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Thread: never forget about me

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    Ch. 15
    For that whole week Theresa moped around the house. Finally her mother got tired of it
    P: Dios mio there u act like someone died
    T: My heart did i will never be better
    P: Theresa get over it. Ethans gone moved on with Gwen
    T: He has kissed me he loves me i know it my heart and he does too. He made vows and he can't break them
    P: Of course he can't it would be wrong
    The next morning Theresa got up extra early. She had to find Ethan she just had too. She talked to a couple of people and finally found him. She went and knocked on his door. Gwen was out at the pool Ethan was working on his laptop. The doorbell rang and he answered
    E: Theresa what are u doing here
    T: I had to see u its been a long week without you
    E: U have to go if Gwen's sees you she will flip
    T: I am not leaving without you.
    E:Your mother is pry worred sick. Call her
    T: Ok ok she got her phone out.
    E: I will be right back. Gwen
    G: hey sweetheart
    E: Hey i need to run into the office real quick
    G: Ethan
    E: I know i know but i promise just this once
    G: ok ok but hurry back
    E: it will pry take three days will u be ok by yurself
    G: Yes as long as u call
    E: I will
    he kissed her good-bye
    E: Come on lets go
    They drove all night and stopped at a hotel
    E: We need sepereate rooms
    C: Sorry fellow but we only got one
    E: Fine i'll take it
    They went into their room it was alright
    T: Ethan this reminds me of the room we spent in together
    E: Hmm yea it does
    T: Do u remember
    E: Yes I do it was nice
    T: Yea it was.
    E: Did u call Pilar
    T: yea i did boy that was a long trip
    E: Yea thanks to you i had to leave my wife I hope she's ok
    T: Ethan u just called her she's fine.
    E: Yea i guess so
    T: Ethan
    E: yea
    She moved closer to him and straddled him on the bed
    T: What are u thinking about right now
    E: That u need to get off of me
    T: No seriously Ethan look at me i am right here what are u thinking truthfully
    E: He swallowed Um how much i want you
    T: yea
    E: Yea but its wrong
    T: Thats not what yur body is telling me
    E: Theresa please
    T: No Ethans its been too long for us and i am going to fight agaist u until u give in
    She pushed him down on the bed and got ontop of him and kissed him. He kissed her back. This time he kissed her with passion.
    T: Ethani haven't felt this passion in awhile
    E: I know me either
    Ethan and her had never felt a better climax either. Afterwards
    T: Lets do that again
    E: no it was wrong and i can't believe we just did that
    T: It was wonderful
    E: Yes but thats not the point
    T: Lets just go to bed
    E: Yea i'll be back
    T: Where are u going
    He slammed the door shut and called Luis
    L: Hello
    E: Hey man i know its late but can u do me a favor can u come pick up yur sister I can't take her back to harmony
    L: Yea i understand where are u
    E: I am at the pailor hotel its about a half and hour from Harmony
    L: Yea i can come get her tomorrow about 8
    E: Sounds good I am on the first floor room 100 see ya tomorrow
    He went back inside
    T: What did u do
    E: Lets go to sleep we need to get up at 7 night
    T Night
    At 7 they got up and had breakfast and came back to the room. Luis showed up 20 minutes later
    E: Hey man thanks
    T: U called my brother
    E: yea i did i need to get back to Gwen
    L: Come on Theresa lets go mama was so worried i can't believe you
    T: I can't believe you
    L: Come on sis
    T: Ethan i can;t believe you
    E: Bye Theresa
    L: Hey I will keep an eye on her next time lock her up if i have to
    T: Very funny Luis
    Ethan hopped in the car and drove the long drive back to where Gwen and him were staying. he thought he could make it back by tonight. If he sped.

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    Gwen and Ethan had no distractions for a month until one morning. Gwen was outside by the pool reading her pregnancy book when the phone rang.
    E: Hello
    T: Ethan its me
    E: What
    T: Listen don't get mad at me but right now i am standing here in the bathroom looking at a pregnany test and its postive
    E; yea right yur lying
    T: no ethan remember we made love and its about the right time. i wouldn't lie
    E: oh my god i can't tell Gwen right now it would kill her and its going to but i don't want her to lose the baby. We will have to deal with this when we come back to harmony
    T: Ethan i am going to be at least 8 months pregant
    E: i know Theresa
    T: Come see me
    E: I can't Theresa
    T: Why bc yur scared we might make love again
    E: no i am staying here with gwen we will deal with this when we come back
    gwen came in just as they hung up.
