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Thread: never forget about me

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    Ethan had been dating Theresa for about 3 years when one day she dissapeared and no one knew what had happened to her. He had asked everyone and did all he could. He feared she was dead. Him and gwen had been together for about a year now but it wasn't the same. This was his life now and it wasn't bad. He had a lot of friends. Gwen was beautiful too.
    G: Ethan u looked a million miles away
    E: I know sorry honey
    G: It alright
    E: Um aren't we supposed to meet up with Luis and Sheridan for lunch
    G: Yea are u ready to go
    E: Yea
    They went to the Blue note Sheridan and Luis were there too they were getting married in a few months
    G: hey sheridan
    S: Gwen hello
    G: Hi Luis
    L: Hey Gwen nice to see u he kissed her cheek
    E: Hey man
    L: Hey how are u
    E: Alright man thanks
    S: Gwen come with me lets go to the restroom I want to talk to u privatley
    G: Ok

    S: We'll be right back boys
    L: Hurry back
    S: Don't worry lover I will
    Sheridan and Luis have been together for almost 3 yrs>. They went in the restroon
    S: I have got the best news
    G: Whats that
    S: I am pregnant
    G: Oh my gosh i am so happy for you
    S: I am estatic
    G: Does luis know
    S: not yet thank god i won't be showing until after the wedding. I want to tell him then
    G: Good luck keeping that secret
    S: Gwen whats bothering u
    G: What do u mean
    S: Gwen we have been friends forever tell me
    G: Well i feel bad for saying this and all but Ethan is still not over Theresa. I mean i know she disappeared and i have nothing agaist her I know she is luis's sister but when he looks at me i can tell he is thinking about her. Half of the time i don't think he is even looking at me. I don't know if i want a man like that to be second best.
    S: gwen look at me. Give him more space. I know its been awhile but still u might feel the same way if I were u. Suggest couseling if it doesn;t get better in awhile. He loves u Gwen. I know he does. If I lost Luis to somebody i would be devastated as well. U and Ethan are perfect
    G: Thanks Sheridan
    S: What are best friends for. Well lets go out there
    G: i will be out there in a sec
    S: U want me to wait
    G: no go ahead i will be there
    S: Ok see u in a few
    Sherian closed the door
    G: Sheridans right i just need to give it time.
    At the table
    L: I didn't want to say anything in front of Gwen but u don't look so hot
    E: i know i still miss Theresa
    L: So do i man but u need to move on. I mean here u got Gwen a beautiful woman just begging for some attention.
    E: I know its hard though. Everytime I look at her i see Theresa
    L: Ethan maybe u need some counseling
    E: Maybe i don't know yur sister was just so important to me and its hard but i am trying.
    Sheridan came back to the table
    S: Hey lover
    L: Hey beautiful (he kissed her)
    it took a few minutes but Ethan finally realized gwen wasn't with her
    E: Wheres gwen
    S: shes still in the bathroom
    E: oh ok
    gwen came back 5 minutes later
    G: I'm back
    E: hey baby
    he kissed her. gwen was surprised. They ordered and ate and had a good time but it came to an end.
    S: So how about next month we do this same time same place
    E: Sounds good to me gwen?
    G: Sure sounds good
    They said there good- byes and Ethan dropped gwen off at home
    G: Thanks again for the wonderful night ok
    E: Ok she kissed him on the cheek
    G: Night
    Gwen always invited Ethan up for a drink and he always declined she decided not to ask after her talk with Sherdian
    E: What no invite tonight
    G: no i figured u would tell me if u wanted too
    E: How about coming home with me tonight
    G: Really
    E: yea what the heck
    G: Alright let me go throw a bag together
    He went inside with her. She threw some clothes in a bag, a brush, some makeup, and a toothbrush
    G: ok ready
    E: ok
    Then Ethan took her in his arms and kissed her. He wanted to try a little harder
    G: What was that for?
    E: nothing i have more where that came from
    When they got to his house they made love and went to bed. gwen was so happy with the way Ethan was acting. She knew when they made love he still saw Theresa. Ethan dremt of Theresa that night but gwen was still happy to be with him. She hoped he would see her one day

