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Thread: never forget about me

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    Gwen and Ethan were eating dinner when she got a cramp in her stomach. Ethan could tell by the look on her face
    E: Got a cramp
    G: yea i need to get up and move.
    She got up slowly and felt water rush between her legs.
    G: My water just broke
    E: Oh my god well lets go
    Ethan grabbed her bag and they left. He ushered her to the car and they drove to the hospital. As soon as they got there she was rushed into a room
    N: Yur wife is dialating fast. I am going to go get the doctor
    G: Ethan it hurts
    E: I am right here. Can't u give her anything
    N: no she is too far dilated
    They got Gwen set up in a room and the nurse ran to get the doctor.
    G: Ethan
    E: Breathe
    The doctor came in 5 minutes later and checked Gwen.
    Dr: yur ready. I need to get scrubbed up. U going to be in here
    E: Yea
    DR: Scrub up
    They both left but the nurse was there. The men came back 2 minutes later and Gwen was ready. She delivered a baby boy 15 minutes later.
    Dr; Here is yur son
    G: He is perfect
    E: Yea he is
    He kissed Gwen's forehead
    E: U did great
    G: U were here with me
    The nurse took the baby and cleaned him up. They told Gwen they would bring her back later
    E: What are we going to name him
    G: I want to name him Jonathon after my father
    E: Sounds good to me
    They were both tired. Gwen fell asleep and Ethan dozed in a chair. When Ethan woke Gwen was still sleeping. He wanted to go to the nurery to see Jonathon. So he left quietly and went to see his son. he looked so peaceful. The dr came up behiind Ethan
    Dr: Hello Ethan
    E: Hello
    Dr: Listen i need to tell u something about Gwen
    E: What about her
    DR: I am conerned the way Gwen delivered so fast i want to do some tests to make sure she is alright
    E: Is she
    Dr; I am sure its nothing but i want to make sure of it.
    E: ok
    Ethan went back to the room. Gwen was still asleep. Ethan read a magazine and waited for Gwen to wake up. Gwen woke up an hour later
    G: Hey
    E: Hey yur finally awake.
    G: Yea hows our baby
    E: He looked peaceful.
    G: Well thats good
    The Dr knocked at the door
    G: hello dr
    DR; Hello
    G: whats up
    Dr; Gwen i don't want to alarm u but i want to do some tests i am concerned on how fast u dilated. It shouldn't be anything serious
    G: Ok
    Dr: here let me help u into yur wheelchair
    E: I'll wait here
    G: ok
    They wheeled her out and Ethan sat down. gwen came back half an hour later
    G: I hate waiting
    E: Get some rest u just gave birth
    G: how can i sleep now
    E: Gwen just try and close yur eyes at least
    15 minutes later they were both out. They dr came in and woke them both up 3 hrs later.
    G: Dr whats wrong with me
    Dr; Nothing bad but i want u to come with me to my office. he helped her into her wheelchair and Ethan went with them. he got them in his office
    G: What is is
    Dr: When I was looking at the ex-rays it looks like u have a crack near yur hip. I think thats what caused yur fast delivery.
    G: So is that bad
    Dr: Well it would require surgery but without it. That would be bad
    E: Money won't be a problem. whatever its costs we can afford
    Dr; Thats good. I don't want u to be up and around and moving though. Not until u get surgery.
    G: Ok doctor.
    Dr; i want to keep u overnight and then tomorrow u get to go home if everything goes well
    G: Ok
    The doctor wheeled her back to her room and Ethan sat with her
    E: I am glad nothing is serious
    G: me too
    E: We will be able to pay for this
    G: I know and thank you
    When Gwen went to sleep that night he called Theresa to tell her what was going on. She said she was glad Gwen was ok but missed her and she did also. Ethan then got a nurse and she got a cot for him and fell asleep quickly

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    The doctor came in early the next morning but Ethan and Gwen were both up. They were both reading magazines.
