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Thread: never forget about me

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    Ch. 23
    Ethan got woken up early that morning by the phone
    E: Hello
    T: hey ethan its me are u coming here to see yur son
    E: Yes later on
    T: oh ok well then
    E: Theresa what do u want
    T: I would like u to come down here
    E: There is nothing we can do he is not in any danger.
    T: I know i just thought
    E: I will be down there in an hour or so he hung up and slept a little bit longer
    He and gwen woke up an hour later to Sarah crying. Gwen got up and got the baby and fed her. Ethan got up and made breakfast for him and gwen
    E: Here honey
    G: Thanks
    She sat down at the table.
    E: Gwen honey whats wrong
    G: Nothing
    E: Bull tell me
    G: I don't see you and i know Little Ethan is in the hospital but what about me u married me not Theresa so act like it once in awhile
    E: Gwen i need to be there
    G: She would call u if something was wrong
    E: Gwen u would act the same way
    G: Yes but i wouldn't be calling Ian
    E: yea but we aren't married u and i are she doesn't have anybody
    G: I am sure her mother goes down there i wouldn't be bothering u if we weren't married
    E: Well i am sorry i miss my son
    Ethan left and Gwen just hung out with Ian. Two days went by and Little Ethan came home. Ethan helped Theresa bring him home. For two weeks she left them alone so Ethan and gwen finally had a chance to be together. They made love they took walks in the park. They played with sarah and it was great two weeks later Theresa was calling. Gwen and Ian started hanging out again. he called her one morning when Ethan was with Theresa
    G: hello
    I: hey gwen
    G: Hi whats up
    I: not much. Do u want to go to the park sarah, u, and me
    G: Sure i would love to
    She got her and Sarah ready and Ian rang the doorbell. he took sarah and gwen grabbed the car seat, diaper bag, stroller, and her purse. Ian took the stroller. gwen locked the door and she strapped the car seat in. Ian put sarah in the seat and buckled her. Ian got in the car. gwen gave Sarah a toy and got in the passenger side. Ian took off. They arrived at the park. Ian got sarah out and put sarah in the stroller and they walked.
    I: So wheres yur husband
    G: With Theresa in the last 4 days i have only seen him for like a half and hour at the most. Theresa has been making excuses that she needs to see him. Little Ethan needs to go to the doctor, Little ethan needs clothes, he needs food, and she needs money. I am so sick of it
    I: He needs to spend time with you and his daughter
    G: I know
    They went and got ice cream. Gwen was feeding sarah some ice cream. She was 6 months old now.
    G: u know I haven't even gotten the chance to tell him i am pregnant again
    I: you are
    G: yea i found out last night but i don't know how its going to work he doesn't even see his daughter
    I: i don't mean to sound rude but do u ever think it was a mistake to marry him
    G: Yes sometimes I do
    They got up and walked to where the swings were Gwen put sarah in one and pushed her.
    I: gwen do u love him still
    G: Yes i do a lot but if he wants Theresa i can't help that but i can't keep fighting agaist her. I won't do it. I just won't
    I: Shh its alright.
    Then Ian looked at her. She was beautiful and he kissed her. She kissed him back. She liked the attention. It was Ethan's fault
    At Theresa's house.
    T: Ethan thanks for helping me pick out clothes
    E: No problem
    He was holding his son
    T: He is handsome like his father. U know i never thought i would have children but i am glad i did. here he needs to go down for his nap. They left the room
    E: u know i am missing precious time in my daughters life
    T: Well sweetheart bring her here it would be fun for little ethan to have someone to play with
    E: yea it might be but i need to see my wife too she is important too
    Theresa rolled her eyes
    E: Please Theresa don't roll yur eyes.
    T: Well Ethan u broke tht vow when u made love to me
    E: yea i know
    T: So divorce gwen
    E: no i love her
    T: Yea but not like me and u can't resist me
    she kissed him and he kissed her and they ended up making love and then the baby stopped them and the took care of him
    E: That shouldn't have happened
    T: Ethan u know as much as i do that u loved every second of it she smiled at him and he smiled back
    at the park
    Ian pulled away
    I: Sorry
    G: it felt so good to be appreciated
    She kissed him and he kissed her back
    I: Gwen i am falling in love with you
    G: I think i am too but i can't do this i mean not to ethan
    I: Hey take it easy and think about it. They pushed sarah for a little while and took her home bc she was getting tired. Ian had to go and he told her he would call her later. gwen put sarah down and smiled. She was falling for Ian its not like Ethan was faithful to her. She could gaurntee him and Theresa were making love. Thats how her son happened but she still wanted to stay married to him.She thought she was crazy and maybe she was. What was wrong with her. Probably her pregnacy hormones.She decided to call her best friend

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    CH. 24
    The phone rang at the cottage and Luis answered
    G: Hey is Sheridan there
    L: yea she is putting the kids down for a nap let me go get her
    A few minutes later she picked up the phone
    G: hello sheridan
    S: Hi Gwen whats up
    G: U know Ian Crane right
    S: yea he's my cousin
    She told her how they meant and that they were hanging out a lot
    S: He is a really sweet and good guy but we have only seen each other once in my life. He has always been too busy to go to family get togethers and he didn't like some of the family can't say i blame him. We have talked before but not so much now
    G: he told me he was falling for me and that he loves me.
