While at the hospital to conduct the investigation into Simone's hit and run accident, Luis tells his mother, “Just glad that Alistair's nowhere near Sheridan. Despite everything that he has done to her, a part of her still wishes that she'd been wrong about him all this time, that he really cares about her love and happiness.” Pilar says, “I wish that you were getting married today. Alistair Crane -- he scares me, Luis. He has this great power over Sheridan, power that he could use to hurt her -- even more than he has in the past.” Luis nods his head in agreement.

Julian is in the library listening on the “walkie-talkie” to what Alistair is saying, “I've come back to see you, Sheridan Now, come to me, my dear Let your father give you a hug It's been far too long since I've held you in my arms.” Julian thinks, “What a shameless manipulator you are, Father. You'll say or do anything to get what you want. Given your power over my sister, I dare say you'll get what you want from Sheridan -- a future free of Luis.” Sheridan walks a little toward her father as she says, “You didn't come back to see me, Father. You must have some business deal. That's the only reason you ever set foot in Harmony.” Alistair replies, “You're right. Business is usually the only reason i go anywhere. Not this time. No, Sheridan, when i learned of the heinous plot Julian and Rebecca carried out against you and Luis, I was shocked -- shocked and angry.” Julian says to himself, “Oh, that's right, Father. Make me out to be the villain in the piece. Never mind that you wanted your own daughter murdered.” Alistair continues, “I flew halfway around the world to be with you, dear. I know you're hurting, feeling betrayed by your own family. I came to comfort you, make things right.” Sheridan looks so confused and very skeptical, “Really?” Alistair assures, “Well, of course. You're my daughter, Sheridan, and I love you so very much.”
Sheridan is truly shocked, “Father, I can't believe you came all this way just for me.” Alistair says, “But it's true, my dear. Words can't convey my deep and abiding love for you.” Rebecca walks into the library and hears Alistair's voice and asks, “Julian, what -- what's going on?” Julian replies, “Shh Listen to his master's voice. Father is without a doubt the most wicked, manipulative man I've ever had the displeasure to know. He's about to do to Sheridan and Luis what we failed to do -- use her love to split them up.” Rebecca is skeptical and asks, “But how? I mean, Luis and Sheridan are like the poster couple for true love.” Julian replies, “Well, posters, like people, can be ripped apart, and my father's just the man to do it. Listen to how devious he can be.” Sheridan faces Al, “I'm surprised you're here, father. Surprised that you say you care. Bad things have happened to me before and you never came. You never even called.” Alistair, “You're right I failed you time and time again.” Sheridan, “It's always been the same excuse -- some pressing business matter that was more important than your own family.” Alistair, “I admit it -- I was wrong to always put business ahead of my loved ones, wrong to worry about the future instead of focusing on the present. Lately, however, I've come to realize the error of my ways. Julian's unspeakable treachery against you and Luis was the clincher. I came back hoping to make it up to you. Not that I can, really, but I wanted to try.” Sheridan's voice is now raised, “No! It's too late. I mean, how can you just walk in here and say that you love me and try to erase a lifetime of hurt? (She walks over to the chair to pick up the mask) I mean, after you and Julian and Rebecca tried to destroy the most important thing in the world to me -- my love for Luis -- with this! (She holds up the Luis mask) And the elaborate scheme that went with it.” Alistair tries again, “Sheridan, dear ...” Sheridan counters, “No, you know what? It's over! I will never forgive you! You know, and please don't try to insult my intelligence by saying you knew nothing about it, because you have never approved of Luis.”

Sitting in the hospital waiting room, Luis says, “I agree with you, Mama. The only person who can get to Sheridan is Alistair. Thank God he's not around. You know, even in her head, she knows she'll never get the love that she wants from her father, but in her heart she still craves it.” Pilar agrees, “Yeah, but Alistair -- oh, that man, he's like a merciless general in wartime. He will sacrifice anything and anyone, Luis, in order to win. In all my years with the Crane family, I've never known that man to lose.” Luis says, “Yeah, well, there's a first time for everything. And my marrying Sheridan's going to put an end to Alistair's winning streak.” Pilar happily says, “You and Sheridan! Oh, you're going to make such a great couple. You're both so loving and so caring, willing to do anything to make each other happy.” Luis agrees, “Yeah What gets me is after everything Alistair and Julian have done to Sheridan, she still craves their love and approval, especially Alistair's.” Pilar shakes her head, “I know she's always wanted his love and she never got it. And you know what? I doubt she ever will.”

