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Thread: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

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    Smile Wednesday's Whirlwind SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day......

    At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan stand face to face after breaking apart from a very romantic kiss. Luis smiles and exclaims, “I can't believe that you're going to be my wife.” Sheridan is so happy and smiling so sweetly, “You better get used to it because you're stuck with me.” Luis replies, “Ooh, I like the sound of that. I love you, Mrs. Soon-to-be Lopez Fitzgerald.” Looking at Luis with such love in her eyes Sheridan declares, “I love you, Mr. Lopez Fitzgerald.” Luis looks down at Sheridan’s clothes (her robe) before he says, “Hmm. You know, I think you ought to get changed for the party, huh?” Sheridan says, “I will. But before I do, there's something I want to give you.” Luis, “Really?” He looks surprised. Sheridan smiles, “Mm-hmm. Something straight from my heart.” Sheridan raises her hands to place them on Luis’ face so she can pull him to her for a delicious kiss.

    In Julian’s study, Alistair is talking to him about destroying Sheridan and Luis’ relationship with the Luis impostor when Rebecca walks in thinking, “Ooh -- oh, I just get goose bumps thinking about our plan to break up Luis and Sheridan.” Alistair warns Julian that he better not screw this up. Rebecca tells him that everything is going according to plan. She tells Julian that their special guests have arrived to which Julian replies, “Luis and Sheridan are on a one-way trip to splitsville.” Al chimes in, “They'd better be, or you two will have to kill them.” Rebecca looks like she will be ill. LOL!

    Luis pulls apart from their steamy kissing and tells Sheridan, “If we keep this up, we're not going to make it to the party.” Sheridan replies suggestively, “You know, we could be fashionably late. Why don't you come help me get dressed?” Luis raises his eyebrows, smiles and teases, “You are one naughty girl, Sheridan Crane.” Sheridan, “You haven't seen anything yet.” With her finger, she signals Luis to follow her then takes his hand and leads him to her bedroom.

    A trail of discarded clothes and shoes lead to Sheridan’s bed where Shuis are in bed making love.

    Romantic candle light reveals Sheridan and Luis basking in the afterglow of making love. Sheridan is lying on her side with her back to Luis while he is busy kissing up and down her shoulders and arm. Sheridan coos as Luis says, “I bet that party's in full swing by now.” He chuckles. Sheridan says, “I bet it is. You know, if this party means that my family is finally going to accept our relationship, this is the happiest night of my life.” Sheridan shows Luis her beautiful smile as she turns to look up at him. Luis kisses Sheridan’s shoulders again, “I know how much that means to you.” Sheridan admits, “It does. My family's never supported me.” Luis, “I know that Julian and Alistair have treated you badly your whole life. And I promise I will never let your family hurt you again.” He continues his trail of kisses along her back and shoulders. (So sexy and so romantic! This is one of the touches that Galen and McKenzie bring to their scenes to make us believe that they are a real couple, not just acting.)

    Walking into the living room of the Crane mansion, Ethan tells Theresa, “I hope Luis and Sheridan's engagement party goes better than ours did.” Theresa says, “I know it will. And there are more good times ahead. We're going to have a double wedding.” She is so excited about that!

    As Sheridan and Luis approach the main entrance of the mansion holding hands, Sheridan tugs on Luis’ arm to stop him, “Wait. Just one more kiss before we face the crowd.” Luis smiles and obliges with one heart-stopping kiss for Sheridan! Luis finally says, “I could just stay here and kiss you all night. But I guess we should go in. All right?” He smiles down at Sheridan and she returns the smile as she says, “Ok!” Luis takes her hand again as they walk to the door. Luis opens the door and they walk in to the sound of applause. They stand smiling in the entry hall for their friends and family to great.

    Arriving on the front path right behind Shuis are FauxLuis and DeeDee. He says that they should be getting the signal soon. DeeDee tells him that she can't believe how much he looks like Luis. He reminds her, “That is the plan. Sheridan's going to see me in bed with you. She's going to think her fiancé betrayed her.”

    As Sheridan, Luis and their guests head into the living room, Julian tells Rebecca, “The games will begin very soon. Luis and Sheridan should celebrate now because this is going to be one very short engagement.”

    Now in the Crane mansion living room with champagne in hand and Sheridan by his side, Luis says, “Thank you. I would just like to say, on behalf of Sheridan and myself, thank you all for coming to our engagement party. And I hope that you all have a wonderful time.”

    As he finishes speaking, everyone claps and Luis bends down to kiss Sheridan.

    Ethan and Theresa cross the room to find Sheridan and Luis in the entrance hall with some of their guests, Ethan asks, “So, how does it feel?” Luis smiles and gestures with his arms open wide, “It doesn't get any better than this, does it?” Theresa enthusiastically says, “I'm so happy for you guys!” She and Sheridan hug as Sheridan thanks her.

    Stepping to one side of the foyer, Ethan tells Luis, “You know, I've -- I've never seen Sheridan this happy. This means so much to her. And Julian and Alistair throwing a party for her, accepting you into the family -- she finally feels like she has their love.” Luis responds with a nod of his head, “Mm-hmm.” Ethan, “She's always wanted that.” Luis, “I know. We've already had a long discussion about that.” Ethan says, “Well, there's just one thing, though.” Luis replies, “And I've already been warned. Everyone's told me not to trust that Julian and Alistair are throwing this party out of the goodness of their hearts -- like I need to be told that.” Ethan continues, “Right. Right, but it is possible that …” Luis asks, “That this a set up? That they're doing something to try and screw Sheridan and me up? It's not going to work. I love Sheridan, and she loves me. There's nothing they can come up with to separate us. Hey.” Luis steps back to Sheridan’s side to give her another kiss.

    Outside the mansion, Julian asks if the fake Luis and DeeDee are ready. They are. FauxLuis says, “Hey, don't worry. We're going to put on a show when Sheridan walks in on us that's going to blow her feeble little mind.” Julian replies, “Well, well -- blow her mind or no, just as long as our little drama plays out according to plan and the final curtain rings down on Luis and Sheridan's relationship.”
    Still in the foyer Luis and Ethan stand with their arms around their fiancées. Theresa says, “My brother has always called me a silly romantic, but I told him that there was this perfect woman out there just waiting for him.” Sheridan says emphatically, “That would be me!” Luis turns to Sheridan, takes her hand and says, “Yes, it would.” He leans in for another kiss.

    Julian and Rebecca come in the front door, and Julian says, “Oh. Well -- ahem -- here's a happy group.” Rebecca chimes in, “Yes. You light up the room.” Sheridan, “Well, we're having a wonderful time. I can't thank you enough for giving us this party.” Julian, “Well, I wish I could take full credit, but father's every bit as responsible as I am.” Sheridan adds, “And I'm going to thank him the next time I speak to him.” Julian, “Yeah, that time is at hand.” Alistair’s voice is heard over the speaker system, “Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. Alistair Crane speaking. I want to thank you all for coming and to apologize for my absence. Unfortunately, I have some pressing business concerns, but I wanted to call and wish my daughter and her fiancé all the happiness in the world. Sheridan, dear, I love you so very, very much. And your happiness means everything to me.” Luis keeps his arm around Sheridan. Sheridan smiles as we see how very touched she is by her father’s words. Luis smiles as he watches Sheridan’s reaction. Sheridan smiles and comments to Luis, “Isn't it sweet of father to call?” Luis just smiles at her as Julian says to Rebecca, “Won't be long now. That toothpaste grin on Sheridan's face will be gone. Her life will never be the same.”

    Sheridan, Luis and their guests move into the living room before Alistair continues, “Tonight is one of great pride and joy for the Crane family -- pride in my beautiful daughter and Julian's beloved sister, and joy because I can feel even from here that our house is filled with happiness.” Sheridan looks up at Luis and says, “Yes. Oh, yes.” Sheridan is just beaming and Luis smiles as he watches her beautiful face and he smiles at her when she looks into his face.

    Alistair’s voice comes through the speakers again, “Now, I don't mean to paint an overly rosy picture. It's no secret Luis has had his differences with the Cranes. But I hope that tonight is the first step toward making him feel like part of our family. So, a most heartfelt welcome to Luis. (Luis raises his eyebrows at that point!) And now I'm afraid I must leave you. The pressing concerns await -- a merger that must be attended to immediately. But I leave you with a smile on my face, knowing that my daughter's engagement party will be a night she'll never forget.” Julian make an announcement, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to move the party into the solarium where dancing and other festivities are set to begin, so ...” As they pass him, Sheridan offers, “Julian, this is all so wonderful. Thank you so much.” Julian, “Enjoy, dear. It's your night.” Julian kisses her hand.

    To be continued………..

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    Smile Thursday's Timed SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day......

    In the solarium of the Crane mansion at Sheridan and Luis’ engagement party, everyone is dancing, eating, and talking while the guests of honor, Shuis, are dancing oblivious to the others in the room. They dance to “I’ve Got a Crush on You” and “Sweet Embraceable You” among other tunes. Pilar watches them dance, smiles, and tells TC and Eve, “Luis looks truly happy tonight and in a house that he hated to even enter.”

