Bush's tax cuts have not helped the middle class in this country...and they certainly haven't helped the lower working classes- who have had to pay more in every other way possible. Just look at your property taxes if you think you're getting any kind of break- income taxes are only a very small part of the total tax burden on working people.
The rich are getting richer, the middle class is disappearing, and the working poor are struggling to keep up. Meanwhile, job insecurity hits an all-time high, benefits are going, going, gone......and more and more working people can't afford health care coverage.
And you want to cheerlead Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy again? It's the oldest trick in the world, bigeasy- pretend not to notice how we're ripping the floor out from under you......while we convince you that you're paltry income tax break is meaningful in the long run. In the face of the incredible destruction of the foundation of a stable, thriving and upwardly mobile middle class in this country. Don't notice that unions are broken, benefits are gone, health care is out of reach for many, pensions are destroyed, and hey, buddy, guess what? No more overtime pay. No more sick days. Vacations? Forget it! Bring your work with you! And, oh, by the way- your job is now being done overseas. Bye-bye.
But gosh, don't fret! Just think of that tax break you got from Bush! That and selling your Fiesta collection on E-Bay just might get you through the next.........month?