The Week of March 31, 2008

The ending of PASSIONS has been the longest good-bye in TV history.

Last Wednesday was my last shoot. The cast and crew clapped and hugged us as Kathleen Noone and I left the stage.

We returned Thursday for the director's luncheon which was a heavenly BBQ with all the trimmings.

I understand that those who shot on Friday had a potluck that started at 7 AM and was still going when I arrived at 6 PM. I was invited to return to participate in the final shot for PASSIONS. Can't say anything else except it airs August 11, 2008

That was followed by an off the lot blow-out at a private location that went until 2 AM.

Saturday there was an array of private parties with folks scattering throughout Los Angeles and environs.

Sunday is the official wrap party. We're all meeting at a bowling alley to whoop it up and shed a few tears.

On Monday our costumer is moving to Las Vegas, one actor is moving to New York another is moving to Miami. The rest of us will be back on the audition circuit, with some taking an extended vacation before that.

Then one more time I'll return to the lot on Friday to attend the sale of PASSIONS property: furniture, drapes, bedding, props, costumes, etc. Don't know exactly what I'll be looking for but there are nine seasons of stuff that takes up over 2 warehouses. It'll be fun no matter what.
So, it is official that the last day of Passions is Monday, August 11th.

Sounds like they did a lot of partying the last few days! LOL!

It is probably Liza who is moving to NY but can't imagine which actor would be moving to Miami. Hmmm...