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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

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    Smile Saturday's Saddened SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day.........

    While at the hospital to conduct the investigation into Simone's hit and run accident, Luis tells his mother, “Just glad that Alistair's nowhere near Sheridan. Despite everything that he has done to her, a part of her still wishes that she'd been wrong about him all this time, that he really cares about her love and happiness.” Pilar says, “I wish that you were getting married today. Alistair Crane -- he scares me, Luis. He has this great power over Sheridan, power that he could use to hurt her -- even more than he has in the past.” Luis nods his head in agreement.

    Julian is in the library listening on the “walkie-talkie” to what Alistair is saying, “I've come back to see you, Sheridan Now, come to me, my dear Let your father give you a hug It's been far too long since I've held you in my arms.” Julian thinks, “What a shameless manipulator you are, Father. You'll say or do anything to get what you want. Given your power over my sister, I dare say you'll get what you want from Sheridan -- a future free of Luis.” Sheridan walks a little toward her father as she says, “You didn't come back to see me, Father. You must have some business deal. That's the only reason you ever set foot in Harmony.” Alistair replies, “You're right. Business is usually the only reason i go anywhere. Not this time. No, Sheridan, when i learned of the heinous plot Julian and Rebecca carried out against you and Luis, I was shocked -- shocked and angry.” Julian says to himself, “Oh, that's right, Father. Make me out to be the villain in the piece. Never mind that you wanted your own daughter murdered.” Alistair continues, “I flew halfway around the world to be with you, dear. I know you're hurting, feeling betrayed by your own family. I came to comfort you, make things right.” Sheridan looks so confused and very skeptical, “Really?” Alistair assures, “Well, of course. You're my daughter, Sheridan, and I love you so very much.”
    Sheridan is truly shocked, “Father, I can't believe you came all this way just for me.” Alistair says, “But it's true, my dear. Words can't convey my deep and abiding love for you.” Rebecca walks into the library and hears Alistair's voice and asks, “Julian, what -- what's going on?” Julian replies, “Shh Listen to his master's voice. Father is without a doubt the most wicked, manipulative man I've ever had the displeasure to know. He's about to do to Sheridan and Luis what we failed to do -- use her love to split them up.” Rebecca is skeptical and asks, “But how? I mean, Luis and Sheridan are like the poster couple for true love.” Julian replies, “Well, posters, like people, can be ripped apart, and my father's just the man to do it. Listen to how devious he can be.” Sheridan faces Al, “I'm surprised you're here, father. Surprised that you say you care. Bad things have happened to me before and you never came. You never even called.” Alistair, “You're right I failed you time and time again.” Sheridan, “It's always been the same excuse -- some pressing business matter that was more important than your own family.” Alistair, “I admit it -- I was wrong to always put business ahead of my loved ones, wrong to worry about the future instead of focusing on the present. Lately, however, I've come to realize the error of my ways. Julian's unspeakable treachery against you and Luis was the clincher. I came back hoping to make it up to you. Not that I can, really, but I wanted to try.” Sheridan's voice is now raised, “No! It's too late. I mean, how can you just walk in here and say that you love me and try to erase a lifetime of hurt? (She walks over to the chair to pick up the mask) I mean, after you and Julian and Rebecca tried to destroy the most important thing in the world to me -- my love for Luis -- with this! (She holds up the Luis mask) And the elaborate scheme that went with it.” Alistair tries again, “Sheridan, dear ...” Sheridan counters, “No, you know what? It's over! I will never forgive you! You know, and please don't try to insult my intelligence by saying you knew nothing about it, because you have never approved of Luis.”

    Sitting in the hospital waiting room, Luis says, “I agree with you, Mama. The only person who can get to Sheridan is Alistair. Thank God he's not around. You know, even in her head, she knows she'll never get the love that she wants from her father, but in her heart she still craves it.” Pilar agrees, “Yeah, but Alistair -- oh, that man, he's like a merciless general in wartime. He will sacrifice anything and anyone, Luis, in order to win. In all my years with the Crane family, I've never known that man to lose.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, there's a first time for everything. And my marrying Sheridan's going to put an end to Alistair's winning streak.” Pilar happily says, “You and Sheridan! Oh, you're going to make such a great couple. You're both so loving and so caring, willing to do anything to make each other happy.” Luis agrees, “Yeah What gets me is after everything Alistair and Julian have done to Sheridan, she still craves their love and approval, especially Alistair's.” Pilar shakes her head, “I know she's always wanted his love and she never got it. And you know what? I doubt she ever will.”

    Luis is sitting at his desk at the police station when Hank arrives. They greet each other and chat about Simone's accident and about Hank wanting to become a cop until the conversation turns to Sheridan. Luis smiles, “I'm going to be marrying Sheridan in a few days. In fact, i wish I was with her right now. (Luis picks up one of the pictures of Sheridan on his desk and looks at it as he talks to Hank.) Yeah. She's -- she's in a fragile state. She's very vulnerable.” Hank asks, “Why? What happened here? What's going on?” Luis tells him, “It's a long story. Bottom line is her family did something that really shook her up.” Hank exclaims, “Julian and Alistair at it again? Gads!” Luis replies, “Yeah. Sheridan still can't seem to shut them out of her life for good. Well, at least Alistair's not around. I can handle Julian.” Luis sits back in his chair and smiles.

    In the library with the listening device, Julian marvels, “Listen how father turns Sheridan around. He'll play her like a violin, plucking each emotional string until what she says is music to his ears.” At the cottage, Alistair pleads, “I'm sorry, Sheridan, but I knew nothing about this mask or the heinous charade built around it.” Sheridan questions, “You're telling me that you knew nothing about Julian using that mask to break up Luis and me?” Holding the mask in his hand, Alistair lies again, “On your mother's grave, I knew nothing about it.” Rebecca comments, “The man has no shame.” Julian's voice, “Something tells me he's not alone.” LOL! Alistair says, “I see now what happened. Your brother wanted to get you out of the country. He thought that if he ended your relationship with Luis, you'd go running back to Paris.” Sheridan asks, “Why would Julian want to get rid of me?” Alistair continues, “Elementary, my dear. He knew I was considering making you my heir.” Sheridan is clearly stunned, “You're thinking of making me your heir, Father?” Alistair replies, “Why not? Times have changed. Women occupy positions of great power in our society. You're intelligent, you're personable, and you're my daughter. Why not pick you? Unlike Julian, I know I can count on you. I won't lie to you, Sheridan. As you well know from past conversations, Luis Lopez- Fitzgerald is not a man I would have picked to be your husband.” He puts the mask down. Sheridan comments, “That's putting it mildly.” Alistair continues, “Luis may have a number of admirable qualities, but his family and ours have never gotten along. Having said that, I nonetheless want you to be happy. And if Luis is the one man best able to make that happen, then I want you to have him.” Sheridan asks again, “Really?” Alistair replies, “Yes, my dear. Everything I've ever done is because I love you, Sheridan. You do believe me, don't you?”

    At the police station sitting across from Luis, Hank says, “So Sheridan found a masked impostor in bed with another woman and thought it was you.” Luis marvels, “The setup was perfect. It was too perfect, and once I convinced Sheridan of that, we set our own trap to catch the impostor. And, Hank, you should've seen the look on his face when we busted that guy. It was the same creep that Sheridan overheard months ago on the wharf. You know the time she thought she overheard me say that I was just using her to get to her family?” Hank asks, “Was the same guy wearing the mask?” Luis says, “Yeah, that's right.” Hank says, “I remember Sheridan was so upset, she ran off to Paris.” Luis adds, “Yeah, well, I finally wised up. You know, the worst part about this whole thing is now Sheridan has to face the fact that her family will do anything to break us up.” Hank surmises, “So that you won't be around to dig into your father's disappearance.” Luis leans across the desk, “Hank, Julian destroyed a file on my father that they kept sealed in the Crane family's archives. That definitely means that they're hiding something. You see, what I think, I think that Julian and Alistair are afraid. They're afraid once I marry Sheridan, I'm going to be on the estate. It's too late. Yeah, well, it hurts Sheridan and she hates it, but, well, she's finally seeing her brother and father for the real cold-blooded creeps that they are.” Hank sighs, “Man. Poor Sheridan. Must be hard not to break off from your family like that.” Luis says, “That's not what happened. Like i said, she's on to them, but part of her still wants the love that she's never gotten from them.” Hank says, “Well, I hope you told her not to hold her breath.” Luis tells him, “Yeah. That and then some, but Sheridan -- Sheridan thinks that when she has a baby that Alistair's finally going to show her the love that she was denied since she was a baby herself.” Hank nods, “We both know that's not going to happen.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. But Sheridan's having a hard time buying it. Once we're married, I can give her the love and support she never got from her so-called family. Then she won't be vulnerable to the lies of Julian and Alistair anymore.”

