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Thread: I am so new at this

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    Red face I am so new at this

    Hello ladies:
    I am so new at this I not sur what to do.
    I truly would like to be apart of this.
    I am going to fight for time on this computer; betwwen my 17 year old and my husband there leaves no time for me.
    I have been running nearly 7 days a week with getting errands and bills paid and my son having baseball practice and my daughter haveing softball practice and finally my 17 year old always going somewhere and going grocery shopping. I have no time for myself.
    Hope to get some new friends here.
    You know what I am going to make time for me and let my husband run the kids to practice and my 17 old to her friends.
    I am going to fight fo my computer.
    Hope to hear from you ladies soon.

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    Re: I am so new at this

    Welcome Kat. I get the computer when the kids are in school or after they head to good luck with yours!

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    Re: I am so new at this

    Hi Kat. Welcome to the " Getting up in the middle of the night to use the computer club". I think that Dell are making one now that has a " Mum's excluded" sticker on it. We still love them to pieces though don't we...that's what mum's do!


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