    Dr: i am glad yur up i was hoping i wouldn't wake u
    G: No i wasn't that tired wondering if i could go home
    Dr: Well u did fine during the night. I am going to write u a priscription i want u to take. Also i wrote down the name of a doctor i want u to see too. Then u two can scedule a surgery too. The pills i am putting u on i want u to start taking tonight so get them filled as soon as possible. I am going to give a wheel chair that u need to use.
    G: Alright thanks
    E: i will make sure she does that
    Dr: ok u can get dressed now
    G: Thanks
    the doctor left. Gwen didn't want to go home she was dreading this day. I am going to get that prescription while u get dressed.
    G: ok
    Ethan left. Gwen didn't know why bc it wasn't like he hadn't seen her naked before. Gwen got dressed and sat on the bed and waited for Ethan to retrun with her wheelchair
    E: I'm back
    He helped Gwen into her chair and they went to get the baby and go home and pack and head back to Harmony. Ethan couldn't wait to see Theresa. They got back and Gwen helped Ethan pack.
    E: yur fine everything i almost packed
    G: Ethan how can i afford surgery
    E: I am paying for it and going to the hospital with u to make sure u r ok. I will have to go to the doctor with you so i can pay for that
    G: Ethan were not together anymore
    E: That doesn;t mean i can't help out. I still care for you
    G: Thank you it helps me so much
    E: Hey its ok even though i am with Theresa we will have to see each other bc of the kids. U can still have the house too I just want u to stay with yur mom until u get better. Thats where i am dropping u off after we fill yur prescription
    G: Ok sounds good
    Even though it didn't she loved Ethan.
    G: Ethan
    E: can u put me on the bed so i can fold my clothes and put them away
    E: Sure
    he picked her up and put her on the bed. When he put her down she kissed him. He tried to pull away and he brought her closer. Then he finally did tear away
    Ebreathlessly) What are u doing
    G: Ethan i love you i want to make love to you
    E: Jonathon
    G: He is in the kitchen the baby monitor is out there he is sleeping
    She pulled him into another kiss
    E: We shouldn't be doing this
    G: My hip is fine (she knew he was talking about Theresa)
    She pulled him closer and he finally sat on the bed. Then he got ontop of her and he pushed the suitcase off the bed. He started undressing her and she undressed him. They made love for an hour. Afterwards he got dressed and put her in the wheelchair
    G: Are u mad
    E: That shouldn't have happened
    G: It was wonderful
    E: I am not going to say it wasn't
    She smiled. They packed got Jonathon and went to the pharmacy and filled out the prescription. It would take a half an hour to fill. They sat down and talked to Jonathon and about him
    G: So Ethan about the surgery
    E: I would like to wait and do the divorce after u recover and everything. I don't think they are going to wait to long to reschedule it.
    G: That sounds good
    E: I know that u love me but i think its best for us to split
    G: It pry it
    The prescription was finally filled and they went to her mothers.
    R: Gwennie yur here let me see the baby
    G: We named him jonathon
    R: Thats fine sarah misses u why are u in a wheelchair
    G: I will tell u later when Ethan leaves
    ethan brought the luggage in. Then sarah came running out
    G: Come give mommy and daddy a hug
    She gave her mom and hug and Ethan picked her up
    E: How is my princess.
    he gave her a kiss and put her down. Ethan told Rebecca he was leaving gwen with her and she would tell her why. He said he would call her tomorrow and h kissed her cheek and left. Ethan called Theresa and sped home he could hardly wait. As soon as he opened the door Theresa ran to him.
    T: I missed u
    E: Where is my son
    T: At his grandmothers
    E: Good
    He kissed her and swung her toward the wall. He kissed her hungryly and she moaned. They made love on the kitchen floor and then he carried her upstairs and they made love the rest of the day. They couldn't get enough of each other.

