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    Cool Richmond

    Wow, Richmond was a really excting race. I never expected to see "the big one" there! So many cars taken out because of that wreck.

    Tigger if you are like my husband you would probably like to book a ticket to anywhere Kyle Busch might be and whack him a good one. We were at my Mom's house and John really had trouble containing himself. He would normally be screaming at the television and using a few choice words. He said when we were coming home that his tongue hurt from biting

    We are going to Darlington next weekend! I am so excited. We have great seats right in front of the pits and the start/finish line. After what happened this weekend I think Darlington is gonna be a blast!!!!

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    Re: Richmond

    Oh my gosh! I wanted to kill him! My kids were all laughing and saying it was a good thing we weren't there or you'd see our car come racing onto the track to take out Busch! Lol
    I'm sorry, they can say it was just a "racing deal" all they want but I called it way back when Jr passed him for second, I said the way Busch is racing he's gonna wreck Jr! And sure enough he did. And again, sorry but I honestly believe that hamlin stayed out on purpose to try to bring out the caution to help his teammate. If he would've gone to the pits Jr would've won the race. I'm so glad that Busch didn't win it after his reckless driving stunt! Typical of him though.
    My blood pressure still hasn't settled down from that one.
    Have a great time next weekend!

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    Re: Richmond

    what a race gals! i honestly felt bad for denny having a flat after such a dominating race, but he should have pitted instead of pulling the stunt he did. glad to see NASCAR stick him with a 2 lap penalty for it.

    then i was cheering on jr with the rest of jr nation (b/c i had him in my fantasy leauge of course). the disappointment in his post-race comments was so evident. i really felt bad for him. "racing incident" - hard to tell, only kyle knows for sure. so glad kyle didn't end up winning the race. great to see bowyer in victory lane.

    had a great week in my fantasy league, i was high scorer. had hamlin, jr, martin & kvapil. can't imagine what my score might have been if hamlin hadn't had tire trouble.

    have a good week girls!

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    Post Re: Richmond

    I'm going to try and sound like a sane Dale Jr fan, the fanatics are out in full force and honestly, racin' thang or not, Kyle should really go hide somewhere.

    I was absolutely heartbroken last night, I thought Dale had it, I really, really did. I was on my feet and I sat down just as fast, but not before I let out a string of words that shouldn't be heard from anyone's mouth. I hope my neighbors weren't home.

    Denny pulling the caution...dumb dumb dumb, I'm sure he now realizes it would have been more beneficial to pit long before he did...that caution changed the outcome of the race.
    I'm going to hold my tongue on this until I hear Denny's side.
    I really hope he was doing it for himself and not to help Kyle.
    I wouldn't be surprised to hear penalties for Denny Monday or Tuesday, other drivers have done the same and been penalized. (Dale,Jr included

    The common sense side of me wants to say that this the Kyle/Dale Jr incident was a "racin' thang", but after hearing Kyle's comments after the Nationwide race (and his postrace Richmond interview) I'm beginning to think he tried to make it look like a racin' thang, but it was totally intentional.

    Oh well, what's done is done and nothing can undo it, so on to Darlington

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    Re: Richmond

    Hey MelisaL,
    No need to try to sound sane, imo.
    I'm so sick of hearing people talk about "Jr Nation" and how this or that is because "it's Jr" blah, blah, blah!
    I was a Jr fan long before there was a "Jr Nation" and the simple fact is that to me, and to everyone else in "Jr Nation" he is our favorite driver, pure and simple! Just as any other fan would be outraged if their driver were wrecked in the same way by anyone, we have a right to be upset that "Rowdy" Busch's reckless driving took out our driver! Where do you think he got a nickname like that? Because he's reckless. How many drivers has he run over like he did to Jr? And how many times is Nascar just going to let it go and not charge him with being aggressive?
    Like I said above, I totally called it. I was excited but terrified to see Jr racing with Busch because I could see that the way Busch was driving he was going to wreck him. I was thrilled to see Jr drive away where Busch couldn't get to him. Then when I saw Hamlin not pitting despite losing so many positions I knew he was trying to deliberately cause a caution. Regardless of whether he did it to help his teammate or to help himself, he is also to blame for what happened and he should be penalized, big time, to show that this behavior will not be tolerated! No one in Nascar doubts that he did it to help Busch who had no chance of catching Jr without a caution, I don't doubt it either, but it doesn't matter, his actions cost a team a win and everything that goes with it, 10 bonus points on Sunday, the point difference between 1st and 15th, 10 bonus points when the chase resets, etc...
    Again, as soon as I saw that Hamlin wasn't pitting I knew exactly how the rest of the race was going to play out and I was sick inside hoping that I would be proven wrong, but instead the shrub proved me right. And reminded my why I can't stand the Busch brothers!
    Sorry if I don't sound sane, I don't feel very sane. Even three days later. Do I think Busch deliberately wrecked Jr? Not really, I just think he doesn't really care if he wrecks someone or not, he just runs reckless and lets whatever happens happen. As Mikey put it Monday, he has no respect for the leader of a race.
    I don't think it's the common sense side of you that wants to say it was just a racin' thing. I think it's the side of you that is bowing down to those who think anyone who's a Jr fan is unreasonable, but I don't care, it's not just Jr, he's wrecked other drivers in the same manner before and the pure and simple of it to me is he just doesn't have any respect for other drivers, it's all about him. One of the reasons Jr is my fave driver is because he would rather lose than wreck someone, and if he does cause a wreck, he takes responsibility for it and apoligizes. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so respectful of other drivers, but most of the time I am so proud of him for it.
    Here's hoping for a better week!


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