    S: What
    G: yea he even kissed me and i can't say i didn't do it back or like it. I know its cheating and everything but i can't help it. Its not like Ethan isn't doing the exact same thing.
    S: Geez gwen i don't know what to tell u. U shouldn't be doing these things but if u do anything u and Ethan should pry get a divorce. I haven't see him and spent time together alone in a long time and i am pregnant.
    S: Well see if u too can work it out for the kids sake
    G: I do love him still Sheridan
    S: i know
    They talked for a little bit longer and hung up. Then the doorbell rang. She answered it
    G: Ian hello
    I: Hey Gwen how are u
    G:Alright i guess
    I: Still feeling guilty
    G: Yea a little bit
    I: I am not feeling guilty at all i loved every second kissing you
    G: I didn't say i didn't like it but i love Ethan too and i can't do this to him
    I: What about what he is doing to u when is the last time u have seen him
    G: I seen him this week but for like a half of an hour
    I: See he is with Theresa what makes u think things are going to change what kind of a marriage is this. U need someone to love you and i can do that Gwen
    I: i know but we have two beautiful children and one on the way he does not know about
    I: See u didn't even get to tell him about that one yet thats terrible
    G: I know
    I: Gwen i want to be with you so bad. U need to make a descion right now i am not joking around
    G: Oh so now yur giving me an ultimatuim how can u even think about doing this
    I: Because i want us to be together and i love you but u need to tell Ethan because we can't be together
    G: This is not how life was supposed to go ok. If Theresa hadn't come back we would of been really happy alright. If he hadn't slept with her none of this would be happening but she knew if she got pregnant he wouldn't leave her hanging. I am not stupid.This is all her fault. We should of moved when he asked me to and i have been nothing but nice to her and him both because i would understand how she feels but i haven't done anything to get him back. He is always ddefending her and i am sick of it. We were supposed to live together happily forever
    I: See u need something new and differnt
    He stepped toward her to kiss her
    G: No don't
    I: Why
    G: Because u kissing me wasn't right i am sorry but i need to be by myself. He didn't even say good-bye he just slammed the door. Gwen knew he was mad but she wanted to be by herself she needed to figure out what to do but nothing came to mind. Her and Sarah fell asleep on the couch together. Being pregnant made her tired. She was getting bigger and Ian still hadn't called her. It had been 3 months and she tried to call him but no one answered. She was showing and still hadn't told Ethan. Well Sarah and her were asleep on the couch one night and Ethan put Sarah in her crib and pulled the covers off gwen when he noticed the bump and woke her up
    E: Gwen
    G: Is it morning already
    E: Gwen yur pregnant
    G: Oh yea i guess so i wanted to tell u but i don't see you anymore
    E: Oh my gosh how far
    G: Four months
    E: Gwen i am so sorry i haven't been around for you
    She went up to her bedroom without a word to him
    E: Gwen come back here
    She kept on walking
    G: What kind of marriage is this Ethan this is a joke
    E: I know everything has been crazy and i am sorry. I am going to stay home and spend time with you and Sarah.
    G: What about Theresa
    Then his phone rang
    G: Exactly
    E: Hello. Not today i am staying home with my wife
    He hung up and turned off his phone
    E: There hows that
    G: Oh ethan thank you
    They went to the park and they dropped Sarah off at his mothers and went to dinner alone together. Then they went home and Sarah spent the night at his mothers. They made love that night. Gwen fell asleep early. He was going to start spending time with her. He went to his voicemail he had like 40 and couldn't resisit listening to them. He did and he felt bad but he couldn't negelct his wife anymore. After awhile he lied down beside her and went to bed.
