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    Gwen and Ethan kept going to counseling together. Ethan seemed like he wasn't feeling as depressed as he used to be. It was a year and 2 months that gwen and Ethan were dating when the counsler finally released Ethan and said he was doing fine.
    W. I wish u the best of luck. You and Gwen will be fine but if u need me don't hestitate to call me
    E: Thanks Whitney
    G: Yes thanks we have never been happier
    They left together hand in hand
    G: Honey i am so proud of you
    E: Well i couldn't have done this without u gwen I love you so much
    G: oh ethan i love you too
    E: Hey u gotta work tomorrow
    G: Yes i do
    E: ok well I will drop u off later tonght
    Ethan took Gwen out of town to his favorite resturant
    G: How did u learn about this resturant
    E: Juilian he used to take my mom and me here it was great
    G: This is really nice
    They ordered wine and talked about how they loved each other. Then they left and Ethan told her they were going some place special
    G: Ethan i thought this was special
    E: I thought we would take a ferry ride
    They were by the water and a ferry apperead
    G: Ethan how did u do this
    E: I know the guy. Hey Paul thanks again
    P: Anything for you Ethan. Don't mind me i am not even here
    E: We are going to go up top
    P: Ok have fun
    Ethan helped gwen up the stairs and they sat on the beches at the top
    G: oh its such a beautiful
    E: Not as beautiful as you
    G: oh please Ethan this is yur night you are finally out of counseling this is a great thing
    E: i know i know gwen but u and i things just moved so slow we need to get back on track
    G: Ethan don't rush yur self ok
    E: ok
    They both were quiet for awhile taking in the sites and just enjoying the beautiful night. The boat finally came to a stop
    E: ok come on i have one more surprise for you
    G: Another one yur spoiling me
    E: U deserve it then i promise you we will go home
    A horse and carriage was going to take them back to their car
    G: Oh ethan when did u plan all this
    E: i have my contacts. Thanks again Nate
    N: no problem Ethan yur the man
    E: So are u
    Ethan held Gwen close and kissed her often and they arrived back at the car half and hour later.
    G: Gosh i don't want the night to end
    E: Me either well i am going to take u home
    G: i would love to come home with you
    E: Yea i know
    Ethan drove her home.
    E: Ok i will call u tomorrow
    G: ok sweetheart (She kissed him)
    He kissed her back passionately
    G: if u keep kissing me like that i don't think i will make it home.
    E: I'll see you tomorrow get some sleep
    Gwen went home and slept really well and she got up at 8 to go into work. gwen and her mother walked in together. They got into her office and Rebecca closed the door.
    R: Gwen what are u so happy about
    G: Ethan he is great
    R: oh really
    G: Yea
    Then the phone rang and gwen answered
    G: Barbra's spa
    L: Gwen its Luis
    G: Luis hey whats going on
    L: Sheridan needs u shes in labor
    G: oh my god she's having the baby
    L: yea i called Ethan hes on his way to pick u up
    G: ok thanks (she hung up)
    R: Sheridan is having the baby
    G: yea
    R: I'll cover for you ok
    G: Ok see ya later
    Ethan was there by the time Gwen got outside
    G: Thanks ethan
    E: Don't worry lets go
    They got to the hospital in 20 minutes. Gwen rushed to find Luis.
    G: How is she
    L: She wants her best friend
    Gwen rushed in the room
    S: gwen yur here
    G: Honey how are u
    S: oh i'm in pain
    G: i know but just think yur having the baby
    S: yea oh here come another one
    G: Sheridan breathe
    They did their breathing gwen coached a couple of her friends where she used to live who didn't haev husbands. It passed. Most of the afternoon went like this. Until the doctor came in
    Dr: Ok Sheridan yur ready
    S: not without Luis
    G: Luis
    L: I'm here we'll see you in a little while
    gwen went into the waiting room with Ethan
    G: Oh wow she will have an easy birth
    E: How do u know so much about babies
    G: my friends where i was from before had babies and they didn't have husbands and i helped them
    E: I didn't know that
    G: Yea most people don't
    An hour later Sheridan had her baby. Luis came out
    L: Hes here little Marty
    G: Thats his name
    L: Yea u can come in and see him
    they both went into the room. Gwen got to hold him first
    G: Hes so tiny hey little guy
    She handed him to Ethan
    E: hey buddy
    He handed him back to Sheridan
    S: We want u two to be the god parents
    G: really
    S: Yea do u except
    G: I know i do
    E: Of course
    They visited for another half and hour and let Sheridan get some sleep. gwen promised to call her in two days so they could get settled with the baby
    G: ok so i guess we can go home now
    E: I had other plans for tonight they are little bit later but we can still do it
    G: Yea i don't work tomorrow anyways
    E: ok come with me
    G: alright
    Ethan took her to another out of town place. It wasn't a resturant it looked like a place to have a graduation
    G: Ethan why are we here for
    E: Come on I have a surprise
    He took her hand and flipped some switches and they went inside. The place was dimly lit with some candles and soft music and chamapane
    G: Ethan this beautiful whats this for?
