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Thread: never forget about me

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    Ch. 39 (oops sorry pushed the wrong button)
    R: I am serious Ethan how can u do this to my daughter
    E: Look Gwen is an amazing woman and she is beautiful and she fathered my 2 children but what marriage would we have if I keep cheating on her I am sorry.
    Ethan grabbed the papers and headed toward the door
    E: gwen deserves someone to love her completly heart and soul. Thats not me. i will be back later to serve her with divorce papers
    rebecca went to gwen's room. She was sitting up looking through a magazine
    G: hey mom
    R: What did u think u were doing going and hitting Ethan in the head with a vase he was bleeding
    G: good
    She reached for her cell phoner
    G: Do u mind I want to call Ian
    R: Do u even care he has the divorce papers drawn up and wants u to sign them
    G: he does
    R: Yes we have to get him back
    G: mother he wants Theresa. I think I am ready to move on with Ian
    R: you are crazy. What is wrong with you? U and Ethan belong together
    G: no not anymore besides ian is really sweet if he wants to get divorced ok fine lets do it
    R: there is no getting through to you
    G: oh mother you will get over it trust me. U tried hooking us up once remember
    R: Yes but I was hoping it would make Ethan realize that his marriage was in jeparody but it didn't it just pushed Theresa and him together faster
    G: mother u will except Ian and I
    R: Gwen you are stupid for letting Ethan go
    G: No mother he let me go a long time ago. I want Ethan to be happy and I don't want to come in second to him alright
    R: Well as long as your ok with this
    She hugged her mom and called Ian
    Ethan and Theresa were having dinner.
    T: Ethan your quiet tonight
    E: yea I know
    T: u thinking about springing the divorce papers in gwen
    E: yea she is going to be heartbroken
    T: i know but I think she knows its for the best
    E: I hope so I hope it doesn't hurt her like it did in the hospital
    T: She is fine
    E: I know but she is still a nice young woman
    T: Well I have some news
    E: Whats that
    T: I am pregnant
    E: What
    T: We are going to have a baby
    E: oh my gosh thats great
    Ethan kissed Theresa and hugged her he was so happy
    Gwen was about to call ian when her phone rang it was Sherdian. gwen and her talked about all that was going on and that she was going to see her tomorrow. She said she wanted to see her and called Ian
    I: Gwen how are you
    G: Alright i couldn't wait to talk to you though
    I: yea me either I was sitting her just waiting for u to call.
    G: Yea Sheridan called me and I wanted to talk to her its been months
    I: Yea so whats going on
    G: not too much lying in be
    I: U want me to come over
    G: no its late and I want to go to bed
    I: Alright call me tomorrow
    G: Sounds good bye
    I: Night
    Gwen turned out the light and her phone rang
    G: hello
    E: Hey Gwen
    G: Ethan what do u want
    E: Can I come over so we can talk
    G: its late can we do it tomorrow
    E: yea that sounds good
    G: Ok call me because tomorrow is kinda booked
    E: ok call me tomorrow night
    G: night
    She hung up the phone and wondered now what he wanted to talk about
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    Ch. 40
    Gwen woke up early and her mom heard her moving around and helped Gwen get dressed and help her into her wheelchair. She wasn't going to call Ethan he could call her. Sheridan called first and came over. Sheridan arrived ten minutes later. She was feeding Jonathon and Sarah was eating breakfast. Her mom got the door.
    R: Sheridan hello
    S: hi
    Gwen wheeled herself to the front door
    G: Hey
    S: Hey can I hold him
    G: Of course
    She passed Jonathon to Sheridan and then sarah came out.
    Sa; Sheridan
    S: Hey sweetie
    Sarah had started the first grade. She was getting ready for school
    G: Do u have everything for school
    Sa; yes
    G: Get your shoes and coat on and start to wait for the bus
    Sa; alright
    Sarah got ready in 5 minutes and kisses, Sheridan, Gwen, and baby jonathon and opened the door and Ethan stood there.
