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Thread: Matters of the heart

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    Theresa got home late and Noah fell asleep waiting for her to get home. he was having a really crazy dream. he was dreaming of a bride he was waiting at a church waiting for her to walk down the aisle. he couldn;t see her face. He tried to touch her face but he couldn't. He woke up and sat up like he was being shot out of a canyon. He was breathing heavy.
    T: what is it
    N: I just had the craziest dream
    T: A nightmare
    N: No but for some reason it disturbed me
    He told Theresa his dream
    T: That doesn't sound scary
    N: Yea its not but it just distrubed me
    T: its ok
    N: I need something to drink
    he walked downstairs and got a drink of scotch
    T: Noah i don't understand why this is such a bad thing
    N: I don;t know but it scared me for some reason
    T: I don't see why it would
    N: I don't know lets go back to bed
    Noah didn't dream the rest of the night. The phone rang early the next morning
    N: Hello he answered sleepily
    theresa moved next to him
    P: Noah its me
    N: Paloma
    P: Sorry to wake you but i will be in harmony in a few hours
    N: What i thought u were supposed to be gone for a few more days
    P: I was but they cut it short
    N: oh ok well i had a strange dream last night
    He told her about it
    P: That is weird
    N: Do u think it has something to do with my memory.
    P: I don't know maybe hey can u pick me up from the airport
    N: Sure when is that at
    P: Um meet me there in 2 hrs.
    N: Sounds good
    They hung up
    N: Paloma's coming home today now we are going to have to be careful
    T: Yea i guess so
    N: Lets get in one last round before she gets home
    They made love twice then Noah went and showered. Theresa went with Noah to pick up Thersa. They had the limo drive them. They kissed all the way there and almost made love again but they were almost to the airport by then. They waited for Paloma to get off her plane.

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    Ch. 10
    Noah saw Paloma get off her airplane. They were waiting in the lobby for her. She ran to Noah.
    P: God I missed you
    N: Its great yur back.
    P: Oh Theresa u didn't have to come with Noah
    T: Not come to see my sister home
    She hugged Theresa and turned back to Noah
    P: Its so great to see u
    She gave him a long passionate kiss. Theresa tensed up and took a deep breath and Noah pulled away
    N: Alright lets go
    he grabbed her bags and then took the limo home. Paloma practically sat on top of him
    P: Am i being too smothering?
    N: A little can u give me some room to breathe
    P: yea i'm sorry
    N: its ok
    They got home and Noah carried her bags inside. Theresa made some tea and they all sat down and had tea.
    P: So what did u guy do while i was gone
    N: Work and hung out a little bit.
    P: Like what did u guys do
    T: We went out to dinner a couple times and thats about it
    P: Oh sounds like fun
    T: Yea i guess
    P: Well I am tired Noah will u come to bed with me
    N Yea sure see ya later Theresa
    T: Yea night
    P: Night sis
    Noah and Paloma went up to the bedroom. They got into bed and Paloma kissed him. He kissed her back. She was a good kisser. Then she started kissing him and turning him on
    N: paloma what are u doing
    P: Noah i want u to make love to me
    N: no i really don't want to
    P: Thats not what yur body is sayong
    N: No I really can't
    he couldn't help himself. She was pretty and had a great body. He was just about ready to enter paloma when he said N: I Need a condom
    P: No just cum in me i don't care
    N: Alright
    They made love twice and they finally fell asleep. Noah had a different dream this time. He dremt he was alone at the alter and then Paloma came down the aisle. She was very pregant and he thought they were married. he had a ring on his finger. Then he had a dream of Paloma and him on the beach and they were making love. Something he didn't remember. he didn't know if he was dreaming or if it was a memory. The next morning he woke up sweating.
    P: Noah wake up yur sweating is everything ok
    N: I had a dream
    P: What was this ome about
    N: Did we ever go to a beach and make love
    P: yea once
    N: I had a dream we were on a beach making love
    P: I think yur starting to remember
    N: Paloma i still don't feel that way about u
    P: Oh i understand its ok in time u will I beleive it
    N: Well i hope u do for the both of us
    Noah got up and got in the shower. Paloma wanted to join him but he said he wanted to be alone. he was taking a shower. Then he started getting images of him and Paloma but they were evry little ones and he didn't want to get her hopes up so he didn't say anything. He went downstairs and Paloma got in the shower
    T: Hey u going to work with me today
    N: Not today maybe tomorrow i got some things i want to do today.
    He left Paloma a note and left. First he went to see his dad. He got to his dads house.|
    S: Son whats up
    N: Dad I think i am getting my memory back
    S: Well thats good
    N: Well I have visions but they are really little ones and i still don't love Paloma
    S: Lets go to Dr Eve she might be able to help us
    So they drove to the hospital. They got there and asked for Eve
    E: noah sam what can i do for you
    N: Well I am having visions little clips of ones and i asked Paloma about the dream I had and she said we did that
    E: Well maybe u r starting to get yur memory back
    N: I still don't love Paloma I am in love with someone else and still am
    E: Hon don't lead her on u might need to tell her that u don't want to be with her because its not fair to her thats my advise
    N: Well thanks but what do u think this is
    E: Well to be honest i thought u should of had yur memory back now but maybe its happening. try to really go into these memories thats all i can say good luck
    they left
    S: So what are u going to do about U an theresa
    N: I don;t know dad I hate hurting Paloma but I am crazy in love with Theresa she has everything
    S: Well u need to do something
    N: I know dad
    He went home he knew he would be alone. No one was there. He sat there and wanted to see if any memories came to him. Nothing. Paloma came home first
    They had some tea and talked about her day. It was uneventful. Paloma went to bed before Noah did. Theresa called and told Paloma she would be home late she had a meeting. Noah went to bed and tossed and turned he wondered what was happening with him.