    E: gwen i have waited a little too long to do this bc i was stupid. (he got on one knee) Will u marry me
    G: Ethan i want to are u sure yur ok i don't want to be second best
    E: yur not going to be
    G: Yes ethan i will marry you
    He slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her. gwen pulled away
    G: Ethan this is beautiful
    She threw her arms aroung him. She called her mom and Sheridan they were both happy for her. That night they made love
    E: gwen lets not use a condom tonight i want to make babies with u
    G: ok Ethan i think thats a good idea
    They made love and it felt right and like it was meant to be

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    The next morning they got up and they both went to show her mom her ring. Her mom was estatic
    R: oh Gwennie i am so happy for you. Ethan come here and give me a hug son in law
    E: ok
    G: Mom let him breathe
    R: Sorry its just i am so excited
    G: I know me too
    She smiled at Ethan
    G: Now mom we can't stay long we have to make two more stops but i will see u maybe tomorrow
    R: ok u two have fun
    They left and headed for Sheridan's house. They knocked and Luis answered and he looked exhausted
    L: Hey u two
    E: Gosh Luis u look tired
    L: Yea the baby kept the two of us up last night
    G: Is sheridan sleeping
    S: no but shes in bed resting
    G: Can i see her
    L: Yea
    She goes into her room
    S: oh Gwen come on in but whisper the baby is sleeping
    G: I can't stay too long i wanted to show u my ring
    S: Gosh Gwen its gougeous
    G: Listen i know u just had the baby the wedding date is a year from now and..
    S: gwen of course i will be yur maid of honor I don't care if i just had the baby i want to be yur maid of honor.
    G: oh thank you
    S: no problem
    Then the baby started crying
    S: oh geez
    G: no let me
    Gwen grabbed the baby and Luis brought a bottle in and let gwen feed it. It drank all it could and went back to sleep
    E: gwen yur good with kids. At least you know how to take care of kids and you'll be good with ours when we have one
    G: yea I will be
    She handed the baby to Ethan and then a few minutes later they were headed to Pilar's house. Ethan wanted to tell her considering she was Theresa's mother and she felt like a secong mom to him
    G: honey are u sure u don't want to go in alone
    E: no your coming with me
    They knocked and Pilar answered
    P: Ethan Gwen this is a nice surprise
    E: Yea i know we can't stay too long though
    Gwen looked at him and they went inside
    P: Well what brings u two by
    E: Pilar i have some news
    P: Ok what is it
    E: Gwen and i have decided to get married in a year
    P: Well.. I think thats great
    E: really
    P: Why yes Theresa is gone and she isn't coming back and she would want u to be happy and gwen is a great girl
    G: Thanks Pilar
    P: Yur welcome
    E: We just wanted to tell u that and that u will be getting an invite
    P: Why thanks
    E: Well me and Gwen have to go but i wanted to tell u that in person
    P: Well i am glad u did and u two are always welcome here
    They both kissed Pilar good bye and left
    G: Ethan where are we going
    E: You'll see
    G: Another surprise
    E: Hey baby i am full of surprises
    They drove about 20 minutes and Ethan stopped at a gigantic house and he stopped the car
    E: We're here
    G: What is this place
    E: Well i was looking online and i found this and i thought this was beautiful. It has a spacious yard for our kids,a pool, and a bunch of bedrooms.
    Just then another car pulled up. It was the realotor.
    R: Hi my name is Maggie
    E: Hi Maggie I am Ethan and this is my fiance Gwen
    G: Hello maggie
    They went into the hose to look around. The first floor had a huge living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and two bathrooms. The upstairs had 3 bedrooms and another bedroom which was the master bedroom. It had a bathroom in there and a bathroom in the hallway.It had a jacuzi in the master bedroom.
    M: Well what do u two think
    Gwen looked at Ethan with wide eyes. He laughed
    E: Well i can tell she likes it. I know I do. So Gwen
    G: I love it
    E: We'll take it. Just tell me who to make the check out to
    Ethan wrote the check and handed it to her
    M: ok u two will be very happy here
    G: Oh Ethan this is great
    E: Yea i know
    They decided to move in tomorrow. The next morning Ethan got a truck and gwen got her stuff told her mom and Sheridan and they moved their stuff in. Luis, Miguel, and Noah helped mover their things in. They had their new house together at about 8 at night. There were still some things to unpack but they would do that later.That night they were lying in bed.
    E: Gwen
    G: Yes Ethan
    E: Listen i know u like yur job but i was going to run this by u if u don't want to work u don't have to. I make enough money to support us.
    G: Well i could quit and if i get bored i could always go back and help my mom or go in one day if i get bored
    E: U could do that
    G: That sounds good. She would call work tomorrow. She was too content with the house right now.

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    The next morning gwen got up early and called her office and her mom answered
    R: Barbra's
    G: Mom its me gwen
    R: Sweetheart yur late
    G: Mom Ethan gave me the option not to work and i took it. I may come in once in awhile but i don't want to right now. U can handle it. You can answer the phone and file
    R: yea i guess let me transfer u to Barb yur telling her yurself
    gwen waited a few minutes until she got on the line
    B: This is Barb
    G: hello Barb
    B: Gwen hello sweetie what can i do for you
    G: Well i talked it over with my mom i am not going to be working for you right now. Not that i didn't enjoy it but my husband gave me the option. My mom said she could do it. Is that alright. I may come in every once in awhile.
