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Thread: Please dont let Lucas and Sami get back together!!

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    Post Please dont let Lucas and Sami get back together!!

    I just dislike those two together. Lucas is always so judgemental and superior acting...he doesnt accept Sami for herself. There are always conditions on his love and approval and he is very quick to withdraw them. He loves her one minute and hates her the soon as she behaves in a way he doesnt approve of. Lucas has done plenty of bad things in his past, so I am not sure why he thinks the moral high ground belongs to him.

    EJ, on the other hand, sees Sami for who she is and still admires and loves her. He accepts her warts and all. They are so much better suited for each other.

    I really hope they are not going to put Sami and Luas together again...they just have nothing in common, no mutual respect. I am quite tired of the whole fight and get back together dynamic they have going...too repetitive and predictable.

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    Post Re: Please dont let Lucas and Sami get back together!!

    I really totally agree with you.
    I just have never gotten into Sami/Lucas.
    With the vast amount of rotten horrible unforgivable things they've done to each other I can't ever believe them.
    I also hate how really they both use their children as weapons.
    Sami, even though I hate her with a passion, is at least trying to allow Johnny and Ally to have their biological father and wants them to love whoever turns out to be their step father. She is as concerned about the fact that they are twins and shouldn't be separated, even for parental visits, just because they have different fathers. They are still twins and their bond to each other trumps who their parent(s) are every time and should be the only priority.
    I just want to castrate Lucas in a very painful way every time he spews his crap about taking "my daughter". It's like he hates Ally more than he hates E.J. He'd rather punish her and hurt her and Johnny just because he was the sperm donor.
    And Sami is just as bad when she withholds them from anybody.

    All three of them should understand that no matter what the twins are a package deal. And the three amigo's wishes are second behind the twins being together in everything they do.

    When Lucas sees Ally, he sees Ally and Johnny equally.
    When E.J. sees Johnny, he sees Johnny and Ally equally.

    Thus far, only E.J. and to a lesser extent Sami do that. And Sami needs to use that as her arguments for whatever she does for the children.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that E.J. is the only fit parent of the three of them.


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