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    Post Incomplete (Sheridan/Luis, Sam/Ivy/Grace, cast)

    From the UA vault, lol, I present a new (old) Sher/Luis story.

    Hey guys.

    I know some of you are anxiously awaiting updates to my other stories--I promise I'm still working on them even though I happen to be woefully stuck at the moment--and you're probably going WTH is UA doing posting another new story.

    Well, fear not.

    This is not a new story. This is, in fact, an old story. One of my firsts.

    I was going through some of my old stuff and come across some old notebooks I kept from the good ole U of A (where I have pieces of fics scribbled literally everywhere, lol). And in those notebooks, I found this story, appropriately titled "Incomplete."

    I started this story wwwwaaaayyyy back. It's actually one of the first fics I ever posted here. Somewhere along the way, though, my dearly departed first computer crashed, losing most of my typed chapters, and being a busy college student under the impression that this fic wasn't very popular, I just...never picked up back up. Even though I had a complete outline (and the beginnings of a sequel in my head, lol--yes, I've always thought in term of sequels). I never recovered the previously posted chapters, but in these notebooks, I do have the handwritten ones.

    And since I have a pretty healthy case of writer's block right now, and I'm desperate to post and get the juices flowing, you know what that means don't you?

    I've begun the process of re-typing them and cleaning them up a bit--write in complete sentences, hehe.

    Be warned, though, this is most assuredly (badfic) riddled with cliches and cheeze. Thank goodness I've (I think) seen some improvement over the years.

    The plan is to post a chapter a week, until I run out of pre-written chapters, and eventually finish up the story using the outline.

    Pairings in the story: Shuis (duh!), Savy (whoa!), Gram, Therethan, and pretty much all the pairings hinted at in the early days of the show.

    Rating: G-PG-13 masquerading as soft R

    Warnings: Full of cliches



    “Order in the court! Order in the court!” the Honorable Judge Henry Armstrong yelled.

    It was a futile effort.

    The courtroom was in an uproar, and no wonder.

    Sheridan Crane had just admitted to the murder of Martin Fitzgerald.

    There was no possible way things were going to get much calmer from here on out, he thought, running an impatient hand through his dark hair. No way in Hell, he realized, fixing his brown eyes on Sheridan’s suddenly small, trembling figure on the witness stand.

    Tears spilled from blue eyes that were dull as the story of her nightmares poured tonelessly from her lips. Her apology to Pilar, Luis, and the rest of the family, though, came out in a pitiful sob as her shoulders quaked in agony.

    He couldn’t take this much longer. Something had to give and soon. The last thing Sheridan needed or deserved was the townspeople’s condemning stares or anymore of Pierce Warren’s vile, vicious attacks. He clenched his fists in frustration.

    If only there were another way, any way but this. Another way to land the final blow and take the Cranes and their wavering house of cards down, a way less painful that didn’t destroy Sheridan’s life, no matter how shrouded in lies and falseness.

    Sheridan was the only innocent in that whole damn family; unfortunately, she didn’t know it.

    He knew her heart to be kind and loving and, at this very moment, shattering into a million tiny pieces as the last vestiges of her shaky world crumbled to dust around her.

    Yes, Sheridan was a fighter, a strong woman.

    But in his efforts to grow closer to her and gain access to her family’s innermost, dirty secrets, he had made an astonishing discovery: at heart, Sheridan was still the little girl of years passed on, desperately searching and yearning for the unconditional love she’d been robbed of when her mother died. Her life thus far had been sorely lacking in that regard, thanks to her no-good family. If there was any justice in this world, that would be just one of the many sins the Cranes paid for when he finally hit paydirt and broke this case wide open.


    Grace averted her blue eyes from the horrible scene unfolding on the witness stand; it was too heartbreaking.

    Sheridan had finally found true love and happiness only to have it ripped cruelly from her grasp in what amounted to a witch hunt.

    My God, thought Grace with the utmost sympathy. It was like they were burning her at the stake! No, she thought, as her eyes landed on the real witch, the woman who deserved this public torture much more than Sheridan did—the Ice Queen herself: Ivy Crane.

    There she sat beside her husband across the aisle, not a care in the world, seemingly unfeeling to the pain her own sister-in-law was in.

    Grace might have known; the woman cared for nobody but herself. And to think, she had opened her heart and her home to her, extended the offer of friendship in good faith. What a fool she had been, inviting the woman that coveted her husband more than anything in this world into her once happy life. What a fool indeed! The image of Ivy Crane and her beloved husband together was forever burned into Grace’s memory. If only she could erase the picture of their near-naked bodies in the beginning throes of passion from her memory.