    G: u coming swimming
    E: yes honey
    G: Hey i found some pretty interesting things in that book.
    They talked about that. Back in harmony
    T: Mama
    P: Theresa whats going on
    T: I have something to tell u
    P: Ok whats that
    T: I'm pregnant
    P: yea right by who
    T: Ethan
    P: hes married
    T: Mama remember when we spent the night together well i kinda seduced him and we ended up making love.
    P: Theresa how could you
    T: I am excied about this
    P: I can't believe you who are u
    she got up and walked away
    T: mama
    She didn't turn around. A couple of months went by and Theresa started to show and e-mailed Ethan a picture of herself so he didn't think she was lying. Ethan got the pciture and they were instant messaging each other
    E: your showing now
    T: yea now do u believe me
    E: I never said i didn't
    T: So how big is gwen
    E: Bigger then you
    T: So what are we going to do
    E: Well i am going to have to come clean or u will tell her
    T: Yes i will. U know she will pry end things with you
    E: I hope not i love her
    T: Whatever
    E: I gotta go spend time with my wife bye
    T: Bye i love you
    he didn't respond back. Theresa had a day dream
    T: Ethan tell gwen why i am really pregnant
    E: Well remember that business call i had well Theresa needed a ride back to harmony and i made love to her at first i thought it was bc she seduced me but it was bc i wanted too.
    G: Ethan u broke our vows how could you. I think we need to break up congrats Theresa
    T: Now we can be together
    E: Yea as soon as my divorce comes through
    They made love
    Theresa stops dreaming
    T: U me and the baby one day
    Back to Ethan and gwen
    E: how are u feeling
    G: Great why
    E: just wondering
    ethan handed her a slush
    G: thanks u know this is great i have never been more relaxed in my life. a good husband and no stress what could be better besides having our baby
    E: yes Gwen i can't wait either
    Ethan kisses gwen and tocuhed her stoamch and felt the baby kicking. Having the baby would bond them forever but so would Theresa and his baby

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    Ch. 17
    Gwen was getting bigger by the moment
    G: Ethan i am huge look at me
    E: U look sexy pregnant
    G: Good god i am a cow
    E: Gwen u'll lose the weight u want this baby right
    G: Yea and u know what this is great i haven't had cramps in awhile.
    E: I know that u want to have more kids right
    G: Yea i do Ethan
    E: Me too
    The day finally arrived when Gwen began having contractions. Gwen woke up
    G: Ethan i think i am having contarctions
    E: are u sure its not false labor
    G: Ethan i am sure
    They got her out of the house and to the hospital. Her water broke in the car. They got her to the hospital and in a wheel chair.
    N: Would the father like to come too
    E: Yes i would
    Gwen and ethan got into the delivery room and waited for her to dilate
    G: Ethan it hurts
    E: keep breathing
    G: Ok
    They did their breathing together. gwen was in alot of pain
    E: Can we give her something for the pain
    N: Yes hold on
    They gave her some medication and she was fine. 3 hours later they had a baby girl
    E: Gwen she is beautiful like her mommy
    G: She is what about the name Sarah
    E: i love it
    They left the next morning and they traveled back to harmony. Ethan was nervous about seeing Theresa. This could end his marriage. He was going to tell Gwen but wanted to wait. If his marriage was going to end he wanted to spend time with her.
    In harmony
    T: mama i am having cramps
    P: False labor dear everyone goes through it
    T: I wish Ethan was here
    P:Why so u can destroy a marriage
    T: It shouldn't have happened
    P: U were gone. U know as much as i love having i home it might have been better if u would hav stayed gone.
    T: well geez thanks mama
    she walked outside.
    T: God Ethan where are you me and my baby need you.
    Ethan and Gwen were traveling
    G: Ethan were getting close i am kinda excited to see my mother, sheridan, and even Pilar she is sweet.
    E: Yes she is can we home and unpack
    G: of course sweetheart
    They arrived home and pulled in the driveway. gwen got the baby out and Ethan grabbed the suitcases. They went in and unpacked and Gwen was ready to show the baby off
    G: my mother needs to see the baby first come on
    E: R u sure yur up to it
    G: Yes
    They went to her moms first
    R: oh Gwen its so good for u to be back let me see my granddaughter.