    Sa; Daddy
    E: hey honey
    She threw her arms around him
    Sa; Daddy when can i see you
    E: I will pick u up later this week now go wait for the bus
    Sa; Ok
    Sarah went to the bus.
    G: What are u doing here
    E: I told u we needed to talk
    G: Well why didn't u call
    E: I was out
    G: Ok well talk
    E: Hey Sheridan um could we have a little bit
    S: I can come back later
    E: Ok
    G: No thats fine stay
    S: No I have a few things to do and i will be back
    G: Alright
    S: See ya both later
    They both said bye and she handed Jonathon to Ethan and left.
    G: ok so what is up
    He sat down
    E: Well I brought the divorce papers I want u to sign them
    G: Whats the rush
    E: Well we have been putting this off to long and I want to get this done and over with
    G: Can't we wait
    E: No i want to do this now
    G: Well I don't want to
    E: Gwen u said u agreed to divorce me
    G: I know but its too early
    E: Gwen its time just sign the papers
    G: i am still hurt
    E: Gwen please
    G: You have never pushed me like this before
    E: Well Theresa is pregnant and I want to get this done as soon as possible so I can concentrate on the baby
    G: She is pregnant again
    E: yes and I want to plan for our baby
    G: Well we have two kids and u didn't help me plan for Jonathon
    E: I took u away so you wouldn't be stressed. I helped pay when u gave birth. I also payed for when yur hip was out of place
    G: Look I know u did so much for me and I am thankful for it can u just leave them with me today and come by tomorrow and get them and I will sign them
    E: u will have to appear in court to u know that
    G: yes Ethan I do
    E: Alright I will leave them here
    He gave Jonathon and kiss and left. With Jonathon on her lap she stared at the papers she couldn't believe it. Then Ian walked through the door
    I: Hey gwen whats that
    G: Look
    Ian saw the divorce paperes
    I: Gwen I am so sorry
    G: its ok
    She lied them down on the table.
    I: Are u going to sign them
    G: Sooner or later i will
    I: Well u want to talk about it
    G: Not really
    I: Ok I am here for you
    G: i know
    He kissed her and she kissed him back.
    G: Hey I want to lie down for a nap
    I: ok
    Jonathon was already asleep and ian put him in his crib. he helped gwen into bed.
    G: Stay with me
    he sat on the bed
    G: Lie down with me
    I: Ok
    He lied down with her.
    G: Thanks for being so kind
    I: no problem
    She started to cry
    I: What is it
    G: I just love Ethan but I want to move on too. I want him to be happy but I want him to be with me
    I: Listen he is happy with Theresa
    G: You don't have to rub it in
    I: I know I am trying to make it real to you. So your not ready to move on
    G: As long as we take it slow i don't see a problem
    I: yes but you are going to be pining away for Ethan I don't want to be second
    G: Thats true how about u and I go to couseling with me for this it worked for Ethan. Him and I were dating and I told him if he didn't get over Theresa that we couldn't be together and he agreed so it might work for me.
    I: Lets do it make an appointment tomorrow
    G: Good I will
    ian kissed Gwen. She kissed him too. He started touching her. She let him and they started making out heavily and then he pulled away.
    I: Gwen
    G: What
    I: We need to stop and slow down
    G: It feels good
    I: i know but..
    She kissed him again. he kissed her back. he couldn't help it. he finally pulled away
    I: gwen u don't want to do this. Lets do it when the time is right.
    G: yur right
    I: your upset with Ethan and u want to have sex with me to get revenge somehow don't worry it will be alright
    She started crying and cried for about 15 minutes then doorbell rang and he helped her into her wheelchair. Sheridan was there
    S: oh u still have company
    I: I am leaving I have things to do
    G: Ok see ya later
    I: Bye Sheridan
    S: Bye Ian
    He shut the door
    S: You and Ian
    G: We are taking things slow I like him
    S: He is a good guy I am happy for you so Ethan
    G: He wanted me to sign divorce papers so I told them to leave them here and I will sign them
    S: I think thats a good idea
    Sheridan and Gwen visited and then she left after a couple of hours. After she was in bed she stared at the papers. She decided it was best to sign them and she did. She went to bed. She couldn't believe it was happening.