Luis is sitting at his desk at the police station when Hank arrives. They greet each other and chat about Simone's accident and about Hank wanting to become a cop until the conversation turns to Sheridan. Luis smiles, “I'm going to be marrying Sheridan in a few days. In fact, i wish I was with her right now. (Luis picks up one of the pictures of Sheridan on his desk and looks at it as he talks to Hank.) Yeah. She's -- she's in a fragile state. She's very vulnerable.” Hank asks, “Why? What happened here? What's going on?” Luis tells him, “It's a long story. Bottom line is her family did something that really shook her up.” Hank exclaims, “Julian and Alistair at it again? Gads!” Luis replies, “Yeah. Sheridan still can't seem to shut them out of her life for good. Well, at least Alistair's not around. I can handle Julian.” Luis sits back in his chair and smiles.

In the library with the listening device, Julian marvels, “Listen how father turns Sheridan around. He'll play her like a violin, plucking each emotional string until what she says is music to his ears.” At the cottage, Alistair pleads, “I'm sorry, Sheridan, but I knew nothing about this mask or the heinous charade built around it.” Sheridan questions, “You're telling me that you knew nothing about Julian using that mask to break up Luis and me?” Holding the mask in his hand, Alistair lies again, “On your mother's grave, I knew nothing about it.” Rebecca comments, “The man has no shame.” Julian's voice, “Something tells me he's not alone.” LOL! Alistair says, “I see now what happened. Your brother wanted to get you out of the country. He thought that if he ended your relationship with Luis, you'd go running back to Paris.” Sheridan asks, “Why would Julian want to get rid of me?” Alistair continues, “Elementary, my dear. He knew I was considering making you my heir.” Sheridan is clearly stunned, “You're thinking of making me your heir, Father?” Alistair replies, “Why not? Times have changed. Women occupy positions of great power in our society. You're intelligent, you're personable, and you're my daughter. Why not pick you? Unlike Julian, I know I can count on you. I won't lie to you, Sheridan. As you well know from past conversations, Luis Lopez- Fitzgerald is not a man I would have picked to be your husband.” He puts the mask down. Sheridan comments, “That's putting it mildly.” Alistair continues, “Luis may have a number of admirable qualities, but his family and ours have never gotten along. Having said that, I nonetheless want you to be happy. And if Luis is the one man best able to make that happen, then I want you to have him.” Sheridan asks again, “Really?” Alistair replies, “Yes, my dear. Everything I've ever done is because I love you, Sheridan. You do believe me, don't you?”

At the police station sitting across from Luis, Hank says, “So Sheridan found a masked impostor in bed with another woman and thought it was you.” Luis marvels, “The setup was perfect. It was too perfect, and once I convinced Sheridan of that, we set our own trap to catch the impostor. And, Hank, you should've seen the look on his face when we busted that guy. It was the same creep that Sheridan overheard months ago on the wharf. You know the time she thought she overheard me say that I was just using her to get to her family?” Hank asks, “Was the same guy wearing the mask?” Luis says, “Yeah, that's right.” Hank says, “I remember Sheridan was so upset, she ran off to Paris.” Luis adds, “Yeah, well, I finally wised up. You know, the worst part about this whole thing is now Sheridan has to face the fact that her family will do anything to break us up.” Hank surmises, “So that you won't be around to dig into your father's disappearance.” Luis leans across the desk, “Hank, Julian destroyed a file on my father that they kept sealed in the Crane family's archives. That definitely means that they're hiding something. You see, what I think, I think that Julian and Alistair are afraid. They're afraid once I marry Sheridan, I'm going to be on the estate. It's too late. Yeah, well, it hurts Sheridan and she hates it, but, well, she's finally seeing her brother and father for the real cold-blooded creeps that they are.” Hank sighs, “Man. Poor Sheridan. Must be hard not to break off from your family like that.” Luis says, “That's not what happened. Like i said, she's on to them, but part of her still wants the love that she's never gotten from them.” Hank says, “Well, I hope you told her not to hold her breath.” Luis tells him, “Yeah. That and then some, but Sheridan -- Sheridan thinks that when she has a baby that Alistair's finally going to show her the love that she was denied since she was a baby herself.” Hank nods, “We both know that's not going to happen.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. But Sheridan's having a hard time buying it. Once we're married, I can give her the love and support she never got from her so-called family. Then she won't be vulnerable to the lies of Julian and Alistair anymore.”

