At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan stand face to face after breaking apart from a very romantic kiss. Luis smiles and exclaims, “I can't believe that you're going to be my wife.” Sheridan is so happy and smiling so sweetly, “You better get used to it because you're stuck with me.” Luis replies, “Ooh, I like the sound of that. I love you, Mrs. Soon-to-be Lopez Fitzgerald.” Looking at Luis with such love in her eyes Sheridan declares, “I love you, Mr. Lopez Fitzgerald.” Luis looks down at Sheridan’s clothes (her robe) before he says, “Hmm. You know, I think you ought to get changed for the party, huh?” Sheridan says, “I will. But before I do, there's something I want to give you.” Luis, “Really?” He looks surprised. Sheridan smiles, “Mm-hmm. Something straight from my heart.” Sheridan raises her hands to place them on Luis’ face so she can pull him to her for a delicious kiss.

In Julian’s study, Alistair is talking to him about destroying Sheridan and Luis’ relationship with the Luis impostor when Rebecca walks in thinking, “Ooh -- oh, I just get goose bumps thinking about our plan to break up Luis and Sheridan.” Alistair warns Julian that he better not screw this up. Rebecca tells him that everything is going according to plan. She tells Julian that their special guests have arrived to which Julian replies, “Luis and Sheridan are on a one-way trip to splitsville.” Al chimes in, “They'd better be, or you two will have to kill them.” Rebecca looks like she will be ill. LOL!

Luis pulls apart from their steamy kissing and tells Sheridan, “If we keep this up, we're not going to make it to the party.” Sheridan replies suggestively, “You know, we could be fashionably late. Why don't you come help me get dressed?” Luis raises his eyebrows, smiles and teases, “You are one naughty girl, Sheridan Crane.” Sheridan, “You haven't seen anything yet.” With her finger, she signals Luis to follow her then takes his hand and leads him to her bedroom.

A trail of discarded clothes and shoes lead to Sheridan’s bed where Shuis are in bed making love.

Romantic candle light reveals Sheridan and Luis basking in the afterglow of making love. Sheridan is lying on her side with her back to Luis while he is busy kissing up and down her shoulders and arm. Sheridan coos as Luis says, “I bet that party's in full swing by now.” He chuckles. Sheridan says, “I bet it is. You know, if this party means that my family is finally going to accept our relationship, this is the happiest night of my life.” Sheridan shows Luis her beautiful smile as she turns to look up at him. Luis kisses Sheridan’s shoulders again, “I know how much that means to you.” Sheridan admits, “It does. My family's never supported me.” Luis, “I know that Julian and Alistair have treated you badly your whole life. And I promise I will never let your family hurt you again.” He continues his trail of kisses along her back and shoulders. (So sexy and so romantic! This is one of the touches that Galen and McKenzie bring to their scenes to make us believe that they are a real couple, not just acting.)

Walking into the living room of the Crane mansion, Ethan tells Theresa, “I hope Luis and Sheridan's engagement party goes better than ours did.” Theresa says, “I know it will. And there are more good times ahead. We're going to have a double wedding.” She is so excited about that!

As Sheridan and Luis approach the main entrance of the mansion holding hands, Sheridan tugs on Luis’ arm to stop him, “Wait. Just one more kiss before we face the crowd.” Luis smiles and obliges with one heart-stopping kiss for Sheridan! Luis finally says, “I could just stay here and kiss you all night. But I guess we should go in. All right?” He smiles down at Sheridan and she returns the smile as she says, “Ok!” Luis takes her hand again as they walk to the door. Luis opens the door and they walk in to the sound of applause. They stand smiling in the entry hall for their friends and family to great.

Arriving on the front path right behind Shuis are FauxLuis and DeeDee. He says that they should be getting the signal soon. DeeDee tells him that she can't believe how much he looks like Luis. He reminds her, “That is the plan. Sheridan's going to see me in bed with you. She's going to think her fiancé betrayed her.”

As Sheridan, Luis and their guests head into the living room, Julian tells Rebecca, “The games will begin very soon. Luis and Sheridan should celebrate now because this is going to be one very short engagement.”

Now in the Crane mansion living room with champagne in hand and Sheridan by his side, Luis says, “Thank you. I would just like to say, on behalf of Sheridan and myself, thank you all for coming to our engagement party. And I hope that you all have a wonderful time.”

