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Thread: Holy Kamoleeeeei!

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    Haiti North (Quebec)

    Talking Re: Holy Kamoleeeeei!

    People do tend to find other things to do during the summer, don't they, rather than spend a lot of time on the computer, because our summers are so short. As someone who doesn't like summer, though, this season doesn't affect me.

    It's "Fete Nationale" here in Haiti North this weekend, so I imagine there will be many parties as well as the parade downtown.

    Our tomato-faced bird's name is Mott The Hoople. One of our female rescue budgies is Annie Wilkes-Cage and the other one is called Spawn. Our little finch's name is Pippin Piper.

    When I was a kid, we had a female budgie named Candy. She had a white head and she flew to my mother's glass of red wine during supper one evening. She literally dunked her entire head into the wine -- she had a pink head for a week! I wonder if she wasn't a closet alcoholic like your bird might have been?!

    On Wednesday mornings, I do the rounds of the garbage. You might be surprised, but you'd be doubly surprised if you knew about some of the items that I've found (and later sold). I'm not alone, either. I see other 'squirrels' as garbage pickers are referred to here as, though they're always men. I know a couple of them and they are friendly with me, but not so warm to people who don't indulge in our pastime.

    When I first met The Chief, he couldn't believe some of the things that I'd found. He knows now, though.

    Long live us Canucks -- it'll be 'our' birthday soon, too!
    I'm glad that I found this board -- and I hope to get to know you and everyone else here a lot better...

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    Unhappy OK, now I'm totally lost!

    First my laptop gets this horrible virus; then I can't transfer my programs to my new one and now when I finally refound this place, it's all changed!!! I HATE change. The older I get the more I hate it - cripes I'm crabby.

    Well I'm going to try and figure out how to make this dang print bigger so I can read it and then I'm going to have to learn how to get around here.

    eldri who is totally lost

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    Re: Holy Kamoleeeeei!

    My friend, my buddy.....I've missed you! I've missed everyone! Well, CJ has been around, Penny welcomed the world and Lola from Canada has stopped by and is quiet interesting, as I'm sure you know if you've read her post. I'm sorry you had a virus, glad you got rid of it and hope you can make up for lost time.

    Now, you know this is just a wee little challenge for you, which you should love since you took on being a new mother again at your...cough, cough....age. Which is very youthful to be sure! I've been out and about and checking out different spaces in the "coffeerooms" that I've never seen before. Quite easy to navigate and exciting to explore. So, stop being crabby and take a "stroll." do your gardens grow? Any new flowers you're trying out? Love seeing you here Eldri!

    Ta ta! TT

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    Re: Holy Kamoleeeeei!

    Well hello EZ. So nice of you to come home, lol. I love the picture in your sign.

    I haven't been in too much lately since I went back to work. You know after being out for two years I'm sore all over. Its getting better as the days so by. Tub of warm salt water was a big help the first day. I hate standing in one place. I like to be moving around. Anyway its a little extra spending money for me to blow, ha!

    I didn't like this change either at first but now I'm getting used to it. Just stroll around and try things, I'm sure you'll catch on like the rest of us did.

    Welcome back and hope to chat with you some.
    Have a great day!


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