    G: here she is
    R: Gosh she looks so cute she has yur nose Ethan
    E: Thanks
    They visited for about a half an hour and went to see Sheridan
    S: Gwen i am glad yur back let me see the baby
    Luis was eying ethan. He went over to him
    E: Hey
    L: Hey did u tell Gwen
    E: Not yet and i didn't mean for this to happen
    L: I know i hope gwen doesn't leave you
    E: Me either
    L: Theresa thinks u two will be together
    E: No i love gwen
    Then she came over
    G: Luis see my daughter
    L: She is beautiful
    Luis held her
    G: Were going to see yur mom next is she home
    L: Um not right now
    G: Oh well maybe tomorrow then
    They visited for an hour and went home. Before they left Ethan thanked Luis.
    L: She is going to see Theresa sooner or later
    E: I know but thanks
    They left and went home. They had to set up a crib and other things

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    gwen got out of bed early and showered. Then the baby started crying. That woke up ethan.
    E: Gwen u got the baby
    G: Yea i do
    E: Oh what are u doing up early
    G: We are going to yur parents
    E: Oh we are
    G: Yea I want to show them the baby
    E: Ok
    They got the baby ready and went to his parents
    S: hey son yur back
    E: Hey dad
    G: Sam this is Sarah Winthop
    S: She is beautiful, Ivy Gwen and Ethan are here. Come in guys
    They walked inside
    I: Oh let me see that baby
    She hugged both gwen and Ethan
    I: I want to hold her
    G: here u go
    S: U guys hungry we were going to go out to eat
    G: oh we couldn't impose
    S: Please join us
    E: We can go
    G: Alright i guess so
    They rode with Sam and Ivy. They got to the resturant ate and ordered. Then 2 hrs later the rode back to sam and Ivy's
    G: Well thanks for everything we will be back soon
    I: Great
    G: We gotta go to Pilars
    I: Pilars
    G: Yea i want to introduce her to Sarah
    I: Oh r u ok with it
    G: Yea
    I: Its just with Theresa and all
    G: I understand how she feels i would feel the same way
    I: Oh ok
    They left to go to Pilars
    G: Pilar i want to introduce u to my daughter sarah
    P: She is precious come on
    G: thanks come on hoeny
    P: Can i hold her
    G: Well of course
    She handed her to Pilar
    E: Wheres theresa
    P: Upstairs
    He went to the stairs
    E: Theresa come down i want u to meet gwen and Mines daughter
    T: are u sure u want me to come down
    E: Yea
    T: Alright
    Gwen was the first to see her swollen tummy when she came down
    G: are u seeing someone
    T: nope
    G: Well then who got u pregnant
    Theresa looked at Ethan and he looked at her
    T: Do u want me to tell her or do u want to
    G: Tell me what
    E: Honey sit down please. I got Theresa pregnant. remmeber when i told u i had to go to the office well Theresa was there and she wouldn't leave. harmony was so far so i got a hotel and one thing led to another. I really never meant for this to happen. I didn;t want to tell u bc i didn't want u to lose the baby. It will never happen again
    gwen sat on the couch and didn' say a thing
    E: Gwen say soemthing
    G: U broke our vows
    E: Gwen i really am sorry
    G: I guess I understand i mean u thought she was dead and she comes back
    E: gwen i am so glad u r not mad about this
    G: Wait I never said i wasn't mad i am but one thing are u sure u don't want a divorce
    E: no i want to stay married to u
    T: Come on Gwen he broke yur vows he loves me dump him
    G: Listen Theresa i have been nice to u over and over let it go get off my back and leave my husband alone we are together me and him back off
    T: Get real he doesn't love you ow
    E: Theresa are u ok
    T: The baby i think its coming
    E: ok get in the car
    T: Its too soon
    E: Come on lets go Pilar can u and Gwen follow us
    P: yea we can
    G: i am going to drop the baby off at yur parents
    E: Good idea
    Pilar and her left and she dropped Sarah off
    I: gwen hey whats going on wheres ethan
    G: helping Theresa delivering her baby
    I: what
    G: ethan got Theresa pregnant
    I: What are u ok
    G: Well i am upset but i guess i understand
    I: Gwen you are so forgiving
    G: yea i guess so i gotta go
    they left and went to the hospital. Pilar found the room and they went inside
    T: Mama yur here
    P: How are u
    T: The first contraction passed
    E: I am helping her
    T: Thank you
    gwen walked out of the room she didn't want to watch this crap. Pilar went outside to call Luis and looked for Gwen and didn't see her. the doctor came in
    Dr: well Theresa i think you are ready to deliver
    T: u can't stop it
    Dr: I am afraid not
    T: Please dr
    Dr: i am sorry i am going to scrub up you should too in about 20 minutes
    E: Alright
    She left
    E: Are u ready
    T: no its too early
    E: We have to have hope i need to go find gwen
    he left the room
    E: Pilrar u can go in and sit with her wheres gwen
    P: I don't know when i came out here she wasn't here
    E: She might be down in the cafeteria i will go down there and see if she is there
    he went down and there was Gwen sitting there drinking something.