As he finishes speaking, everyone claps and Luis bends down to kiss Sheridan.

Ethan and Theresa cross the room to find Sheridan and Luis in the entrance hall with some of their guests, Ethan asks, “So, how does it feel?” Luis smiles and gestures with his arms open wide, “It doesn't get any better than this, does it?” Theresa enthusiastically says, “I'm so happy for you guys!” She and Sheridan hug as Sheridan thanks her.

Stepping to one side of the foyer, Ethan tells Luis, “You know, I've -- I've never seen Sheridan this happy. This means so much to her. And Julian and Alistair throwing a party for her, accepting you into the family -- she finally feels like she has their love.” Luis responds with a nod of his head, “Mm-hmm.” Ethan, “She's always wanted that.” Luis, “I know. We've already had a long discussion about that.” Ethan says, “Well, there's just one thing, though.” Luis replies, “And I've already been warned. Everyone's told me not to trust that Julian and Alistair are throwing this party out of the goodness of their hearts -- like I need to be told that.” Ethan continues, “Right. Right, but it is possible that …” Luis asks, “That this a set up? That they're doing something to try and screw Sheridan and me up? It's not going to work. I love Sheridan, and she loves me. There's nothing they can come up with to separate us. Hey.” Luis steps back to Sheridan’s side to give her another kiss.

Outside the mansion, Julian asks if the fake Luis and DeeDee are ready. They are. FauxLuis says, “Hey, don't worry. We're going to put on a show when Sheridan walks in on us that's going to blow her feeble little mind.” Julian replies, “Well, well -- blow her mind or no, just as long as our little drama plays out according to plan and the final curtain rings down on Luis and Sheridan's relationship.”
Still in the foyer Luis and Ethan stand with their arms around their fiancées. Theresa says, “My brother has always called me a silly romantic, but I told him that there was this perfect woman out there just waiting for him.” Sheridan says emphatically, “That would be me!” Luis turns to Sheridan, takes her hand and says, “Yes, it would.” He leans in for another kiss.

Julian and Rebecca come in the front door, and Julian says, “Oh. Well -- ahem -- here's a happy group.” Rebecca chimes in, “Yes. You light up the room.” Sheridan, “Well, we're having a wonderful time. I can't thank you enough for giving us this party.” Julian, “Well, I wish I could take full credit, but father's every bit as responsible as I am.” Sheridan adds, “And I'm going to thank him the next time I speak to him.” Julian, “Yeah, that time is at hand.” Alistair’s voice is heard over the speaker system, “Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please. Alistair Crane speaking. I want to thank you all for coming and to apologize for my absence. Unfortunately, I have some pressing business concerns, but I wanted to call and wish my daughter and her fiancé all the happiness in the world. Sheridan, dear, I love you so very, very much. And your happiness means everything to me.” Luis keeps his arm around Sheridan. Sheridan smiles as we see how very touched she is by her father’s words. Luis smiles as he watches Sheridan’s reaction. Sheridan smiles and comments to Luis, “Isn't it sweet of father to call?” Luis just smiles at her as Julian says to Rebecca, “Won't be long now. That toothpaste grin on Sheridan's face will be gone. Her life will never be the same.”

Sheridan, Luis and their guests move into the living room before Alistair continues, “Tonight is one of great pride and joy for the Crane family -- pride in my beautiful daughter and Julian's beloved sister, and joy because I can feel even from here that our house is filled with happiness.” Sheridan looks up at Luis and says, “Yes. Oh, yes.” Sheridan is just beaming and Luis smiles as he watches her beautiful face and he smiles at her when she looks into his face.

Alistair’s voice comes through the speakers again, “Now, I don't mean to paint an overly rosy picture. It's no secret Luis has had his differences with the Cranes. But I hope that tonight is the first step toward making him feel like part of our family. So, a most heartfelt welcome to Luis. (Luis raises his eyebrows at that point!) And now I'm afraid I must leave you. The pressing concerns await -- a merger that must be attended to immediately. But I leave you with a smile on my face, knowing that my daughter's engagement party will be a night she'll never forget.” Julian make an announcement, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to move the party into the solarium where dancing and other festivities are set to begin, so ...” As they pass him, Sheridan offers, “Julian, this is all so wonderful. Thank you so much.” Julian, “Enjoy, dear. It's your night.” Julian kisses her hand.

To be continued………..