    B: Well sure Gwen if thats what u really want
    G: Yea it is
    B: Alright sweetie well take it easy
    G: ok barb thanks
    She hung up smiling. She was up so she got in the shower and was looking in the phonebook for a good cater when Ethan came out
    G: Well don't u look handsome
    E: U look good did u call yur office
    G: Yea they said that was fine
    E: What are u doing
    G: looking for a cater
    E: Oh well i found one
    G: When
    E: I'm Ethan Winthrop a friend owes me
    G: oh ok. Well is it ok if me and Sheridan plan the rest
    E: yea just don't hire a photographer i found one too
    G: Alright but nothing else
    Ethan went to the office and gwen decided to call some of her friends. She wanted three bridesmaids and the maid of honor. She decided on Christy, samantha, and Grace. Three girls which were her closest friends in her sorority. They all excepted and decided they would fly down that night. The girls would stay at her mom's. The months flew by and the wedding was coming along great. Gwen had a beautiful wedding dress and plans were coming along perfectly. It was the night before the wedding and the girls came down and Sheridan came over early.
    G: Hi girls
    They all hugged gwen
    C: Gwen u look great
    S: Gwen we miss you
    G: You look happy
    G: Thanks girls this is my friend Sheridan
    They all said hi to her. Sheridan pulled gwen aside
    S: gwen i wanted to tell u first i'm pregnat
    G: Again?
    S: Luis and i can't get enough of each other. I am going to tell him tonight at the wedding
    G: Guess what i am too
    S: oh my god really
    G: Yea i am like 6 weeks but i am going to wait until we get back to tell him
    S: Congrats
    She was going to tell eevryone else when they were at her moms. Ethan was having the guys over in about an hour. Luis was going to be his best man. Then he had miguel, noah, and one of his faternity brothers nate. The girls all left and Ethan went to Pilars
    P: Ethan what are u doing here Luis and Miguel are getting a couple things and will be over there soon
    E: Pilar are u really ok with this
    P: Ethan i want u to be happy and i know Theresa would want u to be too
    E: I know but tomorrow is going to be hard on me
    P: Why Ethan
    E: Just because its just going to seem like it would be Theresa and me
    P: Well are u sure u should be marrying Gwen
    E: Yes Pilar i love gwen and she is a great girl
    P: Ethan let me tell u something no matter how much i love you and i wanted u and my daughter to be together i am going to support you and nothing will change that. gwen is beautful and she is so sweet and had a forgiving heart. gwen is the best thing i think that has happened to u since Theresa
    E: I will always love Theresa
    P: I know but u have enough love in yur heart to give away. I know gwen loves you be happy that yur marrying her
    E: I am happy about that. I feel better since we talked
    P: Good i am glad
    E: Yur always so smart Pilar yur like a second mother to me
    P: Ethan yur just like a son to me. Gwen's a good girl yur a lucky man
    E: yea i belive that
    Ethan left feeling better. he had a great time at his bachlor party and he was excited to be marrying Gwen.

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    The girls woke up early the next morning. they all went to get their hair done. After that they went and had lunch at her moms. Then they all went to the church in a limo. Her mom was going to bring the dresses. Her mom brought the dresses and they were getting dressed.
    S: gwen do u want me to do yur makeup
    G Um actually i hired someone so she can do it. She will be here in a few.
    S: oh ok
    G: She will do everyones.
    Gwen got in her bag and put on the beautiful necklace Ethan had gotten her. Then there was a knock
    G: Who is it?
    M: Its me Misty (the girl she hired to do her makeup)
    G: Come in
    She opened the door and her mom was behind her
    R: Hey sweetheart i will have Rusty walk u down the aisle
    G: oh ok
    R: Alright i need to go before they start seating everyone
    She left
    S: Who's rusty?
    G: My mom's boyfriend
    her dad left her and her mom a long time ago and they haven't heard from him. Gwen sent him a invitaion but she guessed he didn't show.
    G: I sent him an invite but i guess he doesn't want part in my wedding.
    S: Its alright gwen
    G: Yea ok lets start on my makeup
    Misty did her makeup and did the other womens makeup and there was a kncok. It was the preacher
    P: Gwen are ru ready
    G: Yea
    They left the room and went to where they lined up. Then a man took her arm and it wasn't rusty it was her dad
    G: Daddy yur here
    J: Yes sweetie i am
    She hugged him and her mom and Rusty were smiling
    J: My baby is getting married I would not miss this for anything
    Her father gave her away and gave her to Ethan. They said their vows. The cermony lasted about an hour and they then went to the reception and got into the limo to get their. At the reception she danced with her father and they talked
    G: Dad am i ever going to see u again
    J: Yes i will write down my number for you and u can come and see me whenever u want
    G: Good
    Then Ethan and gwen danced
    E: Finally i get to see my wife
    G: Gosh that feels great to hear u say
    He kissed her
    Gwen and Ethan mingled and danced. Gwen got her dad's number and then Ethan said i think we should go. They said good-bye went to get their clothes and Ethan went to call the jet and he had a voicemail. He listened to it and sat down on and chair and said
    E: Oh my god
    G: Honey who is it
    E: Its.. its..
    he handed Gwen his phone. It was Theresa. She told him that she was alive and needed him to pick her up and she would tell him what had happened to her.