    In the solarium, Shuis are talking with Pilar when Julian enters, “I hate to interrupt, but I need to ask Luis a favor. Security just notified me -- there's a rumor that my gun collection could be the target of thieves while the party's going on. And I was wondering if you would give me a hand -- ugh -- you know, moving it. It's one of the perks of having a cop in the family. Luis shrugs and says, “Yeah, let's go.” Julian quickly says, “Uh, leave your jacket here. You'll be doing some heavy lifting.” He smirks while Luis shrugs and removes his jacket and hands it to Sheridan. Sheridan accepts the jacket, draping it over her arm and says, “Here. Just don't be long.” She smiles as he leans over to kiss her before he follows Julian who comments, “I’ll have him back in a flash. Promise you.”

    Outside the mansion, Rebecca tells DeeDee to get ready to make that call.
    Inside with Sheridan Pilar excuses herself, “Oh, I see a caterer who's an old friend. I’ll be right back.” Sheridan smiles her OK. As soon as Pilar walks off, a cell phone ringing is heard. Sheridan looks around, “Oh. Must be Luis' phone. (She takes it out of the pocket of his jacket.) Caller I.D. must be turned off. Should I answer it? No. The ringing continues. Sheridan thinks, “What if it's the police station?” The phone rings again. Sheridan then thinks, “Or the F.B.I? Hello?” On the other end of Luis’ cell phone, Deedee replies, “Where the hell are you? Are you never going to make some time for me at this damn party? And when are you going to dump that little spoiled rotten debutante bitch to spend some time with me? You promised you would make love to me tonight.” The more the woman talks, the more stunned Sheridan is.

    In Julian's library, he closes a gun case and tells Luis, "If you could take the guns down the hall to the first room on the right -- the door's open, there's a safe inside. Put the guns in there. I'd be forever in your debt. Oh.” Luis, “Yeah, sure.” As soon as Luis leaves the room, the phone rings and Julian answers, “Yes?” Alistair booms, "And how is our plan to split Luis and Sheridan developing? And I want good news. Julian replies, "Everything is running perfectly, father. Luis suspects nothing." Alistair asks, "And Sheridan?" Julian replies, "Well, she's receiving a very unsettling phone call as we speak."

    Sheridan appears quite stunned as she listens to Deedee on Luis' phone, "Damn it, you promised you would make love to me tonight, that you would make some time for me. I hate this party, and I hate being alone. Now, come make love to me like you promised. Come on, baby. You told me that spoiled little debutante had nothing compared to me, remember? So prove it to me, big boy. Come to me. Forget little Miss Moneybag because I've got everything you've ever needed." Deedee pauses for effect, then continues, "Fine. If you won't come to me, then I’m going to come to you. I don't care what your rich little fiancée has to say. I’m going to find you, lover. Now, meet me where you said you would. I'll be waiting. Come to me now, baby." Sheridan finds her voice and asks, "What is going on? Who is this?"

    In the library, Alistair continues, "Let's hope the phone call does the trick, then." Julian, "How could it miss?" Alistair asks. "And the modifications that I made to your plan -- they're being followed to the letter, yes?" Julian, "Yes. I assure you, I've taken care of everything. The plan is for Sheridan to ultimately discover the Luis imposter in bed with another woman. Every thing's going according to plan. I’m sure Sheridan's still on her phone call to Deedee, staggered by what she's hearing. And Luis -- he hasn't a clue as to what we're up to." Luis returns and as he walks through the door he says, "You're wrong. I know exactly what you're up to."

    Outside Deedee to Rebecca, "Sheridan wants to know who it is." Rebecca, "So, just -- just ask her who she is." Deedee, "Who is this?" Sheridan answers, "Sheridan Crane." DeeDee hangs up on Sheridan. Rebecca cheers, "Brava! Deedee, brava. Oh, I can't wait to tell Julian that the first part of our plan went off without a hitch."

    In the library, Luis says, "You don't think I have any idea what you're up to?" Alistair, "Whatever could you mean, Luis?" Luis replies, "Everyone warned me about this party, that you had an ulterior motive. And I believed them. Don't have to warn me that the Cranes are up to something. The Cranes are always up to something." Julian, "Really, Luis. After all we've done -- throwing this engagement party for you and Sheridan -- is this how you respond?" Luis replies, "Oh, no, it's worked, Julian. You've made Sheridan a very happy woman. She actually started to believe that you and Alistair actually care about her. Well, I even started to believe it myself. But I know your motive. I see the reason that you're throwing this party. You're trying to make nice with me, trying to soften me up so I'll forget about my father's disappearance." Alistair, "Luis, please, that's ridiculous." Luis, "I’m not here to cause a scene. I’m just putting the both of you on notice. I’m never going to forget about what happened to my father. And I'll follow any lead. If it leads to you, Alistair, or if that leads to you, Julian, heaven help you." Luis walks out and slams the door. Julian looks at the phone, takes a sip of his drink before he says, "Fantastic speech, wouldn't you say, father?" Alistair, "We always did know the Lopez Fitzgeralds were a passionate bunch. Keep me informed, Julian. Luis thinks he can threaten, but he's utterly in the dark. He'll never find a lead concerning his father's disappearance because, after tonight, he'll never be this close to the Crane family again. Get to work."

    In the solarium Pilar spots Luis as he returns from his mission, "Luis? Did you help Julian move his guns?" Luis answers, "Yeah, part of it. I had a little heart to heart with Julian and Alistair before we could finish." Pilar asks, "About what?" Luis, "I just wanted to let them know that I’m not giving up trying to find out what happened to papa." Pilar is worried, 'You didn't anger them, did you?" Luis, "So what if I did?" Pilar, "Well, if they weren't planning on destroying your relationship with Sheridan before, they will now." Luis replies, "Mama, look. Sheridan and I love each other, ok? Now, there's nothing they can do to separate us." Sheridan walks up behind Pilar and, "Luis?" Luis,"Yeah?" Sheridan asks, "Did you ask some woman to meet you here at the party?" Sheridan doesn't look happy and Luis looks perplexed.

    Sheridan asks, "Who was calling you, Luis?" Luis, "Calling me?" Sheridan, "I don't understand who would do this." Luis, "Well, the only people who have my cell phone number besides you are -- Police Department and my family -- Theresa, Miguel -- Mama, did you just call me?" Pilar says no. Sheridan states, "No, I would've recognized your mother's voice. This voice -- I had never heard it before." Luis questions, "It was a woman?" Sheridan, "Asking you to meet her somewhere." Luis asks, "What, she asked for me specifically, Luis Lopez Fitzgerald?" Sheridan thinks about it, "You know what? I don't remember her saying your name." Luis, "Yeah. Must've been a wrong number." Pilar asks, "What else did she say?" Sheridan., "Well, she mentioned a party and meeting you -- not specifically you, but whoever she was calling. Did you ask anyone to meet you here tonight?" Luis, "No." Pilar wisely says, "Sounds suspicious, doesn't it? I warned you about the Cranes trying to do something at the party." Sheridan, "No, if my family was going to try to do something to us, they wouldn't do it with a phone call. Luis,"Oh, hold on. You know what? Could be the guys at the station playing a joke. They know the party's tonight. I'll get to the bottom of this right now." Luis pulls out his cell phone and dials.

    Looking on with DeeDee, Rebecca smiles, "Looks like trouble in paradise. Look at him, squirming, desperately trying to explain the phone call. Deedee, you were magnificent." Deedee, "Yes, I was, wasn't I?"

    Luis talks on his cell phone, "All right. Sorry to bother you. Guys at the station house swear up and down that it wasn't them." Sheridan says, "It's so strange. I don't know what to think now. " She looks puzzled. Luis says, "I guess it's just a hell of a wrong number." Sheridan smiles and says, " If only you had heard it." Luis looks at Pilar and asks, "Mama, you ok?" Pilar: I’m fine. I’m going to go mingle a little bit, enjoy the party. I'll see you two later, hmm?" Luis and Sheridan, "OK." Luis, "Guess some guy out there is in a hell of a lot of trouble, huh?" Sheridan agrees, "Big time." Luis, "Yeah." Sheridan looks at Luis, "I’m just happy to know I can trust you no matter what." Luis agrees, "No matter what." They kiss again.

    Rebecca is so disappointed as she says, "What is going on? This was supposed to cause a big fight!" Julian, "What? Dear Lord, don't tell me it brought them closer together. Rebecca whines, "Julian, our plan is not working. It is not working at all."

    As they end another kiss, Luis asks if Sheridan is hungry.

    Sheridan asks, "For food?" Luis, "Why don't I go rustle us up something to eat." Sheridan thinks that sounds great. They kiss again. Sheridan reminds Luis, " I love you." Luis responds, "I love you, too." Sheridan tells Luis not to take too long. Luis promises that he won't.

    Watching from the garden, Rebecca rants, "Oh, I thought at the very least that phone call would provoked a screaming match." Julian tells her to be patient. "We have been planting the seeds of doubt in Sheridan's mind. Once she sees the impostor with Deedee, she'll have to buy it. Fake Luis arrives, "You ready for me now?" Rebecca, "Where's the mask?" Fake Luis, "It was getting too hot. I can put it on quick. Don't worry." Julian tells him to do it! Julian marvels, "It's just uncanny. Luis and Sheridan will never know what hit them."

