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Thread: Katie/Storm/shooting (SPOILERS):

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    Unhappy Katie/Storm/shooting (SPOILERS):


    I was off work today and turned on The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Talk about a tear-jerker!

    When they said there was no hope for a heart for Katie and it showed Storm all alone, looking at childhood pictures of his sisters and remembering them as little girls, you figured where this was going.

    When Bridget offered to go find Storm before they turned off the life support, I said to myself "they're going to hear a gunshot". Sure enough....................

    I sat here and cried like a baby.

    Anyone else get all choked up while watching this?

    This reminds me of the General Hospital story where Maxie needed a heart and her cousin BJ was badly injured in the school bus accident and was brain dead. Frisco & Felicia rejoiced when they heard that a heart was found in the nick of time. Then they learned that BJ died in the accident and suddenly the horror of the situation set in. Their little niece died and their daughter was going to get her heart.

    The most heartbreaking scene was Tony (BJ's dad) putting his head down on the bandaged chest of his niece, Maxie, to hear his own little girl's heart beating inside her chest.

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    Post Re: Katie/Storm/shooting (SPOILERS):

    I didn't even know that Storm is dead now and he must have been leaving the show.


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