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    Quote Originally Posted by justkathy View Post

    Jennifer Marohasy is a member of the Melbourne Institute of Public affairs and is credited with the response, but I'm going with the US EPA on this as to how certain or uncertain it is:

    "Greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere will increase during the next century unless greenhouse gas emissions decrease substantially from present levels. Increased greenhouse gas concentrations are very likely to raise the Earth's average temperature, influence precipitation and some storm patterns as well as raise sea levels (IPCC, 2007). The magnitude of these changes, however, is uncertain.
    The amount and speed of future climate change will ultimately depend on:
    • Whether greenhouse gases and aerosol concentrations increase, stay the same or decrease.
    • How strongly features of the climate (e.g. temperature, precipitation and sea level) respond to changes in greenhouse gas and aerosol concentrations.
    • How much the climate varies as a result of natural influences (e.g. from volcanic activity and changes in the sun ís intensity) and its internal variability (referring to random changes in the circulation of the atmosphere and oceans). "
    Seems that for every "scientific" study on global warming or that it's a myth....there's volumes of research studies that either try to prove or discount other's research.

    To me, regardless if global warming is a myth or a's up to each individual to take care of the environment as best that we can. It's not so much a political issue as some would believe as it's one also of protection of species, environments and ecosystems. We have one planet that is now inhabitable that God gave to us. If we don't take care of it, then maybe we don't deserve it any more.


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