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    Ch. 11
    Noah hadn't really been talking to anyone. he was trying to figure out if he was getting his memory back. he tired to go into his mind when the memories happened. they vanished so quickly and didn't come back. He was so confused. One dau Paloma couldn't stand it any longer.
    P: Noah snap out of it are u ever going to try
    N: What are u talking about I am trying
    P: no yur not u have been sitting there for a couple of days
    N: Well I am trying to read into these memories unless u don't want me to remember
    P: Of course i do I thought u would of remembered me by now
    N: Sorry Paloma but i can't do anything about it
    P: U know what Noah I just don't really feel like you are trying too hard and its pissing me off
    She left the room and Noah sat alone and Theresa came up behind him
    T: Hey Noah whats up
    N: nothing Paloma is mad at me and I just keep having these crazy visions and I think i am starting to get my memory back and its giving me a headache.
    T: I think I know how to help
    It had been awhile and she did look stunning. they went upstairs and they were kissing upstairs and they went to her bedroom. She pushed her agaist the door and felt her up instanly.
    T: Noah she whispered don't stop
    N: I don't want to he said
    he carried her to the bed
    T: Condom put it on
    N: I don't want to I want to wait
    T: Yes i don't need to get pregant but right now who cares
    They made love twice and then they came out of the bedroom and Threresa kissed him one last time before she went to work when Paloma walked out and saw them kissing
    P: Oh my god what are u doing
    N: Just kissing
    P: Just kissing? Thats all u can say
    N: Well its the truth just a friendly kiss
    P: Don't lie to me Noah you two are involved
    T: Yea the truth is we fell in love
    P: Noah u have been lying to me
    N: No I haven't I told u i didn't feel anything
    P: U know what i understand this happening to u and i understand but my own sister why
    T: its not like i meant for this to happen I tried to not have feelings for him but it just happened. I knew u loved him but i fell fast
    P: U took advantage of him. I can't even trust my own sister.
    T: Paloma
    P: No u two deserve each other
    She ran out the door. Theresa started after her.
    N: Let her go and cool off
    T: I am an awful person
    She ran in her room and locked the door and Noah was left alone.