    Sheridan stands her ground, “I want to believe that you love me, Father, but I can't. Not after all this time, after all that's happened.” Alistair tells her, “If I've been stern with you about certain things, it's only because I feared for your happiness.” Sheridan says, “It's more than that. Take Julian, for example.” Alistair asks, “What about my idiot of a son?” Sheridan replies, “I know my brother and I know some of the things that he's done, like hiring someone to impersonate Luis. Julian wouldn't do that on his own. You not only had to have known about it, but you must have given him your blessing.” Alistair says, “I can see why you'd think that and why you doubt my proclamation of innocence. I can only conclude that your brother became desperate after I passed him over to make Ethan my heir. And then, of course, when Ethan's true paternity came out, your brother must have feared I'd turn to you to take my place. Julian obviously became a loose cannon, taking advantage of my absence to destroy you and your happiness. But once I learned of his unspeakable treachery, I came to put a stop to it. Only I was too late. Julian had already launched that sordid plan against you and Luis. Prior to coming to see you, I told Julian his actions were both depraved and despicable. Under no circumstances do we Cranes turn on each other the way Julian turned on you. One can have all the money and power in the world, but what good does that do if you don't have your family?” A skeptical Sheridan swallows and her lip quivers as she asks, “Do you really mean that?” She wants more than anything to be able to believe her father and have his love. Picking up the Luis mask again, Alistair assures, “Absolutely. I may be far away from you most of the time, but you are as near and dear to me as any daughter could be. You and Julian are the reason for everything I do. Although after the way your brother has acted recently, I must wonder if I made a mistake trusting him to look after things here in my absence. The thought of you being unhappy the rest of your life without the man you love, even if I don't totally approve of him, is a dagger in my heart, Sheridan. A dagger in my heart.” Sheridan asks, “Would it really upset you to see me unhappy?” Alistair says, “Of course it would, my dear. You, Sheridan, are the most important person in the world to me.”

    Alistair insists, “Julian may be my son, but a daughter always holds a special place in her father's heart, and you, Sheridan, are no exception.” In the library Julian comments, “Listen to the pabulum father's feeding Sheridan.” Alistair continues, “A son should be able to fend for himself, make it on his own. The sad fact that Julian is the incompetent dilettante he is has forced me to devote considerable time and energy to micromanaging his life.” Julian, “No need to overdo it, Father.” Alistair continues, “For that reason alone, you probably thought Julian was more important to me than you, my dear -- only you couldn't be more wrong. (Al throws the Luis mask in the trash.) The fact that you don't believe me confirms my deepest fear -- that I'm too late in coming to you. Had I only realized years ago how much you needed me, if I'd come to you then, perhaps you'd believe me now.” Sheridan begins, “Father, I want ...” Alistair anticipates, “You don't want anything to do with me at this late date, and I can't blame you. There's no making up for past mistakes.” Sheridan walks a little closer to Alistair, “Father, when you thought I was dead, murdered, why didn't you come to my funeral? It would've meant the world to me to have known you were there.” Alistair answers, “Yes Your funeral I wanted to come. But believe it or not, I have my weaknesses. The truth be told, I was afraid I'd break down in front of the others. Think me proud or vain, I simply couldn't risk it. So I grieved alone.” Sheridan asks once again, “Really?” Alistair walks a little closer to her, “If I hadn't grieved, I'd be some kind of heartless monster, wouldn't I?” Sheridan asks, “Do you mean it?” Alistair replies, “You're my daughter, Sheridan. When I heard you were dead, I thought I'd go out of my mind.” Sheridan takes another step toward her father, “Oh, Father.”

    Still listening on the device in the library, Julian applauds, “Bravo, father. You've got her now.” Alistair continues the assault, “To think I'd never see your beautiful, smiling face again was almost more than I could bear.” In the hallway, Pilar hears Alistair's voice, “Dios mio! Alistair! He cannot be here. (She opens the door to the library.) I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr Crane, but I thought I heard Mr. Alistair's voice Is he back in Harmony?” Julian snaps, “Uh -- Pilar, that's none of your business.” Rebecca adds, “Yes, Pilar, just go back to pretending you're working.” As Pilar closes the door, she sees a maid coming out of another room and asks, “Alina, excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you, but is Mr. Alistair back in Harmony?” Alina replies, “Yes. He arrived last night. He and Julian were huddled in the library until early this morning.” Pilar thanks her and says to herself, “Oh, God. I knew the Cranes would not give up. Poor Luis and Sheridan. Oh, dear God.”

    Pouring a cup of coffee at the police station, Luis says, “So once Sheridan and I are married, Alistair will lose any control that he has over her. But for now, she's still vulnerable. See, Alistair knows that Sheridan has wounds from her childhood that have never healed. Now, if he opens those wounds, he can use them. He can use them to get to what he wants.” Hank says, “Maybe, but, like you said, Alistair's nowhere near Harmony, so there's nothing like that you have to worry about.” When the phone on Luis' desk rings, he answers. Pilar calls to inform him about Al, “Brace yourself, Mijo. Alistair Crane is here in Harmony.”

    Alistair works on her again, “Sheridan, when your mother died, I withdrew more than ever from my family, plunged myself deeper into my work. I suppose it was my way of mourning. And only now, decades later, thanks to you, do I feel as though I'm coming out of it.” Sheridan asks, “Thanks to me?” Alistair continues, “Yes. Yes, when I heard my little girl was going to marry the man she loved, even though it's no secret I wouldn't have wanted Luis to be my son-in-law, I actually got excited thinking that someday, God willing, you'll have children. And they'll sit on my knee, and won't I be proud. I'll have a chance to give them the love and affection I failed to give you, my dear.” Sheridan smiles, “Do you really mean that?” Alistair says, “Of course I mean it. I'm not the monster people think I am. I admit I've made wrong choices in the past, like leaving your brother to oversee things here in my absence. I should've realized Julian was a loose cannon a long time ago.” Julian impatiently says, “Oh, enough of this "loose cannon" business. Why does father always blame everything on me?” Alistair says, “I came home to save you, Sheridan, but I'm proud to see you've made it on your own. You don't need me. Not now -- not after all the times I've failed you. And I don't blame you for not forgiving me. I don't deserve it. Just know that i wish you all the happiness in the world.” He begins to walk up the stairs to the door. Julian says, “This is it. This is the moment father's been building to. Will he hook Sheridan or will she get away?”

    Luis slams some papers down on his desk, “If Alistair's back in town, you can be damn sure that he's not here to give Sheridan away at our wedding.” Hank asks, “How can Alistair possibly stop Sheridan from wanting to marry you?” Luis stands and looks out the window behind him before he replies, “I don't know. I don't know, you know, but Alistair is so damn devious, you never can tell. But I'm not going to give him the chance. Sheridan's my fiancée, we're getting married in a few days, and there is no way I'm letting anyone hurt the woman that I love. And if Alistair thinks he is going to open up some of Sheridan's emotional wounds, I swear I'll kill him.”

    Julian waits, “What happened? Did father win or did Sheridan let him walk out?” Alistair opens the door as Sheridan calls out, “Don't go, Father. Please don't leave me again. Oh, Daddy.” She runs to Al and hugs him. Alistair says, “Dearest Sheridan. Everything is going to be all right now.” Sheridan cries in his arms. Julian sighs, “Sheridan took the bait. Now he'll reel her in and gut her relationship with Luis. They don't know it yet, but my sister and her fiancé are finished.”

    To be continued...

    No screencaps to go along with this episode so I thought I would post some pictures from some of the Daytime Emmy Awards when Galen and McKenzie were presenters.
    These pictures are from the 2006 Emmys...


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    Smile Sunday's Successful SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day.......

    As Hank and Luis leave the police station, Hank says, “Stop with the crazy talk. You're not going to kill Alistair Crane.” Outside the station, an irritated Luis stops, “Probably right. But I'd like to.” Hank reminds him, “You even said yourself that you don't have any proof that he was involved with Julian in that wild scheme to break up you and Sheridan.” Luis says, “Hank, I don't need proof. I'm sure that he was behind it as sure as i know my name.” Hank asks, “What about Sheridan?” Luis replies, “Well, she knows it in her head. Probably not in her heart. She's been trying to get her father to love her ever since she was a little girl, and she's never gotten it. I'm afraid that's why Alistair came back to Harmony.” Hank says, “I don't get it.” Luis, “That's just because your mind is not as diabolical as his. See, Alistair would do anything to keep me and Sheridan from getting married, including using her need for his approval to control what she does.” Hank shrugs, “Talk about dirty pool, man.” Luis sighs, “Yeah, you can say that again. I'm going to call her to warn her what's going on.” Luis pulls out his cell phone to make the call.