    Standing near the window, Sheridan smiles as she sips her drink and thinks about what happened, "I wonder who that crazy woman was who called Luis. Some poor guy's going to get an earful when he gets home tonight." Her smile fades as she looks up and sees "Luis" with a strange woman and they appear to be arguing.

    To be continued………..

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    Smile Friday's FauxLuis SHUIS Pics of the Day. .............

    At the bar at the Shuis engagement party, Luis asks, “Can I get two champagnes, please? Ah. Thank you, sir.” Luis picks up the two glasses and turns to walk off when he runs into Hank who greats him, “There he is, the man of the hour himself.” Luis shakes his hand, “Hank. I'm so glad you could make it, man.” Hank says, “Oh, like I’d miss my best buddy's engagement party. Just help me understand one thing, though.” Luis asks, “Yeah?” Hank asks, “Since when did Sheridan's brother and father become such big fans of yours to throw you a bash like this to welcome you to the family? No offence, amigo, but isn't something a little rotten here in Harmony?” Luis replies, “Yeah. You got that right. That's exactly what I want to know.”

    Sheridan walks outside to get a closer look at “Luis” and that woman. She sees them arguing in the gazebo. Sheridan whispers, “I wonder who Luis is talking to. Never seen that woman before.” FauxLuis and DeeDee walk off and Sheridan follows at a distance.

    Coming up from behind Sheridan, Julian comments, “But you will be seeing her again, sister dear. I wonder what's keeping Rebecca.” His cell phone rings and Julian answers Alistair’s call. Alistair commands, “Well? I'm waiting.” Julian tells him, “Everything's going according to plan. It won't be long now before Sheridan discovers the man she intends to marry in flagrante with another.” Alistair says sarcastically, “The night of her engagement party, no less.” Julian replies, “Should put a bit of a damper on their wedding plans, don't you think?” Alistair says, “I most certainly do, Julian. (Alistair laughs) I most certainly do.”

    In the solarium Hank asks again, “So how do you explain big brother and big daddy's sudden turnaround? Before tonight, I got the distinct impression that they'd rather die than let you marry Sheridan.” Luis informs, “Yeah, well, get this -- they claim it's because they discovered family values after they lost their precious Ethan.” Hank asks, “And you buy that?” Luis says, “Not at all. But Sheridan does. Hank, you should've seen her face when she heard her father say that he loved her. Ever since her mother died when she was a little girl, she's been desperate for his attention.” Hank guesses, “That's why you've gone along with this whole charade.” Luis agrees, “It's the least I can do for the woman I love.”
    Sheridan stands just outside the gazebo with her hands on her hips watching FauxLuis and DeeDee arguing. They walk off again and Sheridan thinks about the call that she took on Luis’ phone. She says to herself, “I thought that was a wrong number. Is it possible that Luis -- no. I'm sure Luis can explain.” She walks off in the direction that she thought would lead to FauxLuis and DeeDee.

    Out in the garden, Julian comments, “I wish you could be here, father. Sheridan's about to confront Luis about his other woman. It's all synchronized like a fine Swiss timepiece.” Alistair is skeptical, “With your track record, I'd hardly be so smug. You better hope this succeeds in permanently parting Sheridan from Luis. If not, it's back to plan A.” Julian replies, “It's not going to come to that. I'm not going to have to murder my own sister.”

    In the gazebo, Sheridan thinks, “I could've sworn Luis and that woman were right out here.” Sheridan cannot see them but soon the voices come through the fog. FauxLuis says, “Let me explain –“ DeeDee replies in a raised voice, “I don't want to hear it. I'm tired of you ignoring me.” FauxLuis replies that he is not. DeeDee cries, “You don't even answer your own cell phone anymore. I thought that was our private number!” Sheridan thinks, “That voice -- it sounds just like the woman on Luis' phone. But he said he had no idea who she was or what the call was about. Why would he lie to me?”

    Walking out to the garden, Luis and Hank stop to talk. Hank says, “Maybe we're being too cynical. Maybe Sheridan's brother and father have had a change of heart.” Luis replies, “Not a chance. Just a little while ago, I caught them in the middle of a phone conversation. Julian and Alistair were congratulating each other about how I had no idea about what was going on.” Hank says, “Talk about being caught in the act.” Luis replies, “Right. So my hunch is they're just being nice to me so they can get on my good side and I'll forget about investigating my father's disappearance.” Hank suggests, “They obviously don't know you very well, do they?” Luis continues, “No. They don't know me very well at all. Because I am going to marry Sheridan, I am going to find out what those bastards did to my old man. If I find out that Julian and Alistair did have something to do with my father's disappearance, I’m going to make them pay -- in-laws or not.” Hank assures, “I believe you. Hey, listen. I'm going to go mingle. Tell Sheridan that I’m sorry for, you know, stealing you away for so long.” Luis shrugs, “Yeah, well, I got to find her first. You have a good time tonight. Maybe there's a woman here for you.” Hank smiles, “From your lips, man.”

    Rebecca returns to Julian and apologizes, “I'm sorry, Julian. Gwen really needed me. What did I miss?” Julian replies, “Only Sheridan catching sight of her lover outside with our hired floozy. She's gone to investigate.” Rebecca grins, “Hmm. Such a short engagement. I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted. Julian starts talking crazy talk about Tabby and her doll (well, we know that he was telling the truth but Rebecca doesn’t. She just thinks he’s nuts. Funny scenes!) So Rebecca decides to take him to lie down in the library but before she can get him out of the solarium, Luis comes in looking for Sheridan. Luis tells them, “I'm looking for Sheridan. Have either of you seen her?” Julian says no. Rebecca suggests, “Maybe she went upstairs to powder her nose.” Luis says, “Maybe.” He doesn’t look like he believes anything Rebecca might have to say so he quickly walks outside.

    Outside as Luis is walking to the gazebo in search of Sheridan, he is stopped by a dark-haired woman who says, “Oh -- oh, oh, oh. Luis. Congratulations.” She gives him a kiss. Luis smiles and says, “Hey, Sharon. Wow. You look great in that purple dress.” Sharon thanks him. Luis asks, “So, where's the big guy tonight?” Sharon replies, “Oh, Harry's on duty at the station, so I’m here for the both of us. Where's your beautiful bride-to-be?” Luis answers, “That's a good question. I'm actually looking for her right now.” Sharon comments, “She's a lucky woman. And, Luis, I’ve got to tell you, I've never seen you look happier.” Luis gives her that gorgeous smile and says, “Well, there's a reason for that. I found the love of my life. For some strange reason, she loves me, too.”

    Standing behind the gazebo with fog all around her, Sheridan calls out, “Luis? What's going on? I need to talk to you. Maybe he and that woman went back inside. I've got to find out why he lied to me.”
    Julian and Rebecca are in the solarium with FauxLuis and DeeDee, “Take the mask off. Someone sees you and the real Luis in the same room, it'll ruin everything.” He takes the mask off. Julian says, “Yes, that's good. Can't afford to blow it when we're doing so well thus far.” DeeDee asks, “Well, then you're pleased with my acting job, Mr. Crane?” Julian enthusiastically replies, “Oh, extremely, my dear. I'm sure my sister thought that she was witnessing a lovers' spat between Luis and some girlfriend he neglected to tell her about.” Rebecca hopes so. Julian says to Rebecca, “We'll know for sure when Sheridan catches up with Luis. Come, my dear. Let's go find a good spot for which to view the fireworks.”

    Sheridan and Luis finally find each other at one end of the gazebo. Luis walks by as Sheridan is standing watching him. He turns and sees her and says, “Sheridan, there you are. I have been looking all over for you.” Sheridan looks very confused but she demands to know, “Luis, why are you lying to me? I saw you talking to that woman.” Luis looks puzzled.

    To be continued...

    No screen caps for this episode but these were from the summary yesterday that I forgot to post and they were when Shuis were dancing and here is the passage that they go with from yesterday's summary...
    In the solarium of the Crane mansion at Sheridan and Luis’ engagement party, everyone is dancing, eating, and talking while the guests of honor, Shuis, are dancing oblivious to the others in the room. Pilar watches them dance, smiles, and tells TC and Eve, “Luis looks truly happy tonight and in a house that he hated to even enter.”


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    Smile Saturday's Suspensful SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day..........

    As Julian and Rebecca spy on Sheridan and Luis, Julian comments, “Sheridan is definitely not happy with Luis.” Rebecca replies, “Well, I should hope not. I mean, didn't she just see him having an intimate lovers' spat with a strange but beautiful woman?” Julian answers, “Yes, indeed she did. And as for Luis, he hasn't the foggiest notion about what's going on. “ Rebecca says, “Well, how could he? The man you hired to impersonate him is the one who actually had the lovers' spat.” Julian, “It won't be long, Rebecca, my pet, until Sheridan gets an even bigger shock, and then it's good-bye, Luis Lopez Fitzgerald, forever.” Julian says, “It looks as if Luis and Sheridan are about to get into it.” Rebecca is happy, “Well, I should hope so, after all we've done to try to make that happen.” DeeDee comes to talk to Julian, but he tells her to stay back. They don't want Sheridan to see her with them. DeeDee says, “Don't worry, nobody will see me. So, how's it going with our little lovebirds over there?” Rebecca gleefully comments, “They have got trouble with a capital T. I mean, first there was a call on Luis' cell phone from a supposedly irate girlfriend -- you -- that Sheridan answered. And then Sheridan saw you arguing with Luis.” Julian adds, “Yes, only it wasn't Luis but our impostor friend.” DeeDee replies, “Well, I'd say you hit the nail right on the head. He is in big trouble.” Julian smiles, “Yes, indeed. Our plan is moving along swimmingly.”