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    Gwen called the dr and made an appointment with him the next for Friday which was 2 days away. Then Ethan called her
    E: Did u call the doctor
    G: Yes
    E: When is your appointment
    G: Friday
    E: I will pick u up and take you
    G: Ethan this isn't neccesary
    E: Yes i will pick u up and pay for it no arguments
    He hung up the phone. Friday came and Ethan picked her up. Rebecca opened the door
    R: Hello come in
    E: Hey i came a few minutes early i wanted to see my daughter and son
    He went upstairs and Gwen was changing Sarahs clothes
    S: Daddy (She was 3 now)
    G: Ethan i didn't know u were here early
    E: I wanted to see Sarah and Jonathon
    He helped Gwen get them ready and played with them a little bit and then they had to leave
    G: I will be back later mother
    R: Ok
    They left. Gwen didn't say a word on the way there. They got to the doctors office. gwen went up to the receptionist and gave her, her name.
    R; Do u have insurance
    G: Yes
    E: Here is my card
    R: Thanks
    The doctor came out almost instantly
    Dr; I have been expecting u come on back
    Ethan wheeled Gwen and followed him into his office.
    Dr; make yurselves at home. The doctor u went and seen is so respected.
    G: he did mention that. I really liked that
    Dr: well thats good. So u need to have surgery what day can we do this. I want to do this asap.
    G: me too
    Dr: Well i can do it at the end of the week
    G: Good for me
    E: Good for me too
    Dr: I want u to keep taking those pills yur doctor gave you, stay in yur wheelchair, and make sure after u get surgery to have someone take u home
    G: I can do that
    E: I will be with her and bring her
    Dr; Sounds good be here at 8 and don't eat after midnight,
    G: Thanks goodbye
    Ethan wheeled her out to her car and picked her up and put her in the passanger seat. they rode in silence for about 5 minutes until Ethan said something.
    E: Do u like being silent like this
    G: Yes i do enjoy it
    E: I know yur mad at me
    G: Mad? What reason would i have to be mad
    E: Because yur in love with me
    G: that is so over
    E: Gwen i can see it in yur eyes
    G: Ok so what
    E: I want to help you
    G: I am fine
    She looked out the window the rest of the way home. He put her in her wheelchair and pushed her inside. Kissed Jonathon and Sarah and left. Ian came to see her the next day
    G: Ian its been awhile
    I: It has. So how are u
    G: I am alright
    I: I heard u have to get surgery
    G: Yea i do
    She showed Jonathon to Ian and he picked and Sarah and talked to her.
    I: Gwen i was thinking
    G: if yur thinking of asking me out then no
    I:Alright well have a good night then. He couldn't deal with it. he left. He was falling for Gwen and couldn't be around her with his feeling unless she returned them.
    R: Why did Ian leave
    G: I don't know
    R: He is so nice
    G: I am not ready
    R: You are too hard to figure out
    Her mom left the room. Gwen played with Sarah.
    The day finally came for surgery. Ethan came early kissed the kids and left for the hospital. They said not a word to each other. The doctor greeted them
    Dr: Right this way.
    They led Gwen into a room. The nursd helped her dress and after she dressed Ethan came in picked her up and put her in the bed. The doctor told her he would be back in a minute.
    E: Are u nervous
    G: Yes but u can go home now
    E: no i am here and so is Theresa
    G: Why is that little tramp here
    E: I didn't have anyone else to wait with me. My mom nor dad could come. Yur mom is home watching the kids and Theresa's mom has little Ethan.
    G: U had to bring Theresa didn't you?
    E: Look I am sorry.
    G: No yur not that little slut better not come near me or i swaer
    Dr: U ready
    G: Yes u can go home
    They wheeled her into a room and did the surgery while ethan paced.
    T: Hon sit down
    E: I can't I am so worried
    T: She will be fine
    E: I know she is not happy with you being here
    T: Thats too damn bad.
    Then the doctor came out
    E: How is she
    Dr: Well the surgery went well. Something went wrong and its in gods hands. The doctor left.
    Ethan and Theresa went to the chapel and lit a candle and and said a prayer for Gwen.

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    ch. 34
    After Theresa and Ethan had said a prayer they both went home. Ethan woke up early the next morning and got out of bed.
    T: Hey where are u going
    E: Back to the hospital
    T: Why
    E: I want to see if there is any change
    T: Why don't you just call
    E: No I want to see her that way if she wakes up I will be there.
