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Thread: Ryan.. my opinion

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    Post Ryan.. my opinion

    I get the feeling that Greenlee and Ryan is not finished in spite of the fact that he married Annie. I think Greenlee is in his blood, whether it is guilt or lingering love, I think he will go that extra step to make her feel better. When he was with Kendall he stood by and let Greenlee try to send Kendall to prison for murder. I have the feeling that things are going to be difficult between him and everyone concerned because of his loyalty to Greenlee.

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    Re: Ryan.. my opinion

    I think your right, he is way not over Greenlee

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    Post Ryan and Greenlee... triangles

    I used to think it would be an interesting triangle if Leo came back from the dead to claim his wife from Ryan. Unfortunately too much time and too much water has gone under the bridge (pun intended, ha ha) and now I imagine a potential storyline where Ryan chooses to remain with Annie despite his residual feelings for Greens, but as she slowly comes to terms with him not being in her life anymore...she turns to an understanding and intrigued Josh.

    Heheh...if you haven't noticed, even though Greenlee tends to be a little bit of a GreenME, I do love Greenlee. Still not sure about the new actress though...?

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    Re: Ryan.. my opinion

    I think Annie would be better off without the lot of them...that
    strange extended where people may or may not be related?

    I just fint greens to be viciously mean

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