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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

    Thanks, Ann. Chemistry galore!

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    Smile Wednesday's Welcome Guests SHUIS Summary & Pic of the Day.........

    As Sheridan looks at her wedding dress laying across her bed, she muses, “You know, they say it's bad luck for a bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, but -- oh, Luis is right. (She sits on the bed and runs her hand over her dress.) That's just a silly superstition. In a few hours, Luis and I will be standing before God, saying our vows. And nothing can possibly bring us bad luck.” She looks up and smiles at the thought of marrying Luis.

    At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house there is a knock on the front door which brings Pilar hurrying into the living room while tying the belt on her robe. “Who could that be so early?” As she catches a glimpse of the visitors from the glass in the door, she squeals, “Oh! Cristina!” Her brother and sister-in-law excitedly enter the house and rush to hug Pilar, “¿Como estas? ¿Como estas, como estas? (How are you?) Pilar greets her brother, “Ay, Francisco, mi hermano. Oh, what a surprise. I didn't expect you till later this morning.” He tells her that they took an earlier flight because they didn’t want to miss a moment of this day. His nephew and niece in a double wedding is fantastic!

    In the living room looking at a picture of Ethan and Theresa on the shelf, Cristina shows it to her husband, “How beautiful they are. Papi. And how handsome is Ethan.” Pilar comes from the kitchen with coffee. Cristina asks Pilar, “Tell me, you know, about this Ethan.” Pilar says, “Ethan? Well, Ethan is a gentleman. He's well educated. Simpatico. He and I have always been very close.” Cristina then asks, “¿Y la Sheridan? ¿Que tal la Sheridan?” Pilar replies, “Oh, Sheridan. She's a true lady.” Francisco looks skeptical, “Luis is marrying a Crane. Es imposible.” Pilar replies, “I know, hermano, but it is true.” She smiles. Cristina continues, “Ven aca -- and his father -- does Luis still think that he has something to do with his ….?” Pilar quickly replies, “Sheridan is nothing like the rest of the Cranes. She's a wonderful young woman, and I love her so much.” Francisco replies with a smile, “Entonces, we also will love her.” Cristina adds, “And Ethan.” Francisco welcomes them to the family, “Bienvenidos a la familia Lopez.” Cristina says, “Si, senor.” Pilar adds, “And they will love you, too.”

    Tio Francisco asks where Theresa is. Pilar says that she isn’t up yet so Tio goes to get her up because he wants to have a special talk with her. I must see her, have a special talk with her before the wedding. Theresa and Ethan are kissing on her bed when she hears her uncle’s voice. She sits up and tells Ethan that he must leave before Tio sees him. Before Ethan can climb out the window, Tio Fransisco opens the door, but not before Ethan hides in the closet.

    A brightly smiling Sheridan opens the door to Gwen, “There she is, my maid of honor. Just in time.” Gwen comes in with her dress and make up case in hand, “Hello.” Sheridan informs her, “Well, I've got a whole regiment on their way -- manicurists, hairstylists, makeup artists. I'm so glad that we agreed to get ready together. You know, it'll give us a couple of minutes to be by ourselves and talk.” As Gwen puts her things down she asks, “Talk?” Sheridan replies, “Yeah, there's something that's bothering me about the wedding. I think you might be able to put my mind at ease.” Gwen turns to Sheridan, “Of course. I'll do anything you need me to do. You know that. What's the problem?” Sheridan confides, “It's Theresa. I want you to give me an honest answer.”

    Arriving home Luis calls out, “Mama? Mama?” Cristina stands as she sees him and exclaims, “Luis!” Luis greets his aunt and she asks how he is. Luis replies, “Bien, gracias.” Cristina smiles, “As if I didn't know how things are going over here.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, you'll see when you meet Sheridan later. But look at you. Look at you. You're more gorgeous than ever.” Cristina laughs, “Que mentiroso eres. (You are lying!) Luis replies, “Me? Lie to you? Come on.” Cristina smiles, “But I love it when you lie to me. I want you to tell me something. How did that girl ever get your heart? I bet you there were a billion other girls knocking at your door, huh?” Luis grins and looks embarrassed, “I wouldn't say that.” Cristina, “Please, you're such a handsome sobrino (nephew). You are the handsomest of all my sobrinos.” Luis smiles, “Well, wait till you meet Sheridan. I'm the luckiest guy in the world.” Cristina shrugs, “Well, for you to marry a Crane ….” Pilar comes from the kitchen, “Mijo? Where were you? I was beginning to get concerned.” Luis tells her about what happened with Grace. Then he asks, “Where's Tio Francisco? Huh?”

    Tio Francisco is in Theresa’s room giving her marital advice. He tells her never to go to bed angry.

    In Sheridan's living room, Gwen looks through the jewelry in Sheridan's jewelry box now sitting on the coffee table, “Wow, such exquisite pieces.” Holding her ring up to admire it, Sheridan smiles, “None of them compare with this. I am going to wear this ring night and day for the rest of my life, and I'm never taking it off.” Gwen reminds her, “You said earlier that you wanted to talk about Theresa.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh, yes. I was thinking about wearing a family heirloom today, but, you know, I didn't want to outshine Theresa. What do you think? Do you think she would feel upstaged if I were to wear this?” She picks up a large velvet box and opens it to reveal a beautiful necklace. Gwen exclaims, “Oh, what a beautiful necklace.” Sheridan warmly says, “It's my mother's. Her father gave it to her the day she married Alistair.” Gwen observes, “Well, it obviously means a lot to you.” Sheridan admits, “It does.” Gwen advises, “Well, then you have to wear it.” Sheridan asks, “But Theresa ...” Gwen says, “Oh, she won't have a problem with it. How could she?” Sheridan asks, “You don't think she'd be upset with me?” Gwen shakes her head, “No, Theresa's a romantic at heart. She won't be upset.” Sheridan sighs, “You know, I don't know how you do it.” Gwen asks, “Do what?” Sheridan replies, “How you can sit there so calmly. I know what you're doing today.” Gwen looks surprised.

    In Theresa's room a noise comes from the closet where Ethan is hiding. Tio Fransisco opens the closet and boxes come tumbling out so he closes the door and leaves the room to let her get dressed. As he leaves her room, Theresa says, “Tell Tia Cristina I'll come say hello in a minute.” Once again she attempts to get Ethan out of her room.
    In the living room, Tio Francisco announces, “Teresita will be out soon to say hello. But while we wait -- mami -- I have a special gift for Luis on the occasion of his wedding.” Luis looks up from his seat and Tio hands him something as he says, “Be happy, sobrino.” Luis smiles, “Muchas gracias. Pocket watch.” Pilar tells him, “It was your grandfather's. He gave it to Francisco.” Francisco says, “You're the first of his grandsons to get married, so I want you to have it.” Luis stands and says, “I don't know what to say.” Cristina says, “Felicidades, mijo. Felicidades. Felicidades.” Pilar stands next to Luis and asks, “May I see the watch, Luis?” Luis hands it to her, “Yeah.” Pilar becomes sentimental, “Oh my, I wish your grandfather was here to see you get married.” Francisco hugs her, “He looks down on us and has joy in his heart.”

    There is a knock on the door. Francisco gets it. Tabitha and Timmy are at the door saying that they have come to see Theresa. Cristina asks, “Ven aca, Pilar, ¿y esta mujer? ¿Quien es? (Who is that woman?” Pilar answers, “Una loca del barrio. (The town crazy/eccentric lady.)” Tabitha says, “We've brought some pretty flowers for sweet Theresa.” Pilar says they are so fresh as Luis take them to the kitchen after he says they look just like the flowers they planted last week. Timmy smiles at Tio Francisco who gets excited about it but is upstaged by the arrival of Ivy who wanted to see Theresa before the ceremony. Pilar tells her that Theresa is still in her room but should be out soon. Tio Francisco tries again to tell them about Timmy, “I could swear that doll smiled at me.” Tabitha replies, “I'm afraid you've got a touch of jet lag, Senor Lopez.” Pilar introduces Ivy to her brother and his wife. Cristina wants to know if the things she has read about Ivy loving Sam and her father forcing her to marry Julian are true. Ivy tells her that it's all true.

    In Sheridan's living room Gwen asks, “You know what I'm doing today?” Sheridan says, “And I really admire you. I think you are so brave. I mean, you thought that Theresa had stolen Ethan away from you, and here you are getting ready to see them get married. How did you manage to put your anger aside?” Gwen replies, “Well, I'll always love Ethan, and I just -- I just want him to be happy.” Sheridan nods, “He will be. And so will you. You know, someday you'll meet a man that you're meant to be with forever, the same way I have. I'm going to go make us a fresh pot of coffee.” Sheridan goes to the kitchen. Gwen makes a phone call.