Sheridan stands her ground, “I want to believe that you love me, Father, but I can't. Not after all this time, after all that's happened.” Alistair tells her, “If I've been stern with you about certain things, it's only because I feared for your happiness.” Sheridan says, “It's more than that. Take Julian, for example.” Alistair asks, “What about my idiot of a son?” Sheridan replies, “I know my brother and I know some of the things that he's done, like hiring someone to impersonate Luis. Julian wouldn't do that on his own. You not only had to have known about it, but you must have given him your blessing.” Alistair says, “I can see why you'd think that and why you doubt my proclamation of innocence. I can only conclude that your brother became desperate after I passed him over to make Ethan my heir. And then, of course, when Ethan's true paternity came out, your brother must have feared I'd turn to you to take my place. Julian obviously became a loose cannon, taking advantage of my absence to destroy you and your happiness. But once I learned of his unspeakable treachery, I came to put a stop to it. Only I was too late. Julian had already launched that sordid plan against you and Luis. Prior to coming to see you, I told Julian his actions were both depraved and despicable. Under no circumstances do we Cranes turn on each other the way Julian turned on you. One can have all the money and power in the world, but what good does that do if you don't have your family?” A skeptical Sheridan swallows and her lip quivers as she asks, “Do you really mean that?” She wants more than anything to be able to believe her father and have his love. Picking up the Luis mask again, Alistair assures, “Absolutely. I may be far away from you most of the time, but you are as near and dear to me as any daughter could be. You and Julian are the reason for everything I do. Although after the way your brother has acted recently, I must wonder if I made a mistake trusting him to look after things here in my absence. The thought of you being unhappy the rest of your life without the man you love, even if I don't totally approve of him, is a dagger in my heart, Sheridan. A dagger in my heart.” Sheridan asks, “Would it really upset you to see me unhappy?” Alistair says, “Of course it would, my dear. You, Sheridan, are the most important person in the world to me.”

Alistair insists, “Julian may be my son, but a daughter always holds a special place in her father's heart, and you, Sheridan, are no exception.” In the library Julian comments, “Listen to the pabulum father's feeding Sheridan.” Alistair continues, “A son should be able to fend for himself, make it on his own. The sad fact that Julian is the incompetent dilettante he is has forced me to devote considerable time and energy to micromanaging his life.” Julian, “No need to overdo it, Father.” Alistair continues, “For that reason alone, you probably thought Julian was more important to me than you, my dear -- only you couldn't be more wrong. (Al throws the Luis mask in the trash.) The fact that you don't believe me confirms my deepest fear -- that I'm too late in coming to you. Had I only realized years ago how much you needed me, if I'd come to you then, perhaps you'd believe me now.” Sheridan begins, “Father, I want ...” Alistair anticipates, “You don't want anything to do with me at this late date, and I can't blame you. There's no making up for past mistakes.” Sheridan walks a little closer to Alistair, “Father, when you thought I was dead, murdered, why didn't you come to my funeral? It would've meant the world to me to have known you were there.” Alistair answers, “Yes Your funeral I wanted to come. But believe it or not, I have my weaknesses. The truth be told, I was afraid I'd break down in front of the others. Think me proud or vain, I simply couldn't risk it. So I grieved alone.” Sheridan asks once again, “Really?” Alistair walks a little closer to her, “If I hadn't grieved, I'd be some kind of heartless monster, wouldn't I?” Sheridan asks, “Do you mean it?” Alistair replies, “You're my daughter, Sheridan. When I heard you were dead, I thought I'd go out of my mind.” Sheridan takes another step toward her father, “Oh, Father.”