    E: Gwen
    G: I know lets go get her
    E: Get Luis i want him to come
    They got Luis and Sheridan he listened to the message and they left. It was about an hour drive. They got in Luis's car and left.
    E; Gwen i am sorry about the honeymoon we will go tomorrow night. Its ok Ethan i understand
    She looked worrited i mean this was his girlfriend he couldn't get over before he married Gwen. Sheridan squeezed her hand. They fianlly arrived and Ethan got out and Theresa ran to him. gwen took a good look at her. She was beautiful. She had long beautiful brown hair and she was skinny.
    T: God Ethan it is great to see you. Luis and Sheridan
    She looked at Gwen and said
    T: Who's this
    E: This is my wife
    T: What are u talking about
    E: Today was my wedding day. I am in a tux
    T: Ethan how could u do this to me. I was kidnapped by a crazy woman and u go and get married
    E: What do u mean u were kidnappeed
    T: Well after i dropped off mama at the doctors a lady came up and we were talking and she drugged me and kidnapped me. I couldn't get away nothing until a couple weeks ago they caught her but i had to find a way back and i did
    E: Theresa why would she do that she doesn't know u
    T: I don't know she's crazy.
    T: I can't believe u though how stupid could u be getting married. So u gave up on us
    E: Yea i moved on and its not my fault. I thought u were dead.
    T: Thats not an excuse
    E: Theresa its late i just want to get u home its an hour drive from here. Your mom will want to see you
    They got into the car and Theresa gave Gwen an evil glare but got in. They drove back to Harmony. Theresa fell asleep. Gwen felt sick she wanted to go home
    G: Ethan i am going home
    E: Just wait I am going to carry Theresa in to Pilar
    G: I'll just walk
    E: in yur dress
    G: Its not that far
    She started walking
    S: gwen u want me to come with you
    G: No
    Ethan carried Theresa inside. Luis went into his mom's room
    L: Mama u awake
    P: Now i am
    L: I have a surprise for you
    P: What is it
    L: Sit up hold on
    He went out to where Luis was holding Theresa
    L: Sis wake up
    They broght her in
    P: Dias mio my baby
    T: mama
    She jumped out of Ethan's arms. The reunion was about as expected. Pilar and Theresa were crying and kissing each other and hugging. Luis and Sheridan decided to spend the night. He went to say good-bye to pilar
    E: I gotta go gwen's waiting for me
    T: Wait let me walk you out
    They went outside
    E: Gosh i can't believe yur alive this blows my mind
    T: U know while i was gone all i thought about was you
    E: Yea i had to go to a counsler bc i couldn't get over you
    T: I am sorry that this happened maybe gwen will give u a divorce. So u and i can be together
    E: I am not divorcing Gwen i married her i love her alright
    T: Fine Ethan u just believe that
    E: I do Theresa u need a reality check alright
    T: No u do
    Then she kissed him and he kissed her back
    T: Ethan lets go to my room i want to make love to you
    E: Theresa i can;t alright i just got married
    T: Your body tells me otherwise. I felt that kiss and all that electricity u want me as much as i want you
    She kissed him again. He kissed her and was kissing her neck.
    T: Come on lets go
    E: Theresa ok wait no i can't
    T: Yes
    She leaned into kiss him and he backed away
    E: no i gotta go and gwen will know i kissed you
    He left
    When gwen got home she turned on the lights. She was so upset. She was pregnant but that didn't make her happy. She was not going to cry. She learned to be strong and she couldn't help but cry and she couldn't stop. All she could think was she had lost Ethan and that Theresa and him were pry making love. Not that she blamed him. The door opened
    E: Gwen honey
    G: She went in the bathroom to dry her face
    she came out
    G: Ethan do u want a divorce so u can be with Theresa.
    E: Gwen I married you. Listen i did kiss her tonight but it will never happen again. I told her i married you and i am going to stay with you
    G: Ethan don't just stay with me out of duty.
    E: Gwen I love you
    G: I love you too
    He kissed her and they made love that night

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    Ethan got up early and went to work. Gwen woke up to the doorbell ringing. She got up and threw on her robe and went to the door and answered it.
    G: Theresa what a nice surprise. Ethan is at work.
    T: I am not here to see Ethan I am here to see you
    G: Well what for i don't think we have anything to say to each other.
    Gwen went up the stairs and Theresa followed
    T: Ethan kissed me last night
    G: I know Theresa he told me
    T: What that doesn't bother you
    G: Yes it does but we are married and he said it wouldn't happen again
    T: Your a fool if u believed him
    G: Theresa if u have come here to insult me just leave
    gwen went toward her window
    T: No i came here to tell u to give Ethan a divorce
    G: I asked him if he wanted one he said no so i am not going to unless he wants one and he doesn't
    T: U don't understand he is being nice
    Theresa started moving toward Gwen and she backed up
    T: U need to let Ethan go he doesn't love you
    gwen couldn't go any farther. Theresa took her by the shoulders and pushed her and gwen fell out the window.