    Sam had thrown Ivy from his arms as soon as he’d heard Grace’s gasp of surprise, and the guilt in his blue eyes was clear as he’d reached out to her and attempted to apologize with his pathetic excuses, but Ivy had felt no such remorse.

    Try as she might, Grace couldn’t forget the triumphant expression in Ivy’s cool blue eyes or the restraining hand she’d placed on Sam’s arm when Grace had fled the Amazing Grace as fast as her feet would carry her. That look of triumph haunted her waking and sleeping moments still.

    For the kids’ sake, Sam had remained in the house.

    But Grace could hardly bear to look at him, barely tolerate his touch, and when she felt what was supposed to be a comforting hand on her arm, all she felt was hollowness.

    Every look, every touch was a lie, and had always been.

    Unable to take it anymore, Grace slid out of her seat and made her escape, no one the wiser in the midst of all of the commotion. No one, that is, except the two people who had betrayed her heart and soul so badly she didn’t know if she’d ever recover.


    Sam’s heart sank when Grace flinched at his touch, and when she fled the courtroom, he wanted desperately to go after her. But he knew he could offer her no comfort, especially not now.

    Grace could hardly look at him, much less carry on a civilized conversation with him.

    The fault was entirely his. He was the one to blame for putting his wife through Hell. He didn’t know if he’d ever regain her trust or her respect again, but he did know one thing: he deserved to be punished for betraying their wedding vows.

    A weak man, he’d allowed himself to be worn down by Ivy’s amorous advances and had risked it all. The kids, their marriage, the life they had built together. Just to revel in the cheap sensations being with his first love caused him. Just to revisit a past that no longer held any relevance to his future.

    It all seemed so silly now, and the consequences served to remind him of that fact everyday.

    He and Ivy weren’t two young kids anymore. They weren’t in love and filled with the dreams of their youth; they were older, wiser, perhaps more cynical.

    Ivy was married to the devil, condemned to a life of loneliness.

    When he looked into her sad blue eyes, Sam couldn’t help the tug he felt at his heart because he knew, beyond all the bravado and come-on’s, was a woman desperately trying to recapture her youth and her youthful love. Sam knew, though, that they had changed too much. Too much had happened that they couldn’t take back, no matter how much they may have wanted to, and now, here he was, torn between two women: the wild, passionate love affair from his youth, and the gentle, compassionate mother of his children.

    If he were the man his father had been, he would stay true to his marriage; work things out with Grace.

    But he was only half the man his father had been, and Ivy had left an indelible impression in his heart, mind, and soul that he couldn’t deny.

    Not being totally honest with Grace from day one had been his biggest downfall, but he’d been too busy playing the macho man, protecting her.

    Holding his head in his hands as the commotion continued around him, Sam contemplated the mess he had made out of all of their lives.


    Ivy watched the little scene out of the corner of her eyes with feigned indifference. Inside, however, she rejoiced.

    Could this mean there was still a chance for her and Sam?

    Oh, how she hoped so.

    She so wanted to be rescued from her charade of a marriage.

    She wanted love. Not convenience. Not power. Not even money. Besides, she had quite a bit of money of her own.

    She wasn’t completely selfish; she felt a twinge of remorse for the hurt she knew she had caused Grace. But her heart went out to Sam.

    He was the one person she hoped with all of her might would be happy, and he clearly wasn’t. In fact, he looked quite miserable.

    She knew she could fix that. If only Sam would let her, she could make him happy again.

    But Sam seemed content to wallow in his guilt.

    Ivy knew Sam’s marriage to Grace was wobbling on shaky legs already with Sam’s reluctant revelation of her and Sam’s shared past. And even the saintly Grace was having a hard time forgiving and forgetting their little indiscretion on the Amazing Grace. Ivy wondered how their marriage would fare when she divulged the truth about Ethan.

    Surely, it’d stumble and crash into the ground, with Grace leaving Sam in the dust.

    When that day came, Ivy knew she’d be there to pick up the pieces, and Sam would be hers, just like he’d always been.

    All hers.


    Beside Ivy, Julian fumed silently. Here they were, in the midst of the courtroom listening to his sister’s sniffling testimony, and his wife was openly mooning over Chief Bennett when they needed to put on a concerned face for Sheridan and the press’s benefit. Gripping Ivy’s elbow tightly, he glared at her when a tiny, surprised yelp issued from her lips. He wasn’t going to stand for her publicly ogling another woman’s husband another instant!