    E: Hey beautiful
    G: I am surprised u noticed i was gone
    E: Gwen i am sorry about this whole thing
    G: look i am still upset with you maybe i should go home
    E: No i want u here i love you
    G: me too
    E: Com with me
    G: Ok
    They went to Theresa's room
    E: I'm back
    T: good
    She didn't even say anything to gwen
    E: i better go get ready
    P: I need to call Luis
    then another contraction came
    T: Ow
    G: Theresa breathe with me
    They were breathing together. it passed
    T: Thanks gwen
    G: I have been here before
    Ethan came in
    E: how do i look
    G: As handsome as u did when i gave birth
    E: thanks
    he kissed her. The doctor came in. I need to check you. Miss out please
    G: Alright
    Dr; Looks like yur ready
    E: Ok Theresa its times
    T: no its too soon
    Dr: Ok Theresa push
    T: no its too soon i won't
    E: Thersa come on push
    3 hours later Theresa gave birth to a baby boy.
    E: Hes so beautiful
    T: yea i know
    N: Let me clean him up
    T: Ok
    E: Whats his name going to be
    T: Little Ethan
    E: Really
    T: Yea
    E: I am going to show Gwen the baby i'll be back
    T: Ok send mama in
    He went outside
    E: Pilar Theresa wants to see u
    P: Ok
    She went in the room
    E: I want u to see the baby
    G: ok lets go
    E: Theres my son
    G: Hes beautiful
    E: Theresa named him Little Ethan
    G: She did
    E: yea
    They went into Theresa's room. They visited and went home. They left Sarah with his mom and dad bc they were getting up early to pick up Theresa tomorrow. Gwen was still upset with Ethan.

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    Ethan woke gwen up early
    E: Come on I told Theresa we would be there
    She didn;t say a word to him and got up and got dressed. They got in the car and gwen didn't say a word to him. When they got to her room Theresa was dressed and holding her son
    E: Yur ready to go
    T: Yea um i have a favor to ask you. I need a diaper bag could u take me to the place i registered for i have some money
    E: Yea thats alright
    gwen rolled her eyes. They went to the place Theresa registered for. Theresa was looking through diaper bags
    T: Hey Gwen could u hold the carrier please
    gwen took it and really looked at Little Ethan for the first time. Ethan really did look like Ethan and Theresa. gwen without thinking said and meant it.
    G: Theresa yur baby is so beautiful
    Theresa spun around and was stunned
    T: Thanks gwen and and Sarah is beautiful too
    G: Thank you
    Theresa found a bag
    T: here it is
    E: Thats not the one on yur registry
    T: Its close i don't have enough money for the other one
    E: Put yur money away I will get it
    T: No i can't let u do that
    E: Theresa let me do this for the mother of my child u will need the money
    T: Um alright but i feel guilty don't right Gwen
    She shrugged her shoulders she wasn't speaking to him.
    They paid for it and they left. They took her and little Ethan home
    E: Ok yur here
    T: Yea i know
    E: Let me help u out
    Gwen's cell rang
    G: hello oh hi Ivy. We're fine. Hows Sarah. Thats good. No were with Theresa right now. Yea yea i don't know hold on. Ethan yur mom wants to know if we want to go to dinner tonight with them?