    Luis goes to see what happened to Theresa so he knocks on her door as he says, “Theresa, I -- well, well, well. I was wondering what was keeping you.” Theresa panics, “It's not...” Luis, “Now I know.” Theresa says again, “It's not what it looks like. It's ...” Luis grins, “It's ok. I couldn't stay away from Sheridan today, either, but I don't think that it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day. However, if the groom was caught sneaking out of her window, well, that's definitely bad luck.” Luis, “Tia Cristina is waiting out there to see you.” Theresa replies, “Yes, Luis. I -- I better go.” Luis adds, “As is Ethan's mother and Tabitha and her doll. And, well, Tio Francisco thought he saw the doll smile at him.” Theresa giggles, “Tio Francisco is always making jokes.” Luis says, “Yeah.” Ethan, “Hey, I'll see you at the church?” After Theresa leaves the room, Ethan starts to leave through the window but is stopped by Luis, “Hey, hey, hold on. Come on. I'll take you out the back way.”

    Finally coming into the living room, Theresa greets her aunt. Cristina says, “Honey, I wouldn't have missed your wedding for the world. I know that you've had some problems, but let me tell you, there is nothing that can obstruct that wedding now.” Theresa says that there isn't. Theresa then greets Ivy, “Oh. Oh, Mrs.. Crane. Thank you so much for being here, too.” Ivy smiles, “Oh, thank you, Theresa, for making my son so happy. You know, you're just -- you're like a daughter to me now.” Whispering to Timmy, Tabitha says, “Just wait till Ivy sees that tabloid headline. She'll want to kill Theresa.” Theresa asks, “Tabitha, did you say something?” Tabitha smiles, “Oh, just that we're both so happy for you, dear.”

    At Sheridan's cottage, she returns from the kitchen and hears Gwen on the phone. As Gwen hangs up from talking to the tabloid editor, Sheridan asks, “Who were you talking to?”

    To be continued...

    I didn't find any screen caps to go along with today's recap but I did find a beautiful banner made by srhrobin of Shuis before Luis left her the morning of their wedding. "You are my destiny" How true!

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    Smile Thursday's Totally Romantic Roses for SHUIS Summary & Pic of the Day...

    In the Lopez-Fitzgerald back yard, Ethan says, “Hey, thanks for taking me out the back way. If my mother and your family were to know that I was with Theresa before the wedding, huh, they'd be very upset.” Luis replies, “Well, a lot of people think it's bad luck. Not me. I saw Sheridan earlier. It was pretty much all I can do not to go see her again, you know?” Ethan agrees, “Yeah, I know the feeling. I don't know how I'd get through the next few hours without knowing that I'm going to be with Theresa for the rest of my life. See you, man.” Luis waves, “I'll see you, Ethan.”

    Inside the house, Theresa smiles at everyone gathered in the living room, “Thank you all so much for helping to make this the happiest day of my life. And you, too, Tabitha.” Miguel comes into the living room in his boxers and greats his aunt and uncle. Christina comments, “Iay, mi nino! Pero, que grande. You're so big! Look at this guy.” Kay follows Miguel into the room in her nightgown and robe. Miguel introduces her to his aunt and uncle. Tio Francisco raises his eyebrow, “Your mother's become very open-minded, huh?” Pilar explains, “No, no, Francisco. No. Kay is one of the Bennett's daughters, and she's staying with us until their house is rebuilt.” Francisco says, “Hmm. So convenient, huh?” Charity arrives. Miguel immediately goes to her and gives her a kiss which causes Tia Cristina to comment, “And who is that? Two for the price of one? What is this? Two girlfriends?” Pilar explains, “No, no, no. That's Miguel's girlfriend, Charity -- Kay's cousin.” Cristina is amazed, “Oh, I see. Ooh, even the Spanish telenovelas are not so wild, my dear.” Pilar tries again, “No, por favor. Cristina, no. Kay and Miguel are just best friends, and they sleep in separate rooms.” Cristina says, “Ok. That's a relief.” Everyone laughs. Ivy turns to Theresa, “Well, we should all be getting ready for the wedding, I'm sure. I just wanted to come by and give you these. You know, you've just been like a daughter to me.” Ivy hands Theresa a jewelry box that contains her mother's earrings. She wants Theresa to have them to wear on her wedding day. Tabitha whispers to Timmy, “Ivy won't love Theresa once she reads that tabloid headline.”

    Sheridan comes back into her living room after being in the kitchen making coffee, “Hey, I heard you just say you made my day on the phone right now. Was it something to do with the wedding?” Gwen, who has been talking to the editor of the tabloid, lies, “Yeah. I was checking on the flowers -- you know, to make sure they're delivered on time.” Sheridan smiles her gratitude, “You -- you are just so wonderful to put aside your disappointment of not marrying Ethan, to make this and Theresa, Luis and me. Just think, in a couple of hours, Luis will be saying, "with this ring, I thee wed." And he'll slip it on my finger, and my life will never be the same.” Sheridan holds her wedding ring above her finger and smiles. Before she puts the ring all the way on her finger she remembers, “Oh. Pilar said it's bad luck to try the ring on before the ceremony. You know what? You're calm and collected. I think it's better if you hold on to these until the wedding. I'm afraid I might lose them.” She hands the wedding rings to Gwen. Gwen promises, “Ok, I promise that they'll get to the church.” Sheridan thanks her as the phone rings and there is a knock on the door. As she picks up the phone, Sheridan laughs, “Oh. Would you get that please?” Sheridan answers the phone as Gwen answers the door. Luis sits in the Lo-Fitz kitchen and calls the love of his life, “Hey. Is it just me, or are you counting the hours till we're man and wife?” A smiling Sheridan replies, “It's not just you, Luis. I can't wait to marry you.” The man at the door hands Gwen a bouquet of beautiful red roses. She carries them over to Sheridan, “Hey. They're from Luis.” Sheridan exclaims, “Oh. Luis, the roses you sent -- they're beautiful.” Luis smiles, “They're the same kind that papa planted for mama at the gazebo.” Sheridan smiles, “That is so romantic! It's no wonder I love you so much.” Luis grins, “I love you, too. Once I slip that ring on your finger today in church, nothing will ever part us again.” Sheridan's smile is radiant as she says, “Well, I am just dying to be your wife.”

    In the Lo-Fitz living room, Theresa opens a big box, a present from Tia and Tio, “Tia? Tio? Muchas gracias. Look, Mama.” Pilar replies, “Yes. This is why I didn't want you to get a veil because I knew my brother wanted you to have the mantilla.” Francisco tells Theresa, “Ah, it's a family heirloom.” Theresa exclaims, “Oh, I love it. I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Cristina and Francisco, “You're welcome.” Standing behind Theresa, Luis says, “I'm sure Sheridan will love hers, too.” Theresa comments, “Oh. Oh, I can't wait to show it to Whitney. You know, I wonder why she's not here yet.” Pilar replies, “Oh, she'll be here soon. Whitney is Theresa's best friend and the maid of honor.” When Theresa begins to explain about Whitney and Chad, Pilar tells her, “Teresita? Teresita? Why don't you show Kay and how the mantilla looks, hmm?” Theresa giggles, “Ok. All right. Bye.” She giggles and runs off. Miguel excuses himself to get breakfast. Pilar turns to Tabby, “Tabitha, I would offer you breakfast, but after I change, I'm planning to take my brother and Cristina to meet Sheridan.” Tabitha, not wanting to miss any pain and suffering, replies, “Oh, don't worry about me, dear. Timmy and I are perfectly content to just sit here and watch all the excitement. Isn't that right, Timmy?” Pilar leaves the room to get dressed. Left alone (except for Tabby, that is.) Francisco puts his arm around Luis, “Oh, I'm told Sheridan's a wonderful woman, Luis.” Luis smiles, “Oh, she's the best.” Francisco gets serious, “The Cranes did terrible things to our family. You must find out what happened to your father.” Luis promises, “I will. Look, you know what? I don't even want to think about that right now. I'm about to marry the woman I love, and I don't want anything that her family did to interfere with my happiness today. Come on.” Now alone in the living room, Tabitha says, “Sorry, Luis. Sheridan is going to die because her family poisoned her wedding ring. And if that isn't drama enough, Ethan will think Theresa sold him out to the tabloid. Ah, this double wedding is going to be one double disaster.” She cackles!