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    Ch. 41
    Gwen woke up early. She couldn't sleep anymore. She figured that was because she had signed the divorce papers. She grabbed the wheelchair over to her and pulled herself into the chair. She wheeled herself out to the living room. Her mom was feeding Jonathon and Sarah was eating breakfast
    R: Gwen your awake.
    G: yep
    S: Mommy
    G: Hey sweetheart
    Sarah came over and gave her a hug.
    G: I cannot wait to get out of this wheelchair
    R: How much longer
    G: I have an appointment later this afternoon. ian is taking me. Here let me feed my son
    rebecca handed him over to her. Then there was a knock on the door and Rebecca went to get the door.
    R: Ethan hey what a nice surprise
    E: Hey. Where's Gwen
    G: Right here
    S: Daddy
    E: Hey sweetie
    He picked up Sarah and gave her a hug and set her down. Then Ethan went up to gwen and asked to hold Jonathon and she handed the 6 month old baby to him.
    S: Daddy can me and Jonathon come home with you after school since its Friday.
    E: Um tomorrow if its ok with your mom
    G: yea thats fine
    S: Yea
    G: Go get ready for school
    Sarah dashed off to her room
    E: Can I have the papers?
    G: yea
    Ethan handed Jonathon to Rebecca and he wheeled Gwen to her room so she could hand him the papers
    E: Thanks gwen it means a lot to me
    G: yea
    E: So how much longer until your out of the wheelchair?
    G: I have an appointment today so I will know then.
    E: Well thats good
    G: Ethan are u sure this is what you want to do
    E: yea I love theresa
    G: Well how about I stay your wife and i will be faithful to you but u and Theresa can make love and she can be your mistress. As long as you make love to me too.
    E: Gwen I don't want to cheat on you like that. You need a man who will love you and only You. ian may be that man
    G: He may not be either.
    E: Well whatever happens I am sure it will work out of the best
    G: I don't know Ethan
    E: Well I do. i will call you with the details of the divorce hearing
    G: Fine just leave
    E: I will pick up Sarah and Jonathon tomorrow morning maybe you and ian should go out and enjoy not having any kids
    Gwen said nothing. Ethan left and told Sarah he would see her tomorrow. gwen got dressed and went in the living room.
    R: So whats going on?
    G: What do yo mean
    R: With Ethan and the divorce
    G: I gave him the papers outside and he will call me with the hearing when I need to appear in court. alright i don't want to talk about it. SARAH!
    S: What?
    G: Get out her and get your lunch and backpack around. Ger your coat and shoes on the bus will be here soon.
    Sarah got around and kissed her grandma, mother,. and brother and left.
    R: Here is Jonathon
    G: Thanks. You going to work
    R: yea you better call Ian to come and help take care of you
    G: yea i know.
    She called ian and he rushed over and Rebecca left.
    I: So how did it go with Ethan
    G: I gave him the papers and he is happy.
    I: That scumbag.
    G: Don't call him that
    I: Why would he leave a great girl like you for Theresa thats stupid.
    G: I don't know but we need to drop Jonathon off at Sheridans house so we can go to the doctors
    I: Alright
    She called Sheridan and they went and dropped Jonathon off and went to the doctors
    I: So you want to go for lunch afterwards
    G: I guess so
    I: Good when you get out of that wheelchair I want to take you dancing
    G: yea I do have to go through physical therapy
    I: I know
    They got to the doctors office and waited in the waiting room
    N: gwen
    G: Right here
    I: Can I come back too
    N: Yes come on back
    Ian wheeled her back to the room
    N: The doctor should be with you shortly.
    Ian lifted gwen on the table. They said nothing and the doctor came back in about 5 minutes
    Dr: gwen hello
    G: Hello doctor
    Dr; How are u doing
    G: I am alright i feel pretty good
    Dr: Well thats what I like to hear. Another week and You can start physical therapy but you will still have to use the wheelchair until I think you are ready which i am thinking about two weeks.
    G: Good the sooner the better.
