At Sheridan's cottage as they walk through the living room to the front door, Luis sighs, "OK. I guess this is it. Hey, but you know what?" Sheridan looks up into his handsome face, "Hmm?" Luis smiles, "The next time I see you, you're going to be walking down the aisle on the way to becoming my wife." Sheridan smiles and wrinkles her nose, "And it can't come soon enough for me." Luis perks up a bit and grins, "Hey, you know what, though? The thought just hit me -- you know, I could come here after the bachelor party, you know?" Sheridan laughs, "No, you couldn't. Much as I would love it, there is no way you are staying here tonight. It's bad luck to break tradition." Luis holds Sheridan's hands, "OK. But you got to make me a promise, then. After tonight, we'll never spend a night without each other." Sheridan tips her head to look into Luis' eyes and says so sincerely and so sweetly, "I promise. I never want to be away from you." Luis smiles, puts his hands on both sides of Sheridan's face and pulls her to him for a heart-stopping kiss.

In the library of the Crane mansion, as Julian paces the floor, Alistair orders, "Calm down, Julian." Julian scoffs, "How calm do you expect me to be when we're about to kill my own sister?" Alistair, "I'm through discussing this. We are implementing the plan. Sheridan's wedding ring has been painted with poison, and when Luis slides it onto her finger, she will die. Luis will never get over it, and I'll be rid of them both once and for all."

Luis again says, "Well, I guess I should go." He bends down to pick up his duffel bag. As Sheridan puts her hands at Luis' waist, she says, "Yes, you really should."

Then she reaches up to kiss him. While they are kissing there is a knock on door. Appearing upset with the interruption, Sheridan asks, "Who is it?" Hank calls out, "It's Hank." Luis raises his eyebrows and again picks up his bag to walk to the door. Luis, "Whoo. Hello." Hank says, "Sorry to take your man away from you, Sheridan, but it's party time." Standing beside Luis in the doorway, Sheridan says, "Well, he was just leaving. Weren't you, Luis?" Sheridan places her hand on his chest. Looking at Sheridan like he can't bear to tear himself away from her, Luis asks, "Was I?" Hank comments, "It's not like you two aren't going to see each other soon. By my clock, it's only a few hours." Sheridan leans closer to Luis and pouts, "Even that seems like forever." Luis agrees, "Yeah." Hank frowns good-naturedly, "Ugh. You know, I'm going to go wait in the car. But seriously, we got to get going. The guys are waiting at the youth center." Luis replies, "All right." Standing in the doorway he turns to Sheridan, "Wow. I guess this is it till tomorrow." Sheridan sighs, "I guess so." Luis smiles, "Have fun at your shower." Sheridan smiles back, "Hey." Luis, "What?" Sheridan asks, "It just hit me -- are you guys going to have a stripper at your party tonight?" Luis laughs, "I don't know what those guys got planned, but -- I don't know. You know what? I don't even think they do that anymore." Sheridan grins, "I don't know. Those bachelor parties get pretty wild." Luis replies, "No, trust me. This one will be tame." They laugh! Sheridan continues, "But, still, why don't you let me hold on to the rings tonight. I'll make sure Miguel gets them before the ceremony." Luis pulls the ring boxes out of his duffel bag and hands them to Sheridan. Sheridan looks at her ring and smiles, "I can't wait for you to put this on my finger." Sheridan and Luis kiss several more times as they say good-bye for the night.

In the library, Alistair says, "As soon as Sheridan is dead, our problems will be over. Never again will we have to worry about Luis trying to dig up Crane family secrets and finding out what really happened to his father." Julian deadpans, "God forbid he ever discovers that." (We all know that this story was rewritten so it turned out to be a big dud. What a shame!)

Coming down from the attic into her living room, Tabitha asks, "What on earth is going on here?" Grace replies, "Oh, Tabitha, I'm so sorry. I meant to ask you, but we were so busy getting ready." Tabitha asks, "For what?" Grace replies, "Well, I'm throwing a bridal shower for Theresa and Sheridan. I'd have it at my own house if i had a house. I hope you don't mind." Even though Tabitha is shocked, she says, "Mind? Oh, no. Why should I mind? I'm sure it'll all be frightfully festive." Grace smiles, "Good, then I hope you'll be there." Tabitha does a double take, "Who me?" Grace says kindly, "Yeah, it'll be fun." Sam kisses Grace and tells her, "Hey, listen, Miguel and I are going to head over to Luis and Ethan's party." Grace says, "OK, well, Give them my love."

At the Youth Center the guys are playing basketball and drinking beer, when a shirtless Hank says, "All right, all right. I think I'll take it easy on you, seeing you're going to have to save your energy for your wedding night." Chad says, "That's a challenge, man. That's a challenge." Taking his shirt off, Luis boasts, "I'm not even going to break a sweat shutting you down!" Chad grins, "Oh, that's fighting words." Luis picks up the ball, "Yeah. Oh, there it goes! See what happens." Sam says, "You got it. Come on." Chad yells, "Clash of the titans."