    Theresa gasped and put her hands over her mouth.
    T: Gwen. gwen can u hear me. Oh my god i think she's dead. Gwen landed in the grass but she wasn't moving
    T: I gotta get out of here.
    Before she left she called 911 and ran. Luis was the one to go and investgate with the ambulance. Gwen was rushed to the hospital and Luis called Ethan.
    L: Hey Ethan its me gwen fell out of the window or she was pushed
    E: Is she concious
    L: Yes she asked what had happened when they took her away
    E: Hey thanks buddy i am on the way
    When he got there Luis was in the room with her questioning her
    L: So if u know what happened why won't u tell me
    G: Like i said i don't want to talk about it
    E: Hey sweetheart
    G: Ethan yur here
    E: How are you
    Eve: Well shes got a goose egg on her head where she was bleeding.
    She had gauze over it
    Eve: Please leave i need to examine her
    Ethan and Luis left
    L: Gwen won't tell me who did this to her she said she knows
    E: Well maybe she is waiting for the person to confess by the way where is Theresa
    L: I don't know but she wouldn't do this
    E: Luis come on
    L: My sister may be mean sometimes but she wouldn't resort to this
    Just then Theresa came up behind them
    E: Well well
    L: Theresa tell Ethan u didn't have anything to do with this
    T: I did i pushed her. I went over there to try and get her to give u a divorce and things got heated and she was at the window and in my rage i pushed her and then i called 911.
    E: Theresa yur pry going to go to jail. gwen will press charges and i wouldn't stop her
    T: Well geez Luis why don't u just cuff me
    L: Lets wait to talk to her
    Eve; Ok u can go in now
    They al went in
    E: Honey Theresa confessed
    T: yea i told them
    G: Ok
    L: Well r u going to press charges
    G: No
    E: No why not
    G: Bc i pry would have done the same thing so i understand. The only thing i am upset about is that well Ethan i was going to tell u on our wedding night. Then Theresa called and it just wasn't the right time but i was pregant
    E: U were
    G: Yes but not now of course the baby didn't survive
    E: Honey i am so sorry
    T: Gwen if i would of known i wouldn't have pushed u
    G: yea well whatever
    L: Ok well this case is closed. I better get going. gwen i am sorry.
    G: Yea me too
    E: Theresa maybe u should leave with him
    T: No
    E: Yes and i will walk u out. Be right back
    They left.
    E: Theresa just leave you have totured my wife enough and now u killed my child too
    T: I didn't know she was pregnant and either did you
    E: Oh and that makes it ok. U know i don't know why I am surprised u would do this
    T: Oh Ethan geez
    E: U know ever since u came back all u have done is cause problems. I want to be with gwen alright and no one is going to change my ming
    T: Ethan u can't be serious
    E: I am Theresa and as far as i can tell if u ever pull anything like this again I will get Luis to give us a restraing order bc i will not have u putting my wife at risk. U got it
    T: Please Ethan u can't u...
    E: Theresa do u got that
    T: I got it alright
    E: Good now i want to spend time with my wife in her time of need go home
    Theresa turned and left. She looked back at Ethan with a tear streaked face but he wasn't there
    E: Are u ok
    G: I guess so
    E: Well don't worry we will have more kids
    G: I know Ethan
    E: U seem upset
    G: Well gee what do u think i can't believe the nerve of her
    E: I know but don't worry i took care of it
    G: I hope so
    E: What did Eve say
    G: I can go home tomorrow she wants to keep me to be on the safe side.
    E: Ok well i will stay here
    G: Well can u do one thing for me
    E: Yes i can
    G: can u go get u and me a change of clothes
    E: Yea sure i'll be right back anything else
    G: no not really
    Once he left the phone rang in her room
    G: Hello
    S: Gwen how are u
    G: I am ok
    S: Luis called and told me i wanted to see if u were ok
    G: yea i am ok
    S: I can't believe Theresa pushed u
    G: Yea i know unbelievable
    S: Is Ethan there
    G: No he went to get me and him a change of clothes he is going to stay here
    S: I am sorry about the baby
    G: Its ok Ethan said we will have more
    S: yea u two can work on that when he comes home. Gwen u sound upset
    G: Yes its just well with Theresa coming back and all i am scared
    Ethan was outside listening he called someone to send for the clothes
    S: Why
    G:Wel Ethan i know he wants to be with her
    S: Honey he's with you
    G: I don't want him with me out of duty u know i want him with me bc he loves me
    S: He is and he loves you. This is why he went to couseling
    G: Well u know she is going to be hanging around he might give into her. I will grant him his freedom if he wants it.
    S: Gwen pull yurself together
    G: You know on my wedding night i cried myself to sleep. I don't cry i have learned to be brave. I cried once when my grandma died and thats it.
