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Thread: Talladega Baby! Thoughts and questions

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    Talking Talladega Baby! Thoughts and questions

    Okay, here we are at Talladega. Now it gets interesting. :-)
    I love Talladega because anything can happen!
    I hate Talladega because anything can happen!
    I enjoy Talladega because anything can happen!
    I fear Talladega because anything can happen!

    I think Talladega is the only track on the circuit where your driver can drop from 1st to 41st in 1.5 seconds without anything terrible happening to his car. Just suddenly your freightrained and BAM! You're in the back faster than, well the Bam 49 car.
    Of course it is also the place where you're more likely to go from 30th to 1st in the blink of an eye! Talladega brings out the best and the worst of the crazy Nascar fan in me! lol As an Earnhardt Jr fan it is the best of the best in tracks, but it can also be the heartbreak race of the season. Mostly because there's so much potential here. We go into Talladega knowing that he can win at this track. He is the master of Talladega, but, did I mention that anything can happen at Dega? So, while it might be the best race of the season for a Jr fan, it might prove to be the race that puts me over the edge and causes me to spend hours curled up in the corner repeatedly mumbling, "but it's Talladega, he's supposed to win here"

    Okay, so what do you guys think of Talladega?
    *Love it or hate it?
    *If you could only go to one race a season and your choice was Bristol of Dega, which would you choose?
    *Who do you think will win Sunday?
    *Will there be a big one in the new car?
    *Who will end up on their roof?
    *Who won't finish the race?
    *How many times will the commentators say the name - Talladega?
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