    Dr; Alright well thank you and I will see you in a week go and make an appointment with the nurse.
    G: Alright
    She went and made an appointment. She gave them Ethans card and payed
    I: So u want to go to lunch
    G: I am not hungry lets get Jonathon and go home. When i get hungry I will eat
    So they left and went home

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    Ch. 42
    Gwen and Ian arrived at her house
    I: Are u sure u don't want anything to eat
    G: I am fine really
    I: Alright I am making sure
    G: I am fine really
    gwen grabbed Jonathon
    G: I want to feed him. You can leave now
    I: Gwen you can't take care of yourself your still in a wheelchair
    G: Ian I am fine. My mother will be home in 20 minutes I am fine
    I: Ok call me if you need me
    G: I know if I do I will
    I: Alright
    The telephone rang as soon as he was out the door. gwen grabbed it
    G: Hello
    E: Its me
    G: Yes i know
    E: I wanted to let you know the court date is set a month from now
    G: Thanks for letting me know
    She hung up the phone. She played with Jonathon until her mom walked in.
    R: Hey honey where is Ian
    G: I told him to go home
    R: Why you can't take care of yourself
    G: I did a good job. I just feel so helpless when i have to have people taking care of me
    R: Well don't we love doing it
    G: I am going to go see ian alright
    R: You want help getting in your car
    G: Nope I can do it
    She kissed Ian goodbye and her mother. Then she got in her car and left. She wasn't going to see Ian though. 20 minutes later ian went to Gwen's house and knocked on the door.
    R: Hey Ian wheres gwen
    I: She isn't here
    R: No she said she was going to see u
    I: What the heck? I am going to go and find her
    he knew she must have gotten the court date. He went to her favorite place to see if she was there and her car was parked there. Ian saw her sitting near the edge where there was a waterfall. She looked like she was inching her way in the waterfall. He realized she was going to kill herself. He ran up to the waterfall
    I: Gwen (he pulled her away from the edge) What is the matter with you
    G: If Ethan doesn't want me I don't want to me alive
    I: Gwen listen there are better men than Ethan. I am here for you and I love you. I am making an appointment with the cousler right now.
    he grabbed his cell phone and called the lady agreed to see her in 10 minutes.
    I: Did Ethan call you with a court date
    G: Yes
    I: So this is why. Come on we need to get to that appointment.
    He picked her up and drove her there. They waited and the doctor wanted to see her alone
    C: Gwen i heard you tried to kill yourself
    G: Yes
    C: Why
    C: my husband is divorcing me. I love him
    C: I understand a divorce is never fun but you know what you need to do somthing to take your mind off things. Ian seems like a nice guy
    G: He isn't Ethan
    C: I know that gwen alright but you need to spend some time with him and get to know him. Obviously your husband isn't worth it. I don't have a lot of time. I want to see you back here in two days when we can talk longer and do not be alone ever.
    Gwen left and Ian took her home and told her mother what was going on. her mother hugged her and agreed to not leave her along. Gwen went to bed. She did not want to be bothered.

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    Ch. 43
    Ian came over to Gwen's house to visit her the next morning. Gwen was not ready to be bothered.
    I: Is she still in her room
    R: Yea i am afraid to bother her
    I: I want to go in there
    R: No don't do that let her be until she is ready help me get the kids ready
    So Ian and her got the kids ready and played with the kids gwen came out in her robe 2 hours later
    G: oh Ian i didn't know you were here
    I: Yea i came to see how you are
    G: Well u could of called
    I: Gwen I am sorry to bother you and i know you don;t want to be bothered but i had to see if for myself
    G: I know Ian and i have made a descion. I want to move on with my life and stop feeling sorry for myself. I am tired of it
    I: Gwen I am so glad to hear that
    R: Me too
    G: I still want to go to couseling but with a different attitude.
    The next day Gwen went to her counseler
    C: Hello Gwen
    G: Hello. I just wanted to tell u i have come here with a new attitude and a new outlook on life
    C: Well what made u do that
    G: I was sick of the way i was feeling and i knew it was bc i was bringing it on myself
    C: I am proud of you
    G: Thank you
    C: So does this have to do with Ian
    G: He is a friend but i don;t want to be involved with him yet
    C: Don't rush anything dear.
