Another World's.....which they threw off the air so shamefully!
    The golden age of soaps is really sad.

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    Post Golden Age of Soaps has passed. Boo. What's next?

    I'm a bit of a romantic about anything that trails the least bit backward in time -- the "Golden Age of Soaps" included I suppose.

    But now you have me thinking about it and wondering if it's really "over". Maybe for English-speaking Americans? But looking at the whole enchilada, or egg roll as the case may be, that may be like looking at the original market for Gutenburg bibles compared to book sales today.

    As a popular, commercially viable story-telling medium even the still growing telenovelas may be smaller than the growth that's just beginning in India and China. So, long live soaps.

    For us though.... maybe it is that as radio and soaps were new 80 years ago so now is the internet. We seeing the passing of the "networks" media business model that began at about the same time as the soaps themselves and a change to the distermediated media. The professionally produced programs that is going direct from the producer to the end-user.

    The networks are going back to being producers too now. They see the writing on that particular wall and the middle-man that they are taking out is the local broadcaster and the cable company. Of course the bigger PBS stations have been doing this for awhile then selling back out into their networks, but now they have the internet too.

    So, blah blah blah. Sorry. Your idea got me started and I guess I got carried away. Maybe it's just the "end of soaps on American broadcast networks"? Maybe it's actually just the beginning of a whole new age of soaps? That would be cool.

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    Post Re: Too Expensive to Stay In!

    I've actually watched a bit of these telenovelas........and even putting aside the fact that I don't speak Spanish- I just don't think they're the same.
    Not the same as the wonderful Ryan's Hope, Another World......and Edge of Night.
    I watch and really enjoy General Hospital still- but I can't kid myself that it's anywhere near as enjoyable as Another World was.....once.
    The days when so many others watched also.....and no matter where you went, you could find someone to talk them over with.
    Maybe I'm showing my sure is a different world today!


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