    At the cottage, Sheridan smiles, “Well, it's so nice meeting you, Francisco, Cristina.” Gwen smiles, too, “Absolutely.” Sheridan introduces Gwen, “Gwen is my maid of honor.” A shocked Francisco asks, “But the woman who was to marry Ethan is your maid of honor?” Cristina laughs, “That's so funny, isn't it? If this were a Spanish telenovela, the maid of honor would be trying to steal back the man she loves, huh?” Sheridan assures, “Oh, well, this isn't a telenovela because Gwen wouldn't do anything to separate Ethan and Theresa.” Cristina says, “Oh, I'm very happy to hear that.” Pilar walking over to smell the roses “Oh, my God. Sheridan, what beautiful roses.” Sheridan follows Pilar to the roses, “Luis sent them. They're the same kind of roses that Martin planted at the gazebo for you when your family lived here at the cottage.” Pilar sighs, “Oh. They bring back so many wonderful memories.” Sheridan hugs Pilar. Francisco chides Pilar, “Oh, por favor, hermana. Today's the day for love and happiness, hmm?” He turns to Sheridan and says, “You're even more beautiful than the pictures Luis sent us.” Sheridan blushes and smiles. Tio and Tia give Sheridan the present that they have brought for her. As she opens her package, Sheridan excitedly exclaims, “Oh, my. Oh. A mantilla. It is beautiful. No wonder you didn't want me to buy a veil. Muchas gracias.” Sheridan kisses both Tio and Tia. Cristina asks, “Do you like it?” Sheridan exclaims, “I love it!” Cristina says, “Enjoy it.” Sheridan thanks them again as the phone rings. She excuses herself and tells them to have a seat. She picks up the phone and answers. Luis' voice comes over the line, “So, things going ok with Tio Francisco and Tia Cristina?” A beaming Sheridan smiles to Luis, “They gave me the most beautiful mantilla.” Luis grins, “Well, I'm glad you like it. Just don't get too excited you forget to bring our rings to the church, huh?” Sheridan informs him, “Oh, I gave them to Gwen for safekeeping. She'll make sure they get there.” Luis adds, “You remember what mama said -- it's bad luck to try on that wedding ring before the ceremony.” Sheridan replies, “Well, that ring is not going to go on my finger again until you slip it on me in church. And then it will stay there for the rest of my life.” Her smile is so radiant!

    As Pilar, Francisco and Cristina are at the door leaving, Sheridan hugs Pilar, “Oh, see you at the church.” Sheridan says good bye to Tia and Tio again and kisses each of them as they leave, “Thank you again for the beautiful mantilla.”

    In Sheridan's living room, she and Gwen sit as the hair dressers fix their hair. Sheridan beams, “I have dreamed of getting married for so long. I can't believe it's actually going to happen. Oh, in just a few short hours, I am going to be Mrs.. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. "Till death do us part." Holding Sheridan's wedding ring in her hand, Gwen comments, “That's what Luis has inscribed on your ring.” Sheridan says dreamily, “It's so romantic.” Gwen smiles, “Your rings are so beautiful. I hope I get one just like this when I get married. I wonder if it fits me.” Sheridan answers, “See for yourself. Certainly won't be bad luck for you to try it on.” Trying on her veil (the mantilla) Sheridan smiles at her reflection in the mirror, “It's perfect.”

    Gwen says, “You make such a beautiful bride.” Sheridan is ecstatic, “I'm so happy I -- I could cry. I just hope that someday you marry the man of your dreams, too.” Gwen replies “I will. I'm sure.”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Friday's Friendly Teasing SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day.........

    Sitting at the table in the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Tabitha asks if anyone would like to have their tea leaves read. No one accepts. Pilar answers, “Tabitha, it's not necessary. I already know what the future holds for my beautiful children being married today -- everything blessed and wonderful. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a vase.” Tabitha tells Timmy, “I think even Pilar knows it will be a miracle if her children live.” Luis comes through the back door wearing his tux. Tio Francisco yells, “Hey! There you are, Luis. Are you nervous yet?” Walking up behind Tio, Tia Cristina says, “Are you kidding? Mi sobrino -- he's not scared of anything, right?” Luis lets out a breath, “Well, I wouldn't say that, but I'm definitely not nervous about marrying Sheridan. We've worked through all our problems before today, and I think the wedding's going to go off without a hitch.” Tabitha whispers to Timmy, “As long as you don't count his bride keeling over at the altar once he puts that poisoned ring on her finger.”

    At her cottage Sheridan asks, “Well, what do you think?” Looking at Sheridan's wedding ring now on her (Gwen's) finger, she says, “It's perfect. It's simple and elegant, and I hope I get one exactly like it when I get married.” Sheridan turns around and smiles, “I was talking about my hair.” Gwen laughs, “Oh! Your hair is -- oh, your hair is beautiful. You are going to make the most stunning bride.” Sheridan smiles, “Thank you, Gwen. (She turns to face Gwen.) You know, I meant what I said earlier. You're a real trouper for walking down the aisle with me when Luis and I are having a double wedding with Ethan and Theresa.” Gwen says, “Well, what choice do I have, you know? I could either kick up a fuss and refuse to accept the inevitable, or I can take the high road.” Sheridan stresses, “Still, I'm really proud of you. You know, not every woman would be able to pick the latter.” Gwen's voice, “Sorry, Sheridan. I hope the tabloid bombshell doesn't ruin your wedding. I only want to wreck Ethan and Theresa's.” As Gwen makes a face, Sheridan asks, “Whoa. What's the matter?” Gwen replies, “I don't know. I -- I just feel awful all of a sudden. I don't -- I don't know what it could be.” Sheridan takes Gwen to the couch, “You know what? Come here and sit. I'll go get you some water.”

    Looking out the window toward Sheridan's cottage, Julian accepts a drink from Rebecca, “Thank God for you, Rebecca. I wouldn't make it through this day without you.” Rebecca tries to soothe him, “Well, you don't have to worry about that. From now on, it's you and me against the world.” Speaking very softly, Julian says, “It's just beginning to truly sink in that in a few hours my sister will be dead. When she puts that ring on her finger, the poison will seep into her bloodstream and she won't stand a chance.” Rebecca sighs, “Well, it's not like you had a choice. You couldn't defy Alistair. It's the only way to keep Luis from marrying into the family because once he does, he will not stop digging until he finds out what happened to his father.” Julian sadly says, “You're right. There is no alternative. Sheridan must die. I'm just happy that I won't have to be at the church to watch Luis slip that ring on her finger.”

    At the cottage, Sheridan comes back to the living room to find Gwen holding her head and lying down, “Here. How are you doing?” Gwen replies, “Not too well, I'm afraid.” Sheridan says, “You know what? I think I better call a doctor.” Gwen replies, “No, no, no. You know what? It came on so suddenly, it can't be anything serious. I probably just -- oh! Oh!” Gwen grabs her stomach and moans in pain.

    In the Lo-Fitz kitchen, Francisco says, “I'm proud of you, Luis. Not every groom is as cool and calm as you on the morning of his wedding.” Luis grins, “Well ...” He holds his hand out to show that it isn't shaking. Hank and Miguel come in through the back door. Hank says, “Well, that's Luis for you. Nothing rattles this guy. He's like a rock!” Miguel agrees. Hank offers his hand, “I'm Hank.” Luis speaks up, “This is my mother's brother, Francisco. And this is my oldest and best friend, the Hank, the Hank!” Luis continues, “I was just telling Francisco how Sheridan and I had planned every last detail of our wedding so there's really no reason for me to have last-minute jitters.” Francisco says, “Oh, that's what i said on the morning of my wedding to la luz de mi vida (the love of my life), Cristina.” Luis chuckles! Francisco continues, “I believed I'd thought of everything. But on the day of the ceremony, it suddenly hit me. I thought of everything to do with the wedding and nothing to do with our lives afterwards. But I'm sure Luis hasn't made the same mistake, huh?” A confident Luis replies, “Well, Sheridan and I don't really have to worry about that. We're pretty much going to stick with the way things are, so I don't really see any transition. Besides, our love is so strong, I know we can deal with any changes.” Francisco teases, “Of course, no. Love is the most important thing. And surely, you two have talked about how Sheridan will now be living on your salary instead of the Crane fortune she's used to.” Luis looks down at his feet, “Yeah. Yeah, well, we've talked about it.” Francisco continues, “Oh! Hey, no doubt you worked out a sensible budget that after you pay the rent, utilities, and gas for your car, there would be enough money left over for at least one or two meals a day -- cooked by your beautiful bride and ...” Luis laughs, “Sheridan cook? Look, everything's going to be fine, ok? I am used to feeding a lot of mouths on the paycheck that I bring home.” Francisco lays it on thick as Hank and Miguel laugh in the background, “Of course, yeah. But you've always had the benefit of your mother's income as well, no? Ah! Not to worry, huh? I'm sure you and Sheridan will have no trouble getting by in a small one-bedroom apartment, hmm? Of course, but when the babies come, you will need a house, hmm? But I'm certain you've already started a special savings account for that. Huh? And ninos -- whoo! The things they need -- clothes and schoolbooks and braces for their little teeth and -- ah, but no matter, huh? Whatever life dishes out, I'm sure my big brave nephew can handle it!” Luis looks more and more worried with each word out of Tio Francisco's mouth, “Yeah.” He plops down at the kitchen table and tries to smile. Miguel pats him on the back as he laughs.

