Sheridan giggles while looking up at the falling flower petals and says, “This is so amazing! I still can't believe we're engaged.” They twirl around in the falling petals before Luis replies, “I hope you know how happy you made me.” Sheridan responds, “I do. And you've made me so happy. I love you so much.” Luis replies again, “I love you, too. And I promise I will always love you and that we will always be together.” They kiss again and again!

Sheridan exclaims, “Oh, Luis, you have made my dreams come true. Everything is perfect, just as you promised it would be. Thank you for giving me these wonderful memories.” Luis, “Oh well, the memories aren't over yet. (Luis goes to a little table to get champagne. He hands one glass to Sheridan and holds the other up in a toast.) A toast. To my beautiful fiancée, the future Mrs. Luis Lopez Fitzgerald.”

Back at the cottage, Sheridan and Luis walk through the front door and Sheridan sees the room all decorated with flowers and candles. A table has been set up for a romantic meal for two. Sheridan exclaims, “I don't believe it. How did you do all this?” Luis tells her that she has Hank to thank for this. Sheridan asks in surprise, “Hank did this?” Luis tells her, “Yeah, he came here after we left and -- well, now …” Luis pulls a chair out for Sheridan to sit at the table. Sheridan thanks him. Sheridan tells Luis, “I feel like a princess.” Luis sits down opposite Sheridan and responds, “Come on, you grew up a Crane. Didn't you always feel like a princess?” Sheridan softly explains, “Not like this. I never felt this loved. You make me feel truly, truly special, truly loved.” Luis reaches across the table to hold Sheridan’s hand as he replies, “Oh well, good. Because I'm going to make sure you always feel that way.”

In the solarium of the Crane mansion, Julian and Rebecca are talking to Alistair who has called them to go immediately to Sheridan’s cottage. He tells them that if this FauxLuis plan doesn’t work they will have to kill Sheridan.

At the cottage, Sheridan says, “I still can't believe all this. I'm engaged.” Luis replies that she is and so is he. Sheridan gets serious, “You know, I hope you'll forgive me for being so paranoid earlier, worrying that something would happen to keep up from getting engaged.” Luis says, “Oh, don't worry about it. We're engaged. There's nothing anyone can do to tear us apart.” There is a knock on door. Both look toward the door and Luis asks, “Who can that be?” Sheridan has no idea. Luis goes to the door as Sheridan stands next to the table waiting to see who it is. Luis opens the door to Julian and Rebecca who practically run into the room with champagne, shouting “Surprise!” Rebecca adds, “We wanted to be the first to congratulate you! “ Julian adds, “Yes, on your engagement!” Sheridan and Luis both look like they are going to be sick. LOL!

Sheridan looks rather worried when she asks what they are doing there and how they even knew. Julian replies, “Well, father called. He alerted us that you were officially engaged, so we came by to help you celebrate.” Luis walks back to Sheridan’s side and puts his arm protectively around her. Sheridan asks skeptically, “Father called? He wasn't furious?” Julian lies, “Absolutely not.” The cork pops and Julian laughs. Julian adds, “No, he was very happy that his only daughter had finally found true love.” Luis couldn’t resist commenting, “Yeah, I'll bet that's what he said.” Julian says, “Those were his exact words, Luis. So I'm here to welcome you to the family. Here, everyone. Darling.” Sheridan and Rebecca thank him for the champagne. Julian ties to hand one to Luis but he doesn’t take the glass from Julian. Julian toasts to true love and Rebecca says, “Yes, to true and perfect love.” Sheridan thanks them but Luis says, “Why don't you cut the bull, Julian. What's going on?” Julian tells Luis, “Well, we and father are simply welcoming you to the family, Luis, and we're here to tell you that we're planning a party in celebration.” Luis looks at Sheridan who asks in surprise, “A party?” Julian answers, “Yes, we have something very special in store for both of you.” It is Sheridan’s turn to look at Luis.

Julian says, “Let's drink up. It's not every day such a beautiful young couple gets engaged. It's a cause for celebration.” Rebecca adds, “Not to mention the fact that Alistair and Julian are going to throw you a party that will be filled with excitement.”

Luis takes Sheridan aside to tell her, “I don't know what's going on here, but I'm not trusting Rebecca or Julian. And how the hell did Alistair know that we'd gotten engaged? It's not like I called him to ask for your hand in marriage.” Sheridan replies, “I don't know. I do think it's kind of nice, though, that, you know, my father and brother want to throw us a party. Maybe they finally accepted us as being a couple.” Luis asks in surprise, “Alistair and Julian? Sheridan, there's no way. They're up to something.” Sheridan looks a bit disappointed but she says, “I'm afraid you're probably right.”
On the other side of the room, Rebecca doesn’t think they're buying it one bit. Julian says they better buy it. Father ordered them to make sure Shuis come to the party.
Rebecca says, “Yes, but the plan is perfectly in place. I mean, at the party, Sheridan is going to get her little heart broken when she sees Luis in bed with another woman. And she won't have a clue that it's actually an imposter wearing a Luis look-alike mask. But we can't make it happen if they don't go to the party.” Julian confidently responds, “Trust me, Becks; I can play my sister like a fiddle. Luis and Sheridan will be at the soiree this evening. This is child's play for a master manipulator such as myself. My sister and her low-rent lover will be at this party. It will be a night they shall remember forever.”