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    Ch. 12
    After sitting around for two hours he got bored and went to his dads house. He knocked on the door when he got there.
    S: Hey son u look a mess
    N: Yea its a long story
    S: Come on in
    N: ok dad i got a few problems
    S: Whats that
    N: Ok Theresa and i were kissing in the hallway
    His dad stopped him
    S: Let me guess Paloma saw u
    N: Yea and Theresa's all locked up in her room and Paloma ran out the door and she hasn't come back and now I don't know what to do
    S: Well I don't know what to tell you. I mean u haven't got yur memory back how come u don't like Paloma
    N: Its not that I don't like her its just I have fallen in love with Theresa
    S: I understand just go with yur heart
    N: Yea i guess so
    He stayed at his dads for about 2 hours and left. When he got home Theresa and Paloma were sitting at the kitchen table not talking but staring off into space
    N: Hey girls I am glad yur both here
    P: U r why
    N: I want to talk to both of u. Paloma its not that i don't like u alrigtht is just I fell in love with Theresa and i can't just turn off those feelings
    P: Noah u don't have to explain
    N: I never meant to hurt you alright bc u r a very special girl and I hate to hurt you
    P: I know and I don't blame u but if i let u go and yu memory comes back u will break Theresa's heart and i can't wait around forever.
    N: well u even said that i should have gotten my memory bach already
    P: I know noah but if i start dating u will have to move on
    N: I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we get there
    P: I guess so. Well then u two be together there is nothing i can do about it
    T: Sis I am sorry
    P: Theresa listen i can't believe u would do this to me being my sis and all and u knowing how much I love Noah but i guess i understand and I don't hate u I am very heartbroken but i will get over it
    She left the table and Theresa and i stared into space.
    T: So what do we do
    N: I guess we start a relationship just not around Paloma
    T: Ok lets go upstairs and talk
    N: Yea I guess so or watch a movie
    T: That sounds good
    They picked a movie out and went upstairs. paloma came home about 2 hours later her mom was sitting at the table
    P: Mama what are u doing here?
    M: Just sitting here drink tea
    P: Can i join u?
    M: Sure if you want to. Look Theresa came down and told me what happened with Noah I am sorry honny
    P: Mama i am just really upset I mean Theresa knew that i loved him mama I am just so heartbroken I asked for extra hours at work to take my mind off things. I still think he may get his memory back. It would be hard on Theresa but I want Noah back
    M: I know and i know Theresa didn't want to hurt you ok
    P: i know its hard
    M: Things will get easier with time
    P: I know that mama i just miss him but working helps. Well I need to get to bed I got an early shift tommorow night mama
    M: Night baby
    She went upstairs and went to bed. Next door Theresa and Noah were trying to sleep
    T: Noah u awake
    N: Yea whats wrong
    T: I was just thinking about what Paloma said
    N: Whats that
    T: What happens if u get yur memory back. I don't think i could lose u that would hurt too much
    N: I know but u know what we have to cross that road when we come to it i may not get my memory back
    T: But u have had visions that could be a sign
    N: it could but who knows
    he kissed her
    N: Try not to worry about it ok
    T: Alright
    They both lied on their sides and Noah held Theresa but she just couldn;t sleep nor stop thinking about it. She was afraid to lose Noah