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    gwen woke up early the next morning she had to go to work.
    G: Goodbye sleepy head
    She kissed his forehead and she left. She worked with her mother for a friend of theirs. She was a secertary. her mother filed all day for Gwen but in the same room. She got to work and walked into her office with a smile
    R: Good morning u look happy
    G: Yea i am
    R: Were u with Ethan i tired to call and u didn't answer
    G: yea i was a bit preoccupied
    R: I see
    They worked and at noon her mother went and got them both some lunch and at her mother came back and they ate and the phone rang and 1 and gwen answered
    G: hello Barbra's spa and club
    E: Hello may i make an appointment do u massages
    G: Yes we do
    E: Do u do them
    G: No Ethan
    E: Oh well then nevermind how do u know my name
    G: I know everything
    E: Very funny i wanted to call and see if u wanted to eat dinner together tonight
    G: Sure i always love to see you
    E: ok well come over to my house about 7.
    G: Sounds good
    E: Alright bye beautiful
    G: bye
    R: oh are u going to see Ethan tonight
    G: Yes i am
    R: he still hasn't said he loved u yet
    G: no he is still not over Theresa i don't want to push him
    R: maybe he doesn't like you
    G: oh mother he likes me alright
    R: Well he better start moving somewhere with this u don't want to be like this forever
    G: Mother i know that alright please let this drop it
    R: ok ok i just thought u didn't think of that
    G: I do a lot mother and it makes me sad thats why i mean Sheridan is already pregant and her and Luis are moving on and i know that Ethan loved Theresa and i have only met her a couple times but Luis is moving on Ethan needs to too.
    R: Sheridan's pregant
    G: Yes mother but don't go blabbing yur mouth Luis doesn't know and he is not going to until his wedding night. Sheridan wants to surprise him
    R: I am not a blabber mouth
    She looked at her mom and laughed. After work she called Ethan. Then she showered and changed and headed over there. She knocked on the door.
    E: hello gwen its nice to see you
    G: Its nice to see you too
    E: u look great
    G: Thanks and u do too
    They walked into the kitchen and the kitchen was beautifully decorated.
    G: Ethan oh my god this is great
    E: yea and dinners almost ready
    They sat down at the table and Ethan served her a plate if what he cooked and they drank wine and ate.
    G: Ethan dinner was great and the kitchen is beautiful
    E: The nights not over yet
    G: its isn't is it
    E: Come on
    He took her hands and led her upstairs and on the bed. She lied down.
    E: hold on let me get a condom
    G: Alright I'll wait
    Gwen undressed and then she undressed Ethan. He was kissing her neck when he whispered
    E: i love you Gwen
    She stopped.
    G: What did i just say?
    E: I said i love u is that a bad thing
    G: no i just thought i would never hear that
    E: What do u mean
    G: Well with u missing Theresa so much i thought u would never be able to move on.
    E: i think its time i did don't you
    G: Yes i agree and i love you soo much Ethan
    E: I love you too
    Then they continued making love. She spent the night and had the day off. She woke Ethan up and had a quickie before they went to work. Then she called Sheridan
    G: Sheridan you are never going to believe what happened to me
    S: What
    G: Ethan told me he loves me
    S: oh my gosh are u serious
    G: yes i am serious
    S: Where are u
    G: Over at Ethan's i have been spending the night here
    S: I think he's moving on
    G: Thats what he told me when we were you know
    S: Gwen seriously
    G: What
    S: nothing u want to meet for lunch
    G: Yea sure why not
    S: Um where
    G: Why don't we go to the blue note
    S: Sure
    They met at the blue note
    G: Hello u look great how do u feel
    S: I still have morning sickness thank god the wedding is in two weeks. I cannot wait to tell Luis he will be so happy.
    G: i know he will be
    S: So about u and Ethan
    G: What he told me he loved me
    S: Well did u tell him back
    G: Duh
    They ate lunch and she went to see Ethan at work
    G: Hello handsome
    E: Gwen what are u doing here
    G: I wanted to see you are u busy
    E: I am never to busy for you. I love you
    G: i love you too Ethan
    Gwen got up and locked his door and sat on his lap and kissed him
    E: Gwen ot here
    G: Yes Ethan u told me u have did it before
    E: True I have
    He kissed her passionately. Then he cleared the desk and lied her down and they made love and whispered that they did love each other.

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    Post Re: never forget about me


    I like reading your stories, but it would be a huge help if you could use proper punctuation and spelling. The slang words aren't as hard as the lack of punctuation.

    But otherwise, I enjoy them!

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    It was the day of Luis and Sheridan's wedding. Gwen was the maid of honor and Ethan was the best man. Gwen and Sheridan were in the dressing room with the bridesmaids.