    In the library sitting in front of Julian at the desk, Rebecca asks, “Why can't we hear Alistair and Sheridan at the cottage? You don't think that thing's broken, do you?” Julian replies, “No, I think it's working just fine. The reason we can't hear what they're saying is that Sheridan's too overcome with emotions to speak. Father's convinced her that he genuinely loves her.” Rebecca asks, “How can any man be so cruel to his own daughter?” Julian, “Father thinks that love is a waste of time better spent. The only thing he cares about is the Crane empire.” Rebecca, “Yeah, but your sister's so bright. I mean, why isn't she more suspicious?” Julian, “Because he's telling her what she's always wanted to hear. You should know that by now. The brain has very little in common with the heart. Now, here -- here's the tricky part. Will father be able to manipulate Sheridan out of her marriage to Luis?”

    At the cottage, as Sheridan hugs her father, “You do love me. You really do.” Alistair, “Of course, darling. You're my flesh and blood, my pride and joy, my very own beautiful daughter. I can't tell you how horrified I was when I got wind of Julian's insane scheme to break up you and Luis.” Sheridan exclaims, “Really?” Alistair, “I was livid. I can't imagine how you felt at your brother's betrayal.” As Sheridan walks down the stairs into her living room, “I'm so confused. I even thought the two of you had planned it together.” Alistair follows her down the stairs, “You wound me deeply, darling.” Sheridan apologizes, “I know. And I'm sorry. But now I know better. It's just that when it was happening, it brought back all those feelings I had after mother died when I felt so alone, like no one would ever love me again.” Alistair takes her hand, “You poor dear. Will you ever be able to forgive your father for being so neglectful? It's a pitiable excuse, I know, but I was -- I was too busy nursing my own grief over your mother's death to realize how much you needed me. But that's water under the bridge. I know better now, and I'm home. You'll never be alone again.” Sheridan smiles, “Once I marry Luis, I'll have both of you.” Alistair clinches his fists. When the telephone rings, Sheridan smiles at it, “That's probably Luis.” In the library, Julian says, “Oh, rats. If Sheridan tells Luis she's with father, it could ruin everything.” As Sheridan is about to pick up the phone, Alistair demands, “Don't answer. Not now when we've just found one another again. There's so much I want to tell you.” Sheridan stops and turns to Al smiling.

    Outside the police station, Luis listens as the answering machine picks up and he hears Sheridan's voice, “Hi. This is Sheridan. I can't come to the phone right now, but if you'll leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.” Luis speaks into his phone, “Hey, babe, it's me. Pick up.”

    At the cottage as Sheridan looks at the phone, Alistair says, “You can talk to him later, darling. There's so much I still want to tell you.” Luis' voice comes over the machine, “Maybe you're out in the garden.” Sheridan smiles, “Just let me tell him that you're back. I mean, wait till he hears that you've given us your blessing.” Julian comments, “His blessing? More like his curse. Father's going to destroy Luis and Sheridan before they ever get close to saying their I dos.” Luis' voice, “OK, well, I'll see you soon. I love you.” Sheridan puts her hand on the phone to pick it up but Al stops her by placing his hand over hers, “What's the rush, dear? Give your poor, old father some long-overdue one-on-one time with his precious little girl.” Julian says, “Thank God father's baited the hook. Now all he has to do is reel her in before Luis gets to her.”

    Standing outside the police station, Hank asks, “She wasn't home?” Luis says, “She's probably taking a walk out in the garden. You know, maybe I should go over there. I don't trust Alistair as far as i can throw him.” Hank says, “The guy sounds like a real monster.” Luis agrees, “Hank, even my mother says that he's got a stone where his heart's supposed to be, and she doesn't say anything bad about anyone.” Hank attests to that, “Oh, I'll vouch for that. What's the old man going to do? I mean, you and Sheridan have pretty much proven that there's nothing that's going to tear you two apart.” Luis shrugs, “You would think they would have gotten it by now, right? I guess that's why I'm on guard. See, the way I see it, it's the perfect time for Alistair to strike. Sheridan's vulnerable, her guard's down. Hank, come on, everyone's told me that whatever Alistair wants -- I mean, he won't stop until he wins. Now, come on. Let's go over there.” They head off to the cottage.

    At the cottage, a very emotional Sheridan says, “I have waited my whole life to hear you say you love me.” Alistair hugs Sheridan and takes her hands in his, “I'm sorry it took so long, darling. It wasn't that i didn't feel it. I simply didn't realize how important it was to say it or show it. Thank God I learned otherwise before I lost you for good.” Sheridan says, “Father, there's something I want to ask you. It's about my marriage to Luis.” Alistair clenches his hands in disgust as he does every time she mentions Luis' name, “What is it, dear?” Sheridan asks, “All my life, I dreamed of having my father walk me down the aisle when i get married. Now that you're home, would you consider it?” Alistair, “Nothing would make me prouder. I'm only sorry i don't know your Luis very well. I'd love to be able to convince him we Cranes had nothing to do with his father's disappearance.” Sheridan sighs, “If only you could. And that would be the most incredible wedding gift to me if you two could just shake hands and put the past behind you.” Alistair takes her hands in his again, “All in good time, my dear.” Julian, “All right, here it comes. This is where father gets Sheridan to agree not to marry Luis.” Sheridan says, “Unfortunately, time is one thing we don't have. Luis and I are getting married right away.” Alistair, “Oh, dear. Well, there goes my surprise.” Curious Sheridan asks, “What surprise?” Alistair, “I might as well tell you now. It was silly, I suppose, just an old man's fantasy about making up for lost time. I had my heart set on the two of us taking a little jaunt to Europe, just you and me together for a long-deserved time alone.”

    Arriving at the cottage, Luis announces, “Sheridan's home.” Alistair says, “My dear, I can't tell you how disappointed I am.” Walking up the steps to the front door, Luis exclaims, “Oh, my God!” Alistair, “It was too much to ask.” Luis turns to Hank, “It's Alistair. I recognize his voice.” Alistair, “If only I'd asked before you set the date. I had such dreams of the two of us touring Provence together. There's so many places I'd love to show you.” Standing across the room, Sheridan says, “Sounds wonderful, father, but Luis and I are getting married in a few days.” Luis walks down the steps to look through the window instead, “I knew it. Her father came home to finish off with his twisted plan what Julian didn't accomplish. Hank, they'll do anything to break us up.” Hank asks, “What are you going to do?” Luis heads to the door but stops suddenly, “What am I going to do? I'm going to make him sorry. Or maybe not. You know, as much as I'd like to go in there and break his neck, maybe Sheridan needs to figure out what her father is doing on her own. Otherwise, she's never going to realize 100% that her father doesn't love her.” As Sheridan sits on the couch, Alistair says, “l have no right to ask you to postpone your wedding. It just that I'm not getting any younger, and who knows when or if we'll ever have an opportunity like this again. Sheridan, dear, there's a small church outside Paris I wanted to show you in particular. It's where your mother first let me kiss her when we started courting.” Sheridan asks, “Really?” Alistair says, “I think of her every day. I try not to, but it seems the longer she's gone, the more i miss her. You remind me so much of her. We'd only be gone a week or two. Oh, what am I saying? Your wedding is far more important than keeping an old man company.”

    In the library Julian marvels, “Listen to the master at work. There's no way Sheridan will ever be able to resist his pitch.” Rebecca replies, “Ingenious. I mean, Sheridan will tell Luis that she wants to postpone the wedding for a couple of weeks so she can go to Europe with her father.” Julian agrees, “Only it'll be the longest two weeks in history. Once father gets Sheridan out of town, he'll make sure she never comes back to Luis.”

    Outside the cottage, Hank remarks, “This is killing you. Go in there and tell Sheridan that her father doesn't mean a word that he's saying, that he's just trying to keep her from marrying you.” Luis walks away from the window and replies, “So just because I can see through that slime ball's act, that doesn't mean that Sheridan's going to believe me. As hard as it is for me to stand here and listen to those lies, Sheridan's got to be the one that's going to see right through them. She's got to be the one to face the cold, hard facts that her father's never loved her and never will.” Luis walks back to watch through the window.

    Inside the cottage, Alistair continues, “I was just hoping this little prewedding trip might help make up for all the time we've lost. We could fly to Paris tonight.” Sheridan walks to stand near the fireplace, “I want to marry Luis right away. I hate to just spend one night away from him, and so many people would be disappointed if I postpone the wedding.” Alistair says, “Of course.” Sheridan says sincerely, “What you're offering me -- I mean, this is something that I have dreamed of my entire life -- you and me spending time together like other fathers and daughters, getting to know one another.” Alistair sighs, “Too little too late, I'm afraid.” Sheridan continues, “It means so much to me that you even want to do that. I've been hearing what you said about how much mother meant to you and how you would have spent more time with me as a child but I reminded you so much of her. And now you're flying home after Julian pulled this awful stunt.”

