PASSIONS: Sam and Ivy attempt to give Noah and Paloma relationship advice, wanting the young lovers to avoid the same mistakes they made. The Demon Elf warns Tabitha to back off so he can terrorize Harmony properly. The first couple he has his sights set on destroying is Noah and Paloma. Gwen wonders whether Ethan can truly move on with her and leave Theresa behind. Ivy and Rebecca decide to hire a nanny for the children so Gwen can have more time alone with Ethan to win him back. Theresa, in disguise as "Gertrude," accepts the position as the new Crane nanny. Esme and Julian sneak off to the Crane Mausoleum for a new tryst while a jealous Viki watches. Julian cannot take her aunt away from her and send her off to school. ... He's going to have to die! Eve drinks incessantly, building up the courage to tell Julian the truth about Vincent and his baby. Vincent threatens to kill both Eve and Julian to prevent his secret from getting out. Viki attacks Julian in a murderous rage, but is interrupted before she can finish him off.

SNEAK PEEK: Julian faces death.