    E: yea sure that sounds great
    G: Yea sure ok ok see ya later bye
    T: Ok lets go inside
    E: Alright
    They walked in the house
    P: Theresa yur home
    T: Yea mama meet Little Ethan
    P: Little Ethan thats beautiful let me see him
    T: Alright
    Pilar took the baby
    E: Well I guess we should be going
    T: No stay and feed the baby i am sure he will be hungry soon
    E: ok alright
    T: Gwen will u show me how to make a bottle
    G: Sure i would love too
    Gwen showed Theresa how much to put in and how to make it. The baby started crying
    T: Uh oh
    G: theresa u will be fine i will bring over my what to expect i have already read it
    T: Thanks
    Theresa and Ethan sat on the couch and fed Little Ethan
    Then ethan stood up after the baby was fed
    E: we better go meet my parents
    T: Ethan i am scared
    E: Theresa i need to go
    he thought for a minute
    E: Why don't u come with us
    G: What
    T: oh i don't want to ruin yur dinner plans
    E: Its the first night bring the baby
    Ethan called his parents and told them. Ivy was not pleased but she did it for her son. When they got there Ivy decided to have it at her house. Gwen rushed to see Sarah
    G: oh my baby girl so beautiful I missed you
    I: Hi Theresa let me see my grandson. Wow he does look like Ethan and you
    Ethan went to see Sarah
    E: gwen can i hold her
    She handed Sarah to him and went to talk to Ivy
    I: U two having problems
    G: I am upset he broke his vows
    I: I know but u r giving Theresa hope
    G: True but i am furious can we just get this dinner over with
    They ate and after dinner Ethan said
    E: We better drop Theresa off
    I: Oh sam can he is going to the office
    T: No sam thats alright
    S: Hey I can do it its out of the way for Ethan
    E: I think its a wonderful idea
    T: oh ok
    E: Goodnight Theresa goodnight baby
    G: Bye thanks for the dinner
    I: Yur welcome
    S: No problem
    gwen got sarah and they went to the car.
    E: gwen please talk to me
    G: About what
    E: like what yur feeling
    G: hmm let me thing angry and sad
    E: I said i am sorry
    G: I know u had to help Theresa today but i am still uspet u broke our vows
    E: U said u understood
    G: i do but that doesn't mean i feel its right
    They got home and she got sarah out and put her in her crib.
    E: Gwen what do i need to do to tell u how sorry i am. I would do anything recommit to u, renew vows
    G: tell me that u always loved me and that it will never happen again. I know Theresa has yur son and u want to see him..
    E: I will see him 3 times a week then it will be us. I don't regret marrying u and i do love you soo much.
    He kissed her
    G: I love u to thats what i wanted to hear
    He kissed her and picked her up and carried her upstair and they made love until the baby started crying and went to bed.

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    CH. 20
    For the next month they had no Theresa interruptions. Gwen was surprised she had not called but she was happy so they could spend more time with their daughter. well a month went by. Gwen was getting up bc Sarah was crying when Ethans cell phone rang. he reached over for it
    E: hello
    T: Ethan its me.
    E: Theresa whats up
    Gwen rolled her eyes
    E: Whats wrong i can hear the baby crying
    T: Can I please talk to gwen
    E: yea hold on. Gwen she wants to talk to you
    Gwen handed Sarah to Ethan and grabbed his cell phone
    G: Yes
    T: gwen its me. Listen doesn Sarah ever get high fevers
    G: How high
    T: I don't know i am scared Little Ethan feels hot and he feels hotter by the minute. I don't have enough money to go to the doctor and i don't know if i should let it run its course or not
    G: Where is Pilar
    T: She went to the cottage with my brothers and paloma
    G: Well I'll tell u what i will get Sarah dressed drop her off at my mothers and come over to see Little Ethan and see what we can do
    T: Thanks hurry please
    G: Theresa i need u to remain calm what i want to do while yur waiting it take his temp and if he does have a fever get a luke warm washcloth and put it on his head and it might help bring down the fever. Do u have any baby tylenol.
