Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for week of 4/7

PASSIONS: Eve drops a bombshell on Fancy and Luis: Pretty is pregnant with Luis' child. Fancy refuses to believe it and accuses Pretty of forging the results. Pretty wonders how her pregnancy will affect Fancy and Luis's romance. Noah becomes jealous when Roberto, a close friend and ex-boyfriend of Paloma's, reenters her life. When Roberto is arrested, possibly thanks to Noah, Paloma pleads with Sam to let him go. Theresa enjoys torturing Gwen by ruining her chances to seduce Ethan. When things spiral out of control, Theresa, disguised as Gertrude, swoops in and saves the day, further endearing her to Ethan. Eve assures Julian she will be able to reattach his thingy. He still fears he will never be able to perform in the bedroom. She tells him no matter how the surgery works out, she wants to be with him. The Demon Elf continues his plot to destroy the town of Harmony. SNEAK PEEK: Julian loses everything.