    Outside Luis leaves the window to talk to Hank, “This is un-damn-believable. He's passed off this whole impostor scheme on Julian, and there's no doubt in my mind that Alistair was involved, if not more than Julian. (Luis walks back to look through the window and to coach Sheridan. ) Come on, Sheridan. Come on. Don't buy that. As much as you want to believe him, don't. It ain't true. Come on, Sheridan. Just think. He's just trying to break us up. You can see right through him. I know you can.” In the library as Julian listens in he comments, “All over but the bon voyage party. My sister's buying every line out of father's mouth. She doesn't know it yet, but she and Luis are finished.”
    Outside the cottage at the window with Hank, Luis says, “If Sheridan agrees to go to Europe with her father, we can forget about getting married. Alistair will make sure of that.” Hank says, “Well, you can't blame her if she says yes. You told me yourself how much her father's love means to her.” In a quiet voice Luis agrees, “Yes but I hope she's strong enough to see through him. But I know that's asking a lot.” Inside, Alistair grabs Sheridan's hand as he commands, “Come to Europe with me, sweetheart. Postpone your marriage to Luis for a couple of weeks or maybe just a little longer.” Sheridan replies, “No, father. I'm not going away with you.” Alistair pleads, “But I wanted it to be my pre wedding gift.” Sheridan walks away from her father as she says, “That's not necessary. You've just given me the best wedding present I could ever have. Now I finally know who you are and what you think of me and what a fool I've been to want your love. I was so desperate for it that I almost fell for your pack of lies.” Across the room Alistair acts astonished, “Lies? What on earth are you talking about?” Sheridan yells, “Don't deny it! You must have this cottage wired. You must have heard me tell Luis that I would give anything to have you walk through that door and tell me that you love me. And, gee, what a coincidence -- that's exactly what you did. You walked in here and you took me in your arms and you told me that you loved me. You're disgusting.”

    Alistair tries again, “Sweetheart, you couldn't be more wrong. I do love you with all my heart. I thought this trip would be the answer to both our prayers.” Sheridan takes a step closer to Alistair, “Only yours. Only the one that you have of destroying Luis and me. I didn't think anyone could stoop lower than Julian with his impostor scheme, but you, Father -- you just took the prize for playing dirty. And by the way, I know Julian didn't come up with that on his own because he doesn't do anything without your permission. So once again, you've failed. So you can just go back to Europe or wherever it is you spend your time making money and just...” Alistair grabs Sheridan's hand again, “Now listen to me, young lady, and you listen well. You will never marry that snooping, lowlife policeman from the wrong side of the tracks!” Luis pushes the door open and shouts, “Sheridan!” Sheridan turns toward Luis and walks into his arms.

    In the library, Julian says, “Horrors. Sheridan saw through father's game.” Rebecca exclaims, “Oh, my God, Pookie. What are we going to do?” Julian replies grimly, “I don't want to think. We'd better go to the cottage and try to calm father down.” Rebecca follows Julian out the door.

    Walking through the cottage door, Hank asks, “Everything ok in here?” Hank takes his place on the other side of Sheridan. Luis replies, “Sheridan and I are fine. I can't answer for him.” Sheridan steps out of Luis' embrace and asks, “You have never met my father, have you?” Luis replies, “Only on the phone.” Putting her arm through Luis' and her other hand on his chest, Sheridan continues, “Father, I would like you to meet the man I'm going to marry and our good friend Hank.” Hank comments, “That was some performance, Mr.. Crane. I've met a few sleazy people in my life, but you definitely take the cake.” Alistair balls up his fists, as usual, “I don't have to stand here and take this.” As he starts to move to the door, Luis shoves his back, “No. You're not going anywhere until I'm through with you. You're a loser.” Alistair huffs, “I hardly think so, officer. I'm one of the wealthiest, most powerful ...” Luis finishes for him, “Losers in the world.” Luis continues as Sheridan looks on with such love for Luis, “I wish I would have had the opportunity to have met Sheridan's mother. She must have been a very special person. Your daughter bears no resemblance to you whatsoever. Furthermore, you don't know the first thing about her. She's a special, generous, and beautiful person, and she's got more courage in her little finger than will ever know. And that's why I'm the luckiest man in the world -- because I'll be marrying her in a few days. And that's why you're the sorriest -- because you got nothing to say about it from here on in.” Peeking in the window, Julian tells Rebecca, “It's worse than I thought. Luis just signed Sheridan's death warrant.”

    Sheridan steps forward, “I can't keep you away if you insist on coming to the wedding but I'm sure you will understand why I would rather walk down the aisle by myself. It is painfully obvious that you don't approve of this marriage but I am not going to start my life with Luis with lies.” Luis stands with his arm around Sheridan's waist. Alistair says, “You think you know everything about me, Sheridan, but do you honestly believe that you know everything about yourself?” Sheridan asks, “What's that supposed to mean?” Luis replies, “Don't listen to him. He's just a sore loser trying to get in the last word.” Sheridan walks to the door, opens it, and says, “Good bye, Father.” She slams it shut as soon as Alistair walks out to be greeted by Julian and Rebecca offering their sympathies. Alistair is angry and insists that they must kill Sheridan now.

    Inside the cottage, Hank says that he will make coffee to give Shuis some alone time. As they hold hands, Luis asks, “Are you all right?” He touches her chin and cheek. Sheridan replies, “It hurts to know now that my father never loved me, but at the same time I was able to get passed some old ghosts.” Sheridan smiles brightly, “Now I know that nothing will ever come between us...nothing!” They kiss!

    To be continued...

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    Smile Monday's Marvelous SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day......

    At the cottage Sheridan opens the door to Ethan and Theresa. After hugs all around, Ethan tells Shuis how proud he is of them for standing up to Julian, Alistair, and Rebecca. Sheridan says, "It was Luis who figured out they were paying an impostor to impersonate him. Sheridan stands beside Luis and takes his arm as he looks at her and says, "That was only the half of it. What your father did to you today..." Ethan asks if he really tried to get Sheridan to go away with him just by telling her that he loved her. Sheridan replies, "I'm afraid so. He doesn't give a damn about me. He just wanted me to postpone my wedding to Luis." Luis smiles at Sheridan, "But you should have seen Sheridan today. She was so strong!" Sheridan smiles shyly, "He's a little prejudiced." Luis responds, "Not at all. Alistair pulls off more power plays by breakfast than most people do in a lifetime and she stood up to his cold calculating scheme and was totally awesome!" Theresa chimes in, "It's like I said, when two people are meant to be together, nobody can come between them." Luis exclaims, "I'm starting to believe you. Julian and Alistair did everything they could to break us up today but they couldn't. Looks like you're stuck with me." Sheridan smiles, "For the rest of my life." They hug!

    In the library, Alistair is furious that his plan didn't work. He tells Julian that he will have to kill Sheridan. Julian looks Heavenward as Rebecca's eyes are as big as saucers!

    At the cottage, Ethan and Theresa are seated on the couch, as Sheridan sits on the arm of the chair closest to the door while Luis sits on the end table next to Theresa. Holding the Luis mask, Theresa marvels at the amazing likeness to her brother. She says that it is Luis down to the last detail. Sheridan adds, "He even had Luis' voice down to a T." Luis takes the mask from Theresa, "Not even Mama would have been able to tell the difference." He stands and puts the mask on the fireplace mantle as Theresa comments, "I have never heard anything so cold." Sheridan praises, "Thank God Luis figured out what Julian and Rebecca were up to. You should have seen their faces when we turned the tables on them." Standing in front of the fireplace, Luis says, "Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to stop Alistair from using his own particular brand of cruelty today. I'm telling you, I never would have believed that a father would manipulate his own daughter's love if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Sheridan looks across at Luis and says, "Thank goodness it's over and we're okay. That's all that matters." Luis smiles as he looks lovingly at Sheridan across the room, "Except now I know that I am marrying the most incredible woman in the world. Thanks to Julian and Alistair, I know that there is no obstacle that anyone can put in our way that our love cannot overcome. When it comes to our love, we are invincible." Sheridan nods in agreement. Shuis continue smiling at each other across the room. (Such a sweet scene and love what Luis said!)

    In the library, Alistair demands that Julian kill Sheridan. Julian suggests that Alistair do the deed himself since he says that Julian is such a failure. Alistair snaps back that Julian knows that he never gets his hands dirty! If she marries Luis, he will continue to investigate his father's disappearance and they cannot have that. Al also wants Rebecca to help Julian kill Sheridan.

    Luis opens the door at the cottage to a fellow police officer who has brought a package that Luis ordered. Sheridan asks what it is. Luis sits on the couch and opens the package, "Well, something that you said earlier when talking to your father made me realize that I ought to have this place debugged." Sheridan looks shocked, "I do not have bugs!" Opening the device, Luis smiles up at Sheridan, "Not the insect kind." Sheridan exclaims, "Oh!" Ethan asks, "You think the place is wired?" Luis answers, "Could be. Alistair knew exactly what Sheridan wanted to hear. I figure that's because he heard her talking to me." Luis stands, "This little baby will find any bugs planted here." He walks around the living room with the bug detector.