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    Ch. 25

    The next morning Gwen woke up
    G: Ethan
    She opened her eyes but the bed beside her was empty
    G: Damn it she mumbled
    She got out of bed and went downstairs she had to go get her daughter soon. When she went downstairs she saw Ethan downstairs
    G: Oh yur here I thought u had left
    E: Gwen u scared me u should be in bed off yur feet
    G: I am fine i am not that far along
    E: Your far along enough to show. I am going to make u breakfast
    G: Ok well are we going to go get Sarah
    E: Yes after u eat something
    Gwen went upstairs to get a maternity top and some pants. The doorbell rang
    G: i'll get it.
    She opened the door
    T: Gwen hi
    G: Hello Theresa
    T: Yur pregnant again
    G: Yes i am
    T: Is ethan here she looked in the house
    G: Yes Theresa he is here but he is making me dinner
    T: Oh well it will just take a second
    G: Wheres Little Ethan
    T: At home with mama
    G: Well why don't u go home and see yur son alright
    T: Let me talk to Ethan
    E: Whats going on here
    T: Ethan i just wanted to talk to you
    E: Well right now i am a bit busy
    T: Please Ethan
    E: is Little ethan alright
    T: Yes he is fine but
    E: But nothing go home and see yur son
    T: No ethan
    Gwen grabbed the arm of the couch and grabbed her stomach
    E: Gwen are u alright
    G: Yea just some pain
    E: Please leave
    he shut the door in her face
    G: Ethan I am alright
    E: Lets go to the hospital alright
    G: No ethan i feel fine alright
    E: At least sit down
    She sat down and ethan fed her breakfast. Then they went and picked up sarah and came home. They had been home about an hour when the phone rang
    E: Helllo
    P: Hey ethan sorry to bother you but is Theresa there
    E: No i saw her about 2 to 3 hours ago what she didn't come home
    P: No but i'm sure she is fine
    E: Is Luis or Miguel looking for her
    P: Yes they are
    E: Well where are they
    P: I think they are uptown looking for her
    E: Well i will give it another hour and call and if they don't find her i will go and look for her
    G: Is Theresa missing
    E: Yea but Luis and Miguel are looking for her
    Ethan tried to sit and play with Sarah but she could tell he was thinking about her
    G: Go to find her ethan all u are going to do is sit here and pace go
    E: Are u sure
    G: Yes
    E: I will make this up to you
    He kissed her and left Gwen sat with her daughter and fed her a bottle and put her down for a nap. She was sleeping on the couch when the phone rang. It was Sheridan. She knew that Theresa was missing so they talked for another hour and she was pregnant with her third baby and Gwen talked about her pregnancy. Then sarah started crying and she told her to let her go and that they would have lunch soon. She went upstairs to go get her daughter and then the doorbell rang. She took her daughter and went downstairs it was Ian. She opened the door.
    G: Hi how are u
    I: I am ok
    G: Come in i am sure sarah is hungry
    She shut the door got Sarah a bottle and fed her
    I: I know its been awhile since i have seen you i wanted to see how u were
    G: i am alright
    I: Wheres ethan
    G: Theresa went missing so i told him to go find her
    I: Oh well i guess u haven't thought about my offer
    G: Ethan has been spending a lot of time with me
    I: I know but will u go to dinner with me tomorrow
    G: Yea let me call u and tell u that but i think i might be able too
    I: Alright
    he just about left when Ethan walked in
    E: Hey whats going on
    G: Nothing why Ian came to see me to see how i was he was leaving
    E: Good bye
    He pointed at the door and left
    G: Someone jelous
    E: No i just don't like him
    G: Ok ethan so i assume u found Theresa
    E: Yea and she was a mess she was crying bc i slammed the door in her face and we had to take her to the hospital to give her a sedative.
    G: Geez is she still there
    E: Yea but Luis and Miguel are there with her how are u feeling
    G: Alright a little tired but otherwise fine
    E: Good
    Ethan made Gwen dinner and they ate dinner together. They had a nice romantic candle light dinner and cuddled in front of the fire place and then went to bed. Things seemed to be getting better

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    Ch. 26
    For the first time in a long time Gwen started to relax. Ethan was attentive and she thought maybe that was bc she was pregnant but there was also another problem she couldn't stop thinking about Ian. She needed to see him again. Ethan went to work one morning so she got sarah ready and went to her mothers. The place where it all started. She knocked on the door
    R: Gwennie what are u doing here
    G: Mom i need to talk to you
    R: Come on and let me take my granddaughter you know you should be resting
    G: Mom i am so sick of hearing that i am not that far along
    R: So why did u rush over here then
    G: Mom u remember when u introduced me to Ian
    R: Yea what about it
    G: I can't get him off my mind and that not fair to Ethan you know my husband
    R: Thats not my problem alright. You know Ethan doesn't care all he cares about is that brat Theresa
    G: Mom he has been nice and loving me ever since he knew i was pregnant
    R: That doesn't seem strange to you in any way that now he starts acting like that. baby i would be concerned
    G: Do u know where he lives
    R: Of course i do
    G: Can i have the address
    R: Yes but what are u going to do when u get there
    G: I don't know i just need to see him thats all
    R: Alright
    her mom wrote down the address. She told her mom she would pick up Sarah later. She got to his house and knocked on the door. Ian answered.