    At the cottage, Sheridan sits on the couch next to the reclining Gwen, “You know, Gwen, I really think I should call a doctor.” Gwen says, “No, you know what? I'm going to be fine, Sheridan. I'm just going to go -- I'm going to splash some cold water on my face. I'm sure that'll do the trick.” Gwen stands and Sheridan watches her leave the room. Rebecca is so antsy at the mansion and decides to call Gwen. Sheridan answers Gwen's phone as Rebecca says, “Well! If it isn't the bride-to-be herself.” Sheridan replies, “Oh, don't try and act happy for me, Rebecca, after what you and Julian did to try and stop my wedding.” Rebecca says, “Oh. Let's not rehash the past, shall we? Is Gwen around?” Sheridan replies, “Actually, she's in the bathroom. She's not feeling well.” Rebecca asks, “Well, what's wrong?” Sheridan informs her, “I don't know. It was the strangest thing. We were standing here talking, and then she tried my wedding ring on and all of a sudden she ...” Rebecca drops her phone, “Uh ...” Sheridan asks, “Rebecca, you there?” Rebecca tells Julian that Gwen tried on Sheridan's wedding ring.

    The coffee pot gets stuck as Luis tries to pour another cup of coffee, “Damn it. I don't know what's wrong with me.” Pilar scolds, “There's no need for profanity, Luis.” Cristina says, “Don't be angry with my nephew, Pilar. It's not his fault. It's my husband's fault, my grown husband, playing tricks on him. Yes, you!” Luis turns around to look at Tio, “What?” Cristina tells Francisco, “Like if you were a schoolboy – naughty.” Hank laughs, “Man, you should have seen your face when your uncle said the word "budget." Miguel adds, “No, no, no. Hank, the best part was when he was talking about the kids' braces. Miguel laughs. Luis grabs Tio's lapels and smiles, “Oh, you dirty rotten ...” Francisco quickly says, “No, no. Wait, wait. You heard your mother, huh? No swearing in la casa.” Miguel and Hank laugh. Francisco continues, “Besides, hey, there was some truth to what I said.” Luis replies, “I know. That's the problem.” He takes a sip of his coffee. Pilar asks, “What is, mijo?” Luis replies, “I'm getting married today! I'm about to make the most important step in my life and I have no idea how to manage. I'm going to have a wife, kids, rent.” Miguel laughs, “Oh, don't forget the braces.” Cristina says, “Oh, shut up. Don't worry about it. I'll make you some more coffee, nephew.” Francisco jokes, “Better make it decaffeinated.” Luis looks worried! Tabitha smirks, “Luis doesn't need to worry about his children's braces. There won't be any children. Sheridan's going to be dead before the ceremony's over. Hmm.”

    On the phone with Rebecca, Sheridan asks, “Are you still there?” At the mansion Rebecca tells Julian that they have to get over to the cottage and get that ring off Gwen's finger before it kills her! Julian warns, “We can't alert Sheridan. She can't realize the ring is poisoned.” Rebecca replies, “I don't care! I got to save my daughter!” She picks up the phone and tells Sheridan she will be right there then runs out followed by Julian. As Sheridan hangs up Gwen comes back from the bathroom. Sheridan asks, “Hey. You feeling any better?” Gwen replies as she approaches the couch, “I'm not sure. I think -- I think maybe all I need to ...” Gwen passes out and fall onto the couch. Sheridan stands over her and cries out, “Oh, my God! Gwen!”

    Chad arrives at the Lo-Fitz house, “Hey. So how's everybody doing?” Miguel smiles, “Everybody's great except Luis.” Luis yells, “I heard that.” Miguel says, “He's kind of stressing.” Everyone laughs!Luis replies, “I am -- no, I'm not stressing. I'm cool as a cat, cucumber, whatever -- fine. Chad, I would love for you to meet my aunt and uncle.” They greet each other. Whitney walks into the living room and announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Now presenting one of today's beautiful brides -- Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.” Theresa walks into the room in her wedding dress. There is applause all around.

    At the cottage Sheridan cries, “Gwen! Gwen, wake up! Please, wake up! Oh, my God. Water. I'll get some more water!” Sheridan leaves the room as Rebecca runs in followed by Julian. Rebecca panics, “Oh, my God! Gwen? Gwen?” She gets the ring off Gwen's finger then grabs the glass of water from Sheridan's hand, “Oh, give me that. Oh, my God. No, she's still not waking up?” Sheridan says, “I don't know what happened! She was fine a few minutes ago!” Rebecca, “Gwen?” Standing at the stair railing, Julian says, “I hope we're not too late.” Rebecca pleads, “Gwen, please wake up.” Sheridan calls her name, too. Rebecca tries shaking her, “Oh, sweetheart, wake up! Gwen?” Sheridan asks, “What's wrong?”

    Pilar sits in front of the candles that she lights for Martin and Antonio looking sad. Luis reaches down and pulls her up to her feet, “Mama? Hey. Don't be upset because papa's not here. Did I tell you that Paloma called today? We had a great conversation. She said she's going to come as soon as she can.” Pilar says, “Oh. I just wish that she and Antonio and your father could be here today.” Theresa joins them, “Mama, it's going to be perfect anyway. I mean, look, we have each other.” Miguel joins them. Luis agrees, “Yeah. And I promise as soon as Sheridan and I get married, I'm going to pick up where I left off and find out what happened to papa.” Miguel adds, “Hey, I mean, whatever you find out we'll still always have each other.” Luis agrees, “That's right.” Pilar smiles, “I have no reason to complain. I am the richest woman in the world.” They have a group hug until Tio Francisco interrupts, “Well, hey, we hate to break such a nice family moment, but we don't know how to get to the church.” Luis smiles, “Uh-huh. The church.” Chad says, “You see, I'm on my way over there right now, so if you want, you can just follow me, ok?” Cristina and Francisco say, “Oh, great. OK!” Luis asks Theresa, “You almost ready? We got to go before too long.” Theresa replies, “Oh. Yeah, Whit, will you help me get everything together?” Tabitha says, “Hmm. Little do any of them know that their lives will never be the same.”

    Rebecca continues to shake Gwen, “Gwen, sweetheart, wake up, please!” Looking on Sheridan says, “You're acting like she's going to die.” Julian replies, “Oh -- not at all. Rebecca's just a very devoted mother.” As Gwen begins to open her eyes and come to, Rebecca exclaims, “Oh. Oh. Oh, thank God you're all right.” Sheridan explains, “We were getting ready for the wedding, and then all of a sudden you felt terrible.” Rebecca runs to get water, “Oh, here. Here, Gwen. Here, have some water.” Gwen says, “Maybe -- ahem -- maybe I was just dehydrated.” Julian agrees, “Yes. Yes. That must be it.” Gwen says, “Well, whatever it is, I feel much better now.” Sheridan looking concerned, “Good. But, you know, I really think you should forget about the ceremony and go see a doctor.” Gwen quickly stops her, “Oh, no, no. There's no way I'm going to miss this wedding.” Standing next to the couch, Sheridan says, “All right. It's sweet that it means so much to you to see me get married.” Sheridan notices Julian and gives him the evil eye! Julian says, “Well, Rebecca, perhaps we should go back to the main house.” Sheridan sternly says, “Please do, Julian. And I would appreciate it if you and Rebecca never came back here again.” Gwen shouts, “Sheridan.” Sheridan looks at Gwen, “I'm sorry, Gwen. You and I are friends and we always will be, but your mother and my brother went way out of their way to try and break up Luis and me. I never want them in my house again. So if you will excuse us, please.” Rebecca looks at Gwen and asks, “Are you sure you're all right?” Gwen replies, “Yeah, you should go.” Rebecca asks, “You sure?” Gwen replies that she is. After Julian and Rebecca leave, Gwen says, “You know what? Forget about them and concentrate on marrying Luis today.” Sheridan smiles, “You're right. My future with him is all that matters now.”