    S: Honey do u want me to come by later. Luis and i. We're going out to dinner but we can stop by
    G: Its up to you i am leaving tomorrow
    S: I will come by
    Just then Ethan came through
    G: I gotta go Ethan's here
    S: Ok see ya later
    G: I thought u were getting clothes
    E: I sent for them they should be here soon
    Gwen's mom came in
    R: Gwen are u ok
    G: Mom i am fine
    R: Who did this
    G: Theresa
    R: well she's in jail right
    G: No
    R: Gwen
    G: Mom i know how she feels i might have done the same thing
    R: Gwen gwen gwen
    her mom stayed for about 2 hours and Sheridan and luis visited. They left when visitng hours ended. They went to sleep. The next morning after Eve checked gwen and said she could go home. Gwen was packing her bag and Ethan was checking her out when Theresa walked in
    G: What do u want
    T: look i am really sorry ok i wouldn't have pushed u if u were pregant
    G: Well u did what u did and its over
    T: Look i know yur upset but i wanted to apologize
    G: Well u did now go
    T: Please Gwen
    G: Theresa look u already ruined my honeymoon. pushed me out a window, and killed my unborn baby. U sure know how to make a first impression. Once things get back to normal like Ethan and me having a honeymoon and me being pregnant then i will forgive you. Right now though i don't want to see your face. I know its not right to hold a grudge but this is far beyond that
    T: Fair enough
    G: get going
    She turned to leave. Ethan walked in
    E: Gwen I got.... what in the hell
    T: Hello
    E: gwen i thought i had gotten this taken care of. Did u threaten her again
    G: Ethan calm down she didn't ok
    E: Good now get going
    She left
    E: Ok i got u checked out and i got the crane jet fueled and i sent for some things and they are on the jet and we are out of here
    G: Really
    E: Yes really
    G Thank you Ethan this means so much to me
    E: We can make a baby when were there
    G: I like the way u think Mr. Winthrop
    E: Well then lets go Mrs. Winthop
    Ethan put his arm around Gwen and she put her head on his shoulder and they walked out of the hospital and into the limo and that drove them to the Crane jet.

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    Ethan and her went to Paris for their honeymoon. They made love every chance they got and went site seeing. They finally had to go home and they were both tan and felt great
    E:So do u think were pregnant
    G: I don't know we were only gone a week i won't know for a little while yet.
    E: ok yea right
    When they got home Ethan wanted to go to the office
    G: Ethan we just got home
    E: Gwen i need to pick up some papers it won't take me that long
    G: yea i guess so
    E: ok I'll be back
    Ethan brought in the suitcases and gwen unpacked. She decided to call Sheridan first
    G: Hey i am back
    S: Did u have fun
    G: Yea i did
    S: Thats good so how are u doing
    G: Alright it was great not to be interrupted by Theresa all the time
    S: I bet so r u
    G: I don't know yet we were only gone for a week and we left just after i got pushed out a window
    S: Yea
    G: This way i can tell Ethan and i got the perfect idea
    S: Hows that
    G: A romantic dinner
    S: Sounds good well Luis and I are going to see his mom I gotta go so talk to ya later
    G: yea bye
    When Ethan went to the office Luis had sent a request to see him. he called Luis and Luis told him where he was at Pilars
    P: Hello Ethan luis is inside
    E: Thanks.Hey Luis i got yur request
    L: Thank god yur home whats going on
    T: Luis yur.. Ethan yur back
    E: Hello Theresa
    Theresa sat on the couch
    L: Well Beth is trying to sue me for child support
    E: Crazy beth sue u for child support u two had a baby
    L: No she is saying that bc she needs money
    T: I can't believe she is doing this
    S: She is way outta line she loves Luis and wants him back and she thinks this is the only way
    P: Ethan can u help Sheridan and Luis don't need this
    E: I agree i will do what i can
    L: Good what can u do
    E: I will draw up some papers and we can get this things around and clear everything up
    L: What do i do about her making me pay
    E: Keep paying u will get it back. I better go though
    T: Oh Ethan can't u stay and visit
    E: I really need to get home to gwen u know we just got back and all
    T: PLease
    P: Theresa stop alright
    E: See ya all later I will call u Luis when I find more out
    L: Ok thanks man
    E: Yur welcome
    Theresa ran up and hugged him and then he left. When he got home Gwen was making dinner and he helped her. A month later sure enough Gwen was pregnant. The night she found out Ethan was at work and she was making dinner. When he got home she said dinners ready Ethan. She couldn't wait
    E: Ok let me change
    Gwen was sitting at the table
    E: Well well whats all this
    G: well i have some good news
    E: I love good news
    he kissed her then the doorbell rang
    E: Theresa what are u doing here
    T: I Just dropped by to see how u were doing we never get to see each other am i interrupting
    E: well Theresa..