    With another warning look at Ivy, Julian turned his head to see Sam Bennett holding his head in his hands. Serves him right, thought Julian with a smirk. It was only right that the good ole police chief be dealt his own hand of misery. It looked there was trouble in paradise. Sam Bennett and his sickeningly sweet and naïve housefrau were having marital problems. It was with great difficulty that Julian refrained from laughing aloud.

    He had a part to play, after all. The part of the concerned, shocked, but ultimately supportive brother.

    Sam Bennett and his kind were such lowly simpletons.

    Julian could not fathom whatever redeeming quality Ivy saw in them. As far as he was concerned, Sam and Grace were perfect for one another. What better punishment for the bothersome man than to be married to such a demure, dull creature? The thought of cohabitating with that woman made Julian shudder uncontrollably, and he glared at Ivy again when she arched her eyebrow at him.

    Dr. Eve Russell, on the other hand…she was something else altogether.

    It galled Julian to think that such a woman should be tied down to that inferior idiot, T. C.

    He was the high school gym teacher for God’s sake!

    Sighing, Julian had to wonder: whatever did his Evie see in that fool when he was hers for the asking?


    Completely unaware of Julian’s admiring, lustful gaze, Eve was riveted to the scene unfolding in front of her as Sheridan became more and more distressed with each biting question the prosecutor hurled at her. The poor young woman had passed her breaking point many minutes ago, and as her doctor, Eve was extremely worried about her mental and physical well-being. She found it hard to believe that Sheridan could withstand much more of this.

    Ethan’s valiant attempts to object failed miserably.

    Judge Armstrong was a lifetime rival—no, make that enemy—of the Crane family and everything they stood for, and as such, his distaste of the entire was becoming increasingly evident with each damaging question he allowed. The man was standing by and letting Pierce Warren railroad Sheridan with an evil smile threatening at the corners of his mouth.

    Eve could tell Pilar was greatly bother by the lawyer’s aggressive questions, and the hurt and pain they were obviously causing Sheridan.

    Though she had severed all ties with the Cranes, Pilar still held Sheridan—and Ethan—dear in her heart.

    From what Eve was able to ascertain in her few brief meetings with them herself, they deservedly held such a high place in Pilar’s esteem, Sheridan especially so.

    It was too bad that Luis didn’t seem to share his mother’s sentiments anymore.


    Luis could only sit, expressionless, while Warren, who clearly smelled blood, ripped into Sheridan, relishing each and every moment of her pain. His face didn’t show it, and he would never admit it, but he desperately wanted to stop the attorney’s attack on Sheridan. It killed him inside to see her cry; some small part of him still wanted to take her into his arms and kiss away all of her tears, rid her of her fears. After all, at one time, she’d meant a lot to him.

    She still meant a lot to his mother, though, and his beloved mother deserved no more pain.

    That was just one of the reasons why he should stop Warren. But, by that same token, he couldn’t stop him.

    Sheridan had lied to him. Betrayed his trust, his heart, his love.

    Pride kept him from putting a stop to the travesty unfolding.

    Sheridan had hurt him and his entire family deeply. Not telling them of her nightmares may have been a lie of omission, but it was a lie nonetheless.

    Her family was devious—pure evil.

    Luis knew he would stop at nothing to make them pay for costing him his father. He would allow nothing to get in the way of his quest for vengeance, not his conscience or his mother’s gentle pleas, not even his lingering feelings for one Ms. Sheridan Crane.

    The Cranes were poisonous to the good people of Harmony and everything else they came in contact with, and he was going to destroy them.

    All of them.


    With each tearful answer Sheridan gave, Pilar’s heart grew heavier. She knew, in her heart of hearts, that Sheridan had absolutely nothing to do with her Martin’s death.

    She had been just a child. An innocent child trapped within that mad family with no means of escape.

    No. Alistair and Julian had orchestrated Martin’s death all those years ago. Pilar just knew it. They were despicable human beings; Sheridan just happened to be their sacrificial lamb.

    Still, there was no proof, no real evidence to support Pilar’s suspicions, and she couldn’t get Luis to listen to reason anymore. Her son was on a mission to take the Cranes down, and Sheridan just happened to be the most vulnerable target.

    Luis hid his pain well, but Pilar was his mother, and she knew it was there, buied deep inside, buried from view of others when Julian fed him own sister to the wild, ravenous dogs with his testimony about that night days earlier.