    In the library, Alistair removes the listening device from the desk drawer and hears Luis looking for bugs. Luis moves the device over the lamp as it makes a progressively louder beeping noise indicating a bug on the lamp. Luis removes it from its hiding place. Alistair yells, "Rats! Officer Luis is on to us!" Sheridan exclaims, "Oh my God! They've been eavesdropping on me!" Luis asks, "Are you really surprised?" Sheridan replies, "I know I shouldn't be by now but how dare they invade my privacy!" Luis takes the bug outside followed by the others. He talks right into the bug, "Hey Alistair. I hope you're listening because there's something I want to make crystal clear, if it isn't already. There's nothing you or your pathetic excuse for a son can do to break up me and Sheridan. What we have is stronger than anything you miserable sleezeballs could ever dream up. It's called love, something you two wouldn't know about if it was staring you in the face." While Luis was talking, Sheridan placed her hand on his shoulder in a show of solidarity. Luis drops the bug on the porch floor and stomps on it, causing an ear-shattering screech in the library. Alistair is furious so not only will they kill Sheridan but they will make Luis so miserable that he will wish he were dead.

    Luis and Ethan walk into the cottage to join Sheridan and Theresa who asks, "Did you find any more bugs?" Ethan replies, "Yeah, we found another one right outside the front door." Sheridan exclaims, "Unbelievable! What kind of family do I come from?" Ethan replies, "The same family who raised me, I'm afraid." Luis says, "Don't worry, I found the last one." Sheridan sits on the couch again, "I can't believe the depths my father and brother would sink to to manipulate my life. They've wired my cottage as if I'm a common criminal." Ethan joins her on the couch, "I know how betrayed you must feel but there is more to life than being a Crane. I never would have thought it possible but I'm happier than I ever was when I was one of them. I'm just glad I don't have any of their genes. (Sheridan hangs her head looking so sad.) Sorry, Sheridan, I didn't mean..." Sheridan looks up at Ethan and says, "No, it's all right. Turns out you're the lucky one not being a blood Crane. Unfortunately, I am. I just hope and pray I don't treat my children the way Alistair has always treated me." Sheridan bows her head and looks so sad. She looks up to see Luis looking at her.

    In the library, Alistair tells Julian about his plan to kill Sheridan at her wedding with poison so deadly it will kill her before they finish the "I dos". Al laughs. Julian will put poison on her wedding ring. She will die instantly. Mr. Bradbury from the jewelry arrives and Al tells him to bring him Sheridan and Luis' rings before he give them to Shuis. As the jeweler leaves, Al says, "Luis thinks nothing can touch the great love that he and Sheridan share. Has he forgotten what happened to his own father?"

    At the cottage, Luis sits on the couch with Sheridan, holds her hands and smiles lovingly at her as he tells her, "You are going to be the best mother any child could hope to have." Ethan agrees. Luis continues, "You would never treat your children like Alistair treated you. You have a clear conscience and a wonderful heart. Those are two things your father never had. I didn't have to meet your mother to know that you would be exactly like her." Sheridan smiles shyly and thanks Luis. Luis says, "Now, enough of this kind of talk. Folks, don't we have a wedding to get ready for?" They all cheer before Ethan suggests they break out the bubbly and celebrate. Luis and Theresa get up to get the champagne while Ethan joins Sheridan on the couch, "Nobody knows better than me the scars that this family can leave on you but I am living proof that you can have a life free of them, if that's what you choose to do." Sheridan replies, "It is." Ethan assures her, "It's going to be okay. I promise." Ethan gives Sheridan a kiss on the cheek.
    Theresa tells Luis that she is glad that Ethan is not a Crane now. Luis warns her to watch her back with Rebecca and Gwen.

    As Sheridan and Luis, Ethan and Theresa toast, Sheridan exclaims, "I can't believe by tomorrow night we are all going to be married people starting our new lives together." Theresa says, "I can!" Luis yells, "Yes!" Ethan makes a toast, "To believing in miracles!" They all clink their glasses together. "Cheers!" Both couples kiss. Luis and Ethan put their arms around Sheridan and Theresa.

    In the library, Julian compliments Alistair, "That's a brilliant plan, Father, but diabolical even by your standards." Alistair replies, "Sheridan's death prevents her marriage to Luis which stops him from gaining access to the family estate and therefore our secrets. With Sheridan dead, Luis' life is essentially over." Julian comments, "But he truly loves her." Alistair doesn't care about that but can use it because "Sheridan's death will eat away at him for the rest of his life. It will be the death that keeps on giving. It will keep on giving Luis pain." Alistair laughs.

    To be continued...

    No screen caps from this episode so I will again post pictures of Galen and McKenzie as Emmy presenters. These are from 2004.


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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

    Thanks, Ann. What a beautiful couple!

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    Smile Tuesday's Toasting to SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day.........

    At Sheridan's cottage with the girls on the couch together, Ethan suggests another toast, “Here's to tomorrow's double wedding. May we all be as calm, cool, and collected as we are now.” Sheridan, “Cheers.” Theresa, “Yeah.” Sheridan suddenly remembers, “Oh. I can't believe I almost forgot. We have the final fitting for our gown today.” Theresa says, “You're right!” Ethan says, “Luis and I still have to get fitted for our tux, so we'll drop you off.” Theresa, “Ok, well, let's go!” Sheridan smiles, “Great, I'll be right back. Let me get my purse.” She heads off to the bedroom. Ethan gathers the glasses and takes them to the kitchen leaving Luis and Theresa alone to talk. Luis begins, “ Sis? You know, I love seeing you so happy and excited, yeah. Just don't forget what I said about watching your back with Rebecca and Gwen, ok?” Theresa says, “I won't. They have said things before to try to spook me, but there is nothing that they can do to come between Ethan and me.” Luis, “Ok. Just don't let your guard down. You know, I'd hate to see Rebecca and Gwen with a little secret or white lie that you've been keeping and have it ruin your wedding.”

    Ethan returns from the kitchen and tells Luis that he is going to work hard to make sure that Theresa is the happiest woman alive. Entering the room behind him, Sheridan smiles, “Sorry, Ethan, but that could be a problem because Luis has already made me the happiest woman.” She stands next to Luis and puts her arm around his waist. Luis, “Hey.” They all laugh as Theresa says, “Oh, ok, ok. Luis and Ethan can share the title.” Sheridan smiles, “Perfect, to be together and blissfully happy for the rest of our lives.” Theresa says, “We better get out of here if we are going to make our appointment.” They all head out the door.

    Luis and Ethan give Sheridan and Theresa a kiss before they leave them at the bridal shop where they are greeted by Abigail. Abigail goes to get the gowns ready for their fitting while Theresa asks Sheridan for advice about birth control. Sheridan tells her to talk to Father Lonigan and her doctor. Abigail comes back to tell them that she is ready for them to try on the dresses. Theresa goes to the back room while Sheridan stays back to make a phone call to Gwen. She tells Gwen where she is and that she wants her to meet her at the bridal shop. Sheridan hangs up and goes to the dressing room.

    At the tuxedo rental shop, Luis stands in front of the mirror trying on his tux when Hank arrives. He jokes, “Bennett, table for one. Hey, car's outside. Try not to scratch it.” He throws his keys at Luis. Luis turns toward Hank, catches the keys, throws them back and says, “Yeah.” Ethan comes forward and looks at Luis, “You telling me this is the best you could do for a best man?” Hank scoffs, “Hey, this is your new Uncle Hank you're talking about here.” Luis grins, looks at Ethan and asks, “Are you telling me this is the best you can do for an uncle?” Hank smiles, “Laugh while you can, boys. You're a day away from trading those tuxes in for ye old ball and chain.” Luis asks, “Yeah?” Hank asks, “Yes. And all this is worth it?” Luis and Ethan, “Yeah.” Ethan adds, “We'd do anything we had to to marry Theresa and Sheridan.” Luis nods, “You're damn straight.” Hank says, “Hey, don't get me wrong -- I'm happy you two found the women of your dreams. And I'm sure the wedding's going to be incredible. Almost as incredible as I look in a tux. Who knows -- maybe I'll even meet the woman of my dreams at this marital marathon, huh?” Luis and Ethan look at each other and grin. Luis says, “Hey, you go for it, buddy. We just want to get married and get the ceremony over with. Yeah?” Ethan agrees, “Yeah. We can't wait to be husbands to the two most beautiful women alive. And maybe someday fathers, huh?” Luis smiles, “Yeah.”