    G: Hello Theresa u want to join us for dinner since yur already here
    T: Oh no i couldn't
    G: No i insist
    T: Alright
    She walked in
    E: Gwen are u sure
    G: Yes
    She dished a plate for Theresa. They were eating when Gwen put her fork down
    G: Theresa i was just about to tell Ethan some good news since yur here u can hear it too
    E: Oh yea thats right tell me
    G: We're going to have a baby
    E: we are
    G: Yes finally
    Ethan got out of his chair and picked Gwen up and kissed her
    E: Oh my god this is great. Theresa isn't this great
    T: Yea wonderful she said but didn't mean it
    E: Its time to celebrate wine
    G: None for me
    T: Gwen a glass of wine doesn't hurt the bbay
    G: no chances for me I will have water
    E: Theresa wine
    T: Yes please
    G: Oh Theresa i have a friend i would like to set u up with
    T: No thats ok i don't want to date anyone
    G: Ok but if u change yur mind
    T: I won;t
    G: Geez geez alright
    T: Well i need to get going thanks for the nice dinner it was great
    G: Thanks for coming by
    E: Yea see ya later
    T: Bye then
    She walked out the door and slammed it shut but stood at the door and listened.
    G: Gosh there is soemthing about her. Everytime i get pregnant she is there
    E: Well don't worry
    G: I know i shouldn't but i do
    E: Well don't we need to think of what to buy
    G: I can make a lst
    E: Yea we will clean up in a bit. I got an idea we will make a list and i can have someone go shopping for us
    G: That sounds great
    E: Good bc u need to read up on what to exept during pregnancy
    G: Yea i know
    E: I can pick a book up for u on the way home
    G: Great i love u too
    They talked and cleaned up. Ethan called a couple people and told them and so did gwen. They went to bed late and Ethan held gwen's stomach as they slept

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    Ethan went to work. He was mostly spending the day with Luis. He was trying to get his case under control as fast as he could. Gwen got up at about noon and went to the pool. She stuck her feet in and swung them back and forth. She sat there for about an hour thinking about the bay, Ethan, and Thersa when a voice from behind her said.
    M: U need someone to push u in the pool
    She looked behind her
    G: Miguel right
    M: Right
    G: Yur Theresa's sister right
    M: Good job whatcha doing. Why aren't u in the pool
    G: I don't know if i want to swim or not
    M: Oh wheres Ethan
    G: Helping Luis with his case
    M: Oh well then he must be at my mom's i went by his house and no one answered
    G: Oh well Ethan will pry be stopping by here later if he can to eat lunch with me but i don't think thats going to happen
    M: Why because of Theresa
    G: no bc he has been working hard on this case. What about theresa should i be worried
    M: No i am sorry calm down yur pregnant
    G: I know
    Gwen stood up
    G: Um u want something to drink i am thirsty and i need my what to expect when yur expecting book its interesting
    M: I would love something to drink
    Gwen handed Miguel a water and gwen turned to go to the pool and slipped because she was wet. Miguel caught her
    M: Are u ok
    G: Yes i am alright
    E: Whats going on here
    G: Hey baby
    M: I caught Gwen she slipped
    E: oh ok
    G: Hey yur home early
    E: no its kinda late
    M: Hey Ethan um Kay wanted me to invite u an gwen over for dinner
    E: Who's all going to be there.
    M: My family, and hers.
    E: Um no thats alright
    G: I want to go Ethan
    E: Are u sure
    G: Yea lets go
    E: Alright what time
    M: How about 7
    E: Sounds good
    M: Well i need to get going see ya later
    E: Bye
    G: Bye miguel
    E: So u went swimming
    G: no i just put my feet in
    E: Oh ok
    he kissed Gwen
    E: Hows the baby
    G: Ethan i feel fine
    E: hey just asking
    That night they got dressed and went to Miguel and Kays house. Ethans parents were there and Theresa and the rest of Miguel and kays family. They said hello to everyone. While they were all talking Ethan made an announcement.
    E: Ok everybody some people know this and some people don't but my wife is pregnant
    Ivy: You are
    G: Yea Ethan tried to call u but u two weren't home
    Ivy: This is great
    S: Congrats son
    E: Thanks dad
    K: Ok dinner is ready everyone grab a plate
    Ethan got in line and gwen was up in like talking to Sheridan. Theresa was right behind Ethan
    T: Hi Ethan
    E: Hi Theresa how are you
    T: Alright what about you
    E: Great i am going to be a dad what could be better
    T: hmm i don't know
    They got their plates and Ethan took his seat next to gwen. After dinner they were all talking when Theresa tried to get Ethan away from gwen
    T: hey Ethan walk outside with me a minute
    E: Why
    T: Just do it
    P: Theresa don't
    T: mama there is nothing wrong with walking outside with me
    E: I'll be right back gwen
    They went outside.
