Seven Mary Three
Day & Night Driving

2.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewed for Coffeerooms by Mike Jefferson“Day & Night Driving” is Seven Mary Three’s sixth full length release, and I have to admit I purposely dodged the group’s previous efforts. Mary has yet to top the platinum success of their debut, “American Standard,” and has only one successful single to their credit (“Chum.” With my luck it’s a reference to rotting bait rather than a dear friend.) Several songs from “Day & Night Driving,” such as “Laughing Out Loud,” “Hammer & Stone” and “Things I Stole” could propel Ross and his Mary men up the charts. The rest of the album’s uneven balance between acoustic and up-tempo Indie noise will drive you away.
Formed in 1992, Seven Mary Three was originally an acoustic duo comprised of singer Jason Ross and guitarist Jason Pollock. They’re down to one Jason (Ross), otherwise I’d suggest they call the act Jason Mary Two. Ross composed six of “Day & Night Driving”’s 12 tracks solo and collaborated with guitarist Thomas Juliano on an additional half dozen selections. Tellingly, the group is at its best when Ross writes by his lonesome. The Mary band is rounded out by mostly non-descript bassist Casey Daniel and occasionally alert drummer Giti Khalsa, who displays a pulse rate slightly below consciousness.