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    Ch. 13
    Theresa and Noah had been dating a month. They tried to steer clear of Paloma but always ended up running into her in the hallways. When Noah and her ran into each other paloma always had this glum look on her face Noah just kept on walking. Theresa got up early to go to work one morning
    T: Noah u coming to work with me today
    N: No i am exhausted
    T: U never come to work with me
    N: I know the only reason i went was so I could be with you and so that i could get u to like me
    T: Noah u have such great ideas i guess i will hire somebody else
    N: Sounds good to me
    He rolled over and went back to sleep. Theresa shook her head and shut the bedroom door and left. Noah was eating breakfast when paloma came down.
    P: I'll just grab something to go
    N: Don't u have to work today
    P: No I have the day off
    N: Oh well join me
    P: Thats ok
    N: Come on paloma we can still be friends
    P: I can't just be friends Noah I love you and still do
    N: oh well i am sorry about that alright I thought we were past that
    P: U don't get past things like that
    Paloma went over to Noah and drew him into a kiss and ran out the back door. Thats when the headaches started. he had visions that he was drawn into and they were more intense and longer but his head hurt. The first vision was him and his dad playing ball. Then it went to Paloma and him meeting at sister's bridal shower and he remembered that she married Fox and divorced him and was marrying Miguel. Then the second vision was Paloma and him kissing. Then the vision stopped. He remembered his dad but he didn't remember his love for paloma. He called his dad
    N: Dad i remember you and kay and that Kay married Fox and divorced him and is marrying Miguel.
    S: Thats good what about Paloma
    N: All I saw is us kissing and that was it
    S: Oh son i think yur getting yur memory back
    N: All I really rememeber is you and Kay. I don't remember anyone else
    S: Well thats ok take one vision at a time
    N: yea but i think I should ask Dr. Russel about these headaches.
    He called Dr. Russel
    N: Dr. Russell its Noah I had a vision and I remembered my Dad and kay but thats all and I get awful headaches when that happens
    E: That doesn't sound good. Um take some apin reliever and see if that helps but try and get into yur memory and see if u remember more. If that doesn't help call me
    N: Alright he said
    They hung up. Paloma came in.
    P: I won't be here long
    N: Paloma i need to tell u something
    P: yes
    N: I remember everything about my dad and kay
    P: U do
    N: yea
    P: Well thats one step closer
    N: yea isn't that great
    P: I am glad that u remember them Noah but that doesn't help me
    She went upstairs and changed her shirt and left. At Theresa office her secertary told her someone was there for the interview
    T: Send them in
    M: Hello I am Ethan Crane
    T: Hello Ethan
    She looked up at him he was gourgeous. He thought she was amazing looking
    E: So I hear yur looking to hire someone
    T: Yea are u interested
    E: Yea i am
    T: Ok yur resume is really impressive
    E: Thank you and I have some ideas about what we can do
    he told her his ideas and she was impressed
    T: yur hired
    E: Great
    She showed him to his office and told him what to do and he got started. She closed the door and leaned agaist it. He was so good-looking

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    Before Ethan left for the day he went into Theresa's office
    E: Um I am done with my work
    T: Well u can go then
    E: What are u working on
    T: Just some papers
    E: How late are u usually here
    T: Don't ask
    E: Well how about I help you u know so u don't have that much work
    T: Really I would love that
    E: Ok then cool
    Ethan helped her and they got done about 3 hrs later
    T: Ethan thank you i haven't gotten off this early in ages
    E: Yur welcome i don't really have much to do anyways maybe i can help u everynight.
    T: That would be great well I am going to get going
    E: hey Theresa before u go u want to grab a bite to eat its late and i am hungry.
    T: Ethan that sounds great but i need to come in early and I just want to go home
    E: Ok maybe tomorrow
    T: yea maybe
    She went home and Noah was sitting reading a book
    N: Geez honey yur home early
    T: Yea my new co- worker helped me
    N: Wow that was nice of her wasn't it
    T: Not her him
    N: Him? Do i need to be worried?
    T: Of course not (she kissed him) Well look I need to get up early so i want to get something to eat and go to bed.
    N: Ok well u want me to come to bed with u
    T: No its alright i am just really tired
    N: ok
    Theresa got something to eat and went to bed. Noah was sitting there and he dozed off and had a dream. Noah saw a house and kids. Paloma was there beside him she was holding a baby. Then he woke up with a bad headache. He ran to get some pain reliever. he decided it was time to go to bed since he was dozing off. He got into bed with Theresa and didn't dream the rest of the night.