    I: Gwen what a nice surprise
    G: Look Ian i really need to talk to you
    I: look this isn't a really good time right now
    G: Why whats going on
    T: Who is it
    Theresa appereared out of nowhere
    G: Oh well this is a nice surprise i didn't know you two were involved
    I: Gwen come on
    G: No the person i truley dispise i should of known
    T: gwen just one question why aren't u with yur husband and what are u two sleeping together
    G: U little slut
    She pushed past Ian and slapped Theresa across the face and began to choke her
    G:This is all yur fault u stupid slut. I love Ethan and u came between us and now yur making assumptions so u think u can run to ethan and break us up
    I: Gwen enough stop
    he managed to get Gwen off of Theresa while she gasped for air
    I: What the heck is wrong with you
    She ran out the door and to her mothers
    G: Mother he was with Theresa
    R: Ian no
    G: Yea i just had my hands around her neck and tried to kill her
    R: Gwen u need to go home and rest alright just take it easy.
    Gwen took her daughter went home and Rebecca went over there an hour later
    I: Becky do we have another dinner date planned
    R: No is that little tramp here
    I: U mean Theresa
    R: Don't play dumb with me
    I: Yea why
    R: U know Gwen really needed to see you and u blew her off
    I: Why did she need to see me for she's got her husband thats who she wants
    R: Ok one question why were u with Theresa
    I: Well she wanted me to help her break Gwen and Ethan up so i could have gwen and she could have Ethan. She knew Gwen and i were spending a lot of time together and i was about to tell her that when she went after Theresa
    R: Well u know what that little tramp deserved it she has caused Gwen nothing but pain since she has been back and it need to stop
    I: I told her to leave Gwen aloene but she won't listen
    R: Not totally unlike her stupid girl. I don;t know where Pilar went wrong. I need to go but i wanted to know what the heck was going on
    I: What was Gwen going to tell me
    R: I am not entirely sure but we will see i guess
    Rebecca left. Gwen was sleeping when the doorbell rang. She got up to get it
    G: Ian
    I: Gwen i am really sorry
    G: What the heck are u and Theresa doing together are u two dating well she can leave my husband alone now huh
    I: Actually she came to ask me to help her break u two up
    G: WHAT i am going to kill her
    I: Gwen I told her to leave u two alone if she listens thats a differnt story
    G: ha yea right she won't listen to you
    I: so why did u come to see me
    G: Ian i hate to admit this but i can't stop thinking about you and i know thats not right but i can't and i am so confused about my feelings right now
    I: Its ok
    he held her in his arms. At the office. Ethan was cleaning up for the day when the door opened
    T: Can i come in
    E: What do u want
    T: i haven't seen u and u haven't seen yur son in awhile
    E: I know but i need to be there for gwen too she is having another baby with me
    T: Why don't u admit u want to be with me and quit fighting yur feeling for me mister
    E: U need to leave u want me to call security
    T: U wouldn't do that to me
    Theresa kissed him and they made love on his desk he couldn't help himself. Back with Gwen
    G: I am sorry i get so emotional when i am pregnant
    I: No no its alright
    Then Gwen kissed Ian. She had wanted to do that for awhile. He kissed her back and they ended up making love and giving into their passion for once.

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    Ch. 27

    Ian and her got dressed and were on the couch kissing. Theresa and Ethan were talking and Ethan decided he needed to divorce gwen.
    T: U finally decided to do it
    E: I think its time its not fair to Gwen. I am going home to tell her.