    T: No
    G: Well if we need some we'll get it. Stay calm
    they dropped Sarah off and got to Theresa's. ethan bascially ran to the door. Theresa opened the door and Gwen saw Little Ethan
    G: Theresa that little boy needs the hospital
    E: Yea what are u thinking
    T: I don't know i have never done this before
    G: Theresa That little boy looks near death what was his temp
    T: 104
    G: 104! a babys temp should never be past 102 come on
    They all drove to the hospital. On the way there gwen and Theresa talked
    G: U know Theresa u need to read a parenting book or something
    T: Well Gwen u know most doctors say its nothing
    G: Even a person of our age should be worried
    T: I need to call my mother
    She got her cell out
    T: hey mama its me i am taking Little ethan to the hospital
    P: Why
    T: He has a temp of 104
    P: dias mio that is too high for a little boy of his age
    T: I guess so i am with Gwen and Ethan i made them come and check on him
    P: Well good we will come to the hospital tomorrow morning alright
    T: Alright
    P: Be strong baby girl we will pray
    T: me too i gotta go were here
    They got out and Ethan grabbed his son
    E: We need a nurse
    N: Whats wrong
    E: its my son his temp is 104
    N: Thats high for a little boy his age let me take him to a room follow me
    They all followed the nurse. She led them to a room and asked them some questions Theresa sat in a chair while gwen and Ethan stood
    N: Ok besides the fever any other symptoms
    T: Nope
    N: How long has he had the fever
    T: i don't know i just took his temp
    N: how long has he felt warm
    T: Since last night i thought it was nothing
    N: I see. i will get the doctor.
    She left.
    T mommy promises she will be better from now on honey i love you
    E: theresa he will be alright
    Then the doctor walked in
    Dr: Hello so the nurse says yur son has a high fever we are going to break the fever and run some tests alright
    T: ok
    Dr; Nurse
    The nurse came in and took Little ethan
    Dr; did u do anything different or unusual
    T: no just took him to a resturant
    Dr: he could just be sick. Lets go into the waiting room and i will come out when i have answers they went into the waiting room and they sat while Theresa paced
    T: He has got to know something
    E: Sit down
    T: I can't Ethan i am going out of my mind
    G: Theresa everything is going to be fine he will be alright
    The doctor came out
    T: Well
    Dr: he is a sick little boy we got him stabalized he has a pnemionia.
    T: What he does
    Dr: Yea so we need to keep him and make sure things don't get worse
    T: So he is going to be ok then right
    Dr: I hope so there is a 50 50 chance. U brought him in a good time but not as good as we would like it to be
    T: oh my god can i see him
    E: me too
    You two can go in and see him he is in an incubator. U can look at him but don't touch him
    E: gwen i will be right back
    G: Ok i will sit her call yur mom and check on the baby
    E: ok see ya in a little bit
    They followed the nurse
    N: Your son is in there. Talk to him it might help
    T: look at him he looks so helples
    E: hey little guy mommy and daddy are here
    T: Sweetie this is all my fault
    She started crying
    E: Hey yur new at this
    T: This shouldn't have happened. I am so stupid for not bringing him in sooner
    E: theresa listen to me baby's get sick u didn't know had bad it was
    T: Ethan his temp was 104 i knew it was too high i am not a good mother
    E: Hey u will get better don't say things like that come here
    he held her in his arms and she stopped crying
    T: being in yur arms always made me feel better. Right now i am feeling this feeling i get everytime i am with you and just enjoying it bc i know it will be awhile before i feel it again. Ethan i love you and i love yur son. I know u love me too.
    he kissed her and she kissed him back. Then he pulled away
    E: I am sorry that was unnesscarry i was just caught up in all of this.
    he released her from his arms
    T: Why are u fighting yur feelings for me. Why are u fighting me. U know u love me Ethan. Little ethan needs a father
    E: What about Sarah she doesn't
    T: of course she does but u have to true to yur heart. I'm the one u want not gwen
    E: Theresa u disappereared on me. it took me years to move on and commit to gwen and I love her..
    T: not the way u love me
    E: please do not interupt me. i had to go to therapy and u come back and screw everything up for me
    T: So u do have feelings for me
    E: i am not going to answer that
    T: Why bc u don't want to admit u love me bc of gwen
    E: Yes ok Theresa i love you alright but that doesn't change anything.
    N: Please do not shout we have sick babies including yur son
    E: Sorry i am just leaving. Stay here with him i need to see gwen
    T: No stay here with me and our beautiful baby
    E: I can't
    T: he needs his daddy
    E: No
    T: Ethan please stay
    He walked away. he couldn't be around her.
    T: Oh Little ethan your daddy and me and u will be very happy. he loves me so much. you'll see and so will he.
    She smiled bc ethan confessed he loved her.

