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Thread: The Autoimmune Epidemic

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    The Autoimmune Epidemic

    The Autoimmune Epidemic
    Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance
    and the Cutting-Edge Science that Promises Hope
    This new book about AI illnesses is getting a lot of attention. It is filled with evidence pointing to environmental factors playing a huge part in triggering both the onset of the diseases as well as flares, using science and personal stories. Well worth the read if you have an AI or care about someone who does. If you're wondering how safe your home town is, the EPA has it all mapped out. Just click here and type in your zip code.


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    Thumbs down This is incredible! I KNOW this is happening

    I just knew this was happening! So many people around where we live are getting serious autoimmune diseases that it just seemed like it had to be something in the environment.

    Now I see that we are living under a double "red" area! Holy mother of better living.

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    Cool Re: The Autoimmune Epidemic

    Hi Sara Marie, Freeloader here,I have lupus, Fibro. R.A
    and Sjogren Syndrome.I read in another forum about someone with lupus who had back surgery I have been there done that. In June of 2005 I went in the Hospital for a spinal fusion because of ruptured disc and spinal stenosis
    what was to be a four day stay ended up four weeks, two weeks in ICU my ANA was up to 1/1836 I was in a coma for five days Lupus had taken over my body. the Dr's
    really don't know how to deal with lupus patients. I have been in the Hospitals at least once every Year from kidney
    colon and lung problems. Now almost three Years after back surgery Im haveing a hard time walking again with pain in my back and legs. I take prednisone, lyrica,delaudid
    celebrex and clonazepam just to manage my pain an to keep going I was told in 1989 that that I would be in a wheel chair in ten years, Im not there yet so thats a good thing. People out there with lupus can relate with my conditions. lupus is a very serious disease and it can not be cured just the syptoms be treated. Sorry about the bad spelling its hard to think sometimes. I just wanted to touch base about lupus and what it can do to your body, its taken over mine
    wishing everyone a pain free day


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