    T: Do u want me to go with you
    E: I think I need to do this alone and plus we need to talk about the kids and our things we owned together and the house
    T: Alright i will make dinner and keep it warm
    E: Hon i don't know how long i will be
    T: Ethan
    E: Yea
    T: I'm pregnant
    E: you are
    T: Yea i am i found out this morning
    He kissed her. I gotta go. He went home and parked and Ian's car was there. he went inside and Ian and Gwen were kissing
    E: Well this is a surprise
    G: Ethan
    I: I better go
    E: Yea i think so
    he left
    G: Ethan i can explain ok. Its us u don't spend enough time together i just got a lot of attention from Ian i am really sorry. I am kinda glad u did maybe we could talk about us and trying to spend enough time together
    E: Gwen we need to talk
    G: Ok about what
    E: i have decided its best if Theresa and i get married and we divorce
    G: Ethan i told u that i was going to give u a divorce and u said no
    E: Besides Gwen it looks like u found somebody yurself
    G: I guess i wll give u a divorce but Ethan was i not good enough for you
    E: Yes Gwen its just that well i love Theresa and i can't help but make love to her. Its like some spell she has on me. It would be better if we didn't cheat.
    G: I know Ethan and i do love you a lot.
    E: I do gwen but its not fair to u
    G: I guess so i will grant u the divorce
    E: we just need to decide on some things
    G: Like what
    E: The kids
    G: Well we can trade every other weekend we can do that
    E: Sounds good
    G: Well i will have to find another house
    E: No keep this one. I can buy another one for Theresa and I. Its not a problem
    G: well thanks Ethan thats really thoughtful
    E: So i guess i take whats mine and u have whats yurs. Of course besides the children
    G: Yea i want them to know their father
    E: I want to be a father figure to them too
    G: yea thats fine
    E: Are u going to be alright
    G: i will have to be. You know it just kinda scares me. I love you so much. Even though i knew u wanted to be with Theresa i loved u so much i wanted u anyway i could have you. Then ian started paying attention to me and i just felt beautiful again you know
    E: Gwen you are beautiful and i feel terriable that i didn't pay attention to you. gwen i do still love you a lot.
    G: I know it just kinda hurts
    E: Come here.
    Ethan held her for awhile.
    G: Ethan
    E: What
    gwen kissed him. She pulled away
    G: Its been so long since I felt yur lips upon mine
    E: I know it has been a long time
    Gwen kissed him again. She wanted to make love to him one last time. She hoped he would let her. He wasn't stopping. They ended up making love on the floor.
    E: That shouldn't have happened
    G: Ethan yes it should of we were married and i love you so much after our marriage and everything i deserve that
    E: ok ok u win
    He kissed her on the mouth before he left
    E: Are u sure yur alright
    G: I will be i am not going to lie that i do love you and it hurts
    E: Gwen yur beautiful and don't quit smiling bc whether u end up with Ian or someone else any man would be lucky to have you and i want to be in the delivery room when the baby is born
    G: If u wish
    E: We have a court date set so we can get legally divorced. i will call u with the details of signing the house over to you and the date at a later time
    G: Alright
    E: Bye
    G: Bye
    She watched him go. She knew she was going to break down and bawl. She sat down on the couch and Ian busted in 5 minutes later
    I: Gwen what happened
    G: he is divorcing me
    I: Bc i kissed you
    G: No bc he wants to be with Theresa
    I: Are you ok
    G: no i mean i am glad u know there will be no more sneaking around but i still loved him
    Ian held her as she cried for an hour straight
    I: Gwen i know this might not be the best time but now we can be together
    G: Right now i don't want to date anyone
    I: I know i will not pressure u into anything
    G: good bc thats not what i need right now. Right now all i want to do is go to bed
    I: Well lets get u into bed i can watch yur daughter for you.
    gwen slept for an hour when the phone ringing woke her up
    G: Hello
    I: Gwen its Ivy
    G: hey
    I: Honey how are u?
    G: Alright
    I: I heard what happened i am really sorry but this doesn't change things between us
    G: i hope not bc yur like a second mother to me
    I: Your like a second daughter to me
    G: Thanks
    They got off the phone and Rebecca came in
    R: Honey i just heard
    G: What is it all over town
    R: Ivy called me
    G: Oh
    R: Ian is here
    G: he is watching Sarah for me
    R: u need to be well rested for yur baby you know
    G: i know i will be
    R: Alright
    G:Mother can u just leave
    R: ok but i am taking Sarah so u can rest and not be disturbed
    G: alright
    Rebecca left and Ian did too he thought Gwen needed a break. gwen was a mess

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    Ch. 28
    Gwen did not get out of bed except to use the bathroom over the 2 days he lied in bed. Her mom came over to see her but she wouldn't talk to her or eat. her mom called Ethan and told him what was going on. He went over to see if she could get her out of bed. he went upstairs into their old bedroom
    E: Gwen
    G: Ethan what are u doing here
    E: I am worried about u now come on whats wrong
    G: Losing u is a lot harder than i thought it would be.