    Outside Rebecca exclaims, “Oh, thank God I got that ring off Gwen's finger before it poisoned her to death.” Julian sighs, “I know there's still enough poison on that ring for Sheridan. Poor girl. She thinks when Luis puts that ring on her finger it's going to be the start of a brand-new happy life for her.” Rebecca replies, “It will be. But it's a life that will only last a few minutes.”

    Outside the Lo-Fitz front door Miguel asks, “Hey, Tabitha, what's with the rice?” With her whole big box of rice in hand, Tabitha replies, “Oh, I'm going to give your brother and sister a proper send off when they come out.” Miguel begins, “Yeah, but ...” Kay continues, “Tabitha, you're not supposed to throw anything at them until after the wedding.” Miguel says, “Exactly.” Tabitha says, “But I'm not going to the wedding, so I want to do it now.” Hank asks, “Wait, aren't you coming to the church with us?” Tabitha replies, “Oh, I wouldn't trust myself to attend. I blubber like a baby at weddings and funerals.” Charity walks up to Tabby, “Oh, well, Tabitha, I hate to put a damper on things, but nowadays, we don't throw rice anymore. We throw confetti.” Tabitha looks confused, “Why do we do that?” Charity explains, “Well, actually, it's because of the birds. They eat the rice and then it pops up in their stomach and they die.” Tabitha remarks to Timmy, “What do I care about stupid birds?” Whitney announces, “They're coming!” Theresa giggles as she and Luis come to the front yard, Luis says, “Come on, folks.” As Tabby pelts them with rice, he says, “Tabitha, Tabitha, that's for after the wedding, huh?” Tabitha says, “Oh, well, it's for good luck. Not that you need it.” Luis says, “Right. Come on!” Tabitha watches them go off to the church and comments, “Oh, what I wouldn't give to see today's pain and suffering in person. Ethan and Theresa are going to be torn asunder forever. And Sheridan's going to drop dead at the altar. Has there ever been a more perfect wedding, Timmy? I don't think so.”

    In her living room dressed in her wedding gown, Sheridan turns to face Gwen, “Ok. What am I missing?” Gwen says, “Absolutely nothing. You are the most beautiful bride I've ever seen, and Luis is not going to believe his eyes.” Sheridan exclaims, “Oh, the rings.” Gwen replies, “I have them right here. Don't worry about a thing.” Sheridan smiles, “Ok, ok.” Gwen says, “Let's go.” Sheridan picks up her skirt, looks around, and smiles as she walks to the door, “Let's go.” They walk out the door and down the path that takes them away from Sheridan's cottage and to the church.

    Coming out from behind the bushes, Julian watches Sheridan leave for the church on the happiest day of her life. “You realize this is the last time I'm going to see my sister alive?” Rebecca tries to console him, “I'm sorry it had to be this way, Julian.” Julian sounding very depressed, “So am I. But as you reminded me, there's nothing to be done. What father wants, father gets. I'll see you back at the main house. I want to be alone for a few moments.” As she watches him walk away, Rebecca says to herself, “It's not just Sheridan that's going to have a bad day. By the time today is over, Theresa is going to wish she were dead.”

    To be continued...

    No screen caps to go with this summary so I am posting a beautiful banner of the Shuis tango the night before the wedding. This beautiful banner was made by my friend Sara, aka SoulMates.

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    Smile Saturday's Spectacular Double Wedding SHUIS Summary & Pic of the Day

    Walking into the vestibule of the church, Cristina explains, “The beautiful lasso of flowers is a tradition in our culture.” Francisco adds, “Cristina and I will bring the lasso up to you and Theresa after you kneel in front of the priest. We'll put one end around you and Theresa, then tighten the lasso until you're pulled close together.” Chad says, “Hey, that sounds pretty cool.” Whitney comes into the church, “Hey, both you guys have to shoo. Come on, come on.” Luis is reluctant to move, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Whitney explains, “Theresa and Sheridan are on their way to the bridal room, ok? You guys can't see them before the ceremony. It's bad luck. Go on. Go.” Luis smiles, “Well, it's a little too late.” Ethan adds, “We already saw our brides today.” Whitney quietly says, “Yeah, well, no one else knows that, so just pretend like you're honoring some noble tradition, ok? We don't want bad luck. Let's go. Come on.” Francisco tries to help her, “We'll all go inside then.” Cristina coaxes a still hesitant Luis, “Come on, Luis. Pretty soon you and your beautiful bride are going to be together for the rest of your lives.” As the group leaves the vestibule, Jessica sticks her head in the door, “Psst. Is the coast clear?” Whitney watches the men to make sure, “Yep.” Jessica opens the big double doors for the brides, “Ok, it's safe to come in.” Dressed in their beautiful wedding gowns, Sheridan and Theresa enter the church vestibule. Standing in the back of the church with Hank, Reese says, “Wow. You two look beautiful. Like angels.” They smile and Theresa says, “Oh, thank you, Reese.”

    When Charity enters the vestibule, she runs to kiss Miguel, “I can't wait for our own wedding someday.” Seeing that she looks distressed, Miguel asks, “You ok?” Charity has her vision again of Sheridan screaming and writhing in pain in her wedding gown. Miguel again asks, “Charity, what's wrong?” Charity replies, “It's nothing.” But as she turns to look at Sheridan, Charity's voice, “At least I hope it's nothing.” Sheridan smiles, “I'm sure that everything will be perfect for us today.” Holding Sheridan's hand, Theresa says, “Nothing will ruin our wedding.” Gwen's voice, “Nothing except a tabloid headline naming you as the person who revealed Ethan isn't a Crane. Enjoy your bliss, Theresa, because this is as close as you're going to get to being Ethan's wife.”

    In the front of the church, Ethan says, “We've come a long way, haven't we, Luis?” Luis looks at him, “ Yeah. Yeah, we sure have. You're going to be my brother after today. You'll be part of our family, and, well, as my brother-in-law, I just want you to know that I'll fight for you just like I would fight for anyone else in my family.” Ethan agrees, “I feel the same way.” They shake hands, then they hug.

    Sheridan walks over to Theresa, “Hey. I had no idea we were so close to starting the wedding. We've got to get back to the brides' room and finish getting ready.” Theresa says, “Ok, ok.” They giggle and go off to the brides' room.

    In the front of the church near the altar, Francisco explains, “Another part of the ceremony are the arras, where 13 gold coins in a miniature white coffer will symbolize prosperity in the homes that Ethan, Theresa, Luis, and Sheridan will share.” Father Lonigan states, “I'm familiar with the cultural significance of the arras. I've performed a number of Hispanic marriages.” Pilar smiles next to him. Ethan jokes, “I hope they come in bigger denominations because I don't have a job yet.” Standing next to Ethan, Luis looks at Ethan but doesn't smile or laugh like the others. Cristina says, “Don't worry. Don't worry, Ethan. You know what? You'll eventually get one, and meanwhile, you and Theresa can live on love.” Ethan jokes, “You know, she's starting to sound like Theresa now.” Luis is still not smiling.

    In the brides' room, Jessica asks, “Charity, what's wrong?” Charity sighs, “It's nothing.” Jessica says, “I'm your cousin. We live together? I think I can tell when something's bothering you. What is it?” Charity tells her, “I had a premonition about Sheridan during the wedding rehearsal -- that she was in terrible pain during the actual ceremony.” Jessica replies, “Nervous, maybe, but Sheridan looks fine to me.” They both look back at Sheridan who is smiling as she talks with the others. Charity replies, “Look, I know. It doesn't make sense to me, either, but I can't get over the feeling that there's evil close by, that terrible violence is coming to the church.” Jessica dismisses that, “But what kind of evil could come to a church?”

    Suddenly Sheridan stands and panics, “Oh, my goodness. The rings. I have got to get the rings to Luis.” Gwen says, “Relax, Sheridan. I have them right here.” Sheridan lets out a breath, “Ok.” Charity walks over to Sheridan and Gwen, “I'll take them to Luis.” Gwen hands Sheridan's ring to Charity and as she holds it she has that premonition of Sheridan screaming and writhing on the floor of the church, “Oh, ok.” She drops Sheridan's wedding ring. Gwen asks, “Charity, what's wrong? You dropped the ring as though it hurt you to touch it.”