    G: Oh i know
    The cousler and Gwen talked for an hour and left.
    I: So how did it go
    G: Good I think
    I: You want to go out to lunch
    She thought for a minute
    G: Sure why not
    Ian took her to a nice place and they ate a nice quiet lunch as well
    I: well you ready to head back
    G: No not really
    I: Alright what do u want to do
    G: I don;t know u choose
    I: Alright
    Ian drove them to a beach close by
    I: I thought we could walk across here
    G: Sure it doesn't bother me
    They got out and he grabbed her hand and they walked
    I: So gwen are u ready with everything u r going to have to go through
    G: No but I can do it I am stronger than i have ever been
    They walked for a little while longer and they went to her house.

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    Ian drove gwen and him back to her house.
    G: Well do you want to come iniside for a little while
    I: I would love to but right now I need to get back to the office its important
    I: How about dinner tonight
    G: Sure I would like that
    Gwen leaned over and kissed Ian on the lips. Before he could say anything she opened the door and got out. Ian sat in the driveway for a few minutes and then left. gwen smiled and walked inside.
    R: What are u so happy about
    G: i just think my life is changing. I think ian and i could reallyt be something
    R: Really
    G: Yea i do
    Then the doorbell rang and gwen answered it
    E: Hey is it ok if i see my kids for a couple of hours
    G: Yes sure
    S: Daddy yur here can i come with you
    E: yea
    S: mommy can jonathon and i spend the night
    G: If your dad said its ok
    E: Yea thats fine
    G: Let me go pack your bags
    gwen packed a bag for Sarah and Jonathon
    E: Thanks
    G: Here just call before you bring them back
    E: I will
    G: Hows theresa feeling with the new baby
    E: A couple more months
    G:Ok well thats cool I hope everything goes well
    E: Thanks
    He patted her on the back grabbed Jonathon and left. gwen got ready for when ian picked her up and slept a little bit she was content. Ian called her at 7 and they went to a nice resturant and ate.
    I: Thanks for coming with me
    G: Thanks for inviting me
    I: Your welcome
    They stayed there until about 10 and had shared some dessert as well.
    I: Well you ready
    G: To go home no of course not
    I: Ok well what do you want to do
    G: Can I come back to our place
    I: yes
    They went back to his place and watched a movie. gwen ended up falling asleep over there. She woke up on the couch alone. Ian came in with a coffee cup
    I: Sorry i didn't want to wake you last night
    G: Its alright
    I: good
    they had coffee and breakfast together.
    I: About that kiss
    G: ian look i really like you and i wanted that kiss but i want to take things slow on my terms
    I: I think thats a good idea
    She kissed him and they made out on his couch for a little while. Then she left. Court was in a couple of days. She had to get an outfit and go to her counslers

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    Ch. 42
    Gwen went to the store by herself. Ethan was still giving her child support money so it worked out good. She bought herself a nice black pants suit. This wasn't a joyous occasion. She didn't want the divorce. So she went home and ironed it. The court date was tomorrow anyways. Gwen spent the rest of the day alone with her children and her mother and the court date was early Ian was picking her up. Ian called at 7 that morning court started at 8:30.
    G: Hey
    I: Are you ready?
    G: yea
    I: I will come and pick you up
    G: Ok thanks
    Ian arrived 10 minutes later
    I: U want to go for breakfast
    G: No I am not hungry
    I: I thought so but i wanted to make sure
    G: Thanks
    They drove in silence to the court date. When they got there gwen made sure she looked good and they went inside. ian grabbed gwens hand and squeezed it. he dropped her hand but she grabbed it and they walked in together. Theresa and Ethan were already sitting there. Theresa was big. Ethan got up to greet them.
    E: hey gwen
    he kissed her on the cheek and and gave her a hug.
    E: ian
    I: Ethan
    Then the judge walked in.