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    Ch. 21
    Ethan went out to see Gwen
    G: How's little ethan
    E: The doctors aren't sure yet Theresa's in there right niw
    They went down to the cafe to get something to drink and Ethan went back in to see his son. Gwen was sitting there flipping through a magizine when her cell rang. She ran outside to to answer it.
    G: hello
    R: Gwen where are u at right now
    G: I am at the hospital
    R: Well can u come to a business dinner with me
    G: Why
    R: I don't want to go alone
    G: Well i am at the hospital right now
    R: Like Ethan is going to miss you
    G: Alright give me the address where you are
    she got the address and asked the nurse to get Ethan since she was not allowed in there.
    E: gwen is soemthing wrong
    G: my mother wants me to go to a busniess dinner with her
    E: Ok well go ahead are u coming here after
    G: no I am going home to see Sarah i haven't spent time with her in awhile
    E: Ok so we'll meet at home
    G: Yes
    E: i love you
    G: me too
    He kissed her and she went to find her mother. She called a cab and the cab driver took her to the address. Seh told the waitor who she was looking for and led her to the right table. Her mother and a rather handsome man was sitting there.
    G: Hello mother
    R: gwennie i am so glad u could make it. This is Ian. Ian crane
    I: Nice to meet you gwen
    G: So Ian yur one of the cranes
    I: Yes i am but i am not like them
    Ian got up and pulled a chair out for Gwen.
    G: Thank you
    I: yur welcome
    Then her mother got up
    R: Oh geez i need to leave now
    G:Mother where are u going
    R: Stay i need to go good bye Ian
    I: What about business another time
    She rushed out
    G: looks like we have been set up sounds like my mother
    I: Yea i guess we were set up
    G: So i guess my mother told u my life story
    I: Yea she told me u were married and that u two had a child together and that he had a crazy ex that was ruining yur life.
    G: yea thats about right
    Just then the waiter came by and they ordered.
    I: gwen i hope u don't mind me asking but where is yur husband. If I were yur husband. I wouldn't let u out of my site you are beautiful.
    G: he is with his ex at the hospital there little boy is sick
    I: oh i see
    G: yea i am not too thrilled but i understand.
    They ate and after it was over
    I: Gwen i would really like to stay in touch with you
    G: I guess thats alright
    She gave him her number and rushed to go get sarah
    Earlier when gwen left to go to the dinner. Ethan went in with Theresa
    E: how is he
    T: About the same
    N: We are going to do some exams can u two wait in this room
    E: Sure
    They went and sat down
    T: Ethan
    E: What
    T: look at me
    E: No
    T: Why
    E: Bc
    he turned his head and she kissed him. He kissed her back. They were kissing heavily.
    T: make love to me
    E: here
    T: Yes i want you
    E:I want you too
    He started removing her jacket. Then she started to straddle him and then there was a knock on the door she flew off him. It was the nurse.
    N: Um ok were done u can go see yur baby
    E: thanks we'll be there in a minute
    She closed the door
    E: no more Theresa i cannot take that
    T: U know why i do this stuff
    E: bc yur crazy
    T: I know one day u will tell me u want to be with me
    E: Thats riduculous i am going home to go see my wife and my daughter goodnight. when he got home he played with his daughter a little bit and put her to bed and made love to his wife

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    Ethan got up early and woke up gwen
    E: Gwe sweetie wake up
    G: Why
    E: I want to go to the hospital
    She rolled over toward him
    G: Go yurself alright i want to spend time with Sarah and will come down later
    E: Ok
    He got dressed kissed gwen and his daughter and went to the hospital. Gwen went back to sleep
    At the hospital before Ethan arrived. Theresa and her mother were with Little Ethan
    T: mama Ethan told me that he loves me
    P: No he didn't i swear you are hullcination. U need medication
    T: Mama its true he was kissing me and i felt the love
    P: As much as you love him he won't leave Gwen
    T: I know he told me that
    P: Well see
    T: I know i know. Mama he loves me and he is coming here day in and day out to see his son
    P: If he didn;t there would be something wrong
    E: Hi u two
    P: Hey Ethan I was just getting ready to leave
    E: Please stay
    P: No i need to get home. Call me when things change
    T: ok mama good bye
    P: Bye bye Ethan
    E: Bye how is he
    T: I think alright we need to wait for the doctor though
    Gwen slept two more hours and Sarah started crying. So she got up and fed, changed, and bathed her and then she decided to get groceries. They were at the store when they bumped into ian
    I: Gwen
    G: Hey ian
    I: Hey is this sarah
    G: yes this is my baby
    I: She is so cute
    G: thanks
    I: I was wondering do u, sarah, and yur husband want to come out to dinner with me
    G: Um Ethan can't but Sarah and i would love too. Ethan is at the hospital with Theresa and his son
    I: Well it would be good of u and Sarah to come
    G: Good we will
    I: So i will pick u up at 6:30
    G: Sounds good see ya then
    Gwen was looking at some bottles when her cell rang.