    In the living room of the Crane mansion, Julian wants to know why Rebecca keeps asking about hearing Ivy screaming. She tells him about the tabloid and Theresa being revealed as the person who leaked the information on Ethan's paternity. Julian is shocked, “Theresa sent the damning e-mail? That doesn't make sense.” Telephone rings. Julian answers. Alistair booms, “How nice of you to stop drinking long enough to answer the phone.” Alistair has the wedding on a bunch of monitors in his office. Julian replies, “Father. To what do I owe the displeasure of this call?” Alistair says, “After I hang up, I want you and Rebecca to go into the library.” Julian jokes, “Are you starting a book club like Oprah?” Alistair answers, “I've arranged a video feed from the wedding to be sent directly to your television in the library. You and Rebecca will have a front-row seat watching Sheridan die.” Julian whines, “I do not want to watch my sister die.” Julian asks, “Father, do you know who sent the e-mail to the tabloid revealing that Ethan was Sam's son?” Alistair replies, “That's old news, Julian. My sources told me days ago it was Theresa.” Julian comments, “Odd, isn't it? I thought she truly loved Ethan.” Alistair says, “I don't give a whit about love or about Ethan, since Ivy's bastard is no longer a Crane. What happens to him has nothing to do with us.” Julian begins, “Did you know that ...” Alistair impatiently replies, “Yes, yes, yes. Gwen put on the poisoned ring and almost died. That's why I called.” Rebecca responds, “Oh, thank you for your concern, Alistair.” Alistair replies, “I'm not concerned. But you two should be. If you do anything to bollix Sheridan putting on that wedding ring, not only will she have to die some other horrible death, but I'll make certain you two suffer an equally painful demise. So for your sakes, Sheridan had better die today.” Rebecca's eyes are as big as saucers!

    Walking up to Luis who is standing in front of church talking to Miguel and Reese, Hank calls, “Yo, Luis. Your best man needs the rings.” Luis reaches in his pockets and finds no rings and panics, “Yeah, the rings. Hank, I forgot the rings.” Miguel says “Oh, my God.” He and Reese laugh. Hank says, “I told you he'd freak out, didn't I?” Luis remembers, “Oh, you know, that's right. Sheridan has the rings. Yeah. No, she said she was going to give them to Gwen. Gwen's got them. Gwen.” Hank asks, “Gwen's got them?” Luis replies, “Yeah.” Hank replies, “I'll go get them then, ok?” Luis says, “All right, thanks. Yeah, I'm telling you, it's a good thing nothing happened to those rings, or Sheridan would die.” The guys all have a laugh at Luis' expense.

    In the bride's room, Gwen asks, “Charity? What is it?” Jessica goes to stand next to Charity, “Did you have another premonition?” There is a knock on door. Hank opens the door and says, “It's Hank. I've come for the -- is something wrong?” He stops. Charity replies, “No. Everything is fine.” Hank says, “Well, Luis sent me for the rings.” Gwen says, “Oh. Here.” She hands him the rings. Hank heads off then stops, “Thanks. Theresa, does Ethan have your rings?” Theresa smiles, “Chad has them.” Hank asks, “You sure? Now, we don't want you and Sheridan to get in front of Father Lonigan and having anything go wrong.” Theresa replies, “I think everything is under control, Hank. Our wedding is going to go off without a hitch.” She takes Sheridan's arm and they both grin.

    Near the altar, Father Lonigan calls out, “All the gentlemen participating in today's ceremony, will they please gather round?” Coming down the aisle again, Francisco informs, “Father Lonigan, almost everything is ready for the ceremony to begin.” Father Lonigan replies, “All right, young men. It is time to take your places.” The group of men take their places in front of Fr Lonigan and smile.

    Walking into the bride's room, Francisco announces, “We have all four wedding bouquets for Theresa and Sheridan.” Jessica asks, “Why four?” Cristina explains, “Well, four because during the ceremony, two of these are going to be given as gifts to the virgin Mary. And then afterwards, the other two will be tossed by our brides at the steps of the church.” Jessica exclaims, “That is so cool. I just -- I love all these special traditions.” She turns to Charity and asks, “Are you still upset by your premonition?” Charity says, “Yes.” Jessica assures, “I'm sure it was nothing.” Charity replies, “Ok. But it seemed so real. She was in such agony, Jessica.” Jessica reminds her, “Charity, not all your premonitions come true, ok? Everything's fine, and it's going to be a beautiful wedding. Just try to relax and enjoy it.” Charity, “Ok. I'll try. I wish I could shake the feeling that something's wrong, but I can't. Something terrible is going to happen.”

    Ethan leaves his place with the other men at the altar to ask, “Tio Francisco. Hey, what's holding up the ceremony?” Francisco replies, “It's your mother, Ethan. She hasn't arrived yet.” Ethan is shocked, “You're kidding. What could possibly be keeping her?”

    Watching the happenings at the church on the monitor in the library, Julian says, “Ivy -- I don't see her, do you?” Rebecca does not see her either. They wonder what's taking her so long to get to church. Rebecca comments, “Maybe she stopped to get ammo.”

    Stuck in her bedroom Ivy bangs on the door to get help, “Oh! Damn! The phone's still dead, thank you to Julian's juvenile antics. Oh. Somebody let me out of here! I have a bride to bludgeon to death!” Not only is the phone in Ivy's room dead but her cell phone is out on the hall table. Ivy can't answer either phone when the girls try to call her to find out why she isn't there yet. In the bride's room, Whitney offers, “You know, why don't I go talk to Ethan and see if he knows where Ivy is, ok?” Sheridan suggests, “You know, I'm sure Ivy's on her way and she just forgot to turn her cell phone on.” Theresa says, “Yeah, I'm sure she'll be here soon. And I'm sure of something else, mama. She is going to be the best mother-in-law a girl could have.” In her bedroom, Ivy is trying to get the lock open with a letter opener, “I have to get to the church and warn Ethan. He can't marry Theresa because I am going to kill her. You are dead, Theresa. You're dead, dead, dead.”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Sunday's Special SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day.............

    As Tia Cristina and Tio Francisco walk into the church again and head up the aisle, Tia stops Tio and says, “Look at Luis. Doesn't he look happy? He can't wait to put that ring on Sheridan's finger.” In front of the altar, Luis seems to be pacing which causes Hank to ask, “Are you OK? Miguel asks, “Are you nervous?” Luis turns to them and smiles, “No, I feel great. I'm finally going to marry Sheridan. Hank, you got the ring?” Hank pulls the ring box out of his pocket, “Right here.” Luis takes the ring, “When I finally put this ring on Sheridan's finger, it'll be the beginning of thousands of happy days for us.

    In the Crane library watching the feed from the wedding, Rebecca feels sorry for Luis. Julian thinks she should be feeling sorry for him. Elsewhere, Alistair watches from his monitors to make sure Sheridan dies today.

    Ethan can't believe that his mother is late. Overhearing them, Gwen calls Rebecca to find out what happened to Ivy since she is afraid that Ivy won't make it to the church in time to stop the wedding. Rebecca and Julian don't know where Ivy could be either. Upstairs, Ivy is still locked in her bedroom. She bangs on the door to be let out before she remembers that she gave the servants the day off to attend the wedding.

    Luis asks Father Lonigan if they are going to start soon, Father Lonigan advises Luis that he will go to the bride's room to see if the ladies are ready to begin. Whitney offers to go with him. Reese tells the other guys that they should go to the back of the church to be ready when the bridesmaids are ready to walk down the aisle. As the guys walk off, Miguel tells Ethan that he is sure his mother will be there soon. Overhearing that Luis asks Ethan if that is the hold up. Ethan says it is. Luis reminds him that it is tourist season and traffic is fierce this time of year.

    As Whitney guides Father Lonigan into the bride's room, he asks Sheridan and Theresa if they are ready to begin. Theresa quickly replies, “We are, Father.” Sheridan asks, “Is it time?” Fr. Lonigan informs them, “We're just waiting for Ethan's mother to arrive.” Everyone discusses why Ivy could be running late and why she isn't there yet. Fr. Lonigan suggests, “To speed us along, why don't you all gather in the vestibule so that the moment Ivy arrives, we can start the processional.” Sheridan replies, “All right, Father.” Jessica, Kay and Charity are all excited to be taking part in a double wedding. Theresa turns to Sheridan, “I'm sure Mrs. Crane will be here soon. She wouldn't miss Ethan's wedding for the world.” Sheridan replies, “I know, Theresa, but whether Ivy shows up or not, nothing is going to stop me from marrying Luis today!” Pilar walks up to Theresa's side, take her arm and says, “Don't worry. Ivy will be here.”