    At the gazebo, Sheridan stands facing Luis with her arms crossed and asks, “So, who was that woman you were talking to?” Luis looks very confused as he asks, “What?” Sheridan tries again, “The woman you were talking to. Who is she?” Hiding and watching Shuis, Julian comments, “This is it. Luis and Sheridan are finis.”
    Rebecca tells Julian, “I can tell by Sheridan's body language that she is just livid.” Julian says, “Yes, the end is near.”

    Sheridan faces Luis and asks, “So why won't you tell me who she was?” Luis, beyond confused, asks, “Who who was?” Sheridan answers, “The woman I saw you arguing with just a few minutes ago.” Luis can't figure out what she is talking about so he asks, “You saw me arguing with some woman?” Sheridan says, “Well, that's what it looked like. I don't know. You tell me.” Luis looks concerned, “Well, I wish I could tell you because you're obviously very upset.” Sheridan replies, “I'm not upset. I'm just -- I'm confused. First I answer your cell phone and it's some woman saying that she wants to meet you here at the party, and then I see you talking to the Same woman. I recognized her voice.” Luis says, “I wasn't talking to anyone. I was inside. I was talking to Hank in the solarium.” Sheridan asks skeptically, “You were? You didn't talk to a woman just a few minutes ago?” Luis says, “No. No, I didn't.” Sheridan reaches up and pulls on the collar of his white shirt and says, “Well, then where did you get the lipstick smear from? Huh?“

    Looking surprised, Rebecca asks, “Well, that's a curious turn of events. Where did the lipstick come from?” DeeDee says it is not from her. Julian says, “Well, wherever it came from, it couldn't have come at a better time. There's no way Luis can weasel his way out of this one. Luis and Sheridan are through.”

    Sheridan repeats, “So how did you get lipstick on your collar?” Luis asks, “It's not yours?” Sheridan looks quite angry as she responds, “No, it's not my shade.” Luis simply says, “I don't know. You know, it's probably Sharon's.” Sheridan asks, “Sharon? Who's she?” Luis tells her, “She's married to one of the cops I work with.” Luis smiles. Sheridan asks, “Why was she so angry with you?” Luis looks confused again, “Angry? She wasn't angry. She came up to me, said hello. She gave me a kiss. And I said she looked nice in this purple dress, and she said, "congratulations on your engagement." Sheridan stops him, “Wait, purple? No, she was wearing gold.” Luis says, “No, she was wearing purple. Come on -- what, are you trying to make me think I’m crazy here?” Sheridan replies, “No, no, of course not. It's just that the woman I saw you arguing with was wearing gold. She was about 5'7", thin, blond hair.” Luis quickly assures her, “Well, that's not Sharon. Sheridan, I wasn't talking to any woman like that, ok?” Sheridan says in frustration, “This is crazy. I saw you out here just a few minutes ago talking to a woman in gold.” Luis has an idea, “Hold on a minute, all right? I know why you thought you saw me talking to some woman.”

    Rebecca wonders if Luis has really figured out what is happening. Julian doesn't think that is possible and he hopes not because that means they would have to kill Sheridan.

    Luis puts his arm around Sheridan's waist and touches her chin as he walks her back to the solarium. As soon as they are back inside, Sheridan turns to Luis and says, “Look, Luis, if you've got an explanation for what's going on, then I would really like to hear it.” Luis says, “Well, I think the fog made your mind play tricks on you. Sheridan, you saw someone out there that looked like me with someone in gold and you thought it was me.” Sheridan looks quizzically at Luis and asks, “You really think that's it?” Luis points outside and confidently says, “Yeah, sure. Look at the fog. It's so thick out there, you can barely see your hand in front of your face.” Sheridan says, “And I guess the phone call was just a wrong number.” Luis takes Sheridan's hand in his and replies, “Yeah, it had to be. Sheridan, look, there is no one else that I'd rather be at this party with -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- but you, ok?” He raises her hand to his lips and presses a kiss on the back of her hand. Sheridan gives him a small smile.

    Luis continues, “There's no other explanation. It has to be the fog.” Sheridan replies, “I guess that could be it.” Luis says, “Or it could be something else.” Sheridan asks, “Like what?” Luis suggests, “Like maybe you don't trust me 100% yet.” Sheridan begins, “Luis, why would --” Luis explains, “Maybe you still haven't gotten over what happened down at the wharf when you thought you heard me say that I was using you.” Sheridan says, “I don't know what that was all about, but I believe you if you say that wasn't you.” Luis goes on, “Maybe you believe me on the surface, but maybe your subconscious doesn't. Maybe it's telling you not to go through with the wedding.” Sheridan looks shocked.

    Rebecca, too, looks shocked, “I don't know what happened. Sheridan and Luis should be having a knockdown-dragout by now.” Julian says, “Don't worry. The most important part of the plan is yet to come. By the time this night is over, Luis and Sheridan will be over, as well.”

    Luis tells Sheridan, “If you have any doubts or if you don't trust me completely --” Sheridan quickly says, “I do trust you, Luis.” Luis continues, “On the surface. But after what happened down at the wharf, after what you heard, maybe subconsciously --” Sheridan replies, “No, Luis, you're wrong. My heart and my head consciously and subconsciously believe in you. I trust you completely.” Rebecca looks at Julian and shakes her head in disbelief. Luis asks, “Are you sure?” Sheridan replies, “Yes, I’m sure. Look, I'm sorry if I got a little confused. There's just been a weird string of events tonight. I mean, first that phone call with the woman demanding to meet you --” Luis adds, “Yeah, but she didn't ask for me specifically.” Sheridan agrees, “No, you're right, she didn't say your name.” Luis continues, “So obviously it was a wrong number. And as for me arguing with some woman out there, I swear -- “ Sheridan agrees, “You're right. It must have just been the fog.” Luis replies, “I hope you believe me. I love you, and I would never, ever lie to you about anything.” Sheridan puts her arms around Luis' waist and says, “I do believe you because you're the love of my life.” Luis asks, “And you trust me?” Sheridan replies, “With my life. You're the most wonderful man in the world, and I've never been so sure of anything as I am of my love for you.” Luis says, “I feel the same way about you.” They lean in to kiss when his cell phone rings. They separate and Luis pulls the phone out of his pocket. Sheridan jokes, “If it's that woman again, tell her you're busy.” Luis answers, “Yeah. Lopez Fitzgerald. Now? You're kidding me. I'm right in the middle of my engagement party. Yeah, all right. I'll be down right away. (Luis turns to Sheridan) That was the station house. They need me down there right away.” Sheridan says, “No.” Sheridan can't believe this. Luis says, “Sorry.” Sheridan agrees, “Me, too.”

    Rebecca is shocked again as she asks, “What, he has to go now? What about the rest of our plan? How are we ever going to make Sheridan believe that she's seeing Luis in bed with DeeDee if she knows he's really at the police station?”

    Sheridan and Luis are kissing.

    As the kiss ends, Luis says, “I'm so sorry I have to leave. I feel terrible.” Sheridan asks, “Can't someone else cover for you?” Luis says, “No, I'm afraid not. It's an emergency. I'm really sorry.” Sheridan says, “Me, too. I hate when you have to leave me for any reason.” Luis replies, “Well, I'll be back as soon as I can. I'm really, really sorry.” Sheridan reluctantly says, “It's all right. If I’m going to be a cop's wife, I guess I'm going to have to get used to this, right?” Luis replies, “Right. You're the most wonderful woman in the world. You know that?” They kiss again.

    Rebecca asks, “Well, what are we going to do now? Our plan is ruined. How are we going to get our impostor here to convince Sheridan that Luis is in bed with DeeDee when she knows that he's really at the station house?” FauxLuis asks, “Yeah, what happens now?” DeeDee says, “I guess you'd better come up with another plan.” Julian tells them, “Will you all just calm down? Every thing's going according to plan.” Rebecca asks, “How can you say that?” Julian assures her, “Because I arranged for Luis to be called away.” DeeDee, “You did?” Rebecca asks, “But why?” Julian says, “As I said, it's all part of the plan. It doesn't matter whether Luis goes to the station house or to the moon. By the time we're finished tonight, Luis and Sheridan will be torn apart permanently. Just wait and see.”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Sunday's Super Storyline SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day.....

