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    How is everyone? We finally got some rain. Its been so dry here that I have to drag that garden hose all over to water my little gardens. We are suppose to get more rain later on tonight. Won't make me mad if it rains all night.

    So how's your gardens doing and what have you planted this year? I have my usual 5-6 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, my lavender came back (must have done something right).........I've added some verbenas and more dianthis to the flower bed. I moved a foxglove from the side of the creek(not suppose to be there anyway, probably from a seed) ........I need to find more plants that come back. I did add 2 little turtles, lol, they should stay where I put them and not move an inch.

    Have a great day, CJ
    Have a great day!

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    We've been in the weird state of almost rain for a week now. The weather guys keep promising, we've had a few drops, but all it's done other than that is be way too hot (for May/June) and incredibly humid. It really feels like August. The gardens are acting just like August, too... lots of healthy weeds that need dealing with I guess someone should get busy outside...
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    Re: Happy Sunday...

    Similar weather here. Had first broad beans from the garden on Sunday! Runnerbeans nearly ready! Sweetpeas just coming out. I have a whole bed of cerinthe which looks great just now. Grass keeps growing though! Lol!
    Liz x

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    Re: Happy Sunday...

    Hi there CJ! We've had oceans of rain here, which is very welcome since we've been in a drought the last 7 yrs. and was even having forest fires in January.

    Only thing we put in our veggie garden this year were tomatoe plants, cucumbers and bell peppers. I'm moving a lot of my perinneal's from flower beds into others and putting in shrubs to cut back on some of my gardening work. Has became way too extensive. Or perhaps I've just become to old to manage it all.

    I have a dentist appointment in an hour so I'd best get out of my gardening rags and hit the shower. Have a fun day!

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    The Chief and I were walking around yesterday morning in the mist; I love weather like that. It was almost raining. It rained a little later on, but it was one of those brief downpours that only lasted about five minutes.

    I heard a local weatherman threatening that we will have heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms on Wednesday.

    When we make our final move, we will have a garden! We want to plant bird-friendly things in it, shrubs, trees and flowers that birds like. And a few vegetables, too, tomatoes, cukes, peppers, etc.

    I'll put a bird-bath in my future garden and hang several feeders in safe places year-round. Woe betide any cat who wanders into 'my' garden, too! I'm not anti-feline -- I just don't want anyone's cats in my garden.


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