What's up with this? I ran the story about LFA (Lupus Foundation of America) having their national lobbying event -- their "Advocacy Day" in Washington, D.C. That was on March 11. Now I belatedly come across this release dated March 10 about the ALR (the Alliance for Lupus Research) having already held their own "Advocacy Day" on March 4th..
Is this bickering between LFA and ALR or or is it strategic maneuvering? Is it an awkward stumbling attempt to look befuddled and argumentative before Congress or a brilliant tactic to get the congressmen thinking, "wow, that lupus deal is big and important"?
Somehow I doubt it is anything good. Too tell the truth, having had a couple of contacts with LFA in the past, I'm not a huge fan of LFA. I'm delighted to know that this other organization is out there and getting things done (apparently) sooner. Is it a good thing to have two organizations hitting Congress within a week of each other?
So anyway; here's the release from ALR about their Advocacy Day and how it went.