    Outside on the front driveway, Rebecca tells Julian, “Except for a few minor glitches, our plan to break up Luis and Sheridan is going perfectly.” Julian replies, “Yes, it is, my pet. By the time this night is over, their fairy-tale romance will have a not-so-happy ending. Sheridan will never forgive Luis when she catches him in bed with another woman.” Rebecca says, “Of course, it will be our impostor here wearing the Luis look-alike mask. Sheridan won't have a clue.”

    Upstairs on the landing with his arm around Sheridan, Luis asks, “So are you enjoying our engagement party?” Sheridan replies, “Oh, Luis, this is the happiest night of my life. I feel as if nothing could go wrong.” They stop walking and Luis pulls Sheridan in for a kiss.

    Julian is on the phone, “Luis should be leaving for the station house soon. Now, you know what you have to do.” Officer Packer answers, “Yes, your instructions were very clear. When do I get my money?” Julian replies, “You've done well so far. Keep up the good work, and in the morning, you'll be properly rewarded.” Rebecca gleefully says, “Oh, this is so much fun! I just wish I could see the look on Sheridan's face when she finds her beloved in the throes of passion with another woman.” FauxLuis says, “We could always film the moment. Although I do charge extra for that.” Rebecca says, “Hmm. Well, unfortunately, Julian won't go for that. We could make so much money, I mean, just selling the tapes. Every network would want to broadcast how Sheridan Crane found her lover in bed with DeeDee. Oh! It is just utterly delicious.” She claps her hands together.

    Walking down the grand staircase to the front foyer, Sheridan tells Luis, “I wish you didn't have to go to the station. I'll miss you every second you're gone.” Luis replies, “Oh, baby. I don't want to leave you, either. But the sooner I go, the sooner I’ll get back.” Sheridan coos and purrs her pleasure at the thought, “Hmm.” Luis continues, “Then we can spend the rest of the night in each other's arms.” Sheridan smiles, “Hmm, I like the sound of that.” They kiss and kiss and kiss! So cute!

    Walking hand in hand to the front door, Sheridan pouts, “Well, I hope you won't be gone too long.” Luis says, “Well, I promise to hurry back, all right?” Sheridan says, “Good, because I can't bear to be at our engagement party without my future husband.” Luis smiles, “"Husband." Huh. That has a nice ring to it.” Sheridan smiles and sighs, “Mm-hmm.” Luis kisses Sheridan. Luis says so sincerely, “You're the only woman I’ll ever love.” Sheridan replies, “I am so incredibly lucky to have you.” Luis counters, “No, no, no. I'm the lucky one.” They kiss again.

    Julian tells the group, “Well, this is turning out to be a piece of cake. Our friendly cop Packer will do his job, and the rest is up to our happy couple.” Rebecca to the actors, “Oh, now you two know exactly what to do, right?” Julian comments, “Yes, something tells me that their jobs will come pretty naturally.” DeeDee takes FauxLuis by the arm as they walk off, “This is what I call mixing business and pleasure.” Julian nods his agreement.

    Sheridan and Luis are still at the front door kissing when Sheridan suddenly hears DeeDee's voice and breaks the kiss. Sheridan asks, “Did you hear that?” Luis smiles, “No. I was too focused on you to hear anything.” Luis tries to go back to kissing but Sheridan stops him with a hand on his chest as she remembers the call that she heard on Luis' cell phone. She tells him that she heard a voice. Sheridan recognizes the voice, “That's it. That's the voice of the woman I heard on your cell phone earlier -- the one that I thought you were arguing with.” Luis say, “Well, I didn't hear it, but I thought we worked that out anyway. The caller was a wrong number, and I wasn't arguing with any woman, so -- “ Luis is still trying to kiss Sheridan but she is focused on the voice she heard as she says, “I know, but I have to see who she is.” She walks passed a confused Luis to open the front door and run outside where she sees Julian. She asks him if he was just talking to a woman and of course, he says he was talking to Rebecca. Julian asks her if anything if wrong.

    Tabitha and Timmy have been watching Shuis and others from the reflecting pool down in the lair. Tabby tells Timmy, “Ooh! The fake Luis and that little harlot ducked out of sight just in time. Oh. Can you imagine the fireworks if Luis saw his look-alike holding the mask of his own face?” Timmy says, “Timmy guesses Luis wouldn't be very happy.” Tabitha cackles, “Oh, that's an understatement, and Julian would have been blown out of the water, and Sheridan would have turned on her own family. Then she would have done everything possible to find out what happened to Luis' father, Martin.” Timmy asks, “What did happen to Luis' father?” Tabitha replies, “Oh, you are a nosy little fellow, aren't you? Suffice it to say that this all would have meant the end of the Crane dynasty.” Timmy says, “Yikes. Timmy bets Julian would not like that.” Tabitha replies, “Julian better hope his plan works tonight. But whatever the outcome, it's all going to be great entertainment for us, isn't it, Timmy?” Tabitha chuckles.

    As Luis holds Sheridan's hand she tells Julian, “I heard a woman's voice just now. It was the same one that I heard on Luis' cell phone earlier, and then I thought I saw him arguing with her.” Julian says, “I have no idea what you're talking about” Rebecca adds, “Oh, it's probably just your imagination. You know, the fog has a way of playing tricks on people.” Julian says, “In any case, why worry about such silly things on such a wonderful night?” Rebecca says, “Oh, Julian is right. I mean, this party is so that you can celebrate your love.” Julian adds, “Absolutely, and you should be inside with your guests. I do hope you weren't planning on going anywhere.”

    Watching from the reflecting pool in the lair, Timmy comments, “That Julian is one sneaky one.” Tabitha says, “You don't know the half of it. I can't wait to see how Julian's devilish plot works out tonight.”

    Outside as Luis stands with his arm around Sheridan's waist, Julian continues, “The party is in full swing. I do hope the guests of honor aren't going anywhere.” Rebecca's voice, “Oh, Julian, you are playing them perfectly. They'll never know you're dying for Luis to leave.” Sheridan looks so sad as Luis replies, “Actually, I got a call from the police station. Evidently, they have something for me to do.” Julian acts surprised, “What, during your own engagement party? Surely it can wait till tomorrow.” Rebecca's voice, “Ooh, you're good. A little reverse psychology never hurts.” Sheridan answers, “Unfortunately, it has to be done right away.” Julian says, “Oh.” Sheridan adds. “Luis promised that he won't be long.” Luis turns to Sheridan and says, “That's right. Then I’m going to be back in my baby's arms.” Luis kisses Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan are still standing on the steps on the front landing, front porch, to the mansion while Julian and Rebecca stand across from them in the driveway. Julian says, “Well, before you go, I would like to say something to you.” Luis asks, “What's that?” Julian says, “I know you've had your doubts about Alistair and me throwing this engagement party, and frankly, I don't blame you, considering our rocky history, but we're going to be family soon, and I do hope we can all start over.” Sheridan has such a big smile but Luis looks skeptical as Sheridan says, “Nothing would make me happier. It means so much to me that you and father have thrown us this party, that you're finally accepting our relationship. I hope that this can be a start of something new for all of us.” Rebecca says, “Oh, I can guarantee you that after tonight nothing will ever be the same again.” Luis replies, “Yeah. Look, I'll be honest with you, Julian. I didn't want you to throw us this party. I was sure you were up to something. But heck, I guess I was wrong since nothing bad has happened tonight, so --” Julian says, “Well, just so much water under the bridge. In fact, when you get back, I'm going to toast your engagement.” Sheridan is so happy as she says, “This night is turning out to be perfect.” Rebecca adds, “Oh, and I just have a feeling it is only going to get better.” Luis turns to Sheridan, “Well, I'll see you soon, sweetheart.” As Luis kisses Sheridan he caresses her neck and hair, she says, “OK.” Sheridan watches Luis walk off and says, “Hurry back, Luis. Hurry back.”

    As Julian walks FauxLuis and DeeDee down the driveway, he asks, “Now, you know what you have to do? Before you go in the house, you make sure you park the car under the lamppost because our whole plan depends upon Sheridan seeing that car.” FauxLuis, “Got it.” Julian says, “All right, and don't forget to put your tuxedo jacket on the front seat. Once Sheridan sees that, she'll be sure it's Luis' car.” FauxLuis, “I didn't let you down last time we split up Luis and Sheridan, and I won't this time.” Julian smiles, “That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Now you two kids run along and have fun.” DeeDee says, “Oh, we certainly will.” Julian comments, “By the time this night is over, Luis and Sheridan's love story will have reached its final chapter.”

