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Thread: Awesome episode

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    Thumbs up Awesome episode

    I really liked Wednesday's show. There were only two scenes, the Kiriakis dining room and the Dimera living room. The dialogue was quick, the scenes were edited nicely and the humor was top notch. Everyone did a great job. Marlena and Rolf are the best thing going right now. They're hysterical together. I'd love to see Kate and Victor get back together and run the Titan empire with Philip having Philip go head-to-head with John.

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    Re: Awesome episode

    I also loved the interaction between Sami and EJ. Their banter was witty and they semed like a real couple concerned about their children, earning a living, and just coping with life, yet with style, charm, and humor plus a touch of the Bickersons.
    I especially loved when John made that comment about women changing their minds when Marlena agreed to live in the mansion with John, Sami,EJ,a nd the twins, and Sami jabbed EJ in the side.
    When EJ protested laughingly that he hadn't SAID anything, Sami told him " You were thinking it!"
    I really hope the old John doesn't come back as I'm really loving the new John! Drake's Hogestyn's expression when Marlena suggested that Sami, Ej, and the twins love in with him was priceless!
    Days is starting to be fun again. No ofense to the Lucas fans, but I hope that when Bryan returns that they give him a new storyline that doesn't include Sami, but pairs him up with someone else---- Ava's perhaps?

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    Re: Awesome episode

    Why would anyone want Lucas paired up with a nutcase like Ava??? Sorry but NO EJ can have the nutcase and Lucas and Sami belong back together. The show is a total bore to me


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