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Thread: been a long time.....

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    Post been a long time.....

    i've been absent from the boards for a few years. this new format is quite different than i was used to. i was a huge "days" fan since the beginning of the show, but it too has fallen by the wayside for me.
    does anyone know the where abouts of sandy k or lauren from the old days?
    BTW; does anyone remember me? hi to all!

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    Re: been a long time.....

    Good Evening to you:
    I am very new to this web site, I think it is a great web site.
    I am still learning my way around the site.
    I wish we could do more like send pictures with each invite or reply we do.
    I hope we can be friends and chat again.
    This is one of many hobbies I like to do.
    Making friends and chatting to them are my favorite thing do do outside playing with my kids I love going to the park and sit a enjoy a good book while they play with their friends.
    The one park we go to has alot of trees and shade, you can eat they and cook out the library is across the park and the ball field is to the left. Right up the middle is a fountain that you can get a drink.
    Well enough said already.
    I said I love to chat.
    Ya friend KAT

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    Re: been a long time.....

    Welcome back!


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