    G: Hello
    E: Beautiful hey what are u doing
    G: I am grocery shopping
    E: Are u two having fun
    G: Sure i guess hows little Ethan doing?
    E: He is doing great they are moving him out of critcal he is going to be fine
    G: Great
    E: So when are u coming down here
    G: Um i got invited to dinner by a friend
    E: So yur going with her
    G: Its a him
    E: Whos that
    G: Ian Crane
    E: No way in the world are u going with him he is scum how do u know him
    G: my moms bussiness dinner and i got involved hes a nice guy
    E: No yur not going
    G: Yes i am Ethan I don't like u with Theresa but u go and see her
    E: Thats differnt i am the childs father
    G: So Ian is different
    E: When are u going
    G: 7 me and Sarah
    E: Well since she is going its alright but i still don't like it
    G: Yea well i don't like Theresa
    E: Well i will pry be home at 9:30 so be home then
    G: i will be home when i am home
    She hung up the phone. She went home and changed her and Sarah, fed her, and got ready. It was finally 6:30. There was a knock. She opened the door.
    G: Hello Ian
    I: Gwen u look great tonight
    G: Thanks so do u. Let me get the baby.
    She put Sarah in the carrier and grabbed her purse and diaper bag.
    G: Ok i am ready
    I: Let me carry her for you
    G: thanks
    he grabbed the carrier and they went outside and saw the limo
    G: you have a limo
    I: Yea i do. I didn't feel like driving
    G: Its alright.
    They all get settled in the limo and it left. They arrived at the resturant 20 minutes later. Ian had already made reservations so they got their table right away.
    G: Wow this place is nice
    I: I love this place i thought u would too
    G; I do its great
    I: So what time does Sarah eat
    G: I fed her before i left so she shouldn't be hungry for another hour why
    I: I just want to see if u needed to go home or not
    G: no i made up some bottles i can feed her here.
    I: Ok
    They ordered and then they sat and talked. Their dinner arrived and they ate. Then after they ate and 20 minutes later Sarah started crying
    G: I told u
    she went to get sarah out
    I: Can i feed her
    G: Sure why not
    She handed him a bottle. He was great with her.
    G: Wow you are excellent with her
    I: Yea i have a lot of neices and newphews
    G: Oh thats really cool
    Then her cell rang
    G: hold on its pry my husband
    I: Go ahead
    G: hello
    E: gwen
    G: yes
    E: Are u having a nice time
    G: yes i am
    E: Ok well i am going to be home at 10:00
    G: Why is there something wrong
    E: No thee changed the time. I just wanted to let u know i miss you and i love you
    G: Sometimes you are so difficult but i do love you
    E: Good thats great. See ya later
    G: yea see ya
    She hung up
    I: Checking up on you
    G: yea i think so but thats alright at least i know he cares.
    I: yes he seems like an ok guy
    G: Yea he is
    I: Anyways i think this little girl is going to fall asleep
    G: Here i will put her in her carrier
    Gwen put her down
    G: So whats this thing with you wanting to be my friend all of a sudden
    I: I don't know i just really like u as a person. Your nice, beautiful, and smart
    G: Well i am married
    I: Yes i know and trust me i am not coming between u and yur husband
    G: Good
    I: Well its getting late maybe we should head back
    G: ok if thats what u think
    They got up and paid the check and got into the limo and went home
    Back at the hospital
    E: Theresa he is all settled in his room now i need to go home
    T: No stay here please what if something happens
    E: Call me on my cell
    T: Please stay
    E: I haven't seen my daughter in ages. I will call u tomorrow and check up on him. I think maybe u should go home, shower, and change
    T: I can't leave him
    E: He is fine. Let me take u home and tomorrow u can go back.
    T: ok
    So he took her home and told her he would have a limo pick her up tomorrow. She got out and said goodbye and he went home to see gwen and her daughter


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