    Sitting in the pew in front of TC and Eve, Sam smiles, “Well, I better get to the back of church to walk Sheridan down the aisle.” TC grimaces, “Sam, this is really bizarre, you acting like father of the bride to a Crane.” Sam shakes his head, “Yeah, but Sheridan didn't want Alistair here, so Luis asked. What could I say?” Eve replies, “I think it's really sweet of you, Sam.”

    The brides enter the vestibule amidst many oohs and aahs. Time is ticking by and Fr. Lonigan realizes if they don't begin soon, there will be a problem with the next wedding. He asks Pilar to take him to speak with Sheridan and Theresa. Fr. Lonigan explains, “There is another wedding after this one, so if this one is late, the other one is late and it is not fair to the other couple.” Theresa replies, “I understand what you're saying, Father, but I can't make this kind of decision without Ethan.” Sheridan agrees, “No, of course you can't and Luis and I have to decide whether to go ahead without you.” Standing next to Fr. Lonigan, Pilar speaks up, “Girls, Luis and Ethan can't see you in your gowns before you walk down the aisle. Whitney speaks up, “Well, I know. Why don't we just take Theresa and Sheridan back to the bride's room. I can get Luis and Ethan and they can stand outside the door and they can talk to each other without seeing each other. Theresa giggle and all up jumps up and down, “Yes, that's perfect. Will you go and get them and we'll meet you in the bride's room.” Sheridan and Theresa go to one side while Whitney goes to the front of the church.

    Still locked in her bedroom, Ivy decides to climb out the window but it is painted shut. She runs to pick up a log from the fireplace and uses it to break a pane of glass in the window. When Julian and Rebecca hear that noise in the library, Rebecca figures out just where Ivy must be. LOL!

    Luis and Ethan walk to the door of the bride's room to talk with Sheridan and Theresa. As the brides stand just inside the door with Sheridan right next to it and Theresa on the other side of Sheridan, Charity takes Sheridan's hand and tells her, not to let Luis see her. Sheridan laughs, “I won't. I don't want any bad luck today.” As Charity walks away, she again has that premonition of Sheridan in her wedding gown screaming and writhing on the floor of the church. Theresa speaks first, “Ethan, I know how important it is for your mother to be here but Fr. Lonigan wants to go ahead. So I will do whatever you want.” Luis turns to Ethan outside in the hall, “Ethan, this is your mother, so this is your call.”

    Ethan replies, “Thanks. I want to wait for her but this is an important day for all of us. (He turns back to the door, to Sheridan) I don't want to spoil your wedding, Sheridan, just because my mother's not here.” On the other side of the door, Sheridan asks, “What do you think could have happened to her?” Ethan replies, “I don't know. She could be on her way. I guess we could start. She wouldn't miss that much of the ceremony.” Theresa asks, “Are you sure?” Ethan replies, “Yes, I'm sure. I've waited long enough to marry you.” Luis asks, “You sure?” Ethan nods. Luis smiles, “Let's go for it, huh?” Theresa grins, “OK. We'll see you in a few minutes.” Sheridan smiles, “In a very few minutes!” Sheridan closes the door. In the hallway, Luis turns to Ethan, “Don't worry. I bet your mother will be there when we get back to the altar.”

    In the vestibule, the wedding party is all lined up ready to begin the ceremony. Standing in front of the altar, Luis takes a deep breath as Pilar is escorted to her seat at the front of the church. The procession begins. Charity, acting as a flower girl, hands out flowers to the guests. She is followed by Miguel and Jessica, then Reese, who trips, and Kay, Hank and Gwen, then Chad and Whitney. At the altar Luis smiles and turns to Ethan, “This is it.”

    Sheridan is next in line. She stands waiting for the bridal march to begin. (At the mansion, Julian sees Sheridan smiling on his monitor and lamely and unenthusiastically waves good bye to her.) At the church everyone stands. As Sheridan walks down the aisle on Sam's arm, she smiles the most brilliant smile. Sheridan and Luis make eye contact and never take their eyes from the other. They smile and only have eyes for each other. As they reach Luis at the altar, Sam gives Sheridan's hand to Luis after he kisses her cheek. Sheridan and Luis stand at the altar looking into each other's eyes and holding hands before Luis whispers in that sexy low voice of his, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Sheridan blushes but smiles so brightly. Luis can't take his eyes off her but they finally turn to see Theresa walk down the aisle on the arm of Tio Francisco. Ethan tells Theresa that she looks amazing. Fr. Lonigan gets everyone's attention before he announces that Chad Harris has chosen a special song for them that will be played by the mariachi band. The band plays as everybody looks on.

    Rebecca makes it to Ivy's room and is finally able to help release her so she can be on her way to stop the wedding. Ivy thanks Rebecca and runs off.

    As Luis and Sheridan continue to look into each other's eyes, Luis asks Hank, “Hank, you got the rings, right?” Hank replies, “It's not time yet, Buddy.” Luis grins, “I know. Just let me see them.” Hank hands him the rings. Luis looks at Sheridan's ring, “This ring means everything to me. Once I slip this ring on Sheridan's finger, it's going to be the bond to hold us together forever.” He turns back to look into Sheridan's beautiful smiling face.

    To be continued...

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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

    Thanks, Ann!

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    Smile Monday's Most Beautiful Wedding SHUIS Summary & Pics of the Day

    In the library at the Crane mansion, Julian comments, “Setting up this live feed so I could watch my sister die was a rather morbid touch, even for you, Father.” Alistair responds, “Unlike you, I like to make sure all of my bases are covered. I want to see Luis put that poisoned ring on Sheridan's finger. Then the poison will enter her bloodstream and kill her. And the best part is the poison is totally untraceable.” Julian groans, “I've heard all about the plan, father. You don't need to remind me.” Alistair chides, “Oh, for God's sake, get a hold of yourself, Julian. Once Sheridan's dead, all of our problems will be over.” Julian somberly replies, “Unless you count being haunted by your dead sister.” Alistair reminds, “Killing Sheridan is the only way to keep Luis from finding out what we did to his father. If he did, it would be the end of the Crane empire. Sheridan must die today.”

    In front of the church as the band plays, Hank asks, “You sure you don't want me to hold on to the ring?” Holding Sheridan's hand, Luis turns to Hank, “No, Hank. This ring means everything to me. I just want to keep it close, all right?” Smiling at the man she loves, Sheridan whispers, “I can't wait for you to slip it on my finger.” Luis smiles down on her, “Yeah. And once we do, we'll be man and wife, and it'll be the beginning of our long and happy lives together.” In her church pew, Charity has another vision of Sheridan on the floor writhing in pain as she looks at her in front of the altar.

    On the road to the church, Ivy is stopped by the police taking care of an accident so she has to wait until they have the road cleared again.

    Father Lonigan begins, “Welcome, everyone, to this joyous occasion. We have gathered here today to join Luis and Sheridan and Ethan and Theresa in the bonds of holy matrimony. The couples have prepared a beautiful ceremony, including traditional customs as well as their own unique touches. And since this is a double ceremony, the service will have a special order so that some of the traditional Hispanic customs may not occur in the Same place as usual. Let us begin by having Theresa and Luis' Godparents bring forward the lasso. Thank you. This rope of flowers, known as the lasso, is a symbol that these separate individuals have chosen to become one in marriage. If the two couples will please kneel. Luis and Ethan help Sheridan and Theresa to kneel in their gowns. Tia and Tio place the lassos around Sheridan and Luis, Ethan and Theresa. Sheridan looks over at Luis and smiles, “This is more than anything I could have ever dreamed of.” Luis looks down at her and smiles, too. Theresa smiles up at Ethan, “I love you so much. I've never been so happy in my entire life.” In her pew Pilar prays, “May my children's lives always be filled with as much joy as they are right now.” Both couples are leaning into each other with arms around their soon to be spouses and the lassos binding them together. From his seat, Sam smiles, “This is a beautiful ceremony. I wish Grace was here to see it.” Father Lonigan says, “Now that the lasso has bound these two couples together, let us contemplate for a few moments the sacred bonds of marriage we celebrate today.”

    As Sheridan and Luis, Ethan and Theresa remove the lassos, Father Lonigan continues, “Let us now move on to the next part of our ceremony. As these two couples recognize, marriage carries great responsibilities. Not just emotional and spiritual responsibilities but financial responsibilities, as well. I now ask that the arras be brought forward. The arras are 13 gold coins. They represent the prosperity these couples will share between themselves as well as those around them.” Tio Francisco holds the coffer with the arras for Sheridan and Luis while Tia Cristina holds the coffer for Ethan and Theresa. They stand on either side of Fr. Lonigan waiting to give the arras to their godchildren, Luis and Theresa.