    E: Gwen u need to get out of bed and go on with yur life
    G: I can't go on and live without you
    E: Yes u can. U gave me the divorce
    G: I know i know but i am in a lot of pain right now. I can't sleep, eat, and i am so weak
    E: U have to eat for this little baby inside of you
    G: I know i just can't
    E: How about this take a shower and get dressed and I will make u some breakfast alright
    G: Ok i guess so
    E: Ok get a shower and come downstairs and eat
    gwen got up and showered and changed and sat at the table. She realized that she was famished at that point
    E: Ok here u go. I will have some breakfast with you.
    gwen ate two plates full. Ethan was happy she ate that much
    E: Well i think we need to go to the drs I know u had an appointment
    G: Yea i did
    E: Well lets go this way we will see if u did any damage those 2 days
    Ethan took her to the drs
    Dr: Well Gwen looks like the baby is fine
    G: It does
    Dr; yes the baby looks fine and do u want to know the sex of the baby now. I know i asked u last month but i want to ask u again to make sure
    G: No i don't want to know
    Dr; Alright i will write u up a prescritption for yur prenatals. Nurse would u write Mrs. Winthrop a ..
    G: Dr dr its Miss Hiotckiness again. Ethan wants a divorce
    Dr: ok well why is he here with you
    G: Were friends
    Dr: Ok well is this going to affect the baby at all
    G: I don't know i am already upset about it
    Dr: Well gwen if yur unsure u and Mr. Winthrop might need to stay together until the baby is born in order to have the baby unless u don't care if it survives. The baby needs u to be calm
    G: Ok
    Dr: Mr. Winthrop can I talk to u alone right now. Write up that prescription Joyce
    J: Yes dr
    Dr: Come into my office. So whats going on
    E: Listen Gwen agreed to give me the divorce
    Dr: Well if she gets upset the baby could die
    E: So u think i should stay with her for the sake of the baby
    Dr: Well is she upset
    E: Yes we decided to split about 2 days ago and she got upset and she was in bed for 2 days before i got there and told her to get out of bed
    Dr: This is not good. U need to be there for her so this baby lives
    E: I guess i am going to have to do this for her and the baby. I do still care for her
    Dr: maybe u two can save yur marriage at the same time
    E: Maybe thank you dr
    Dr: Yur welcome. gwen is a great girl
    E: I know Dr
    Gwen was up at the desk and the nurse was giving her the pills
    E: How much
    J: $20.99 the norm
    Ethan reached for his wallet
    G: I got it
    E: No u don't
    G: Ethan i have to u can;t keep paying for me
    E: Yes let me
    He payed the nurse and they left
    G: Why did u pay for me we are not together anymore. I need to pay fro myself.
    E: Gwen i think i need to stay with u until the baby is born
    G: no u don't need to do that
    E: Come on gwen please we can go to the nice peaceful place and be alone together
    G: I think it would be alright but only if yur sure
    E: I am sure. I will drop u off let me pack and then we can go
    G: ok
    He dropped her off and went home to tell Theresa
    T: hey honey
    E: Hey how are you
    T: Great now that yur back
    E: Um sit down
    T: Ok whats up
    E: Ok well when i got to gwen's she was a mess she hadn't eaten in two days
    T: Ok and
    E: The dr talked to me if i want the baby to live i got to take her someplace quiet it would only be for 4 months
    T: No i have lived without u long enough
    E: We can start our lives together once gwen has the baby. I care for her and don't forget that is my baby she is carrying
    T: I have yur son here at home and this baby too
    E: U would only be three months i will be home in plenty of time before u deliver
    T: Don't go Ethan
    E: I am not asking yur permission i am going
    T: Ethan please don't go i love you
    E: I love u too but i need to do this i want my baby to be healthy and we can talk everyday. U will be set and fine until i get back
    T: No don't
    He went upstairs to get a suitcase and pack. She came upstairs.
