Wednesday's Wishful SHUIS Summary and Pics of the Day...

Luis stops himself before he can open the kitchen door. He asks what he is doing. Theresa tells him that he is going to ask the woman that he loves to spend the rest of her life with you. Then she asks him if he is afraid…..not Pilar’s son, the bravest cop on the Harmony police force? Luis tells her that it is not fear, even if his knees do get weak every time that Sheridan is in the room. Theresa wants to know what it is then. Luis says that it is about timing. “Yes, Sheridan and I do love each other very much. Yes, I do want to have children with her and spend the rest of my life with her. I just don’t want to start out on the wrong foot.” Theresa wants to know what would be wrong with getting married with Ethan and her. Luis tells her that it is her wedding. He and Sheridan will get married if they make up their minds to do so but not because Theresa’s fortune said there was going to be two brides and two grooms. Theresa tells Luis that the main reason she wanted them to get married right away is that they are perfect for each other. They always have been. She knew it from the start! Luis says, “Oh, did you now?” Theresa is grinning as she replies, “Yes, it was crystal clear to everybody but you. I can’t believe how long it took you two to figure it out.” Luis is looking rather frustrated as he says, “Then I guess we are meant to be together seeing s how we are both so dense.” Theresa excitedly replies, “Exactly, which is why you should get married sooner rather than later.” Luis tells her that is not a reason to get married. I’ve made up my mind. Sheridan and I will get married on our own timetable, not yours, not anyone else’s. Theresa says he sounds so serious. Luis says, “I am. I’ve made up my decision. There will be no wedding for me and Sheridan in the near future. That’s my decision. That’s final and you can take it to the bank.” Theresa just keeps smiling!

In the kitchen Sheridan tells Ethan that she believes with all her heart that she and Luis will get married, find a sweet little home, and start a family……just not right now. Ethan says that if she knows that she and Luis will end up together, why wait? Sheridan says because that’s what would make Luis feel more comfortable. Ethan suggests that she talk with Luis but Sheridan says that Luis is a very proud and stubborn man. Those are two of the things that she loves most about him. Even if she were to convince him to marry her now, she would always feel like she had pressured him into making a decision before he was ready to make one. Ethan asks if she is just going to push her feelings down and sacrifice what she wants for Luis. Is she just going to sit around and wait for this proud and stubborn man to propose? Sheridan says that Ethan knows her better than that. Ethan apologizes and says that he knows that she is a strong and independent woman.

Sheridan says that is why she is willing to wait for Luis. She has waited an entire lifetime to find a man like Luis. Surely, she can wait a little longer. Ethan tells her that is not what this is all about. It’s about finding the right person and taking a giant leap of faith together. He knows what it is like to take something for granted and have it snatched away from you in the blink of an eye. Ethan doesn’t want that to happen to Shuis, not if she really loves Luis.

In the living room, Luis tells Theresa that he has nothing against the head over heels our of your mind crazy kind of love. Theresa thinks that he does. She says that it sounds like he thinks marriage is some kind of adult obligation that you put off for as long as you can, like waiting until April 15th to file your taxes. Luis tells her that love is more than the last page of a fairytale that says they lived happily ever after. Luis walks to the other side of the room and turns around to face Theresa again as he says, “Love is something that just happens. It gets you in that love clutch and you can’t do anything about it. It’s out of your control.” Theresa says that is great. Luis says, “Yeah, it is. Marriage is a serious commitment you’ve got to take your time with. It’s one major decision in your life that you have a say in. It’s one thing to stand in a church and look down the aisle at the person you love. It’s another thing to know that you can keep those promises you make at the end of the aisle. When I put that ring on Sheridan’s finger, I want to mean every word I say about loving, honoring and respecting her. I don’t want to mess it up. I just want it to be right.” As Sheridan opens the door to enter the living room, she overhears Luis say this to Theresa, “Now, do you understand why I don’t think that I can ask her to marry me?” Sheridan looks like she has been slapped as she closes the door without being seen.

Once again Sheridan opens the swinging door, only to hear Luis say, “I think the worst thing I can do would be to marry Sheridan.” Ethan come up behind Sheridan and hears what Luis said. He pulls Sheridan back into the kitchen and closes the door. Ethan says that every time he gives Luis the benefit of the doubt, he does something to make him want to deck Luis. Luis knows that you want to get married now so why can’t he just step up to the plate and do it? He thinks that he should just go out there and talk to Luis. Sheridan says not to. She feels that she has already put enough pressure on Luis about marriage. When the time is right she believes that Luis will ask. Ethan asks what she is going to do until that happens. Sheridan says that she will enjoy what she and Luis have together right now. Ethan urges her to at least tell Luis how she feels.

Luis smiles down at Theresa and tells her to go ahead and make her wedding plans. He is sure that it will be perfect no matter what the budget is. He decides to go talk to Sheridan. As he enters the kitchen, Sheridan is telling Ethan not to worry about her because she is happy just being with Luis. Theresa jumps in and tells Sheridan and Ethan that she and Luis had the best talk about marriage. Luis says that it took a while but he finally got Theresa to understand. Theresa finishes, “That my brother is way too conservative and too careful for his own good. In love, like in life you sometimes have to take a deep breath and step off the end of the pier. More than ever, I am convinced that the four of us will have the most perfect double wedding.” Luis looks exasperated with Theresa while Sheridan smiles shyly and looks hopeful. Ethan just smiles.

Luis says that he thought that she understood where he was coming from. Theresa says that he made her realize what a big deal a wedding is and taking on an enormous responsibility. Luis thinks that he has gotten through to her after all when she continues, “Which is why I am going to do all of the organizing and planning. Sheridan can pitch in on the music and flowers and everything if she wants to, but you, you just have to show up on the big day. You’ll see. This is going to be the most perfect double wedding that has ever happened in Harmony. Luis laughs and tells Ethan that he hopes he sees what he will be getting into if he marries Theresa. Ethan tells Luis that Theresa has made him a believer. When Theresa says something will happen, it usually happens. Luis looks at Sheridan and says that ET are two of a kind. So it seems. Luis replies, “Thank God that you and I are sensible enough not to base our future on a piece of paper in a fortune cookie.” Sheridan replies that she wouldn’t want to do that after what her fortune said. Luis goes to the refrigerator but turns to look at Sheridan, “Exactly! The important thing is not that my sister doesn’t understand why we are not ready to get married but that you and I do.” Ethan again advises Sheridan to tell Luis how she feels, really feels. He tells her that she should tell Luis that she wants to get married now but she says that she can’t. Luis has to want it on his own.

Having found what he was looking for in the refrigerator, Luis rejoins the others. He doesn’t know what to say to Theresa anymore. She tells him to just say YES. She tells the group that she dreamed of a double wedding and she is positive that it will happen. Ethan says that the best way to deal with Theresa is to just say “yes”. He turns to Luis and asks, “What’s it going to be, Luis, are you going to be wearing a tux or a cut a way?” Sheridan raises her eyebrows as she looks toward Luis for his answer.

Sheridan and Luis are dressed in their coats walking out the front door of the Lo-Fitz house. Luis asks Sheridan if she can believe those two and she replies that they certainly belong together. Luis looks rather awkwardly toward Sheridan as he announces that he will go get the car. As Sheridan stands in the front yard waiting for Luis, she says, “I wish Theresa could make a believer of Luis. I would give anything to have a double wedding.” She looks dreamily towards the heavens as she pulls her coat and scarf closer around her neck.

To be continued……….

No screen caps from this episode so I will repost caps from those wonderful "I love those feet" scenes.