    Pilar, herself, had no doubt Julian had perjured himself. Her faith was that strong in the beautiful little spirit had mothered as her own.

    Luis’s pain had remained buried when Ivy had unwittingly put the first nail in Sheridan’s coffin with her own recantation of her paltry knowledge of the events of so long ago.

    Pilar could only pray to God for His benediction—that the real truth come out soon.


    Luis’s stoic, unforgiving face hurt Sheridan infinitely more than all of the others. So, so much more, even more than all the hateful, probing questions. She guessed she deserved his hatred and rejection for not being totally truthful to him. She’d had countless opportunities to open up to him and lay it all out there.

    Santa Fe. Spain. Numerous occasions at the Youth Center.

    But she had selfishly kept her mouth shut when it became apparent to her that she was falling for him, hard. Harder than she had ever fallen before for any man, and harder than she would ever fall again; the truth of her heart known, the last time she would fall.

    Luis had her heart. Back then, now, and for always, and she knew she was never going to get it back.

    Slowly but surely, she was certain, he had begun to fall for her too, fall under the same magical spell. When he’d followed her to Spain, she’d known it be true.

    Their time in Spain was her most cherished memory. For the first time, she knew love—real, honest, true love.

    She’d wanted to know everything about the wonderful, loving, sexy man named Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, her Luis.

    Their happiness was too short, too fleeting, and it was only the beginning of the end when they’d returned home to Harmony.

    It was the beginning of a terrible nightmare that wouldn’t end.

    It was the moment that brought her whole world crumbling and crashing down around her.


    Anybody remember this story?

    Notice any changes? Improvements?

    Makes me kind of nostalgic, lol. Thanks for reading!!!

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    Post Re: Incomplete (Sheridan/Luis, Sam/Ivy/Grace, cast)

    As promised, a chapter each week.


    Chapter 1

    Four Months Previously…

    The pretty young blond had walked the shore in the twilight every night since her arrival days ago, mused the old man. His wife, Isabella, told him that her problems were problems of the heart, but he had a hard time believing that. It didn’t seem possible that such a beautiful young thing with so much charm and generosity could be plagued with such problems.

    But her blue eyes were sad. And she watched all the other young couples at their seaside inn with a wistfulness that couldn’t be mistaken.

    As such, it was no time before his Isabella had taken her—Sheridan, she called herself—under her wing, and his young granddaughter Claudia hung on every word as Sheridan thrilled them with tales of her many travels. Equally captivating to Claudia were the tales of a home called Harmony, a small place compared to the various other places Sheridan’d lived in her young lifetime, but a place that apparently had captured a large part of her heart.

    He wondered what made her leave a home she obviously missed. Turning to go back inside as her figure faded in the distance, he nearly knocked the young gentleman in his path over. Holding out a hand to steady the young man, he began to offer his apologies when Isabella appeared on the terrace behind the dark-haired stranger.

    Very quietly, Isabella said, “Ah. I see you found my husband, young man.” Turning to acknowledge him herself, she introduced their new guest. “This is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. From Harmony. He says he’s a friend of Ms. Sheridan.”

    The old man’s brows rose at the mention of the hometown spoken so longingly of, and he looked at the young man skeptically for a moment. But Luismet his gaze unflinchingly, and the old man could tell he wished no harm to their young friend. Nodding his head in approval, he cast his eyes to the waves that gently broke against the sand and muttered, “It’s about time. She’s down there walking along the shore.” Pointing in the direction he had last seen her, he studied the young man’s face again and found a grateful smile there.

    Luis quickly shook his hand in thanks and took the old stone steps to the sand below two at a time in his haste.

    Smiling, the old man pulled Isabella close and kissed the top of her head as she wrapped her arms around his waist, leaning into him with a contented sigh.


    Having stopped walking, Sheridan stood with her eyes cast heavenward admiring the stars and making the same wish she had made since she was a little girl. She wished for someone to love her, for someone to make her dreams, every last one of them, come true.

    Closing her eyes, she thought about Luis back home in Harmony.

    She’d never expected to fall in love with him, especially not after the way she’d crashed into his life.

    He’d been rude, arrogant, and had held a grudge against her family.

    But it had happened anyway when she discovered the real man during the course of her community service at the Youth Center. She’d discovered the real Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and fallen hopelessly in love with a man that could never love her back.

    Or could he?

    It didn’t matter now, she thought, hugging her arms around herself. She’d ruined any chance they might have had together by doing what she’d always done best: running away.