    T: well let me go with you
    E: no stay here and take care of the kids.
    T: Ethan
    E: Theresa please don't fight with me
    Ethan got dressed and kissed Theresa on the forehead and left. he got to the hospital an half an hour later. He went to Gwen's room and he was still asleep. He went to find a doctor. He found him.
    E: Dr is there any change
    Dr: no none at all
    E: Ok well is she going to be alright
    Dr: We gave her something and right now she is stable but she hasn't come to yet.
    E: Alright well I am going to sit in her room with her
    Dr: Alright i will be there to check on her in a little bit.
    E: Ok
    Ethan went to Gwen's room and sat down in the chair beside her.
    E: Gwen its me. hey u need to wake up sweetheart. I miss you and yur son does too and i need you here to help take care of him. he misses you alot. Come on Gwen
    Ethan sat beside her for two hours when his cell rang
    E: hello
    T: Ethan come home its been two hours
    E: no I want to make sure Gwen is ok.
    T: Ethan please i miss you and so do yur kids
    E: theresa if you were in the same spot i would be here with you until you were well
    T: Yes because you love me
    E: I care about Gwen she was my wife once gosh do you have a heart
    He hung the phone up and turned it off. How dare she treat Gwen like that. Gwen was a human being with her feeling hurt. The doctor came in about 20 minutes later to check on her again. Then Gwen finally opened her eyes 3 hours later
    E: Gwen your awake
    G: She looked around
    E: Dr shes awake
    The doctor rushed in.
    Dr; Gwen how do u feel
    She didn't say anything
    Dr: Gwen if you can hear me squeeze my hand
    She squeezed his hand
    Dr: She can hear me i think she is just really weak. I will be right back.
    E: Gwen i am so happy you are awake.
    She just looked at him. She didn't say a word
    E: Gwen what is it?
    She turned her head.
    E: gwen?
    She opened her mouth and started coughing
    E: Woah take it easy don't try to talk alright
    Gwen shook her head
    E: U scared me u know that. I thought i had lost u and that scared me. I still care for you so much and yur son needs u too.
    He kissed her cheek and she squeezed his hand. he sat down and held her hand for awhile. The dr. came in awhile later.
    Dr: Has she said a word
    E: No she tried to talk but ended up having a coughing fit
    Dr: gwen let me examine you. Ethan can u excuse us
    E: yea i will be right outside ok gwen
    She shook her head and left and shut the door. Ethan turned his phone on to check his messages. he was sure Theresa left him a lot of them. she left him messages telling him she was sorry and she didn't mean that. The doctor came back out he would call her back later.
    Dr: She is talking now
    E: Thanks
    G: Ethan why are u here
    E: I was worried
    G: Go home to Theresa
    E: gwen i still care about u. I wanted to make sure yur ok
    G: well I am fine so leave
    E: No (he pulled up a chair) I am not leaving
    G: Ethan i still love you I need time to get over you
    There was a knock at the door.
    I: Hey Gwen
    G: Ian hey come on in
    I: Hey how are u
    G: I am alright
    I: How much longer do u gotta be here
    G: A couple more days the dr said
    I: Good
    G: See I am fine so leave please
    E: No
    G: Ian is here with me
    I: Buddy she said leave u don't want me to call security
    E: Fine i will be back later
    G: Don't bother
    EThan closed the door and left Ian and her to talk

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    Ethan went home to see Theresa
    T: Ethan your home. Look I am sorry about everything.
    E: Do not worry about anything alright (He kissed her)
    Ethan went and played with the kids and Theresa cooked him dinner. Ethan and theresa sat down and ate and talked. Back at the hospital.
    I: gwen look you really gave me a scare
    G: I am sorry its not my fault
    I: I know but i thought i almost lost you
    G: Look Ian i had a lot of time to think and i am done with Ethan.
    I: Really well what about us. Can we be together
    G: I am not ready for this
    I: Well can we be friends and see where it goes
    G: Of course but right now I am tired.
