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Thread: Nascar

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    Post Nascar

    Michigan International Speedway.
    My husband employer is supposed to give each employee tickets to MIS.
    The is a beautiful track and is my son's and I favorite.
    We have drove by the track many times. It was an Indy car track for many years; till they went to NASCAR.
    Who is your favorite driver?
    What driver do you like the least?
    My son's favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson.
    I so would give anything for him to meet Jimmie Johnson.
    Race on NASCAR fans KAT

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    Re: Nascar

    Huge welcome to the NASCAR board Kat!

    My husband is a die-hard Ford man, so I'm a Ford girl "by marriage". I was the biggest Mark Martin fan until he broke my heart when he switched to DEI. Now I cheer on Carl Edwards every week. Manufacturers aside, I like Dale Jr.'s attitude, have always respected Jeff Burton & I think Elliot Sadler is dreamy! I also follow Bowyer and McMurray b/c they're local boys.

    Least favorites: Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart & Jimmie Johnson (Your son & I can be friendly rivals!)

    We've been to the Kansas Speedway several times & to Texas once. I'd love to go to a short track race sometime.

    Glad you posted Kat!

    Kelly (aka shortness)

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    Re: Nascar

    Glad you posted Kat, welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy the race, should be a good one!
    My fave driver is Dale Jr! Love his attitude, love his driving! My least favorite would be any driver with the last name Busch. lol don't know what it is about those Busch boys but I just can't stand them.

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    Post Re: Nascar

    My favorite driver is Jeff Gordon and has been since he started.I think he is just an overall nice guy. I like him .My youngest son is 16 and has been a Jeff Gordon fan since he was 3.
    My grandson is 5 and loves Jeff Gordon too. He went to the store with me the other day and saw a Jeff Gordon poster and said "hey grandma it's Jeff Gordon we want him to win don't we"?
    Least favorite would be anyone named Busch arrghhh.
    I am not a Junior fan but do like him as a person. I am also glad he joined the Hendrick team. It's just too funny because so many Junior fans talked bad about the Hendrick team all the time.Lol I think with the Hendrick team behind him Junior could have a very good shot at the title this year.


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