    She’d run away, again, all because of those stupid nightmares, nightmares that had haunted her since she’d been a child.

    Her wish upon a star would never come true because she didn’t want just any man to make her dream come true, to love her. She wanted only one: Luis. And if she couldn’t have him…

    “I’ll never have love. Not with the man I want,” Sheridan whispered softly into the night. “He doesn’t even like me. There’s no way he could ever love me.” She gasped when she heard the voice of her dreams answer behind her.

    “That’s not true. You’ll have love; you’ve already got it. You just don’t realize it.”

    Slowly, afraid this moment was just another crazy dream of hers, Sheridan turned and found herself gazing into the deep brown eyes of the man of her dreams. She searched his eyes with her hopeful blue ones and blinked in astonishment at what she found there, unbelieving that it could possibly be true.

    Luis gently took her hand and linked his fingers with hers before bringing it up to his lips and kissing it. Releasing her hand, he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and smiled when she leaned into his touch, her eyes fluttering shut. Bringing his other hand up, he cupped her face in both of his hands and ran his thumbs gently across her lips as he stared into her now open, glittering blue eyes. “You’re so beautiful,” he breathed, leaning ever closer to her parted lips, “and I love you.”

    Tears of happiness slipped down Sheridan’s cheeks as Luis gave her the most tender, passionate kiss of her life.

    Luis wiped her tears away when they pulled apart, smiling at her when she finally spoke, wonderment coloring her tone.

    “You kissed me. And told me you loved me. If this is a dream, I never want to wake up.” Throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tight, she exclaimed, “Oh, Luis! I love you too.” She laughed in delight as he lifted her slightly in his embrace, twirling her ‘round and ‘round.

    “This isn’t a dream, Sheridan,” Luis promised. “I’m here to stay.”


    Returning to her room after their romantic moonlit stroll, they talked about everything.

    Sheridan was anxious to learn all there was to know about Luis—all f his favorite things, the stories of his childhood. She asked question after question, her blue eyes sparkling more with each new discovery. Throughout their little question and answer session, neither let go of the other’s hand. The connection was still too new, and Sheridan didn’t want to let go of Luis, not even for a minute lest he fade into thin air like the dream she still half believed him to be. He was just too good to be true, and she told him so, making him laugh in response.

    Gently tracing Sheridan’s jawline with his fingertips, Luis searched her eyes. “What do I have to do to convince you that this is real? That at this very moment I find myself staring into the most beautiful blue eyes in the world, wondering how I ever got so lucky to have you come crashing into my life? Tell me, Sheridan. What will it take, sweetheart, to convince you that I really do love you and I’m not some figment of your imagination? Because I’ll do anything. Anything for you.”

    Letting out the shaky breath she’d been holding, Sheridan launched herself into Luis’s waiting arms again. “Oh, Luis,” she cried into his shoulder, making a desperate wish that she’d be in his arms, always.

    Luis smiled to himself, wrapping his arms around her tightly and breathing in the addictive scent of her perfume. He thought giddily to himself how much he loved the scent of her perfume, her brilliant smile, her competitive nature. Hell, he was fast beginning to realize he loved absolutely everything about her, and though the thought recalled memories of Theresa’s cheesy romance novels, he didn’t care because it was true. Awash in contentment, Luis leaned back to kiss her lightly on the forehead before settling her more firmly in his embrace.

    Sheridan, meanwhile, absentmindedly traced patterns on his shirt, right above his heart, with no idea of the effect she was having on him until Luis stilled her motions with one hand.

    Bringing her hand up to his lips, Luis tenderly kissed her knuckles, noting the way her eyelids drooped heavily. “I think it’s about time you hit the sack. You can hardly keep your eyes open, and I’m getting a little tired myself. Come on. Up you go, Sheridan. Time for bed.” Feeling her shake her head before she buried her face in the crook of his neck and squeezed him tighter, Luis gently admonished her. “Sheridan, we can’t stay like this forever.” Finally, giving up on convincing the most stubborn woman he had ever met, Luis rose to his feet, lifting her easily in his arms. He grinned at her tiny gasp of surprise and carried her from her balcony into her bedroom where he lay her down against its soft surface.

    A single red rose lay between the two pillows, and Sheridan’s eyes lit up as she brought it up to her nose to inhale its fragrant scent. “Isabella,” she told Luis.

    “The old woman who thinks so highly of Ms. Sheridan she kept letting me know she would not stand for me hurting her?” Luis lifted an amused brow.