    T: Ethan i am going to miss u
    E: me too
    T: I am going to miss yur touch and yur kiss
    She pulled him into a kiss. He groaned
    E: Not now
    T: Yes a going away present to think about me
    E: Theresa i will think about you
    She kissed him again and puhsed herself closer to him. he couldn't help himself and he pushed the suitcase off the bed and lied her down on the bed
    E: I should be leaving but i can't go with out doing this with you
    T: Shhh kiss me
    He claimed her mouth and then grabbed her breast as she moaned. Then they made love twice before he left. he tried to get out of the bed after the second time
    E: Theresa i can't
    T: Yes Ethan again
    E: Theresa Gwen is pry wondering what happened to me
    T: Let her wonder
    She kissed him and he kissed her back. He tried to get out of bed and Theresa grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him back into bed
    E: No i gotta go
    he threw his clothes on. Then he packed his suitcase quickly. he kissed his son and kissed Theresa passionletly and heavily and left to get gwen. He went up to the door
    G: I was thinking u forgot about me
    E: Sorry there was something i had to take care of
    G: Oh ok
    E: Do u feel alright
    G: Yea i am ok
    E: Good
    These 3 months she was going to try and out her marriage back together.

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    Ch. 29
    gwen and Ethan left to go to the cabin he rented.

    G: This is so beautiful Ethan i love it
    E: Good i am glad u do
    G: This is like the cabin we had last time this one has more room too
    E: Yea it costs a little more but i thought u might like it
    G: like it I love it
    She smiled at him and hugged him. He hugged her back. That night Ethan was on his computer working when Gwen came in
    G: Hey i made some dinner
    E: Oh Gwen i was so into my work that I didn't hear u come in what time is it
    G: Its about 7 and i am straving
    E: ok I will be there in a few minutes
    Gwen went and set candles out on the table dimmed the lights and put their salad and she made grilled chicken with a light sauce, salad, potatoes, and for dessert she made strawberry shortcake. Ethan sat down 10 minutes later
    E: This looks good
    G: I hope u like it. It sounded so yummy.
    They started eating
    E: This is great Gwen just wonderful
    G: Thanks i try
    E: You were always a good cook
    G: you never told me that
    E: Well u were
    G: well thanks. I miss Sarah i think after dinner i am going to call my mother
    After they ate and had dessert Ethan and gwen both got on the phone and talked to her mother and Sarah was fine. Gwen and Ethan sat out by the pool and they went outside and Gwen read and Ethan worked on his laptop. When Ethan checked on Gwen she had fallen asleep. He carried her up to her room. he got on his phone and called Theresa
    T: hello
    E: Hey baby
    T: Ethan i am so happy to hear from you
    E: Gosh I miss u did i wake up Little Ethan
    T: no he is sound asleep
    E: Thats good
    Gwen had woken up. The house they were in had an upstairs. She could hear Ethan talking on the phone. She sat on the staircase out of view to listen she had a pretty good idea who it was
    T: So how is Gwen doing
    E: Well she is doing a lot better now that she is here. She has color to her face. I am glad to do anything for her and the baby. Even though we are divorcing i still care a lot about her. We have known each other about as long as you and i have
    T: Well thats good god i wish u were here
    E: What are u doing to keep yurself busy
    T: Well Little Ethan keeps me busy throughout the day. mama comes and sees me. The nights are the lonliest for me though.
    E: I am so happy you are pregnant. I can't wait to be involved with you and the baby
    T: yea i am excited i have been getting sick a lot lately but i know why
    E: Well I hope Gwen and i can come to some agreement when I can and can't see the kids
    T: They are welcome here anytime u know that right
    E: yea i do
    T: Well its getting late I am tired i am going to bed
    E: Alright sleep good and dream of me.
    T: That won't be a problem
    E: Alright I love you Theresa
    T: I love you Ethan night
    E: Night
    he shut his phone and turned it off. gwen went upstairs and lied down. She wasn't tired now. She hated Theresa she wanted Ethan. She can't believe that Theresa was pregnant again although she didn't know why that surprised her. Ethan came up an hour later. gwen was lying there. Then Ethan put his arm around Gwen and held her close. Gwen fell asleep finally content. Gwen woke up early the next morning before Ethan did. She went downstairs and called her mom
    R: Hello
    G: Mom its gwen
    R: Gwen how are you
    G: Alright hows my baby
    R: She is great
    G: mom Ethan called Theresa last night
    R: Well what do u expect
    G: I want him and i don't know how to get him
    R: be sexy flirt do something that u first did
    G: Thanks mom
    R: Yur welcome
    She heard Sarah cry
    R: I gotta go
    G: Ok give Sarah a kiss for me
    R: I will bye
    G: Bye
    She hung up the phone got in the shower and got dressed. She was humming as she made breakfast. Ethan came down about 10 minutes later
    E: gwen
    G: Down here
    E: What are u doing up so early
    G: Making u breakfast its almost done
    E: Well thanks gwen
    2 minutes later she set down a plate for him and her. They ate and he claned up for her
    G: Thanks for cleaning up for me.