    E: Theresa what
    She grabbed him and kissed him. Ethan kissed her back fell into her kiss adn then pulled away
    E: Theresa what are u doing
    T: Kissing you i love you and i want to be with you
    E: This is wrong gwen and i are together i love her we are having a baby
    T: Look at how yur body is responding to my kiss. lets go behind my shed and make love god it would be so great. God it would be so passionate after all this time. i want u Ethan
    E: Keep dreaming Theresa
    he walked away
    T: Damn it. i will get u back
    She walked inside
    M: Gwen u don't look so hot
    G: i don't feel so good. Is there somewhere i can lie down
    E: Whats going on
    P: Gwen doesn't feel good
    Theresa rolled her eyes
    E: honey what hurts
    G: my stomach is cramping just let me lay down
    Ethan sat beside her. gwen's stomach kept on cramping up
    E: gwen do we need to go to the hospita
    G: Yes
    T: Shes faking it
    G: Theresa i am not faking it
    T: Yes you are because Ethan went outside with me
    G: Theresa not right now
    E: Yes not right now
    T: Are u losing the baby gwen its too early for u to give birth
    G: SHUT UP
    E: Come on honey
    G: Please make it stop
    E: Come on
    They got to the hosptial
    E: Eve Gwen is cramping
    Eve: Come on gwen
    G: Help me i don't want to lose my baby
    Ev: I am going to try
    Eve finally got the cramping under control
    Ev: Gwe can u tell me whats bothering u any stress
    G: Yes a lot of it
    EV: Who or what is causing it
    G: Yes Theresa
    Ev: OK how
    G: She is always around trying to get Ethan to be with her and its really pissing me off. I can't get rid of her.
    EV; Tell Ethan that myabe u two should get away
    G: Eve its not that simple I like Theresa she is sweet and i know how she feels but i can't deal with her when she is like this
    EV: Well u need to find a way to stay calm
    Ethan came in
    E: How is she can she go home
    EV: She is fine but she needs to stay stress free and i want to keep her overnight
    E: Overnight
    G: no Eve i am fine
    Ev: I want to keep u for observation
    G: Alright can Ethan stay
    EV: Yes he can
    Once Eve left Ethan had something to discuss
    E: Gwen maybe we should move
    G: Away from our friends
    E: At least there would be no Theresa
    G: Yea i know i just wish we could stay
    E: maybe until the babies born like a last vacation and we could come back after
    G: Let me think about it. I don't know
    E: Gwen come on
    G: Ethan let me think about it ok
    E: Ok sweetheart
    They watched tv and gwen fell asleep early. She wanted to go home. Ethan walked the halls for awhile and went to sleep on a cot beside gwen

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    Eve came in early the next morning and told gwen it was ok if she went home. She signed out of the hospital and they left. Once in the car
    E: gwen did u think about what i said
    G: Ethan no i haven't i have been thinking about my baby
    E: Well gwen it would be nice
    G: Ethan just please take me to my mothers i need to talk to her
    Ethan pulled into her moms driveway
    E: U want me to come with you
    G: No i'll be right back
    She knocked on the door
    R: Gwen what a surprise why is Ethan sitting out in the car
    G: I want to talk to you alone
    R: Ok
    G: Um i just got out of the hospital bc i was cramping. Ethan thinks we should go away until the baby is born do u think i should go along with it?
    R: Well if it saves yur baby then yes i would say u should do it. U will be back
    G: Ok mom i had to run it by you. I guess good-bye when i tell Ethan i am sure we will be leaving soon. He pry has a house already rented.
    R: Call me when u get there and when u can
    G: I will mom i love you
    R: Me too
    She kissed her mom and went outside. She got in the car
    G: Ok Ethan we can go
    E: Good i already rented a house and its perfect too. Its big and beautful
    G: Good i can't wait to see it. I want to tell Sheridan good-bye before we leave
    E: ok i want to say good-bye to Pilar and Luis too
    She called Sheridan and she was at Pilars so they just heaed to her house
    P: Ethan Gwen come on in
    G: Thanks Pilar
    Theresa was sitiing on the couch with marty and Sheridan. Luis was sitting in the love seat.
    E: Hi everyone
    They all said hi
    E: gwen and i have some news we are going to go away for 8 months
    G: The doctor told me i need to stay calm bc the baby is under some stress so i need to relax and Ethan thinks its the best and i agreed i wanted to say good-bye we will be back when we have the baby. I didn't want to leave at first but i decided I want to have a healthy baby.
    P: Well thats a good idea
    S: Yea Gwen we want you to have a healty baby
    T: No u guys don't have to leave
    G: Well Theresa yur the one thats stressing me out right now
    T: No u stress yurself out Gwen
    E: Well we wanted to say good-bye we are going to leave see u in about 8 month.
    They headed for the door and Theresa lunged at ethan and wrapped herself around his leg
    T: No don't leave me. Don't u dare leave me
    E: Theresa let go
    P: Theresa come on don't embarrass yurself
    T: No u can't leave
    G: We will be back in 8months
    T: No Ethan u can't i love you I won't let u go
    E: Theresa please
    T: No Ethan i won't let u go
    L: Theresa if I have to use force I will pull u off let go
    T: No Luis i won't
    G: Ethan maybe u should just stay here
    E: No i want to go with you yur my wife i am going
    L: Theresa i am going to count to 5 if u have not let go i will remove you
    T: no luis
    L: One, two, three, four
    T: No Luis I am not letting go
    L: Five
    Luis came up and untangled Theresa and held her back
    T: Ethan she screamed no don't please She started crying
    E: Come on Gwen lets go
    Ethan and gwen left quickly and went to their new house while Theresa screamed for him


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