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    That moring Paloma came downstairs and sat with her mom
    P: Good morning mama
    Pi: Good morning. U want some breakfast
    P: No I am ok I want to talk to u about something
    Pi: Sure whats up
    P: I am thinking about leaving Harmony
    Pi: Dios mio no don't leave because of Noah
    P: Mama he is never going to get his memory back and my heart can't take any more pain
    Pi: don't leave Paloma and Noah could very well get his memory back
    P: I don't think so
    Pi: At least think about this
    P: Alright I will but i gotta go to work
    She leaves. Upstairs. Theresa kisses Noah's ear and they start kissing. They start to make love
    T: Oh god Noah that feels good
    N: God Paloma
    T: What did u just call me
    he opens his eyes
    N: Theresa why are we having sex? Why am in yur bed not with Paloma
    T: Oh no u got yur memory back
    N:What are u talking about
    Just then he had the flashback of theguy shooting him.
    N: I gotta go find Paloma
    T: No don't leave me Noah
    N: We'll talk later I gotta go find Paloma
    Noah dresses and dashes downstairs
    N: Pilar wheres Paloma
    Pi; She went to work why
    N: I remember now
    PI: Hows Theresa
    N: Not too good
    Pi: Oh geez i'll go talk to her
    N: Thanks tell her we will talk later He kisses Pilars cheek.
    He decides to wait until that night and make a romantic dinner and surprise her. So he calls his dad and tells him the good news.
    S: Thats great but hows Theresa
    N: I don't know her mom went up there awhile ago and i haven't seen her
    S: Well be gentle she loved you
    N: I know he hangs up and goes upstairs and knocks on the door. Pilar comes out
    N: How is she
    P: She isn't good
    N: Ok well thanks
    he knocks on the door.
    N: Theresa can i come in
    No answer
    N: Theresa please
    No answer
    He opens the door and he sees the window open. He had to go find her. So he grabs his coat and leaves without telling Pilar to no upset her. He thinks he has an idea where to find her.

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    Noah ran to the wharf. He knew Theresa liked that place. She always talked about how calming it was. Noah looked and there was Theresa looking over the ledge near the water. he went rigth up to Theresa
    N: Theresa
    T: What do u want leave me alone
    N: look i tol u I wanted to talk to you
    T: Go be with Paloma ok
    N: no i want to make things right between us
    T: Its fine were friends ok
    N: No u don't mean it yur angry
    She turned around
    T: What do u think? I loved u with all my heart and soul and u completly destroyed me i am broke inside
    N: Theresa it hurts me when u hurt i was yur friend for so long ok i want us to be ok
    T: We will never be ok or at least i won't
    N: Theresa look we knew this might happen
    T: I thought it wouldn't because u lost yur memory and u could remember anything
    N: Take some time get away
    T: Yea maybe
    N: Ethan's a nice guy maybe u should go for him
    T: I don't want anyone else
    N: I gotta go home are u going to be ok
    T: As best as i can be
    He kissed her cheek and left. Theresa looked out over the wharf. Then Ethan saw Theresa looking over the wharf
    E: Hey whats up
    T: Not too mcuh what are u doing here
    E: U look sad
    T: Yea i am a little bit
    E: why
    T: Well i was in love with this guy and he had amnesia and he got his memory back and now hes with my sister who he was in love with before
    E: I am sorry Theresa
    T: Yea me too
    E: Hey lets go out for a bite instead of being alone
    She hesitaited
    T: Alright
    They left. At the mansio Noah ran into Pilar.
    N: I am throwing together a surprise for Paloma tell her when she gets home to come up to the spare bedroom ok
    PI: Ok
    Noah called the cooks and made all of Paloma's favorites. He found something nice to wear. Found candles to light when it got later. Then he got some chamapange from the cooks. Then he called his dad and they talked and it got later. He called the cooks to see how the food was coming and asked Pilar if she was in the kitchen. Everything was set all he needed was Paloma.


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