    At the bridal shop, walking out to the mirrors with their dresses on Sheridan exclaims, “Oh, it's beautiful!” Theresa exclaims, “It's perfect. It was so nice of Ethan's mother to let me have her wedding dress.” Sheridan looks at Theresa and says, “You did a great job altering it, Abigail.” Abigail replies, “Oh, thank you, Sheridan. I still need to make a few finishing touches, though. Will you excuse me while I get some pins?” As soon as Abigail leaves the room, Theresa faces Sheridan and tells her, “Ok. Sheridan? Thank you again for the advice that you gave me. But I think I will go to confession when I start taking birth control and then I will stop it when Ethan and I can afford children.” Sheridan takes Theresa's hands and says, “I'm sure that things will work out perfectly for you and Ethan.” She sees Gwen arrive through the mirror. “Oh, Gwen. I'm glad you're here.” Then to Theresa, “Would you excuse me for a moment?” Theresa, “Sure.” Sheridan smiles, “Thank you.” Sheridan goes to greet Gwen in the waiting room. Sheridan says, “There's something we need to clear up.” Gwen speaks up before Sheridan can continue, “Yeah, listen, I know what you're going to say and I don't blame you. You're angry at the fact that my mother for the part that she played in Alistair and Julian's plan to break up you and Luis.” Sheridan begins, “No, Gwen...” Gwen interrupts, “It's okay. I understand.”

    Whitney has arrived at the bridal shop. As she stands with Theresa in front of the big mirror, she exclaims, “Oh, that dress is so beautiful, Theresa. You look fantastic.” They both scream and giggle. Across the room, Sheridan stands with Gwen who suggests, “Maybe Pilar can be your matron of honor.” Sheridan turns her attention back to Gwen, “Oh, Gwen, stop. I don't blame you for what your mother did. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I still want you to be my maid of honor.”

    Gwen hugs Sheridan and says, “Oh, thank you, Sheridan. I was so afraid I had lost my best friend.” Sheridan chides, “Don't be silly. I know you could never do anything as cold and calculated as Rebecca did. Like when Ethan broke your engagement to marry Theresa, I know you were hurt and angry, yet you have done nothing to get revenge on her.” Crossing the room to stand in front of Sheridan, Theresa says, “I think we should practice tossing our bouquets.”

    Whitney hands Sheridan her bouquet, “Oh, gosh. Don't question it, Sheridan. I think we should just do it or there won't be a minute's peace around here.” Theresa grins, “Uh-huh.” Sheridan agrees as she and Theresa walk to one side of the room and Whitney and Gwen go to the other. When they are all in place, Whitney says, “Go for it.” Theresa, “Thank you. All right. Are you ready?” Whitney replies, “We are ready.” Sheridan and Theresa in unison begin, “One, two...” Sheridan and Theresa scream and toss the bouquets for Gwen and Whitney to catch.

    As Abigail checks Sheridan's dress as she stands in front of the mirror, Theresa and Whitney talk about Chad. As they talk, they hear some familiar voices call out to them, Ethan calls out, “Hey, we're here to see our brides!” Luis adds, “And we brought champagne!” The brides panic, Sheridan exclaims, “No, you can't see us in our gowns!” Then Theresa adds, “It's bad luck!” They run off to the dressing rooms before Luis and Ethan can see them. Entering the bridal showroom, Luis says, “Awwww.” Ethan says, “Of course they went inside.”

    Chad makes a toast to the two couples. Then Hank toasts them, too, saying, “I am Luis' best friend. I recently found out that I am Ethan's uncle. And since I grew up with Luis, I feel like Theresa's my little sister, so this is definitely a family affair for me.” He raises his glass toward the 4 happy people and says, “May all of you know only joy and happiness the rest of your lives. Cheers.” Luis, “Cheers!” Everyone clinks their glasses together. Throughout the toasts, Luis keeps his arms possessively around Sheridan, rubbing her shoulders, back and arm, and giving her kisses at every opportunity. When he can tear himself away from Sheridan, Luis asks, “Hank, Hank, Hank, Hank? Hank, when you going to find a woman of your own, man? Come on.” Hank replies, “You never know, buddy.” Luis looks toward Gwen, “Huh?” Hank says, “You never know.” Luis mumbles, “Oh.” Gwen steps forward and offers a toast, “So here's to a wedding that Harmony will never forget.”

    Luis yells, “Yeah!” Theresa exclaims, “This is a dream come true.” As he looks at his beautiful bride-to=be, Luis agrees, “Definitely.”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Wednesday's Warm-Hearted SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day.........

    At the bridal shop, Sheridan smiles, “I just don't know how I'm going to get any sleep tonight.” Luis agrees, “You know, I don't think I will, either. But if I do, I'm going be dreaming about the most beautiful bride in the whole wide world, the future Mrs. Sheridan Lopez Fitzgerald.” An absolutely radiant Sheridan marvels, “I love the sound of my new name.” Luis whispers in that husky voice, “So do I.” They lean in for a kiss. Behind them Theresa asks, “Do you believe it, Whit? I'm having a double wedding with my brother. I am marrying the man of my dreams. I told you fate would make it happen.” Ethan joins them, “I think I'm going to make a toast. (He turns to the rest of the room.) Everyone, I want to make a toast to all my friends. To all of you who have stood by me through everything that has happened lately. I honestly believe without you, I'm sure that I wouldn't be feeling as happy and as lucky as I feel right now. To my friends.” Ethan turns back to Theresa and says, “And to the most beautiful woman in the world, my bride-to-be, Theresa. And to the two most wonderful words in the English language -- "I do." Gwen walks off to look in a mirror where she says to herself, “I'm sorry, Ethan, but you won't ever say those words to Theresa. You will say them to me, though.”

    At the church as they look over the decorating that has been done for the wedding, Ivy asks, “Can you imagine this day ever coming, Pilar? I mean, my son marrying your daughter?” Pilar shakes her head, “No. Never. Not in my wildest dreams. And to have my son marrying into the Crane family -- well, that's something I certainly never dreamed of.” Ivy smiles, “Or wished for, I'm sure.” Pilar smiles, “It's not Sheridan. I love that girl like she was my daughter. And I couldn't be happier that she and Luis are getting married.” Ivy says, “No, no, no. It's Julian and Alistair you're not thrilled with. Well, believe me, I understand. I feel exactly the same.” Pilar sighs, “They are so against this marriage, and they've tried everything to try to keep Luis and Sheridan apart.” Ivy adds, “And they failed.” Pilar says, “But still, I worry.” Ivy, “Well, you shouldn't. This is a happy time. Our children are marrying for love. What more could a mother want?” Pilar agrees, “You're right. Love is all that matters. But still, you know, as a mother, it's going to be difficult to lose my son and my daughter all at once.” Ivy explains, “You're not losing Theresa and Luis, Pilar. You're gaining a wonderful son- and daughter-in-law.” Pilar chuckles, “I know. You're right. And I still have Miguel at home. But the house -- it's going to seem strange and empty. I just pray to God that he guides them and protects them.”

    Everyone begins arriving at the church for the wedding rehearsal. When they see each other on the pathway to the church, Miguel comments, “Perfect timing.” Luis agrees, “Excellent. All right. It looks like we got everyone here, huh? Let's get this thing started.” Luis and Sheridan head to the church door.

    Inside the church, Sheridan hooks her arm through Luis' as they walk down the aisle toward the front of the church.

    She stops and looks into Luis' eyes, “In less than 24 hours, we'll be walking out of this church as Mr. And Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.” Luis smiles and says, “Wow!” He pulls Sheridan to him for a hug. She has the biggest, most beautiful smile on her face and her eyes are sparkling with joy and happiness.

    In the library at the Crane mansion, Julian and Alistair sit at the desk with rubber gloves on. They have gotten the wedding rings from the jeweler and are ready to go to work. Alistair booms, “Now, be very careful, Julian. You must spread the poison on the inside of the ring, not so thick as to be noticeable but thick enough to seep into Sheridan's body and take effect immediately.” Julian asks, “But you sure about this poison? What if it just makes her sick?” Alistair chides, “Oh, really, Julian. You know I research things very thoroughly. When this liquid comes in contact with the chemicals in the human body, it is instantly lethal.” As Julian holds up the ring he reads the inscription, “Oh. "Till death do us part." How apropos.” Alistair says, “Yes. Before the night is over, my dear Sheridan, Luis will have his wish.”

    Father Lonigan arrives, “All right. If everyone is here, we should start.” Chad rushes to the back of the church to greet a band that has arrived, “Hola, mi amigos. Como esta?” Man, “Muy bien.” Chad, “Muy bien. How you doing, guys? Hey, what's up? Actually, just in time, too, because we can't have a wedding without music. You guys ready?” Ethan comes up to the band, “Chad? A mariachi band?” Chad says, “Yeah, why not? I mean, I could have gotten, like, Scottish bagpipes, but I figured these guys could rock the church, you know? As a matter of fact, why don't you show them a little something right now.” Man, “Right now?” Chad, “Yeah, right now.” The band begins to play. Luis rushes to the back of the church to stop the music, “Hey, hey, hey! Hold it, hold it, hold it! Hold it. Sorry. I love the music, ok? But -- you guys, come on. I just want to get this ceremony down. I want everyone to know exactly where they're supposed to be tomorrow, ok? Sorry.”