Still listening on the device in the library, Julian applauds, “Bravo, father. You've got her now.” Alistair continues the assault, “To think I'd never see your beautiful, smiling face again was almost more than I could bear.” In the hallway, Pilar hears Alistair's voice, “Dios mio! Alistair! He cannot be here. (She opens the door to the library.) I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr Crane, but I thought I heard Mr. Alistair's voice Is he back in Harmony?” Julian snaps, “Uh -- Pilar, that's none of your business.” Rebecca adds, “Yes, Pilar, just go back to pretending you're working.” As Pilar closes the door, she sees a maid coming out of another room and asks, “Alina, excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you, but is Mr. Alistair back in Harmony?” Alina replies, “Yes. He arrived last night. He and Julian were huddled in the library until early this morning.” Pilar thanks her and says to herself, “Oh, God. I knew the Cranes would not give up. Poor Luis and Sheridan. Oh, dear God.”

Pouring a cup of coffee at the police station, Luis says, “So once Sheridan and I are married, Alistair will lose any control that he has over her. But for now, she's still vulnerable. See, Alistair knows that Sheridan has wounds from her childhood that have never healed. Now, if he opens those wounds, he can use them. He can use them to get to what he wants.” Hank says, “Maybe, but, like you said, Alistair's nowhere near Harmony, so there's nothing like that you have to worry about.” When the phone on Luis' desk rings, he answers. Pilar calls to inform him about Al, “Brace yourself, Mijo. Alistair Crane is here in Harmony.”

Alistair works on her again, “Sheridan, when your mother died, I withdrew more than ever from my family, plunged myself deeper into my work. I suppose it was my way of mourning. And only now, decades later, thanks to you, do I feel as though I'm coming out of it.” Sheridan asks, “Thanks to me?” Alistair continues, “Yes. Yes, when I heard my little girl was going to marry the man she loved, even though it's no secret I wouldn't have wanted Luis to be my son-in-law, I actually got excited thinking that someday, God willing, you'll have children. And they'll sit on my knee, and won't I be proud. I'll have a chance to give them the love and affection I failed to give you, my dear.” Sheridan smiles, “Do you really mean that?” Alistair says, “Of course I mean it. I'm not the monster people think I am. I admit I've made wrong choices in the past, like leaving your brother to oversee things here in my absence. I should've realized Julian was a loose cannon a long time ago.” Julian impatiently says, “Oh, enough of this "loose cannon" business. Why does father always blame everything on me?” Alistair says, “I came home to save you, Sheridan, but I'm proud to see you've made it on your own. You don't need me. Not now -- not after all the times I've failed you. And I don't blame you for not forgiving me. I don't deserve it. Just know that i wish you all the happiness in the world.” He begins to walk up the stairs to the door. Julian says, “This is it. This is the moment father's been building to. Will he hook Sheridan or will she get away?”

Luis slams some papers down on his desk, “If Alistair's back in town, you can be damn sure that he's not here to give Sheridan away at our wedding.” Hank asks, “How can Alistair possibly stop Sheridan from wanting to marry you?” Luis stands and looks out the window behind him before he replies, “I don't know. I don't know, you know, but Alistair is so damn devious, you never can tell. But I'm not going to give him the chance. Sheridan's my fiancée, we're getting married in a few days, and there is no way I'm letting anyone hurt the woman that I love. And if Alistair thinks he is going to open up some of Sheridan's emotional wounds, I swear I'll kill him.”

Julian waits, “What happened? Did father win or did Sheridan let him walk out?” Alistair opens the door as Sheridan calls out, “Don't go, Father. Please don't leave me again. Oh, Daddy.” She runs to Al and hugs him. Alistair says, “Dearest Sheridan. Everything is going to be all right now.” Sheridan cries in his arms. Julian sighs, “Sheridan took the bait. Now he'll reel her in and gut her relationship with Luis. They don't know it yet, but my sister and her fiancé are finished.”

To be continued...

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