    G: Are u excited
    S: Yes i can't wait. I can't wait to tell Luis I am pregant
    G: He will be happy
    S: i hope so
    The preacher came to the door
    P: Sheridan are u adn the girls ready
    S; yes we are
    They walked down the aisle. Sheridan walked with her father. The wedding took about 45 minutes and they got pictures taken and got into the limo. Luis passed the beer around
    L: Sheridan u get the first one
    She glanced at gwen
    S: No its ok i want to be sober for the wedding
    L: Alright
    Everyone else had one and they finally arrived at the reception. Sheridan and her dad danced first
    S: Daddy i love u
    A: I love u too baby
    S: So how does it feel to be giving me away
    A: U know somehow i knew u would marry luis
    Then the song ended. her and Luis danced
    L: Hey there beautiful
    S: Oh luis i love you and now were finally married
    L: Yep and now we can start a family
    S: yea how soon do u want one
    L: Well I thought we could get started tonight
    S: Sounds good to me
    The song ended and everyone got out and danced. Ethan and gwen were out there and Sheridan danced with Ethan and Luis danced with Gwen
    S: So ethan how are u and gwen
    E: Good at least i think so
    S: u know Gwen is worried u will never move on form Theresa
    E: Well gwen has no hard feelings she has never even met Theresa
    S: i know but u need to move on with gwen and make a life with her she is beautiful and she loves you
    E: i know Sheridan geez get off my case I told her i love her what more do u want?
    S: I want gwen to feel loved she is a special girl shes my best friend also
    Back to Luis and gwen
    G: So are u happy u married Sheridan
    L: of course hows ethan by the way
    G: Alright i guess i am really sorry about yur sis thats got to suck
    L: yea it pretty much does but i am over it theres not much anyone can do
    G: I know i just don't want to be second best to Ethan
    L: I know u don't give it time
    G: Thats all i seem to be giving
    Sheridan and luis danced and so did Gwen and Ethan. At 2 everyone decided to leave it was getting late. Gwen and Ethan went home together.
    L: U ready to go to the hotel
    G: Yea i am
    L: Ok Mrs. Luis Lopez fitz gerald
    S: Thats sounds nice
    L: Doesn't it
    They got to the the hotel and Luis carried Sheridan through the door.
    L: So ma'am should we get some drinks or start making kids.
    S: Luis sit down
    L: Uh oh i hate when things start out like this
    S: I don't know if this will make u happy or not
    L: Ok keep going
    S: I'm pregant
    There was silence and Luis didn't say anything
    S: Luis
    L: Oh my gosh this is great a little unexpected but i could not be happier
    he picked her up and twirled her around
    L: How far along
    S: A month
    L: How did u keep it a secret
    S: i wasn't that far and i wanted to wait for our wedding night
    L: I know but i am going to be a father
    S: I know
    They made love as soon as she got the words i know out. He was estatic and so was she
    At Ethans apartment
    G: Well i am going to get changed and then we can go to bed
    E: Ok
    Gwen changed and came out in a sexy nighty
    E: Gwen wow u look great
    G: Thanks
    She kissed Ethan. Ethan pulled away
    E: u know i love u right
    G: Yea otherwise u wouldn't have told me that
    E: i know but do u really know
    G: Yes Ethan i do and I Love you with all my heart
    E: ok well i wanted to make sure
    G: Ethan i just don't want to be second best with Theresa u move at whatever pace u need to
    E: ok well i guess then that the pace we are moving is fine
    G: We have our whole lives together
    E: yes i know
    G: ok so lets not waste it by being worried alright u love me and I love you thats all there is to it
    E: I have a question
    G: Whats that
    E: Do u want to go to therapy with me so i can move on
    G: Sure lets make an appointment tomorrow
    They made love and gwen was happy Ethan was finally being able to move on and take some action instead of just saying it

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    Ethan got up early and made an appoitnment for the afternoon. Gwen woke up about 8 and saw Ethan wasn't in bed and found him in the kitchen eating

    G: Hey why are u up so early
    E: oh hey i made an appointment for this afternoon
    G: oh i have to work but my mom might be able to cover for me
    She called work and her mom told her to take the day off and they left for therapy at that day at about 12:30. It was scheduled for one. The counsler they met with was Whitney.
    W: Come in you to
    They introduced themselves and started the counseling
    W: ok whats going on
    E: Well i met this girl named Therea awhile ago. I loved her a lot. Well she dissapeared one day and no one knows what happened to her. Well then i met gwen and we are dating but i can't seem to move forward. We have been dating one year and i just told her i loved her a couple of weeks ago. I want to move on but i still think about this other woman
    W: Ok Gwen anything u would like to add
    G: I know Ethan's past with this woman. I do not want to be second best and sometimes when he looks at me i know he is thinking about her. I love him so much and i hate to see him hurthing
    W: ok ok Ethan don't forget this other woman but she is gone its been awhile u can love her but u also need to go on with yur life. Do u think she would want u unhappy
    E: no ma'am i don't
    W: I know this woman if she loved u would want u to be happy. next time u come Ethan don't bring Gwen. Sorry hun we should talk privatley that way u can say things u don't want to say in front of her. So come back next week alone and then Gwen can come after that.
    They all agreed and Ethan was to come alone next week. They all left feeling much better. Sorry so short

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    Ethan went the next week by himself.