    Luis turns and walks back to the front of the church to direct the show. LOL! Ethan comments, “I had no idea your brother was such a stickler for details.” Theresa replies, “He's like a general in the army sometimes. But once you get to know him, you will see what a lovely and wonderful general he is. He would lay down his life for Sheridan.” Ethan, “I hope that's not necessary.” Ethan and Theresa make it to the front of the church in time to hear Luis asking Hank, “Hey, hey. Will you just, you know, get everyone seated, please?”

    In the library Alistair taps his fingers impatiently. Julian says, “Please, father, you're making me nervous.” Alistair, “Well, hurry up. I think we should go to the church to watch it happen.” Julian looks surprised, “What, you think that's wise? What if someone sees us?” Alistair, “Well, we're her father and brother. What could be more normal than wanting to secretly watch our beloved Sheridan on the eve of her big day?” Julian asks again, “Are you sure no one's going to know how she died?” Alistair, “The beauty if this poison, Julian, is that it's untraceable. Not even the great chief of police, Sam Bennett, will be able to discover that we were behind it.” Julian picks up the eyedropper and paints the poison on the inside of Sheridan's ring.

    Off to one side of the church, Sheridan and Luis stand alone. Sheridan is so excited but confides, “I'm starting to get nervous, Luis. Are you?” Luis grins, “Nervous about what? Nothing's going to stand in our way. There's nothing to be nervous about. We're going to have the best double wedding that Harmony has ever seen. People are going to be talking about it for years to come.” Sheridan's smile is radiant as she stands looking at the man she loves talk while they hold hands.

    Alistair answers the phone, “Yes? Fine. Show him in. The jeweler's here to pick up the rings.” Julian, “Good. Happy to be rid of it.” The maid shows the jeweler into the library. As they pull off their gloves and hid them, Alistair invites him in. Mr. Bradbury greets them, “Messieurs Crane. Such a pleasure to see you both again.” Julian, “Oh, yes, of course. Good to see you.” Alistair, “The rings are here. I know I'm a sentimental fool, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to see the inscription inside my daughter's ring, however, please don't mention it to Sheridan. She's superstitious about that sort of thing.” Mr. Bradbury, “Oh, no, absolutely not. My lips are sealed.” Julian, “I would just like to make sure of something. There's no chance of the rings getting mixed up, is there? The inscription is the one that is Sheridan's correct?” Mr. Bradbury answers, “Oh, not to worry, Mr. Crane, the bride's ring is quite a bit smaller than the groom's.” Julian, “Oh, good. Fine.” Alistair, “That will be all.” Mr. Bradbury, “Yes, sir. Good-bye. I hope I may be of service to you again in the future.” Alistair, “Yes, thank you. Thank you. It's over, Julian. You can relax now.” As Julian gets up to pour himself a drink, “Forgive me if I am a bit shaken, having just given my sister a death sentence.” Alistair says, “It was us or them. There's no turning back now. Once Sheridan tries on that ring at the rehearsal, she's dead.”

    Sheridan goes to the vestibule of the church to pray in front of the statue of Mary. Sheridan kneels and begins to pray, “Holy mother, thank you for answering my prayers. When I prayed to you in Paris to bring love and happiness into my life, you heard me. It's been a long and difficult journey, but now it's finally over. I'm finally going to marry a man I know will love and protect me for the rest of my life. (Sheridan smiles at the thought of Luis.) I guess I'm going to have to lose my family, though, to be with Luis since they can't accept him. But that's something I'm willing to do, though. If I have to lose my father and brother, so be it. I guess I was just asking too much to wish that my father could actually wish me happiness.” Sheridan's lip quivers at the thought.

    In the library at the bar, Julian asks, “Would you care for a drink, father?” Alistair replies, “No. It's vitally important we keep our wits about us. We wouldn't want people smelling liquor on our breath as we shed tears over our dearly deceased. And by golly, I'm not going to miss Sheridan's funeral this time.” Julian, “You talk about your daughter's funeral as if you were talking about a Broadway play.” Alistair, “Well, you have to pay to see a play. This show's for free. Of course, the star won't be able to make a curtain call.” Julian, “Father, how can you be so cold?” Alistair, “Haven't you learned anything, Julian? It's survival of the fittest. There's no room for soft underbellies.” Julian asks, “You're really going to the church to watch her die?” Alistair belittles, “I can't depend on you to go alone, can I? No, I want to see it with my own eyes. Come on, we don't want to miss the main event. There's no saving your sister this time.” Alistair walks out the door as Julian watches, then reluctantly follows.

    Luis orders, “All right, everyone, let's gather around for the lineup, huh?” Hank quips, “Ok, coach, who's on first?” Luis, “All right, very funny, Hank. Why don't you come over here. And Chad and Whitney, why don't you guys stand right there. Yes.” Luis smiles as he makes sure everyone is in the correct place in the front of the altar. Luis looks around and asks, “Ok, where's my bride?” Sheridan walks in from the back of the church where she had been praying.

    As soon as Sheridan assumes her position next to her groom, Luis says, “Father, you can begin.” Father Lonigan begins, “I assume the grooms have the rings.” Chad says, “Yeah, I have Ethan and Theresa's.” Hank panics, “Wait a minute. Luis, you didn't tell me to pick up the rings.” Luis replies, “I know, Hank. I'm having the jeweler drop it off.” Entering the church, Mr. Bradbury calls out, “Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald, I have the rings.” Hank comments, “Good save.” Mr. Bradbury, “Here you are. Now, you know which ring is which?” Luis replies, “Yeah, of course. Thanks so much for bringing them by.” The jeweler leaves. Luis says, “You may proceed, Father.” He pulls out Sheridan's ring and holds it between his fingers. Father Lonigan, “Remember, my children, that God alone can bring a marriage into being.” Luis reads the inscription in Sheridan's ring, “ "Till death do us part." Father Lonigan, “God alone can lay down the conditions in which it will cease to be.”
    As they listen to Father Lonigan, Sheridan rests her head on Luis' shoulder.

    Father Lonigan begins, “Almighty God, hear our prayers today for Luis and Sheridan, for Ethan and Theresa, who have come here today to be united in the sacrament of marriage. Increase their faith in you and in each other. Through them, bless your church with Christian children. We ask this in the name of our father. My children, know that marriage is a contract resulting not only in a status but in a relationship. A man and a woman are free either to make or not to make the agreement to marry. But if they make it ...”
    In the back of the church, Alistair and Julian watch and wait for Sheridan to put the ring on and die. Julian, “This is hard, Father. It is harder than I thought it would be. I don't want to stand here and watch Sheridan die.” Alistair chides, “Be a man, Julian. Have a last look at Sheridan.”

    Father Lonigan continues, “I will ask you now to present your rings.” Luis says, “You better try it on for size.” Sheridan smiles as Luis holds the ring in his fingers waiting for her to try it on.

    To be continued...

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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

    Thanks, Ann. Great screencaps!

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    Smile Thursday's Teasing SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day........

    At the church in front of Father Lonigan, Luis gets the ring ready for Sheridan to try on, “Just want to make sure the ring fits. Everything will be perfect tomorrow.” As Sheridan and Luis face each other, Father Lonigan says, “Luis, repeat after me -- "with this ring, I thee wed." Luis begins, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

    Watching the happenings from the back of the church, Alistair laughs, “They really should change the vows. "With this ring, you shall be dead," is much more appropriate.” Julian frowns, “I just don't see how, you can be so cavalier about watching your own daughter die. I can't bear to look.” Alistair belittles, “You know what's worse than watching my daughter die? Watching my son behave like the miserable wimp he is. Now, suck it up, Julian. It'll all be over soon.” Julian looks off in the distance and says, “She will die an excruciatingly painful death.”

    Luis' hands are a wee bit shaky and he fumbles the ring so it doesn't make it onto Sheridan's finger this time. Sheridan laughs and says, “If I didn't know better, I'd think you were having pre-wedding jitters.” Luis denies that, “Not a chance! Nothing is going to stop me from putting this ring on that pretty little finger of yours. Well ...” Sheridan and Luis both laugh. Luis says, “Whoa ...” He drops the ring and picks it up. Hank jokes, “What'd you say about not having jitters?” Luis replies, “Me? I am calm, cool, and collected, all right?” Chad jokes, “Oh, yeah, right. We'll believe that when we see you actually PUT the ring on Sheridan's finger.” Undeterred, Luis announces to all, “That's exactly what I'm going to do right now.” He hands the ring box to Hank to hold while he takes care of the ring. LOL!

    Still standing in the back of the church, Julian pleads, “I still think murdering Sheridan is a bit extreme, father.” Alistair, “Once again, you fail to see the big picture. If Sheridan marries Luis, then he'll have access to information about his father's disappearance, and that means disaster for the Crane family.” Julian tries again, “But why does she have to die in such a cruel way?” Alistair snaps back, “Watch out, Julian, or you'll be next.” Julian comments, “It's positively barbaric. To poison her and watch as she'll writhe in pain as the poison burns through her organs.” Alistair remarks, “And the best part is the poison is totally untraceable. Besides, the coroner's in our pocket, so there won't be a hint of foul play on the autopsy report. It's a win-win situation all the way around.”