In Tabby's living room at her bridal shower, Sheridan and Theresa are standing on one side holding hands and talking, when Sheridan notices that Grace looks worried. Sheridan walks over to Grace and asks, "Grace, you all right?" Grace replies, "I don't know. I keep having this strange feeling like -- like something's going to happen. I just don't know what." Sheridan takes Grace's hands in hers and says, "I'm sure you're just tired. I mean, you've worked so hard putting this party together." Grace smiles, "You're right. I'm probably just tired." Grace walks off and Sheridan rejoins Theresa saying, "I am so glad that your fortune was right -- two brides for two grooms." They hold hands and giggle as Theresa says, "Oh, it's going to be the most wonderful day ever. And then the wedding night -- it'll be the first time that Ethan and I make love. It'll be the first time that I've ever made love. I want everything to be perfect, Sheridan." Sheridan assures her, "Oh, it will be, honey. I was nervous the first time i made love to Luis." Theresa is surprised, "You were?" Sheridan smiles, "Yeah. I mean, you know, the first time you make love to the man you love, it -- it's so special that you just want everything to be perfect. Sometimes I kind of wish Luis and I had waited -- you know, so our wedding night was our first time together." Theresa says, "Well, I'm glad that we waited, and even more glad that I don't have to wait much longer. I love Ethan so much." She giggles. Jessica and Charity enter the room with trays of food for the party.

At the Youth Center, Sam tells the guys, "Well, I hate to cut this evening short, gentlemen, but I've got to take some more sodas over to the girls' shower. I promised Grace I'd be over there before it got too late." Sitting on one of the benches, Luis follows Sam's lead, "Yeah? Well, I guess I'm going to pack it in, too." Hank jokes, "You packed it in a long time ago, Ace." Sam laughs, "Ooh." Luis throws over his shoulder as he walks out of the room, "Bro, how are you even going to say that? I stuffed you like, what, a hundred times?" Hank shouts back, "In your dreams, man!"

Sitting on the couch with Theresa opening their gifts, Sheridan says, "Uh-oh, this looks dangerous!" She holds up a sexy nightie. Charity and Jessica say, " Owww and Whoo!" Grace agrees, "Definitely dangerous."

Standing with Sheridan and looking at Sheridan's ring, Pilar exclaims, "Perfect. Simple and perfect." As she gives it aback to Sheridan, Sheridan says, "I told Luis, you know, since he'll be at his bachelor party, that I would hold on to it. I didn't want to take any chances on anything happening to it. Oh, it's just so beautiful. I can't wait to wear it." Sheridan smiles. She is so happy. Pilar says, "I don't mean to sound superstitious, but in the old country it's considered bad luck to put the ring on your finger before you're married. And then you can never take it off." Sheridan smiles, "And I won't." Pilar smiles at Sheridan and says, "It won't be long now, Sheridan."

Walking out into a hallway at the Youth Center, Hank sees Luis seated at a desk writing and asks, "What are you doing?" Luis replies, "Whew. Working on my vows. This is like the 50th version, but I just can't seem to get it right. How do you tell the woman you love everything you're feeling in your heart?" Hank suggests, "Why don't you just try picturing Sheridan's face? You know, think about what she means to you and just put it down on paper." Luis smiles and begins to write again.

Alistair laughs. Julian asks, "Something funny, Father?" Alistair replies, ": I was just thinking about how brilliant our plan is -- putting poison on Sheridan's wedding ring. Her death will appear to be by natural causes. No one will suspect foul play, and even if someone did, it could never be traced back to us." Julian, "I'm still uneasy about this." Alistair, "It will all be over soon, Julian. In fact, things could happen even more quickly than we'd planned." Julian asks, "How do you mean?" Alistair explains, "Assuming Sheridan still has the ring with her, she may be tempted to try it on, wear it for a while. And if she does, that will be it. She'll be dead tonight."

Walking into the kitchen by herself, Sheridan looks at her ring and says to herself, "I know everyone says it's bad luck to try the ring on before the wedding. But wouldn't it be worse if it didn't fit when Luis put it on my finger? I should at least make sure. " She takes the ring out of the box and holds it over her finger imagining how it will look on her finger.

In the attic looking for a gift for the two brides to be, Tabby pulls out some wind chimes that have magical powers. She and Timmy are listening to the wind chimes and trying to figure out what they are telling them. Tabby says that the chimes are telling her that someone will be in terrible pain. Timmy asks who it is. Who is crying? Tabby finally says that it is Sheridan Crane. She then says that Sheridan is going to die.

Alistair says, "Once the ring is on Sheridan's finger and the poison seeps into her bloodstream, she'll be dead, and this will finally be over." Looking at his father, Julian cringes.
Sitting at the kitchen table, Sheridan says, "Oh. Well, it can't hurt to see if it fits." She holds the ring poised to place on her finger.

At the Youth Center, Luis recites his vows, "You're my life. You're my whole reason for being. And from this moment on, you will never be alone. You will never be unhappy or afraid. You will always know how deeply I love you, how deeply you are loved, and no matter what, I'll always be here for you. We've both suffered painful losses. You lost your mother, and I lost my father. But together we'll build a family of our own, a family of love and support. We will be together, Sheridan, till death do us part. (Sheridan puts the ring on her finger. She smiles as she admires the look of her ring on her finger.) Now, if you were to die, then I would die, too. I couldn't live my life without you. I wouldn't be able to go on."

To be continued...