    E: So why did u want me to come alone
    W: I want to know everything about this Theresa girl. How u two met about u and ms....
    E: Hotchkiss
    W: Alright so are u ready
    E: Yea ok (he took a deep breath) Well Theresa's mother Pilar used to work for my mother. See my mother and father at least i thought he was my father. See my mom made love to my father on her wedding night. So i was his son. Juilan Crane is who i thought was my father. he treated me badly after he found out but Theresa found out and bc my mom told pilar and well she doesn't keep secrets from her daughter. I got a little upset but anyways how i met Theresa. Well her mother like i said worked for us. Theresa would come by and see her. My mom needed a secertary and Theresa was looking for a job. Pilar was a hard worker and Theresa was Pilar's daughter and she hired Theresa bc of Pilar. Well i was home a lot and Theresa worked close to me. We talked a lot and started to hang out. Well i just fell for her. Well we got engaged and we were going to get married. She was everything I wanted in a girl. She was beautiful and we were going to move in after we got married. Well one morning i was going to work. Theresa and I both worked at the same place. Well sometimes i took her to work and sometimes she took her mom places or her brother Luis took her to work. Luis is my best friend. So u know she never called and i waited and i got worried so i called Luis and he said she took her mom to the doctor. She never showed. I put out a search for her but no such luck. They stopped the search and prounounced her dead.
    W: Wow thats quite a story.
    E: yea and its hard from time to time
    W: So ms. Hotchkiness do u see anything long term with her
    E: Well i want things to progress but i can't get over Theresa i want to propose but i feel like i would be cheating
    W: how did u meet Ms. Hotckiness
    E: Well my mom wanted me to go to the country club. She was still allowed there after her and Julian divorced so her and my dad could be together. I didn't want to go but i went for my mom. Anyways Gwen and her mom are rich. They were new in town. So my mom introuduced us and i asked gwen how she liked the club. We got to talking and told me she was trying to find someone to show her around. I agreed to. We hung out every once in awhile and we just got to be friends. She told me she liked me and i told her about Theresa. She told me that we could take things slow. She is beautiful i thought that from the first time i saw her. But i finally asked her out and we have been taking things slow. We have been dating for almost 2 years and i just not told her i love her.
    W: ok so why did u ask her out if u felt yur betraying Theresa
    E: bc its just dating we are not engaged. Engagment is a big deal.
    W: ok well i suggest u and gwen go place u and Theresa went and make new memories. U can love Theresa but u can let her go to and move on people do that. Like i said before do u think she would want u to be unhappy
    E: no not at all
    W: Well try to make new memories with Gwen it may take time and it may be painful but u can do it
    E: Thanks
    W: Well we need to end this session and i will see u next week. U can bring gwen this time too
    Ethan left and called gwen
    G: Hi ethan whats up
    E: Nothing just got out of my session
    G: So how did it go
    E: Good would u like to go out tonight
    G: Sure i would love too
    E: Ok i want to take u someplace the counsler suggested
    G: Where
    E: Where Theresa and I went on our first date
    G: Ethan i really don't want to go there u know i think u don't need those memories
    E: The counsler said it was a good idea
    G: Alright
    She left and went home to get ready. She really didn't want to go. Ethan picked her up and they left. They got there and Ethan already had a seat reserved
    Waiter: What can i get for you
    E: Um i would like a beer
    G: A martini please
    The waiter left
    G: So Ethan why are we here
    E: Well i think I need to face my old ghosts and with you i can do that
    G: Alright well this is nice
    They ordered food
    E: Do u want to dance
    G: I guess so
    They started dancing
    E: Gwen are u mad
    G: A little ethan I know while were here yur thinking about her
    E: Well Gwen she said it would be a good idea
    G: I don't know ethan it doesn't fel right
    E: Do u want to leave
    G: Yea actually
    E: ok
    The waited boxed up the food and they took it to his house
    E: Gwen i don't understand
    G: What
    E: U want me to get over her but i can't if yur not willing to try
    G: Ethan i don't want u to be thinking about her while were there
    E: I can't help it
    G: Well maybe counseling isn't helping
    E: Gwen i think about her even if we wouldn't have been there. I think about her all the time
    G: Ethan i can't do this i can't compete with her and its tearing me apart. Call me if u ever get over her but right now its not fair to me or you. So i gotta go. (She slammed the door and went home)
    Sorry if my grammer isn't correct i am not good at that

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    Re: never forget about me

    Your stories are really cute though, incorporating some of the existing storylines and just rearranging them in this one. Especially how he meets Theresa first, and Gwen later.

