Disclaimer: This is just a fanfic for fun, all characters and tra-
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it is mine.

summary- Before anyone reads, don't worry, I don't have too
much free time on my hands, Stefano's henchmen happened
to remind me of some other characters so I decided to put th
em in place of his 'normal' henchmen. It might be a tad red-
iculous at times, but is worth the laugh. It will be a one cha
pter fic unless you like it and request more.

John Black returned to the Dimera mansion after several tries
to give the necklace he'd purchased as a gift for Marlena away
that evening. Shawn and Belle had set sail on their new boat
the Fancy Face Four. He lit one of Stefano's cigars and sank
into his cozy chair, then sighed.

"This is the life," John said. He noticed his two henchmen
scurrying about the room, as if they were in a hurry to go so
mewhere. "So, is the perimiter safe?"

"Narf!" Pinky the lab mouse said. "Everything's safe!" Brain
sighed with releif. At least Pinky had remembered his 'lines'
this time. John had hired them as security gaurds. At least
that's what he thought...they were posing as security gaurds
in order to get their hands on some of Stefano's mind control
devices to use in their plans for world domination.

"Um, yes!" Brain said. "Everything's safe, we were just doing
a quick double check before our plans for tonight."

"Gee, Brain? What are we going to do tonight? See how long
it takes a slinky to go down the stairs? There sure are a lot of
them here! Oh, I know! We could play Marco Polo- or hide an
d seek- that might eat up a few hours!" Pinky said eagerly.

Brain and John exchanged a mix of confused and worried look-

"No, Pinky, we're going to go down to the docks and make su-
re that Phillip isn't having a secret meeting with Marlena agai
n, those two have became quite meddlesome lately." Brain sa
id. "Honestly, sometimes I swear you have the competence o
f a slinky." Pinky and the Brain scurried off. Even though it w
as strange, he was glad he'd hired the two mice because they
could spy easily from hidden places.

"This plan for tonight isn't much fun, Brain!" Pinky said. "We'
ve been sitting here for quite a while and nothing's happened
yet. It's so quiet I can hear every little sound and it's driving
me crazy!"

"Get a grip, Pinky!" Brain said, shaking him by the shoulders.
He released his grip. "This is just our cover that way John d
oesn't suspect that we're trying to get our hands on Stefano'
s mind control devices to use them to take over the world wh
ile he's out of commission!"

"What's he commissioner of, Brain?" Pinky asked, phrasing it

"He's not a commissioner, Pinky. He's out of commission. In
a coma. Though sometimes, you could be the commissioner f
or comments that don't make sense." Brain said. "You sure d
o make a lot of them. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"Gee, I think so, Brain, but why would a monkey want a wren
ch? Do they even know how to use tools?" Pinky asked. Brain

"No, Pinky, after John goes to bed tonight, we make our move, get the mind control device, program them into Stefan
o's satellites, and use them to take over the world!" Brain

"Oh, goody!" Pinky said.

"Hey, look, that's not Phillip and Marelena, but it's some of
Stefano's enemies!" Brain said. Steve had met Eva in the al-

"Kayla better be safe," Steve said.

"Oh, she is, and she will be as long as you do exactly what I
want." Eva said.

"What do you want?" Steve asked. After they'd spied on them
for a few minutes, they'd returned to the mansion.

"So, any news?" John asked.

"Well, there aren't any problems for us, but Kayla has been
kidnapped." Brain said.

"Kayla's been kidnapped?" John asked in surprise. "By who?"

"Some Eva girl. Only she thinks she kidnapped Kayla, she sa
w Steve and Hope talking, thought Hope was Kayla, and kidn
apped her by mistake." Brain said.

"I'd better see what I can do before anyone thinks that she's
working for the Dimeras," John said, taking off. Brain grabbe
d Pinky and rushed to the lab downstairs.

"Now's our chance!" Brain said. "Pinky, quick! Turn on that hu
ge computer over there!" Pinky turned the computer on. "No
w I think we just hook this gadget up to it," Brain said, hooki
ng the usb cord to something that looked like a mind control
device into it. "Let's see...satellites..." Brain said, looking th
rough the computer's control panel. "Here we go..." Brain sai
d. As soon as numbers counted down on the moniter Brain b
egan his instructions telling everyone that he was the ruler of
the world. He turned the computer off after a few minutes.

"Gee, Brain, it worked!" Pinky said.

"Yes, and how many years has it taken Stefano to brainwash
all of the Bradys?" Brain asked.