    I: ok I will b eback later
    Ian kissed her on the cheek and left. Ethan arrived about an hour later
    G: What are u doing here
    E: Seeing how you are doing?
    G: Fine now go
    He pulled up a chair beside her
    G: What are you doing?
    E: Wheres ian
    G: I told him to leave and he respected that. What are u doing here
    E: I am sitting here i care about you
    G: Go back to Theresa
    E: I came to see you
    G: Well I don't want you here
    E: We need to talk
    G: About what
    E: Where all this anger and bitterness is coming from
    G: Hello you are divorcing me and I love you.
    E: Gwen i am really sorry
    G: Whatever you are not because you get to be with Theresa and i get nothing
    E: move on with your life.
    G: i don't want to do anything without you.
    E: gwen I am going to be with Theresa that is all there is to it.
    Dr; whats wrong
    E: I don't know
    Just then the heart monitor started going crazy and Gwen went limp. Nurses started rushing in.
    N: Please leave
    E: I want to stay
    N: get out. You must of upset her.
    She pushed Ethan out and shut the door. He paced in the waiting room. Ian arrived a half an hour later.
    I: Why are u out here
    E: The doctors are working on Gwen
    I: What happened
    E: We were talking and she got worked up
    I: What she wasn't supposed to get upset
    E: look it wasn't my fault
    I: Of course it was you were there
    E: Well look i had to see if she was alright
    I: look why don't u just leave her alone. Don't u think u caused her enough pain?
    The doctor came out
    E: Dr how is she
    Dr: Well we got her stabalized but she hasn't come to yet.
    I: See what u did
    Dr: Look i don't want anyone to go in there and upset her
    I: can i go and see her
    Dr: One at a time and if anyone upsets her then that person will not be able to see her until after she gets well got it
    They both agreed. ian went in first
    I: hey gwen. I am sorry I wasn't here but i will take care of you and your kids. You will have a wonderful life i will make sure of that. you are beautiful. i don't want to rush you. Take your time but i wanted to let you know that i love you.
    He left the room so Ethan could go in
    E: hey Gwen I am so sorry i upset you. I feel really bad. The doctor said we couldn't stay that long so i better go.
    He left the room.
    I: I think its best if you stay away from her
    E: She might like that but i want to be near her.
    I: I know but please leave her be. She is in enough pain now I am going home.
    E: See ya later
    Ian left.
    Ethan peeked in gwen's room and saw she was moving. He slipped in the room without being noticed.
    E: Gwen are u awake
    G: Ethan u told me you loved me
    E: when
    G: I was out of it and you told me you loved me
    Ethan knew that Ian probably told her that
    G: you did say that didn't you

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    G: Ethan answer me you did say that didn't you.
    He didn't want to upset her. It wasn't a complete lie. He did love her and care for her as a friend
    E: when did you hear this?
    G: When i was out a couple of minutes ago
    E: Well then (he hesitaited) yes
    G: I thought so but i already knew that. I need to call Ian he told me he was sorry for all the pain he caused me but I don't know what the heck he is talking about
    Ethan knew she had confused what they both had said.
    E: gwen I think you con..
    G: Oh Ethan your silly I love you so much.
    She kissed him. he had to kiss her so he didn't upset her.
    G: Ok lets go home. I want to have more kids since we have just have sarah
    E: Gwen we have another baby and thats Jonathon
    G: How did you know that I wanted to name my next baby after my father. You are so thoughtful. When we get home I want to call Ian and tell him that he has no reason to say he is sorry. So when can we go home
    E: Gwen I don't think you are feeling too well
    G: I feel great
    E: You don't remember your baby boy and that we are seperated
    G: Thats silly we are married and we have a daughter named Sarah and we want to have more kids.
    E: Listen Gwen. You and I have two kids and Theresa and I are together
    G: When did this happen?
    E: gwen I don't think you are feeling all that well
    Gwen got out of bed walked over to Ethan and fainted. Ethan caught her.
    E: help we need a Dr.
    The doctor came in
    Dr: What the heck why are u in here
    E: I saw her moving and she woke up and then we were talking and she got up and fainted.