Sheridan and Luis walk back to stand in front of Julian and Rebecca. Luis offers, “We want to thank you for offering to throw us a party.” Julian quickly replies, “Well, well, no. There's no thanks necessary. There's nothing I wouldn't do for –“Luis continues, “But we won't be coming. I know you're up to something, and Sheridan and I want no part of it.” Sheridan and Luis stand side by side in front of Julian and Rebecca. Luis has his arm protectively around Sheridan.

Julian thinks he must have heard wrong because no one would miss a party in their honor. Luis is adamant, “No, you heard me. You heard me loud and clear. We're not coming.” Julian tries, “Let's not be hasty here. Let's talk this through like rational adults.” Luis counters, “There's nothing rational about you or your father. And speaking of Alistair, how did he even know that Sheridan and I were engaged?” Julian, “Well, there's really nothing to be suspicious about. Father merely likes to keep an eye on his family. But frankly, that's not the point. The point is father was thrilled with the news of your engagement. He wants to welcome Sheridan's future husband to the family. And he wanted his daughter to know that he supports her.” Sheridan asks in disbelief, “He really wanted that?” Julian replies with exactly what he thinks Sheridan wants to hear, “Yes, sister dear. He wanted you to know that we all support you and that he loves you.” Sheridan asks, “Father said he loves me?” Sheridan looks like she really wants this to be true. Julian. “Yes. You are his pride and joy. We all support you, and we all love you.” Luis takes Sheridan aside again to say, “Sheridan, please. Please don't start buying this.” Sheridan thinks, “Maybe Julian's being sincere. Maybe father really wants to show us his support.” Luis doesn’t believe it, “Sheridan, you were never able to trust Alistair and Julian. Why start now?” Sheridan replies, “You're probably right. I guess I just wanted to believe that they'd changed their minds about us.” They walk back to stand in front of Julian and Rebecca again. This time it is Sheridan who declines their party offer, “Thank you for coming down here, but we can't accept your offer. We won't be coming to the party.” Julian sputters, “But you can't –“Rebecca asks Julian to step outside so she can have a word with the couple. When Julian leaves, Luis says, “You're not going to change our minds. There's no way we're going to that party.”
Outside Alistair calls Julian to ask what is going on now. They wait to see if Rebecca can get Shuis to change their minds.

Inside the cottage, Rebecca asks Shuis to hear her out. Luis, “Oh, I haven't forgotten the last time I heard you out. You got a hell of a lot of joy telling me about Ethan and Theresa's relationship.” Rebecca replies, “You have to admit I was telling you the truth. And I'm trying to tell you the truth here. Sheridan, this party comes from Julian's and Alistair's hearts.” Luis counters, “Well, where's the truth in that? Julian and Alistair have no hearts.” (LOL!!!) Rebecca tries again, “Look, you may not know this, but when Ethan's true paternity was revealed, the two of them were devastated.” Sheridan tells her, “I saw how they treated Ethan. The cast him out as if he were a total stranger.” Rebecca, “You know that the crane men are raised never to show their emotions in public. What, they were torn apart and they know that if they don't accept Luis, well, they could lose you, too.” Sheridan up at Luis and you can see that she wants so much to believe what Rebecca is telling her but she says, “I just don't know.” Rebecca pleads, “Look, just accept this olive branch from your brother and your father. I mean, after all, is an extravagant party such a hardship to get your family's love?” Sheridan again looks questioningly at Luis.

Sheridan and Luis now stand facing each other while holding hands. Rebecca states, “Sheridan, I'm sure that Luis is not your family's first choice for your future husband.” Luis sarcastically replies, “Well, now, that's the first truthful thing you've said all night.” Rebecca goes on, “But they don't want to lose you. So they are willing to accept Luis for your sake, so please -- please, just let them throw you this party.” Luis replies, “Sheridan and I will throw our own engagement party. And we'll invite Julian and Alistair because they're Sheridan's relatives. There's no way I'm letting the two of them do a thing for us.” Rebecca knows when to quit, “Well, ok. If that's the way you want it. But, Sheridan, please, if you change your mind, just -- just call me.” She leaves to join Julian outside.

To be continued……….