    J: Ok lets get this done with I am booked. Can i please have Ethan and Gwen Winthrop come up here please. Do you two have a lawyer
    E: No we both agreed to a couple things. i will be paying child support and coming to get the kids every other weekend as long as i call and Theresa and Gwen stay away from each other.
    J: Mrs. Winthrop do u agree?
    She hesitated..
    J: Mrs. Winthrop
    No Answer
    E: gwen
    Still no answer
    I: Gwen come on you agree right
    G: Ummm yes
    J: Alright then i just need a signature and you will be divorced.
    he got the paper out Ethan signed right away. gwen hesitated again and signed the paper slowly.
    J: one more thing Mrs. Winthop would you like your maiden name back
    G: No its ok.
    J: Alright if you decide to at a later date thats fine.
    Ethan and gwen shook hands and he hugged her. After the court date
    I: Do u want to eat anything.
    G: No i just want to leave
    I: Well I have a surprise for you
    G: Yea
    I: Yep come with me
    G: Alright
    Gwen and him got in his limo and left. She couldn't wait to see what ian was planned. He was so sweet and she was starting to like him a lot.

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    Ch. 43
    Gwen and ian pulled up to her house
    G: Why are we at my house
    I: You'll see
    They walked inside her mother was smiling
    R: Oh gwen you will never believe what ian did
    G: What did u do
    I: Come with me
    He grabbed Gwen's hand and they walked into her room. Her room was totally redocorated. It was her favorite color yellow and the her bedspread was new.
    I: come here and open your dresser drawers and your closet door.
    Gwen opened the dresser drawers and had all new clothes. She opened her closet the same thing
    G: Oh my gosh how did you know what i liked
    I: Well i had to help you dress when you were in your wheelchair and I thought you would like this
    G: The clothes are all so beautiful its great
    I: I donated your other clothes to the good will. Come here i have other things to show you.
    G: Ok
    He grabbed her hand and led her into Sarahs room. She had new toys and new bed and bedspread and new clothes. Jonathons room was redocorated as well. The crib was new. New animal wallpaper new toys and some new clothes and diapers. Also some bigger clothes for when he got bigger. Her mother got the same thing. The living room and dining room were the same. They just got some new plates, glasses, and silverware.
    I: One more thing
    G: Whats that
    I: Well I have decided you need to get away for awhile. I am sending your mother to a spa to pamper yourself. Ethan is coming to pick up the the kids for two weeks and you and i and are i going away.
    G: What is this ok with Ethan to watch the children
    I: Yep i already talked to him
    G: My mother will be alone
    R: Gwen i need to work and you need to go enjoy yourself. Plus ian introduced me to someone.
    G: He did
    R: Yea we have already met and we hit it off really well.
    G: Alright well i guess i will pack some clothes.
    Gwen packed her suitcase and one for Jonathon. Her mother packed one for Sarah while ian played with the kids. Gwen went into Sarah's room while she was packing
    G: you got everything
    R: Yea are you already
    G: yea i am. I hope this is a good idea
    R: Gwen Ian is right you deserve to be pampered
    G: I know i am just scared about being alone with Ian.
    R: You will be fine go and have fun
    Gwen pulled the suitcases into the living room. Then the doorbell rang.
    E: Hey kids you ready
    S: Daddy
    E: Hey sweetie. hey gwen
    G: Ethan
    E: Everything packed
    G: Yep
    E: Can I talk to u alone
    G: Yea in the kitchen. What
    E: Are you sure you want to be with ian
    G: yes I like him
    E: He may seem nice but i know him he likes girls and drops them
    G: You don't want me so why do u care
    E: I still care about you. I don't want you to get hurt
    G: he has been persistant and not giving up on me.
    E: Well just be careful
    G: if i wasn't we would be dating. Now get your daughters and sons stuff so Ian and I can leave
    Ethan got their stuff and she kissed the kids and they left.
    G: Bye mom have fun
    R: I will you too
    I: Come on lets get to the Crane jet and have fun and relax
    G: Alright
    they got to the Crane jet and took off. They cuddled and drank champane all the way there.


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