    Back inside the solarium, Julian says, “I must say, Sheridan, I'm getting to like that fiancé of yours. I can understand why you fell in love with him.” Sheridan says, “Julian, it means so much to hear you say that.” Julian adds, “Well, I just want what's best for my sister. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm sure Luis is the one for you.” Rebecca's voice, “You practically have me fooled, Julian.” Sheridan is so happy as she tells him, “I'm so glad you feel that way. Luis is a wonderful man.” Julian says, “Yes -- oh, I hope he's also a wonderful driver. I noticed the fog was getting rather thick out there. I'm sure an experienced police officer like Luis will have no problems.” Sheridan answers, “Well, yes. Luis is an excellent driver. You know, I think I'm going to call the station, though, just to make sure.” Sheridan picks up the phone a dials the police station. Packer answers, “Harmony P.D., Officer Packer speaking.” Sheridan, “Hello. This is Sheridan Crane. Is Luis Lopez Fitzgerald there?” Packer looks out the window of the police station and sees Luis getting out of his car but he tells Sheridan, “I'm sorry, but Luis isn't here.” Sheridan asks, “Are you sure? Someone called him down to the station. He should have arrived by now.” Packer adds, “He's definitely not here, and I have no idea who called him.” Sheridan replies, “Ok, well, please just tell him I called.” As she hangs up she says to Julian, “That's strange. Luis isn't there yet.” Julian says, “Yes, well, that is odd. Are you sure he received a call from the station?” Sheridan replies, “Yes. But the officer that I spoke to said that he doesn't know who called him.” Julian says, “Well, there must be some logical explanation.” Sheridan begins to think, “Maybe he had an accident.” Julian suggests, “Oh, darling, don't get upset. I'm sure he's just driving slowly because of the fog.” Rebecca agrees, “Oh, Julian's right. I'm sure there is no need to worry.” Sheridan replies, “Well, I can't help it.” She walks out of the room.

    Arriving at the set up house, FauxLuis, “All set. The car is parked under the street lamp just like Mr. Crane instructed. Sheridan will see the jacket on the seat and she'll be convinced it's Luis' car. So far we've followed Mr. Crane's directions perfectly.” DeeDee agrees, “And now for the fun part. You are going to use a Luis voice in the bedroom, aren't you?” FauxLuis, “Of course.” DeeDee says, “Good, because I can just imagine doing all kind of naughty things with Officer Lopez Fitzgerald.” FauxLuis replies, “Not a bad way to make a living. Too bad after tonight Mr. Crane won't be needing us again.” They walk into the house.
    Sheridan walks out the front door, stops at the entry to think, “Maybe I shouldn't drive to the police station. It'll make Luis crazy if I worry about him every time he's late. But something is just not right. Why isn't he there yet? And what was that strange phone call all about?” Then she remembers the strange call on Luis' cell phone and thinks, “Something is definitely off. I'll just go to the station this one time. I have to make sure Luis is ok.”

    Julian congratulates himself, “Yes, I was brilliant tonight, even if I do say so myself.” Rebecca agrees, “Yes, you did give a wonderful performance. You know, you could give lessons on how to break up a happy couple in 10 easy steps.” Julian says, “I just hope father saw my stupendous work. Oh, wait. There's one more thing I have to do.” Rebecca asks what it is. Julian tells her that it is just a little icing on the cake. He asks her to follow him.

    In the bedroom of the set up house, FauxLuis says, “Guess it's time to put this on.” He puts the mask on which causes DeeDee to comment, “You're a dead ringer for Luis. Well, I guess we'd better start earning our money, huh?” FauxLuis says, “You got that right. If all goes according to plan, Sheridan should be here any minute now.” DeeDee says, “And when she gets here, she's going to be in for the shock of her life.”

    To be continued...

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    Smile Monday's Mechanical SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day........

    Outside in the front driveway of the mansion, Julian calls, “Sheridan? Now, please, don't drive in this fog. It's too dangerous.” Sheridan replies, “I have to find out why Luis isn't at police headquarters. I mean, he's had plenty of time to drive into town, but when I called the station, they said that he wasn't there and that no one had called him in.” Rebecca is quick to comment, “Well, that is odd. I mean, especially after that strange phone call Luis got earlier. Where could Luis be?” Sheridan gets into her car as she says, “Well, I have to find him no matter where he is.”

    In the bedroom of the set up house, FauxLuis is reading in bed with DeeDee lying next to him waiting for Sheridan to arrive when he says, “Hey, was that a car door slamming?” DeeDee opens her eyes and says that she didn’t hear anything. FauxLuis hopes that Sheridan gets there soon because he can hardly breathe in the mask. DeeDee tells him to deal with it for the amount of money he is getting paid. He tells her that she better now mess things up. “Sheridan’s supposed to believe that her true-blue fiancé, Luis, is rolling around the sheets with you.” DeeDee looks at him and says, “Don't you worry. I will make Sheridan a true believer, ok? Now, did you park the Luis look-alike car where you were supposed to, where Sheridan will see it?” FauxLuis answers, “Yeah, it's outside under the streetlight. Sheridan's got to pass this way on her way into town. There's no way she can miss it.”

    Luis parks his car at the police station and enters to see Packer so he asks, “Ok, packer, what's the big emergency?” Officer Packer answers, “The mayor's office wants a report on that case you worked on.” Luis asks, “That couldn't have waited till tomorrow?” Officer Packer answers, “I know you were at your engagement party.” Luis goes to his desk and removes his tux jacket as he says, “That's ok. His honor will have it in no time. Anyone else call?” Packer tells Luis that nobody called. Luis sits at his desk and says, “I thought Sheridan would've called to see if I made it through the fog. You know, up by the Cranes, the fog was so thick. As soon as I got into town, it just cleared right up. It's funny.” Packer reminds, “The report, Luis.” Luis says, “Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm going to have this thing knocked out in no time, and then I’ll be right back at that party.”

    In her car, Sheridan tells Julian, “Don't worry. I'll drive carefully.” Julian pleads, “Sheridan, please, don't go.” Sheridan says, “But I have to make sure Luis is all right.” Julian tells her, “Well, if you won't reconsider, at least turn back if the fog gets any thicker.” Sheridan assures, “I'll be fine.” Rebecca comments, “That's what she thinks. Why were you trying to keep Sheridan from leaving? Our whole plan depends on her seeing Luis' car outside Deedee's house.” Julian says, “Well, I know, Becks. But I also know my sister. She never listens to a word I say. Now I'm on record pleading with her not to go.” Rebecca exclaims, “Oh. You were acting.” She claps her hands in glee. Julian concurs, “A most convincing performance, if I do say so myself. Now no one can possibly think that I had anything to do with what happens next. You see, Sheridan can't miss seeing what appears to be Luis' car parked in front of DeeDee's house because DeeDee lives on the coast road, which is the only way into town from here. She'll stop, see if Luis is all right, and in doing so will catch Luis in bed with la DeeDee.” Rebecca thinks, “Hmm, what I would have given to be in the sack with that hunk.” Julian continues, “I know my sister. She'll feel so betrayed she'll never want to see Luis again. You know, the mayor himself called for that report from Luis, and I paid Packer quite handsomely to keep my would-be brother-in-law at the station long enough for Sheridan to catch her dreamboat docking with another woman. Just think -- in a short while, Luis and Sheridan will be torn asunder, and we won't have their blood on our hands.”

    At the reflecting pool in the lair, Timmy says, “Julian is so mean to his sister.” Tabitha tells him, “Well, that's hardly news, lad. Everyone knows that Alistair and Julian Crane are snakes. Oh, how I hate those two. The Cranes always destroy lives and seem to get away with it, but when I destroy lives, I wind up getting burned at the stake. It's not fair, Timmy. It's really not fair. Well, anyway, tonight Julian is finally going to pay for all the dastardly things he's done.”

    Telephone rings at the police station. Luis knowingly says, “That's going to be Sheridan right there.” He leans back in his chair as he answers the phone, “Hello, beautiful. Ahem -- no, no, I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor. Yeah, you know, I'm actually working on it right now. Yeah. I'll fax it over to you real soon. Ok.” Packer asks, “Are you really that close to finishing?” Luis replies, “Oh, yeah. I just got to -- just got to add this perp's last arrest.” Packer leans over Luis' desk and deliberately pours his coffee on Luis' paperwork and computer keyboard. Packer exclaims, “Oh, man, I’m sorry. Here you are. I can't believe how clumsy I am, man.” Luis calms him, “It's ok. It was an accident. Look, just call the mayor and tell him this report's not going to be ready for a while longer, all right? I'll call Sheridan and tell her I'm not going to be at the party right away.”

    In the bedroom of the set up house FauxLuis answers the phone. Julian asks, “Is everything set?” FauxLuis, “Yes, sir, Mr. Crane. The car is outside, parked under the streetlight just like you wanted it.” Julian smiles, “Excellent. Sheridan should be there any minute. Now, make sure this tryst looks real.” FauxLuis assures, “Oh, yeah, it will. When Sheridan walks in and sees me and Deedee going at it, it's going to blow her mind.”

    Driving down the coast highway to town, Sheridan thinks, “That's odd. The fog was so thick when I left the mansion. Now it's almost gone even though I’m right on the coast. That looks like Luis' car.”

    In the solarium Julian comments, “Oh. I'd say that our Luis impostor and DeeDee are being paid a small fortune to carry off this ruse. They'd better come through because if we fail in separating Luis and Sheridan, I’m going to have to kill my sister, and I really don't want to have to kill my own sister.” Rebecca make a face, “And nor do I.” Julian says, “But you heard father -- if all else fails, and we don't kill Sheridan, father will have someone kill us.” Rebecca is confident, “Don't worry. Everything is going according to plan. We are not going to kill anyone, and no one is going to kill us.”