    Sheridan smirked in answer. “One and the same. She’s so sweet, Luis. You do know why she put this here, don’t you? She thought…”

    Luis looked a bit embarrassed as he said, “Well…it’s not like it hasn’t crossed my mind.” He gained more confidence as he told her, “I want it to be perfect though, Sheridan. A night you’ll never forget. This is far from perfect, not nearly perfect enough for you. Besides, we’re both way too tired for that right now. But tomorrow…” The look in Luis’s dark eyes more than made his implication clear.

    Sheridan blushed furiously under his intent gaze, growing frustrated with her adolescent behavior where Luis concerned.

    Luis thought her all the more adorable for it and leaned in to steal a goodnight kiss, careful not to let things go too far.

    Sheridan pouted as he pulled away. “Stay with me, Luis? Hold me? Please.”

    Luis let her stew over it for a bit before he leaned in to kiss the tip of her nose then her candy sweet lips again, teasing, “Okay. But only if you can keep your hands to yourself.” When Sheridan’s giggles reverberated through the little room, he couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. He found himself still grinning from ear to ear later, after she’d changed into her nightgown and he’d stripped down to his boxers. Questioning the intelligence of them sharing a bed at the first sight of her in her silky, ivory gown, Luis realized they had a long night ahead of them because he was going to be the one who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Nevertheless, he opened his arms to her, and it was one of the most wonderful feelings in the world to have her snuggled up against him.

    Arm draped lightly across Luis’s bare chest, Sheridan pressed her ear to his heart and felt herself relax completely.

    Soon, Luis felt her breathing even out and knew she was not long from sleep. Brushing her blond hair from her eyes, Luis whispered of his love. A contented smile settled on his face when he heard her mumbled, sleep-rough answer.

    “Mmm. Love you too, Luis.”

    “Goodnight, Angel,” Luis kissed her forehead once more, drifting off to dreamland himself.

    So...warned you about the cliches, didn't I?


    And that this fic wouldn't be winning any awards anytime soon?

    I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. As for me, reposting it has made me nostalgic for the good ole times.

    Until next week.

    Thanks to those that responded to the previous post; I'll do my best to reply to your messages soon.

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    Post Re: Incomplete (Sheridan/Luis, Sam/Ivy/Grace, cast)

    New chapter.

    No. Those aren't couples in the titles.


    Just the interactions included herein.


    Until next week.

    Chapter 2

    In the living room of the Crane Mansion, Ivy Crane reclined against the soft cushions of the sofa, quite boredly flipping through a magazine Theresa had left behind earlier that morning when she had given the girl the day off. Her heart was particularly heavy today, and she didn’t want to bring everyone else down. That didn’t mean she didn’t wish her dear son were near.

    But Ethan was with Gwen in New York City, keeping her company while she helped her father iron out all of the kinks in their latest business deal. And Sheridan was in Spain—with Luis.

    A thoughtful expression played upon Ivy’s face as she remembered the combination of fear and happiness on Pilar’s own face that morning when she’d revealed the details of Luis’s phone call yesterday. At least someone was happy, Ivy mused with a sad smile, and it couldn’t have happened to two more deserving people. Too bad Pilar was letting her worry for Luis’s well-being rule over the joy Ivy knew she wanted to be able to revel in.

    Damn Julian and Alistair!

    Disgust filled Ivy anew as she recalled Julian’s reaction to the news that Luis had followed Sheridan all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain.

    Julian had scoffed at the suggestion that Luis gone through such lengths to track Sheridan down because he loved her; he had insisted, quite nastily, that Pilar’s son was only using Sheridan for her position in society and to gain some of her money for himself.

    There followed a heated argument before Julian stomped off to his study to talk with his father, and that’s where he had remained for the last several hours, no doubt scheming with Alistair to tear the young, unsuspecting couple apart, just like Sam and she had been torn apart many, many long years ago.

    Sam was never far from Ivy’s thoughts, but today, when she felt such regret for the road her life had traveled, she was flooded with memories of their past. She missed Sam so much, and seeing him around town with Grace tortured her. Even harder to Ivy was the apparent fact that he seemed to have put their love behind him and truly move on when she found herself in limbo unable to forget him as easily—especially with Ethan as a constant reminder of the feelings they’d shared between them.

    Sighing, Ivy discarded the magazine and rose from her seat. She was going to drown in her despair if she dwelled on it any longer, and she refused to do that. To get her mind off of Sam and the dismal state of her life, Ivy decided she needed to go out. A change of scenery, anywhere but the Mansion, could be just the respite she was desperate to find, and picking up her purse on her way through the foyer, she did just that, opening and closing the door behind her without a word goodbye.

