For those who are well read and have a quirky sense of humor Jasper Fforde is a must read.

He has 2 series out but I have only read one (like many others, I am reading tons right now and can't fit the new series in).

The series I read is the Thursday Next series. This series is set in a society in which books and literature are everything. Instead of missionaries coming to your door to discuss theolgy, people knock on your door to discuss the "true identity" of Shakespeare.

The protagonist in the series is a literary dectective who must monitor works of literature to ensure that no one is messing around with the plots or characters.

The books are quite quirky and one must be well read in the classics to get some of the jokes but all in all they are great.

I have purchased copies of the first book in the series "The Eyre Affair" (obviously Jane Eyre figures prominently in this book which is why I picked it up in the first place, Jane Eyre totally rocks!) for many of my friends who are well read. Everyone of them, without exception, loved the book and have purchased the sequels. Then again, since we tend to be friend with people like ourselves, maybe we just all have the same sense of humor!