    Dr: You shouldn't of been in here in the first place. Visiting hours were over
    E: I know but she was moving and I wanted to see if she was going to be ok
    Dr: well now she fainted again
    E: She wasn't making sense she didn't know she had a son and she didn't know that her and I were seperated
    Dr: oh really
    E: yea
    G: Ethan
    E: Gwen its me are u alright
    G: Why are u here? Where is Ian
    Dr: Gwen who is this
    G: My soon to be ex husband who i love why
    Dr: how many children do you have and are there names
    G: Why are u asking me all this
    Dr: Just answer please
    G: Two Sarah and Jonathon
    Dr: Well he said that you woke up and claimed you two were still married and you only had one kid
    G: I don't remmeber that
    Dr: Hmmm she seems fine now
    E: I don't understand it
    Dr: Me either
    G: Well I know that Ethan and I are seperated and that he loves Theresa do I really have to keep saying it. I really don't want to hear it over and over again.
    Dr: Ok well Ethan visitng hours are over
    E: gwen can i stay please
    G: Yea if he wants to. I really don't want to be alone
    E: Good I want to be here
    Dr: Alright thats fine but no fighting
    G: its ok I am fine
    E: Thanks for letting me stay
    G: I could of called Ian but i want as much time with you as possible before i lose you
    E: Gwen you aren't going to lose me. We will still be friends and i will see you and the children
    G: yes Ethan I know that but its not the same
    E: I have dating Theresa for a couple of months now
    G: yea and you know what they have been the worst couple of months in my life. It has took me awhile to get used to it but I think I am getting used to it a little bit more right now. I think i am finally starting to accept it even though it is still hard.
    Gwen just fell asleep. Ethan didn't have a word to say to Gwen's comments. When she woke up Ian was sitting there
    I: hey beautiful
    G: Ian hey he came over and kissed her cheek
    I: Do U need anything
    G: Yea could u run home and get me some things
    Gwen wrote down what she needed and Ian ran home for her. He brought the bag of stuff back and Ian gave her the bag and Ian had to run home but promised he would be back soon. gwen was putting on some lipstick and looked in her compact when Ethan walked in
    E: Gwen what are u doing
    G: Well while i was here i figured i would look good. I always like to look my best you know that,
    E: yea i know that
    Then his phone rang. I need to take this and I need to go down to my car i will be right back
    he left. Then the doctor came in
    Dr: hello gwen
    G: Hi
    Dr: well you look great um listen you can go home now. Ian signed you out and he said he would let you get dressed and come and get you.
    G: Alright well thanks
    Dr: your welcome and take care
    G: I will
    Gwen put her clothes on and as soon as she dressed there was a knock at the door
    G: Come in
    I: Are you ready
    G: Yes
    I: Ok good lets go. We can go to your house and spend some time together.
    G: that sounds good
    I: Sit in the wheelchair
    G: No I can walk
    I: The doctor wants you to recover
    G: For how long
    I: He gave me this
    It was a piece of paper with instructions on what she needed to do
    I: See this one said bed rest for at least a week and these are the pills. He got busy
    G: Well lets go then
    Then Ethan walked through the door
    E: Whats going on
    G: I get to leave the doctor said so
    E: Well I can take you home
    I: Hey i got it under control. Go home to your soon to be wife. Come on Gwen.
    He wheeled gwen out. Ethan stood there open mouthed.

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    Ch. 37
    Ian wheeled gwen home and took her inside and set her on her bed.
    G: thanks Ian will you tell Sarah to come up here and bring Jonathon upstairs
    I: Yep
    Ian returned with Jonathon and Sarah
    S: Mommy I missed you so much
    G: Me too
    Gwen was holding jonathon
    G: Gosh he really grew up fast. Has grandma been taking good care of you
    S: Yes she takes really good care of me and Johnny
    G: Good I am glad to hear it.
    I: Well i guess I can get out of here
    G: no please stay. I want you too
    I: Alright
    They all sat on the bed and talked when the doorbell rang. Her mom came upstairs and brought Ethan with her.