    As soon as the door had closed behind Ivy, Pilar emerged from the shadows, her hands clasped worriedly before her.

    Mrs. Crane—Ivy—was in a terrible state today.

    Pilar could only hope the woman didn’t do anything foolish because on days like today there was no way to predict her next move. With a silent prayer to keep trouble away, Pilar sighed and went about her housekeeping duties.


    In the back of the Book Café, Kay and Simone huddled in a booth, quietly discussing the most important thing in their lives—at that moment in time, anyhow: getting Miguel and Chad to notice them and fall utterly and madly in love with them. It was their most fond wish in this life, and according to Kay, all the lives in their pasts.

    She was exaggerating, of course, but Simone was used to her flair for the dramatic. Knowing Kay, maybe she had loved Miguel in a past life; she certainly was obsessed with him now. But a major obstacle stood in the way of Kay’s dream: the sunny blond Pollyanna who had won the whole town over, Miguel especially. Charity.

    At least, Simone decided gratefully, she didn’t have a living, breathing person standing in the way of her getting Chad. Waving to the man in question at a nearby table, she positively beamed when he smiled and waved back.

    Chad Harris truly was the greatest guy she had ever met.

    Simone could not understand why he didn’t have a girlfriend, but she couldn’t help but feel relieved. She wanted so much to be his girl. That’s why she was helping Kay with Miguel. She needed to get Chad to notice her. Who better to help her than her best friend?


    “Whitney?! Are you paying attention to me? Hey Whit. Earth to Whitney,” Theresa singsonged, waving her hand in front of her best friend’s face.

    Whitney finally snapped out of her daze, answering her with a confused frown. “Huh? Oh. I’m sorry, Theresa. What were you saying?”

    “Obviously nothing too important,” Theresa huffed. “What’s got you so spaced out?”

    Shaking her head as if to clear it, Whitney took a moment to reply. “Oh, Nothing. Not anything important anyway. Finish telling me everything Luis said when he called. Did things work out okay?”

    Theresa got a big, dreamy smile on her face as she gushed, “Oh, Whitney. It’s so romantic…”

    Whitney’s attention strayed again as she noticed Chad in the back of the Book Café talking to Simone and Kay, who only moments before had captured her attention.

    The pair were thick as thieves, as usual.

    Kay always managed to arouse Whitney’s suspicions, and now, watching Simone fawn over Chad and Kay smirking at them both, she couldn’t help but wonder. She didn’t know why it bothered her so much to see Chad being so nice to her little sister. It’s not like she even liked the guy. Turning her focus back to Theresa, Whitney was just in time to hear her excited squeal.

    “Whit! Look. There’s Mrs. Crane. Maybe she changed her mind and she needs me to plan some grand party or something. Wait here while I go see what she wants.”

    Whitney tried to stop Theresa—Mrs. Crane didn’t look like she felt like talking to Theresa or anyone for that matter, much less having a party—but her exuberant friend wouldn’t have it. The appeal to Theresa’s job escaped Whitney; she just could not fathom what was so great about being someone’s personal assistant. But Theresa loved her job, and she guessed that’s all that mattered. Finally, something in this world meant more to Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald than marrying Ethan Crane. In fact, Whitney couldn’t remember the last time, Ethan and marriage had been mentioned in the same sentence by Theresa. “What?” she wondered when Theresa returned to their table, looking deflated.

    “She doesn’t need me for anything,” Theresa moped. “She just stopped by for some coffee.”

    “Well, Theresa, I could have told you that,” Whitney responded gently. “She looks like something is bothering her. Maybe you should give her some privacy.”

    Theresa looked back to where Ivy now sat, alone, and seemed to consider Whitney’s suggestion, finally declaring, “You’re right, Whit. She does look sad. I wonder what’s wrong?”

    Whitney looked into her friend’s concerned brown eyes and said reassuringly, “Probably just one of those days. Everybody has them. I’m sure she’ll be okay. Don’t worry.” Glancing down at her wristwatch, she continued. “Come on, Theresa. We better hurry if we’re going to catch that movie.”

    Gathering their things, they left the Book Café, saying one last goodbye.

    Thanks to those of you still reading!!!

    Next week's chapter promises to have more gooey, cheezy Shuis so don't miss it.

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    Post Re: Incomplete (Sheridan/Luis, Sam/Ivy/Grace, cast)

    Quick explanation of my absence (and failure to keep my promise about the posting of this story) can be found prior to the latest post in the Believe thread.