    In the library Alistair's voice is heard over the speaker phone, “If this wedding goes on much longer, I'm going to die -- of boredom. When the hell will Luis put the poisoned ring on Sheridan's finger?” Alistair is in his lair, wherever that might be, playing catch with a baseball and glove. Watching the feed on the monitor, Julian groans, “I'm murdering my own sister. My God. It's a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy.” He falls back in his chair. Alistair recites, “"My hands are of your color, but I shame to wear a heart so white." That's "MacBeth," Julian, but I'm sure you need a translation. It means you're a bloody coward.” Julian replies, “Thank you, father. I understand the reference.” Alistair reiterates, “Then understand this -- if we don't kill Sheridan, Luis will discover what happened to his father and you'll spend the rest of your life in jail. And stop pacing, Rebecca. Ivy will get to the church soon enough.” (What a major rewrite! As it ended up, Julian and Alistair needed to kill Sheridan because Martin ran off with Katherine? And that would bring down the Crane empire and send Julian to prison? HUH? None of that makes any sense, but what is new with Passions and JER's rewrites!)

    Father Lonigan continues the ceremony, “Now that the arras have been blessed, Ethan and Theresa, Luis and Sheridan will give each other part of the coins. This gesture represents the shared responsibility of finances in their marriage.” Tio and Tia hand the arras to the two couples. Giving some of the coins to Sheridan, Luis sincerely says, “I promise you'll always have everything you need.” Sheridan smiles, “I already have everything I need – you.” Luis smiles. Father Lonigan continues, “May you remember the symbolism of the arras. For as long as you follow God's will, you shall not want.”

    Father Lonigan states, “At this time, the brides have some special words they would like to share with their grooms.” The two couples stand. Ethan grins, “I didn't know about this.” Theresa says, “It's a surprise.” Luis asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan smiles, “Just wait and see, my love.” Father Lonigan, “Sheridan, if you would like to begin.” Sheridan and Luis are looking into each others eyes as Sheridan takes his hands in hers, absolutely glowing she begins, “I have waited my entire life for you. I didn't know who you were or when you would arrive. All I knew is that someday a man would come into my life who would love me unconditionally, who would always make me feel safe and protected. You are that person, Luis. Today you are giving me the greatest gift. Today you are saying that you will never leave. I love you. I want you to know that I, too, will never leave. Like my ring says, till death do us part.” Luis smiles into her eyes.

    Watching on his monitor, Alistair laughs, “Your death is sooner than you think, daughter dear.”

    Theresa turns to Ethan and says, “My heart has never been so full of love as it is at this very moment. We are standing before God and our loved ones about to become husband and wife. I hope you know what this means to me. It means that my dream is coming true. Because you are my dream, Ethan. As I look into your eyes, I know that every day of our life together will be another dream come true. And I can't wait to begin that dream as your wife. I love you with all of my heart. Always and forever.” Gwen looks around and Gwen's voice, “Come on, Ivy. It's time to turn Theresa's dream into a nightmare. Where are you?” Father Lonigan says, “Now it is time to begin the traditional exchange of vows. As these couples both realize, the exchange of vows is a momentous undertaking.” Sheridan looks over at Luis.
    Ivy has gotten back on the road after being stopped by the accident and she is almost at the church as she changes the radio station to “Going To The Chapel”, “Oh, yes. We're going to the chapel, all right. Only, we are going to kill the bride. Oh. Oh, God. Finally, the church.”

    In the church, Father Lonigan continues, “I now ask Luis and Ethan to take their brides' hands.” They do. Luis looks around, “A car sounds like it's getting awfully close.” Chad agrees, “Man, you ain't kidding. It sounds like it's headed straight for the church.” Ivy crashes right into the church amidst screaming and shocked looks. As Ivy's car comes to a stop, radio blaring, she says, “Well, I made it.” Alistair yells, “That's Ivy.” Watching on the feed in the library, Julian comments, “She always did know how to make an entrance.” Theresa looks up at him and asks, “Ethan, what's happening?” Ethan exclaims, “ Oh, my God, that's my mother's car.” Ethan runs to the back of the church to his mother. Standing with Pilar and Francisco, Cristina asks, “Did he say his mother's car?” Francisco holding his wife, “I think so.” Cristina exclaims, “Not even in our telenovelas do things get so weird.” Ethan helps Ivy out of her car, “Mother, are you all right?” Ivy says, “Yes.” Ethan asks, “What happened? I mean, did the brakes fail? What ...” Ivy deadpans, “No, the brakes didn't fail. I just couldn't take time to park.” Ethan looks confused, “What?” Ivy commands, “Ethan, you have to stop this wedding, and you have to stop it now.”

    Ivy again commands, “Ethan, I want this wedding stopped immediately.” Ethan says, “Mother, the wedding is already stopped. I think when you crashed into the church, you took care of that. I don't think you have to tell anyone to stop it.” Ivy looks around, “Oh. Well, I'll -- I'll pay for all that damage, but I will not allow any more damage to be done to my son.” Ethan says, “Mother -- mother, I'm ok. I'm fine.” Theresa adds, “Yes, Ethan's all right. I mean, everything is perfect now that you're here.” Ethan says, “Ok, so, as you can all see, my mother's here, and thank God she's all right and, you know, no one got hurt.” Ethan and Ivy hug. Father Lonigan suggests, “Let's continue with the ceremony. We can deal with the car later.” Ethan says, “Mother, I'm so happy that you're here. I was really afraid that you were going to miss the whole ceremony. This is the happiest day of my life. I wouldn't want you to not see me marry the woman that I love.”

    Ethan states, “Mother, now Theresa and I will escort you to your seat, and then we'll finish the ceremony.” Theresa adds, “Yes, and you've come just in time for the vows.” Ethan takes Ivy's arm and walks her to the front of the church.

    Charity again sits in her pew, “Something is wrong.” Jessica turns to her and asks, “What is it, Charity?” Charity leans forward to talk to Jessica, “Mrs. Crane is furious. Something terrible is going to happen. I just know it.”

    Ivy exclaims, “No, Ethan, wait. There's something I have to tell you.” Standing in their places near the altar, Luis proclaims, “Don't worry, once Ivy sits down, we can continue the ceremony.” Sheridan smiles up at him, “Then we'll finally be married.” Next to Luis, Hank asks, “You still have the rings, buddy?” Luis replies, “Yeah, of course. Nothing, not even a car crash, is going to keep me from slipping this ring on the finger of the woman I love.” As Hank pats him on the back, Luis looks at Sheridan and smiles. She is looking at him so adoringly.

    From the library phone, Alistair says, “Get on with it. The sooner Luis puts the poisoned ring on Sheridan's finger, the sooner she'll be dead.” Julian, “I hate to rain on your parade, Father, but what if Ivy stops the wedding? And what happens then?” Alistair booms over the phone, “I'll tell you exactly what happens. That gun in your desk drawer better be loaded because Sheridan is going to die today, no matter what.” Julian looks grim.

    Theresa tries to sooth Ivy, “I know you're going to love the rest of the ceremony, Mrs. Crane. Or I guess I should say "mother" because once Ethan and I say "I do," you're going to be my mother-in-law.”

    From her seat, Charity remarks, “Miguel, my feeling's worse than ever. I feel danger.” Miguel replies, “Look, maybe you're just reacting to Mrs. Crane crashing through the church. But everybody's fine.” Charity says, “No, Miguel, that's not it. I have a sense of pain and suffering.” Miguel replies, “Charity, you don't have to worry. Ethan's mother's here now, so everything's great. I'm sure the rest of the wedding is going to be perfect.” She nods her head but continues to look worried.

    Ethan says, “Ok, Mother, now have a seat so Theresa and I can finally get married.” Ivy walks up to stand in front of the altar. Theresa asks, “Ethan, what is going on?” Ethan replies, “I don't know.” Cristina asks, “And why is this woman going up to the altar? Is this part of the ceremony?” Francisco replies, “Perhaps it's an American custom.” Ethan tries again, “Mother? You're supposed to be seated.” Ivy replies, “No. No, baby, I will not be seated. I have to protect you.” Ethan asks, “ What are you talking about?” Ivy says, “You'll know soon enough, Ethan. You'll know very soon.” Theresa says, “Maybe you're a bit disoriented from the crash. I mean, do you feel ok, Mrs. Crane?” Theresa puts her hand on Ivy's arm but Ivy pulls her arm away. Ivy announces, “Excuse me, everyone, but before this wedding can go any further, I have an announcement to make.” Everyone looks at each other and they are all startled.

    To be continued...


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