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    Ethan sat down and looked at the door Gwen walked out of. gwen walked into her house
    R: Gwen yur home early
    G: Yes i broke up with Ethan
    R: Why
    G: His stupid counsler told him that she thought it would be a good idea to go to the places him and Theresa were and make new memories with me and he was thinking about her.I will not be second best mother i won't
    R: oh gwen i am so sorry but u love Ethan give it time. Besides he is amazing looking and he will take care of u
    G: I don't want to give it time either he wants me or he doesn't. Looks aren't everything
    The doorbell rang
    R: I will get the door
    Rebecca opened the door
    R: Ethan hello come in
    E: Thanks is Gwen here
    R: yes gwen
    G: I don't want to talk to u ethan
    R: Gwen come here don't be rude. Stay here let me get her
    G: Mother no i have nothing to say
    R: Its a silly fight
    There was another knock
    R: Ethan (rebecca yelled) Just open up the door
    Ethan opened the door
    E: Sheridan
    S: hey i came to see Gwen
    G: Sheridan i am back here
    S: Gwen whys ethan waitng by the door
    G: I broke up with him
    S: What
    R: Maybe u can talk some sense into her
    S: Ok whats going on
    G: Well his stupid counsler thought it would be a good idea for ethan to face his old ghosts and go places with me where him and Theresa went so we did and he was thinking about her and i will not be second best to her i can't
    S: gwen at least he is trying to get help bc he wants to move on with you. Listen i think u need to go and see what he is dealing with give it another try please he wants to be with you thats why he did this. Let him tell u what happened
    G: ok i will
    S: good
    G: Did u come here with something to tell me
    S: Yes i told Luis and he was happy
    G: oh Sheridan i am happy for u
    S: Me too now please give Ethan a chance maybe if he opens up to you it might bring u two closer
    G: Alright
    She finds Ethan in the kitchen with her mom
    G: Ethan if u want to try and work things out lets go abck to that resturant
    E: really?
    G: Yes let me change and we can go
    She leaves
    E: Sheridan what did u say to her
    S: i just told her to give u another try and that she should of at least listened to what u had to say
    E: Thank how can i repay u
    S: just take care of her
    E: No problem
    Gwen came downstairs with an open mind and they left. They got there and Gwen ordered water and Ethan ordered a pop.
    E: ok Gwen now i took Theresa here for our first date
    G: Ok so what did u two do
    E: Well we ordered food and talked and she asked me to dance
    G: She sounds bold
    E: Theresa was
    They ordered and ate and talked about work and how he was sorry
    E: gwen the counsler wants u to come back with me next time
    G: Well i guess it couldn't hurt
    E: Do you want to work things out with me or not
    G: Yes i do but i can't be Theresa replacement i have my pride
    E: i know u do we can go to the counsler and maybe she can help us
    G: Ok
    E: So were still not good
    G: I don't know ethan if i can do this unless you are over her
    E: ok i can deal with that. U want to dance
    G: Yea i guess so
    They went on the dance floor
    E: U know this doesn't hurt so bad
    G: Are u just saying that to make me feel better
    E: no even though we are fighting i am having a good time
    G: Really
    E: Yes it feels like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.
    They went to the counsler next week on Monday. Gwen was trying to get over how he treated her but she was still having a hard time
    W: Hello u two its nice to see you
    G: hello
    E: Hey um ok i went and took Gwen to a resturant with me but we ended up fighting we are not alright
    W: ok whats going on
    G: Ok i didn't think it was a good idea to but we went adn he was thinking about u know
    W: Well i was hoping u two would talk about her it might ease some of his pain
    E: I felt a huge boulder lifting off my shoulders just being with gwen. Even though we were fighting i was happy. I think i am getting over her
    W: Well not that fast but we are making progress
    E: Gwen please fogive me
    W: Gwen what is upsetting u the most
    G: I will not be second best to her
    W: Gwen she's gone and Ethan is trying do u love him
    G: Of course more than i can say. I have never felt this way before. Ok ethan i fogive u
    E: Thanks you god i love you
    W: Well this session is over u two come back next week
    They left and went home and had dinner and made love


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