    Sorry for the lateness of this post.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Remember, it's cheeze at its finest.

    Chapter 3

    Watching the young couple frolicking in the waves like children, Claudia laughed. She was still laughing when her grandmother came up behind her.

    “Young love. It’s so sweet,” she murmured, with much warmth in her voice. “Our Ms. Sheridan has herself a fine, handsome young gentleman.”

    “Yes,” Claudia replied dreamily. “He’s all those things and more.” Longing in her green eyes, she remarked, “I hope I meet a wonderful man like him in my future.”

    Cupping her young granddaughter’s cheek in the palm of her hand, Isabella promised, “You will, my love. Your prince will come along and sweep you off of your feet. You’ll see. But you must have patience. The right man will come to you.” Giving Claudia an affectionate pat on the head, Isabella turned to go back inside the inn.

    “Thank you,” Claudia called after her grandmother, smiling when she responded by waving her off without a second glance. Her grandmother always knew the right thing to say, she thought as she turned back to the scene at the beach, feeling her heart catch and do a funny little flutter inside of her chest as she recognized true love in Sheridan and Luis. Feeling like she was intruding on their privacy by watching them so intently, she too soon turned to leave—and dream about her own Prince Charming.


    “Luis!” Sheridan sputtered as she resurfaced. “You sneak! You’re going to pay, Mister. Big time,” she threatened.

    Luis only scoffed at her, dark eyes dancing as he took in her wet hair and clothes. It certainly looked like he had the upper hand, and he told her so gloatingly. “And just how are you going to manage that? Sheridan, I’m much bigger and stronger than you. You’ll never take me down.”

    “Oh yeah?” Sheridan bristled at Luis’s claims. “Are you saying I’m weak, Luis?” She challenged him to take his earlier words back, fire in her vivacious blue eyes.

    Luis recognized that look and grinned broadly at her. “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” Tilting his head consideringly, he said her name in low warning. “I know you’re up to something. Tell me,” he demanded as she came closer and closer to him.

    “Nothing, Luis,” Sheridan purred, slipping her arms around his neck and bringing her lips within inches of his own.

    Luis knew better than to trust her, but he couldn’t concentrate when she was so close that he could feel her breath hot on his face. Add that to the fact that her wet clothes were practically translucent, teasingly hinting at what was beneath, and Luis couldn’t concentrate on anything else but her nearness and the feel of her body so close to touching his own. He sucked in a startled breath of air when she traced her finger teasingly across his lips and felt his heart start to beat triple time beneath his ribcage.

    Sheridan, for her part, smiled when she saw Luis’s eyes grow dark with desire. She rubbed her nose lightly against his and enticed him with tiny, pressure-less playful kisses, pulling away before Luis could press his lips more insistently against her own. Her lips curved further upward at his helpless groan of frustration, and she leaned in again, only to pull away before Luis could touch his mouth to hers.

    She was driving him crazy, and she knew it; finally, Luis had had enough. Sliding his arms down from her waist to her hips, he hauled her firmly against him, the evidence of his growing desire for her obviously taking her off-guard. He didn’t give her much time to do more than gasp in surprise before he plundered her mouth with kisses that were anything but playful.

    Luis kissed her deeply, thoroughly, and Sheridan could do no more than melt into his arms and hold on for dear life. The kiss seemed to take on a life of its own, stretching on forever, until it ended with Luis breaking away, literally panting for air.

    Breathlessly, he laughed at the stunned expression on Sheridan’s face and the blue eyes clouded with yearning. Running his hands back up her arms, he then cupped her face in his hands and kissed her again, this time slow and sweet and tenderly. At least it started out that way. He didn’t count on her delving her small hands into his damp hair and responding like she did, and he certainly didn’t predict the way he was powerless to control his own response, his large hands curving around her neck to pull her closer. They quickly lost control of the kiss, leaving Luis so blinded by his passion that he never saw what was coming next.

    With her bruised and swollen lips hovering mere inches over Luis’s own mouth, Sheridan gave Luis a blistering look before kissing her way along his jaw and sensitive neck en route to his ear. “I gotcha, Supercop. Big time.”

    Luis didn’t have time to register the meaning of her words before he went under. When he came back up, he could hear her laughter as she waded inland, and a smile took over his face.

    Nobody ever said life with Sheridan was going to be boring or predictable.

    Luis found himself looking forward to the adventure.

    Until next week (keep those fingers crossed).


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