    Pulling up to the set up house, Sheridan thinks, “That looks like Luis' car. What would it be doing here?” Inside the house, FauxLuis says, “Sheridan. She's here.” DeeDee says, “That's our cue. Let's get out of here.” Sheridan looks around and says, “This is the only house around here. And if that's Luis' car, then he must be inside. Only one way to find out.” She gets out of her car.

    At the police station, Luis says, “Well, the keyboard's working again. Now all I got to do is dry these files enough so I can read what I wrote.” Packer apologizes again, “I'm really sorry, Luis. I know you're in a hurry to get back to your engagement party. Your fiancée must be going nuts.” Luis says, “It's ok. She knows I had to leave to go on police business. It's not going to be easy for her being married to a cop. I mean, a lot of nights apart. It's a good thing our love's so strong. It's going to carry us through the toughest of times.”

    FauxLuis says, “Ok, show time.” DeeDee laughs as they drop clothes all over the living room and hallway in a trail to the bedroom. Sheridan looks around and into the red car that she thinks must be Luis'. Sheridan thinks, “This is the same model and make of Luis' car. I don't know his license plate number. Why would he stop here? Tuxedo jacket. This has to be Luis' car. What's he doing here? Luis? Luis? She hears music playing and DeeDee laughing as she says to stop. Sheridan says, “Voices.” DeeDee shouts, “Come here, big boy.” Sheridan thinks, “Music.” FauxLuis growls, “Yeah.” Sheridan thinks, “Luis must have stopped here on police business before going to the station.” DeeDee is heard again, “You're such a tiger.”

    Sheridan looks through the window. FauxLuis says, “Deedee, get over here.” Sheridan thinks, “Wine, lit cigarette. And I hear voices -- a man and woman’s. But it can't be Luis. Maybe he has the house under surveillance.” DeeDee laughs. Sheridan calls out, “Luis?” DeeDee says, “You're having --” FauxLuis says, “I'm going to get you.” DeeDee comments, “You're having way too much fun, aren't you?” Sheridan thinks, “I wonder if he's in some kind of danger inside.” She opens the front door and looks in.

    Packer looks at the picture of Sheridan on Luis' desk and comments, “Sheridan's really beautiful.” As he looks over the papers he just printed, Luis replies, “Yeah, I'm the luckiest guy in the world.” Packer continues, “It's really something, you being engaged to a Crane.” Luis says, “Yeah. Sheridan's family did try to break us up, but they threw in the towel once they realized there was nothing they can do. Well, that should do it. I've just got to finish sending this fax over to the mayor, and I'm heading back to the party. You know, Packer, tonight's going to be one night Sheridan and I are never going to forget.”

    Sheridan walks in the front door and calls out, “Luis? What if Luis stopped to investigate a crime and was taken hostage?” Standing in the living room Sheridan sees the clothes. FauxLuis whispers, “She's in the hall. This is it.” He leans over to start kissing DeeDee beginning their performance. DeeDee moans, “Oh. Oh, Luis. Oh.” Sheridan quietly calls, “Luis? Are you in there?” DeeDee continues, “More. Don't stop. Oh, yes. Don't stop.” Sheridan opens the bedroom door and is devastated to see Luis in bed with the strange woman. She backs out of the room and flattens herself against the wall in the hallway and says, “It can't be. Luis would never do this to me.”

    To be continued...

    This is a picture that was taken from a magazine article with Sheridan modeling her engagemant party dress. She looks beautiful in it. Thanks to Jen's Passions Page for this picture.

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    Re: SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 6

    Thanks, Ann.

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    Smile Tuesday's Trying Time for SHUIS Summary and Pic of the Day......

    In Julian’s library, Rebecca soothes Julian, “Look, Julian, don't you think you should slow down a little bit here? At least until we find out whether we've succeeded in breaking up Luis and Sheridan.” Julian replies, “Of course we'll succeed. Plan is foolproof, thanks to my last-minute decision to bribe one of Harmony's finest and call in a favor from the mayor. While Luis is answering a false alarm at the police station, my sister's going to see his masked doppelganger in the act with our hired bimbette. So, no, Rebecca, I am not about to slow down after what I've endured this evening.” Rebecca pouts, “Well, I hope you're right. Because if any part of our plan backfires, then your father is going to force us to kill your sister.”

    At the police station, Luis looks over his report and says, “Well, it's not the most thorough report I've ever written, but ought to satisfy the mayor for tonight.” As you look over Luis’ shoulder you can see the pictures he keeps on a shelf behind him. The one of him is the picture of him standing with his arms around Sheridan when she is wearing a red blouse.
    (This is the picture that Luis had on the shelf behind his desk.)

    Packer asks, “Don't tell me you're finished already, Luis.” Luis replies, “Just about. Just got to give it a final once-over.” Packer apologizes again, “Listen, I'm really sorry about spilling my coffee on your computer before.” Luis brushes it off, “Don't worry about it. It was an accident, right?” Packer says, “Yeah, but of all nights. I mean, it's bad enough you were called in to do this thing in the middle of your engagement party –“ Luis says, “Yeah, so what's the big surprise? You know, it's not like we didn't know what we were signing up for.” Packer picks up one of the pictures of Sheridan from Luis’ desk and asks, “So -- tell me -- your fiancée, Sheridan Crane, she's from a whole other world. You think she's going to be able to handle being a cop's wife?” Luis replies, “Yeah. She says she can handle it as long as we're together. How about that, huh?” Packer comments, “Yeah, you're one lucky guy.” Luis agrees, “Yeah. Yeah, I'm surprised she didn't call, though, just to check up on me. Well, she must've got tied up with the guests at the party.” Packer thinks about answering the phone when Sheridan called and lying to her. Luis says, “You know, life's funny, Packer. Just when you think you got it all figured out, you learn something new. I wasted a lot of time worrying about the bad things that could go wrong between me and Sheridan -- like her family's bad attitude about her and I being together.” Packer asks, “Oh, yeah?” Luis answers, “Yeah. And I finally realized that I was just wasting my time. You see, as long as Sheridan and I were straight with each other, there was nothing her family can do to split us up.”

    In the library, Julian answers the phone to find it is Officer Packer. Julian asks, “Officer. Is Luis still there?” Looking over at Luis, Packer replies, “Yes, but he's about to leave. He's almost finished with those phony reports for the mayor.” Julian spits out, “Stall him! It's too early for him to come back to the party.” Packer asks how he is supposed to do that. Julian tells him, “You figure it out. That's what I'm paying you for. You just keep him there.” Julian hangs up and turns to Rebecca who asks, “What? Is Luis on his way back to the mansion?” Julian replies, “Yes, it's far too early. We don't even know if Sheridan has seen his double in bed with the other woman yet. If he comes back now, it could ruin everything.”

    At the station Luis says, “Well, that's a wrap. All I got to do is fax this to the mayor, and I'm going back to the party. Hey, man, I hate to leave you here all alone, but my fiancée’s a lot prettier than you are. No offence.” Packer tells him that he can’t go which makes Luis suspicious. Packer tries to cover, “The mayor may have a couple questions once he reads this. I mean, you'd better stick around just in case.” Luis tells him, “Well, tell him to call me on my cell phone.” Packer shrugs, “It's up to you.” Luis looks at him and asks, “What is it with you tonight, packer? You're all jumpy and edgy. You know, I saw you on the phone before in that intense conversation. Then you spill coffee all over my computer, you freeze my keyboard. Now, hold on a minute. Now I know why you don't want me to leave.”

    In the bedroom of the set up house, DeeDee calls out, “Oh. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Mmm. Oh.” Sheridan is still standing in the doorway as she thinks, “Luis lied to me about the woman on his cell phone. He was with her in the fog outside the house. And he left our engagement party to make love to her.” Sheridan is just devastated by this turn of events.

    At the police station Luis comments, “It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. You forget, Packer, I'm a trained cop, just like you are. I know all the tricks.” Packer tries, “Let me explain, Luis –“ Luis cuts him off, “That's what I'm trying to tell you. There's no need to explain. You see, I got the whole picture here. So let's not play games anymore. I know exactly what you're covering up.” Packer reaches for his gun as he says, “Sometimes you're too smart for your own good, Luis.”

    Sheridan thinks, “I've got to get out of here.” She leaves the hallway and walks back to the living room. DeeDee says, “You can drop the act now. She's gone.” FauxLuis asks, “Man. Are you sure she saw enough?” DeeDee replies, “Oh, yes, more than enough.” FauxLuis says, “Man. Ok. It's a nice job if I do say so myself. Once again Julian Crane gets his money's worth.”
    As Sheridan holds onto the couch in the living room for support, she cries, “How could you, Luis? How could you do this to us?”

    Luis says, “You're going to have to work on your technique, Packer. You're as transparent as glass.” Luis walks to Packer’s desk and picks up a picture. “Why didn't you just tell me that you and Miranda are having a tough time?” Packer asks in surprise, “What?” Luis adds, “She's giving you a hard time about pulling the night shift, isn't she? You know what? You can't blame her, right? You know, most women, they don't know what they're getting themselves into when they start going out with a cop. I'd love to talk with you about this any time, just not tonight, huh?” Packer replies, “Yeah, I'd appreciate that.” Luis adds, “Look, you know what? Maybe Miranda’s just freaked out because you got to level with her, you know? Tell her where you stand, what kind of future you'll have together. I'll bet you 10-1 once you level with her you're not going to be having any more of those hushed arguments I heard when I walked in, huh?” Packer says, “You may be right.” Luis says, “Yeah. Look, speaking of women we love, I'm way overdue getting back to mine. Take it easy, huh?” He gets his jacket and leaves.