    She got up and went over to him and kissed him on the lips. he pulled away
    E: What are u doing
    G: Thanking you
    E: Saying thank you is enough. I gotta go shower
    He went upstairs
    G: Damn it
    She sat down and put her head down. When Ethan came down Gwen's head was down
    E: Gwen are u feeling alright
    She went outside and sat down at the edge of the pool and put her feet in
    E: Gwen are u rethinking the divorce
    G: I love you so much Ethan yes i am rethinking it
    E: U agreed
    G: i know that but i don't know now
    E: Its alright don't worry things will be alright after the baby I am going back to Theresa I lover her Gwen and we can't be together when I love her like I do
    G: Am i not good enough
    E: You are its just i gave my heart to Theresa a long time ago
    G: Stop right now while were here. Its about you, me , and our unborn baby. I don't want u even thinking about that tramp. Now i am going upstairs and chaning clothes. When I get back I hope u have an attidtude change.
    Gwen ran upstairs and took her time so Ethan could think about what she said

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    Ch. 30

    Gwen come downstairs to see where Ethan was.
    G: Ethan where are u
    Thats when she saw the note with his cell phone. She picked up the letter. It read:
    I had to leave for a little while. I will be back in a couple of hours. I need to be alone to think. Thats why i left my cell phone. We will talk when i get home.
    G: Damn it
    She sat down at the table and got a glass of water. Then Ethan's cell phone rang. Gwen decided not to answer it and then she decided it might be Ivy or something so she looked at the caller Id and it was Theresa.
    G: Damn it just leave Ethan alone.
    She wanted to answer it anyways
    G: Hello
    T: Oh Gwen i didn't know you were going to answer look I just need to talk to Ethan for a second
    G: Well he is not here
    T: Gwen look i know that you don;t like me talking to him but it will just be a second
    G: Theresa i am telling u he is not here
    T: When we he be back
    G: Well by his note he won't be back for a couple of hours
    T: Oh well can u tell him to call me when he gets back.
    G: What for
    T: I just want him to send some money for Little Ethans doctor visit.
    G: Oh ok
    T: Look Gwen i am sorry for whateevr pain i caused you
    G: Theresa i really don;t want to talk about this
    She could feel the blood pumping through her veins
    G: Well i should let u go
    T: Why
    G: I just need to let u go
    She shut the cell phone and sat down at the table and put her head down. Ethan didn't come home for 2 hours. Finally gwen heard the car pull up and went outside to greet Ethan
    G: Where have u been
    E: Driving around thinking
    G: You told me that much
    E: I am sorry i had to but lets go inside and talk
    They both sat down on the couch.
    G: Ok Ethan go ahead
    E: Ok look i had a lot of time to think and i think that we should put everything aside and and just think about our baby and then go back to our lives when the baby is born
    G: No Ethan no i love you
    E: You said we could go ahead with the divorce
    G: I know and you saw how I was when i let yo go
    E: Yes I know but Theresa and i are in love. You want her and i to keep sneaking behind yur back. I can't give you enough attention. I want you to be happy
    G: If were together i will be happy
    E: Gwen its not like you won't ever see me. We can share the kids.
    G: I want us to raise the kids. The kids need a mother and a father
    E: I am sorry Gwen but i can't take it. I am in love with her and its not fair to you
    G: Ethan how come i was never good for you
    E: Its not that its just u know the past Theresa and I have
    G: Yea i know but Ethan how come i was never good enough. I thought i made you happy
    E: you did when we were married you did
    G: Obviously not. What is it going to take Ethan bc I loev you with all my heart it hurts
    E: Shh its ok
    Ethan then kissed her to calm her down. Gwen kissed him back. She pulled away
    G: Ethan i love you. I don't want a divorce
    E: Ok lets talk about it when u give birth
    G: Good bc i want to talk about something else
    She kissed him. Then they made love. Ethan couldn't deny it her bc he said they would talk about it. gwen woke up the next morning and cooked Ethan breakfast. Ethan came downstairs
    E: Well u look happy
    G: I am. I have never felt this way since we were married
    E: Good
    She gave him a good morning kiss.
    G: i am so happy right now
    She was making breakfast and humming
    G: Ethan we could still be happy together
    E: Gwen we still need to talk about it
    G: I know but u just made me so happy last night
    E: Gwen don't get yur hopes up too high
    G: Don't don;t ruin this
    E: Alright alright
    The months flew by. She was two weeks overdue and Theresa wanted Ethan home. He didn;t know what to do


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