    G: What do u want
    S: daddy wait. (he picked her up)
    E: I want to see my kids.Where is Jonathon
    G: Asleep like most babies
    I: I am going to go downstairs
    G: No stay
    Ian sat on the bed
    E: I would like to take Sarah and Jonthan for a couple of hours
    G: Fine whatever just bring them back soon
    Ethan took the kids and Ian and her were alone
    G: So now what we can't go out and do anything
    I: We could watch a movie or something
    G: Gosh a movies it has been a long time since I have watcfhed a movie.
    I: Well then there is all the reason more to watch one then
    G: I guess so
    Back to Theresa and Ethan
    T: Sarah would you like another helping of noodles
    S: Sure Theresa
    E: You are a good little eater your mom never told me that
    S: Well thats cuz yur never round
    E: Well Sweetheart you know me and Theresa are dating
    Jonathon started to cry. Ethan got up
    T: Let me go and feed him
    She left the room.
    LE: Daddy can I be excused
    E: Eat your dinner
    E: you know I love you right
    S: Yes but u don't love Mommy
    E: I care about her as a friend. Theresa and I dated before your mommy and I did and she just dissapered and then night your mommy and I got married she called me and we found her again. I couldn't hide my feelings from your mother and we tried to make things work but it couldn't.
    S: Well I wish you two were together.
    E: I know u do sweetie
    They all ate dinner in silence it wasn't going too well. Theresa came back in
    T: He's alright just a little hungry
    She handed Jonathon to Ethan
    E: Hey buddy
    Le: Mommy can I go to my room
    T: go
    E: I told him no
    T: Just let him go
    S: can Jonathon and I go home
    E: In a little bit aren't you having fun
    S: No she walked into the living room
    T: Things a little tense
    E: Yea
    T: Let me talk to her
    E: I don't know if thats a good idea
    T: only one way to find out
    Theresa walked into the living room and sat beside Sarah.
    T: Hey sarah. Listen I know you don't understand a lot of this but you will ok. i am not trying to replace your mother anyway anyhow. I just want you to feel comfortable when you come here.
    She got up and went into the kitchen. Back at Gwen's moms. Ian and gwen were watching a movie and eating popcorn.
    G: I never did this before just relaxed and ate popcorn.
    I: yea this is nice.
    he put an arm around her. Then Ian kissed her. Gwen kissed him back. She liked Ian a lot she just wasn't ready to be involved with anyone. he ended it
    I: Sorry
    G: Its ok I liked it.
    She kissed him. Then Ethan was at the door clearing his throat. ian pulled away
    I: I need to go but don't get out of bed and I will call u in the morning. He kissed her and she kissed him back and he left.
    G: What
    E: So you and Ian
    G: yea we like each other but we can't date because I am not ready.
    E: Listen you shouldn't date him
    G: Oh don't even start. you know what it kills you that I like someone else. You want me to be alone and pining away from you but you want Theresa. That isn't going to happen.
    E: We are still going throught with the divorce
    G: Oh I know but you still want me pining away for you
    E: gwen I still do have feelings for you. You are beautiful and you are a nice woman. Any man would be lucky to have you. Ian doesn't know how to love.
    G: Shut up shut up get out now
    E: Gwen please
    She grabbed the vase on her nightstand and threw it at him. He left and she was grateful for that.

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    ch. 38
    Ethan left the room. The vase had hit him he went toward the kitchen.
    R: Ethan where are you.. Oh my god your bleeding here let me help you
    He touched his head and got blood on his hands
    E: Thanks for noticing. Theresa would of had me press charges. Give these to gwen in a couple of weeks. i don't want to do it
    R: So your going through with the divorce?
    E: of course I love Theresa
    R: What does Theresa have that gwen doesn't it. Here let me get the bleeding to stop
    He put the washcloth to his head
    E: Ow that hurts
    R: Good I hope it did
    E: Fine
    Rebecca got the rest of the blood off his forehead
    R: Hey u will give gwen the divorce papers. I am not doing your dirty work for you
    E: Whatever


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