    In the library Rebecca thinks, “Well, surely Sheridan has come across our little lovemaking scene by now. Why hasn't the Luis imposter called?” Julian asks, “You don't think anything went wrong, do you?” Rebecca looks uneasy, “I certainly hope not. Because I, for one, want nothing to do with killing your sister or Luis.” Julian says, “Nor do I. But father won't rest until he's certain they've broken up for good.” The phone rings. FauxLuis says, “It's me, Mr. Crane. You said to call in.” Julian asks, “What happened?” FauxLuis replies, “Worked like a charm. I didn't get to see your sister's face because I was otherwise occupied, if you know what I mean.” Julian, “Spare me the prurient details. Just tell me where's Sheridan right now?” FauxLuis tells him, “Well, according to DeeDee, she ran out of here like a bat out of hell. She's probably halfway back to the Crane mansion by now with her heart in a million pieces.” Julian says, “Well done. Thank you for calling.” FauxLuis replies, “Ahem. Mr. Crane? You still owe Deedee and me some money.” Julian tells him, “You'll get the balance when you contact me with your new address. Or have you forgotten that part of our agreement was that you both leave town. I can't afford the off chance of someone recognizing either one of you.” Julian hangs up and turns to Rebecca, “We did it. Sheridan's worst nightmare came true right before her eyes. Adios, Luis.” Rebecca is overjoyed.

    At the door of the set up house, Sheridan stops, “What am I doing, running out of here like a heartbroken schoolgirl who got what she deserved? Luis betrayed my trust. He betrayed us. I'm going to go tell him what I think of him.” FauxLuis says, “Crane says we got to get out of town if we want to get paid.” Deedee comments, “Darn, I was hoping he wouldn't hold us to that part of the deal. I was really beginning to like it here in Harmony.” FauxLuis, “Yeah? Well, get over it if you want your money.” He takes off the mask. DeeDee is packing up, “Well, we better make tracks.” FauxLuis, “What's the rush?” DeeDee comments, “You said we wouldn't get our money unless we get out of here.” FauxLuis coaxes, “15 minutes isn't going to make a difference one way or another. Let's finish what we started.” Deedee stops him, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, big boy. In your dreams. I was being paid to kiss you before.” FauxLuis replies, “I'm still the same sexy guy.” Deedee says, “If only. That Luis -- he's a real hunk. I mean, you're ok and all. It's just that, well, you're not in his league.” FauxLuis reaches for DeeDee as he says, “Give a guy a chance, will you? I was only acting before. Let me show you what the real me can do.” He throws the mask on the floor and it goes all the way to the hallway. Lying on the bed, DeeDee says, “Oh. Mmm. Oh. Oh.”

    Sheridan stands in the hallway to the bedroom door, the mask at her feet but she doesn’t look down. When she hears the noises coming from the bedroom again she thinks, “I can’t. I can't let him see me like this.” She runs off.

    Coming down the stairs at the Crane mansion, Pilar prays, “Please, God, let Sheridan and Luis be all right.” Luis walks through the front door as she says, “Mijo, is everything ok?” Luis answers, “Yeah, everything's fine. What happened to the party?” Pilar replies, “Well, it ended early. I think everyone wanted to go home before the fog got too thick to drive.” Luis says, “Yeah, it is weird weather. You know, the coast road is completely clear now.” Pilar thinks, “Hmm, how strange. Where were you?” Luis replies, “Believe it or not, I was at the police station. The mayor freaked out about some report he claimed he needed. How much you want to bet he doesn't look at it till next week? Well, so where's the love of my life?” Pilar says, “I haven't seen Sheridan. I just came from upstairs.” Luis says, “Well, I'll find her. You know, it's too bad everyone left. I wanted to propose a special toast to my bride-to-be. I guess I'll just have to do it in private. Are you ok?” Pilar replies, “I'm fine. It's just been a long, difficult night, but it's over now. As long as you and Sheridan are ok.” Luis says, “Yeah, why wouldn't we be? Mama, you worry too much, you know?”

    Walking outside on the front driveway of the mansion, Rebecca asks Julian, “You don't suppose she'll go right to the main house, do you?” Julian replies, “After seeing the man she believes is her lover in bed with another woman? Absolutely not. She'll want to be alone to lick her wounds.” Rebecca says, “And we'll just happen to be here to help console her. Let's pretend like we're out for a post party stroll, ok?” Julian says, “Ahem. Sheridan, is that you?” Sheridan replies, “Yes. I'm kind of tired. If you'll excuse me.” Julian replies, “Oh, yes, of course. But, tell me, did you ever find Luis?” Rebecca asks, “Why, Sheridan, what's wrong? You're crying.” Sheridan says, “I really don't want to talk about it.” Julian, “Well, nothing happened? Luis wasn't in an accident?” Sheridan, “No, Luis is fine, but we're not. It's over. I don't ever want to see him again.” Julian, “Oh, you poor baby. Oh.” Julian holds out his arms to comfort Sheridan. He pats her back as she cries on his shoulder.

    Walking into the cottage, Rebecca coos, “Here, why don't you just come on right in here and just sit here on the couch, ok?” Julian, “Perhaps I'll get you a nice glass of water -- or a stronger drink might help.” Sheridan sits on the couch. She says, “No, thank you. I don't want anything.” Rebecca, “You know, everyone has lovers' spats. I'm sure you'll make up by morning.” Sheridan, “This wasn't a spat, and we're not going to make up. It is over. It is really, truly over.” Julian acts confused, “Excuse me. I don't understand. The two of you were so happy earlier in the evening.” Sheridan replies, “I don't mean to be rude, but I really don't want to talk about this tonight.” They all stand up. “I just want to be alone.” Julian, “Of course, I -- but I want you to know I’m here for you, no matter what. I know I have not been much of a brother in the past, but I want that all to change. You know, our dear mother always hoped that I would look after you.” Rebecca prods, “Sheridan, your brother loves you. He just has a hard time showing it. I'm sure it's because your -- your father is so uncomfortable with his emotions.” Sheridan says, “Maybe it would help to talk.” She sits on the couch again. Julian tells her, “I would be honored if you -- if you confided in me.” Sheridan tells all, “I saw Luis making love to another woman tonight.” Sheridan picks up a pillow from her couch and hugs it to her chest for comfort. Rebecca acts surprised, “What?” Julian, “God, that's impossible. If there's one thing we know about Officer Lopez Fitzgerald, it's that he's in love with you.” Sheridan replies, “No, I know what I saw. There were warning signs all night, but I tried to ignore them. First there was a strange phone call on his cell phone that I heard, and then I saw him talking to a woman in the fog. When I confronted him about it, he just -- he just denied everything.” Rebecca, “Well, how did you come across Luis with this person?” Sheridan explains, “After I left to go look for Luis, I saw his car parked outside a house on old coast road.” Julian, “I'm confused. I thought Luis was going to the police station.” Sheridan, “That's what he told me. But when I called the station, they said that he wasn't there and that no one had called him in. Anyway, when I saw his car outside the house, I went inside to see why he was there, and that's when I saw them in her bed.” Julian lays it on thick, “That dirty scoundrel.” And so does Rebecca, “Oh, you poor dear.” Sheridan cries, “I can't believe my stupidity. I mean, a long time ago I heard Luis on the phone telling someone that he was just using me.” Julian, “Yes, I think I remember.” Sheridan continues, “And when I finally confronted him about it, he said that it was just a mistake. Well, some mistake. I mean, it's bad enough to trust the wrong person once, but to do it again -- I'm just -- I'm a fool. I'm nothing but a pathetic, gullible fool.” Julian moves closer to Sheridan on the couch and hugs her as she cries.

    Still hugging the pillow to herself, Sheridan cries softly as Julian promises, “I'm so sorry, darling. But if it's any consolation, I'm not going to let Luis get away with this.” Rebecca adds, “No punishment is too great after what he's done. On the night of his engagement party, no less. Of course, I don't know why I'm surprised when I think about what his sister Theresa did to my Gwen the night before her wedding. But don't you worry. You'll realize you're better off without him, Sheridan, just like Ethan will realize that he's better off without Theresa.” They hear footsteps approaching Sheridan’s door. Julian wonders, “Now, who the devil's that?” Sheridan looks up and says, “Oh, my God.” A smiling Luis opens the door and says, “Honey, I’m home.” When he sees the look of shock on everyone’s faces he asks, “What's going on?” Sheridan stands and says, “I can't believe your nerve, coming back here after where you've been.” Luis is confused, “You lost me. I'm sorry it took so long at the station.” Sheridan yells, “I don't want to hear another word of it. Just get out!” Luis asks in astonishment, “What?” Sheridan walks toward Luis at the front door and yells, “Get out of my house and get out of my life now!”

    To be continued………


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