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Thread: Episode 24 Is Now Up!

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    Howdy to all of our loyal CJ VS7 fans! Pack up the camping gear, because Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to the woods we go!
    Grab some hot cocoa and roast up the s'mores and enjoy the latest episode!


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    Re: Episode 24 Is Now Up!

    i luv this website i am so glad that it was started..Are you guys going to have a season8 please please....

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    Thanks! And we're glad you're enjoying the season.

    Sadly, no. There will be no Virtual Season 8. You have no idea the kind of hours this project has taken each and every one of the writers, artists, publicity and editing staff. The goal was to bring these characters we all love so much a resolution. To leave them in a good spot, and tie up some loose ends, finish some story lines and have some fun in the process. And I think the writers have been great at that and that everyone will finish VS7 feeling that it's okay to let go.

    However, that doesn't mean that once the final episode goes up this May that you won't see any of us ever again. I'm sure that many of the staff writers will once again show up over on FanFiction... and there's talk about a reunion "movie" somewhere down the line as well... but there are no promises! We all need to get parts of our lives back for a while before we can begin contemplating those things seriously.


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