This is a shot taken from my subway platform. There is a ton of graffiti lining the wall across the tracks but this one, for obvious reasons, sticks out. It's all alone and rather big. Apparently Pilot Spag is actually two graffiti artists and they're known for tagging over other people's work. Clearly that wasn't the case here. My cousin Todd gave me this information. I can't seem to find it on Google but my searches have been, admittedly, half assed. Maybe you can find something more on "Pilot Spag".
I found a fun photoshop technique last night which I used on this photo. I'm not entirely sure I got the exact effect they described but I have to say, I love the look on this. THe original now looks like a washed out, crappy photo I took on the fly. With this effect, I was able to give it a lot more depth and feeling. I look forward to trying it out on a few more of my "so so" shots.
In other news,