Once they got there Ian helped Gwen off the jet. She had a little too much chamapne.
I: Gwen you shouldn;t have drank so much.
G: It was so good Ethan
He stopped and looked at her
I: Gwen don't call me that i am Ian
She stopped and looked at him.
G: I am sorry please forgive me
I: I do just please don't call me that
G: I won;t i promise you that
I: Alright lets go
They checked into their room and Gwen went in and took a shower. She came out an hour later. Ian was looking at a map and brochure
G: Sorry about earlier
I: Its ok I just don;t like him and what he did to you
G: Don;t worry it all over with.
I: Well I have a little planned for us today. I want you to go get a massage and then we will go to dinner
G: What are u going to do
I: I got some things i need to do
G: Ok
A limo came and picked Gwen up and she got a massage. The massage lasted for about 2 hours. Then Ian called and told her he would pick her up it was about 5. He picked her up
I: ready
G: Yea i am
The place he took her was very nice. The lights were dim and they had very good food. They had wine for dinner and it was all romantic
G: This is a great first day
I: U deserve it
They went back to the room and watched a movie. It was about eleven and Ian turned the tv off.
I: I am ready are you
G: Yea I am about ready.
Ian got in his own bed and Gwen stood there.
I: Something wrong
G: Can I get in bed with you
I: If thats what you want
She climbed into bed and kissed him. He kissed her and they kissed for quite awhile and she pulled away
G: I want you to make love to me
I: Are u sure
G: Yes
They made love that night. The next morning they woke up a little later than he wanted too
I: Gwen wake up
G: Hmmm
I: Get ready
G: Why
I: I got a couple things planned for us
They were busy the whole two weeks. They went to an amusment park, got a massage together, they went out to dinner evernight, they went to see a movie or two, went to a couple musuems, and at the end of the night they always found time to make love. It was going great. Gwen was serious about dating Ian. They decided to date awhile and see where things went from there but they were crazy about each other. When it was time to leave they were sad to go but it was good to be back too. Gwen missed her children like crazy. They got back Ian dropped her off so she could umpack and told her she would be back later. Her mother had a note saying her and this new guy were out and she would see her later and want to know the details. She smiled at the note and went to unpack. Halfway through unpacking the doorbell rang. She walked to the door. It was Ethan and the kids.
G: Oh Sarah I missed you.
Sarah hugged her mother. Then Gwen grabbed the baby
E: Hey did you have fun
G: Yea I did
E: Listen I hope your still not too upset with me
G: No not at all
E: Listen i was hoping we could remain friends
She hesitiated
G: Maybe in the future right now I still love you
E: Ok i will give you time.
Gwen's life was going perfect right now. She knew would get better in the future.
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