    Sitting with Ivy in the front pew, Pilar calls out before Luis can slip the ring on Sheridan's finger, “Oh, Luis -- mijo, wait.” She goes to Luis' side. Luis asks, “Mama, what's wrong?” Pilar informs him, “You can't put that ring on Sheridan's finger and then take it off. Ethan, in my family there's a tradition -- as well as in my country, actually -- that you can't take the wedding ring off because it could break the bonds of your marriage.” Theresa agrees, “Mama, I remember you telling us that when we were kids. Sheridan, we can't put the rings on our finger. It's bad luck.” Sheridan assures them, “Oh, well, I wouldn't think of breaking such a special tradition.” Luis says, “I just want to make sure the ring fits. I want everything to be perfect tomorrow, ok?” Sheridan assures Luis with her sweet smile, “Hey, as long as I'm with you, everything will be perfect. Besides, the jeweler sized my finger. I'm sure it's fine.” Luis grins, “Ok. I'm not going to argue with my soon-to-be wife. I just want things to run smoothly. You know, you can never be too careful.”

    Alistair angrily says, “Damn that housekeeper and her third-world superstitions. Now we'll have to wait until tomorrow for Sheridan to meet her maker.” Julian, “I certainly don't want to see my sister die, but since I obviously have no choice, I just want to get it over with. I can't bear waiting.” Alistair chides, “Poor Julian. Would you like some cheese and crackers to go along with your whine?” Julian replies, “Actually, I would like to get out of here.” Before they can leave, Father Lonigan comes to the back of the church, “Cuban cigars. Hello, Alistair. It's been a long time. It's been many years, Alistair. How long since you set foot in a church?” Alistair replies, “If my memory serves me correctly, which it always does, the last time was when you married me.” Father Lonigan, “As I recall, you did not attend your wife's funeral.” Alistair crushes his cigar in his fists, “I do not choose to socialize with those who take away what's mine.” Father Lonigan, “You mean God. God has a plan for each of us, Alistair. We cannot always figure out why.” Alistair, “I didn't come here for a sermon.” Father Lonigan asks, “Why did you come here?” Alistair replies, “To see my daughter marry the man she loves.” Father Lonigan, “I hope that is your only motive. Sheridan has told me you are trying to break her and Luis up.” Alistair, “Let me make something perfectly clear to you, father. God may rule heaven, but Alistair Crane rules on earth.” He puts his cigar out in the holy water.

    The rehearsal is over. Some of the wedding participants are helping to decorate the church while others are leaving. Standing in the aisle facing Luis, Sheridan smiles, “I can't wait to be your wife.” Luis smiles and raises his eyebrows, “I promise to make all your dreams come true tomorrow. As for tonight, I thought we could just spend a little quiet, romantic evening back at the cottage.” Sheridan looks serious, “I'm sorry, Luis, but we can't be together tonight. In fact, I want you to move out of the cottage.” Luis looks shocked.

    Miguel standing near the candles on one side of the church asks, “Are you sure you're ok now, Charity? And are you still feeling this sensation of being in somebody else's body?” Charity replies, “No, not anymore, Miguel. But I can't shake the feeling that something really terrible is going to happen.” Charity has a vision of Sheridan dressed in her wedding gown, writhing in pain on the floor of the church. Miguel worriedly asks, “Charity, what is it? Are you having another premonition?” Charity tells him about her premonition but he assures her that nothing can happen to Sheridan and Luis now.

    Luis drops his hands from Sheridan's and asks, “You want me to move out of the cottage?” Sheridan replies, “Well, yeah, just for tonight.” Luis smiles again, “Oh, ok.” As they begin walking up the aisle to the back of the church to leave, Sheridan explains, “I mean, it's tradition that the bride and groom are apart the night before the wedding.” Luis takes her hands in his, “Look, you know I want this to be the wedding of your dreams, right?” Sheridan smiles, “Mm-hmm.” Luis pouts, “The Idea of spending one night without you, it's -- well, it's sheer torture. So, come on, what do you say we just buck tradition, huh?” Not giving in, Sheridan also pouts, “It's going to be just as hard for me. But we're going to do this right. And besides, after tomorrow, we are never going to be apart.”

    Luis grins, “Well, ok. We're going to spend the rest of our lives together.” Sheridan murmurs, “Mm-hmm.” Sheridan and Luis kiss as they walk out of the church.

    Watching Sheridan and Luis leave the church, Alistair says, “The next time Sheridan leaves this church, it'll be in a body bag.” Julian, “That's enough, Father. I must go. I feel like every statue in this place is looking into my soul. It's unnerving.” Alistair chides again, “If you want to be my heir and the head of Crane industries someday, you'd better get rid of your conscience.” Julian replies, “Business is one thing, but to stand in church before God and plan a murder is quite another.”

    Spotting Julian and Alistair in back of the church, Ivy asks, “What are Julian and Alistair doing here? They certainly don't condone Luis and Sheridan's marriage.” Pilar replies, “I still can't believe the level that Julian stooped to try and break them up, and I am sure it was all with Alistair's blessings!” Pilar stops them as they leave the church “What are you two doing here? I demand to know what you're up to?” Ivy follows. Pilar again poses her question, “What are you doing here?” Alistair, “Why, Pilar, you should know that all of God's children are welcome here.” Pilar, “You'd better not be trying to hurt my children. If you do anything to them, I swear I will destroy you.” Julian comments, “Oh, such talk from the hired help.” Pilar replies, “I may have to answer to you in your home, but this is God's house. We are equals. I am warning you -- back off. I know you already tried to break up Luis and Sheridan with your sick impostor scheme.” Julian defends himself, “I was simply trying to protect my sister.” Behind Pilar, Ivy responds, “Oh, please. Why don't you try telling the truth for once.” Julian, “Oh, don't make me laugh. This from the woman who tried to pass her bastard son off as my own flesh and blood.” Alistair, “Julian, I think it's time for us to admit defeat. It's true, Pilar. We did try to split up Luis and Sheridan.” Pilar replies, “And I know exactly why. You are afraid that Luis will find out what happened to my husband once he marries Sheridan.” Alistair, “My only concern is for my dear daughter. Sheridan has a history of being unstable, and I wasn't sure she was ready for marriage. But it's clear we have lost.” Pilar says, “You'd be wise to remember that. And as for the wedding, don't bother to come. You are not welcome.” Clenching his fists, Alistair says, “As you wish, Pilar.” Julian and Alistair walk away.

    Just inside the front door at the cottage, as Luis puts his arms around Sheridan from behind, he smiles. “You know, I think I'm going to need a few kisses to get me through this long night alone.” Sheridan grins and turns around to face Luis, “ Oh, I can definitely handle that request.” She kisses him. As he comes up for air from the kiss, Luis says in that low husky voice, “Come to think of it, you know -- well, the night is still young. We have plenty of time before I have to move out.” Sheridan smiles, “Really?” Luis grins, “Yes.” Sheridan asks in such a sexy, suggestive way, “What did you have in mind?” Luis playfully pulls on the chain around Sheridan's neck leading her to bedroom, laughing and kissing as they make their way out of the living room.

    In bed after making love, Sheridan lays her head on Luis' chest, “I can't think of anything more perfect than falling asleep in your arms every night and waking up in them every morning.” Picking up Sheridan's ring from the night table, Luis agrees, “Yeah. When I put this ring on your finger tomorrow, we're going to be together forever. Just like the ring says, "till death do us part." Sheridan reaches up and pulls Luis into a passionate kiss. He places the ring back on the table next to his ring and returns to kissing Sheridan.

    Still wanting to get out of killing Sheridan, Julian says, “We can -- we can stop this right now. I'll just call the jeweler, have him get the rings back, and we can exchange them for the lovely poison-free variety.” Alistair, “You will do no such thing.” Julian pleads, “But I'm sure there are other ways to keep Luis from snooping into the Crane family secrets.” Alistair chides, “Oh, stop sniveling like a baby, Julian. As long as Sheridan lives, Luis is a threat to this family. Once Sheridan dies, her low-rent lover will be consumed with grief, and I'll finally be rid of them both.”

    Dressed again and heading to the front door, Luis pouts, “This is going to be the longest night of my life.” Also pouting, Sheridan replies, “Mine, too. But I will be dreaming of you, and tomorrow all of our dreams will come true.”

    Luis smiles and grabs Sheridan's hands to hold, “Yippee. And after tonight, we'll never have to be apart again.” Sheridan smiles, “Uh-uh.” They lean in and continue kissing until Hank arrives to take Luis to the bachelor party.

    To be continued...


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